The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Revelation: A Scene.

SME Main Office - Sunnymead Elementary School

Sophie sits in a seat with chocolate milk all over her clothes. She looks around the office, nervously bouncing her leg in place: she has never been sent to the office in this type of situation before. She starts to tear up until she sees the door opening, Laurie walks out of the principal’s office unbothered. Sophie begins to panic.

Sophie: Look, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to cause trouble, I swear, I–

The lady at the front desk tells Sophie to sit back down on the bench, in which Sophie listens. She fidgets with her fingers. Another student walks into the office and sits in the seat next to Sophie. It’s Milo, who now has an eye-patch on his right eye. Sophie looks worried.

Sophie: Milo!

Milo looks at Sophie, and the lady at the front desk shushes the teens.

Milo: *whispers* Are you okay? Is your mom picking you up?

Sophie: My mom is going to kill me; 10 years of good grades and good behavior all now down the drain thanks to Laurie.

Milo: You’re probably not that much in trouble if this is your first time being sent to the office.

Sophie doesn’t listen; she still nervously looks around the office, not sure what’s going to happen next. Milo places his hand on her shoulder to bring her back to reality.

Milo: Hey.

Sophie looks at Milo, wide-eyed and nervous. Milo swallows hard and takes a deep breath before saying anything to Sophie. Before he can, the Principal’s office opens, in which makes Sophie immediately stand up from her seat.

Principal: Miss Lee, your mother is here to pick you up.

Sophie: *frantic* Principal Sommers I am so sorry I didn’t mean to get into a fight I would never do it again please don’t put it on my record I–

Principal: Miss Lee.

Sophie stops talking; her tears continue to fall down on her face. Milo watches, feeling horrible.

Principal: You are not in trouble, but I don’t want you coming back in here again for doing the same thing again, alright?

Sophie nods her head quickly. Sophie’s mother enters the main office and sees her daughter. She points at her daughter and walks towards Sophie.

Mrs. Lee: Sophie…

Sophie: Mom I am so sorry! I didn’t–

Mrs. Lee: Ya~

Sophie stops talking. Milo gets uncomfortable in his seat now that Sophie’s mother is here. The Principal allows Sophie’s mother to sign her out. Before Sophie leaves the office with her mother, Milo politely stands up, which takes her mother off-guard.

Milo: Mrs. Lee?

Sophie’s mother turns around to face Milo; Sophie looks at Milo, not knowing what he’s doing.

Milo: Sophie truly did nothing wrong. A mean girl was messing with her and she was simply defending herself.

Sophie’s mom ponders on the thought. She simply nods her head.

Mrs. Lee: Thank you, Milo.

She turns around and walks out the office with Sophie. Milo is unsure if he made the situation worse or not.

Moments later, a man enters the main office and is directed towards Milo. Milo looks up when his father calls out for him.

Milo Sr: Milo? What happened to you?

Principal: Mr. Kamalani.

Milo Sr. looks up at the principal.

Principal: Why don’t you and your son come into my office?

Milo Sr. looks down at Milo, concerned about what needs to be spoken with the principal. Milo doesn’t have any idea what is coming.

The front door of an apartment is opened; Milo walks in while his father closes the door behind him. Jennifer is seen cooking dinner in the kitchen and holding her lower back; she’s very pregnant. She immediately notices Milo’s eye.

Jennifer: Milo? What happened?

She looks at her husband, in which he does not look happy.

Jennifer: *to her husband* Milo?

Milo Sr: Nothing new Pep, just our son getting into trouble again, almost not graduating because of them…

Milo: *defensive* That’s not true!

Milo Sr: Really? So the fact we spent our afternoon in your principal’s office discussing the potential expulsion and you not graduating was not “not true”?

Jennifer: Wait, what?

Milo: *to Jennifer* I was trying to get my friend out of a fight!

Milo Sr: Yet, you were the one sent to the office, and the one that got in trouble! Seriously Milo, what the hell has been going on with you?

Milo doesn’t answer, he remains upset and pouty.

Milo Sr: I swear it’s like ever since you’ve been “friends” with this friend of yours, it’s like you keep fighting their battles for them! *to Jennifer* This time, it wasn’t Mollie.

Jennifer: Milo?

Milo begins to feel overwhelmed.

Milo: Just leave me the fuck alone!

He storms into his room and slams it shut.

Milo Sr: *yells* That homework better be the only thing you’re doing in there! If I even hear just a tiny bit of noise that isn’t your pencil and paper, you’re going to be grounded!

Nothing is said back. Milo Sr. take in a deep sigh and sits on the bar stool, facing Jennifer in the kitchen.

Milo Sr: I just don’t know what to do with this boy, Pep.

Jennifer: What did the principal tell you?

Milo Sr: One of the girls was the one that hit him in his eye.

Jennifer: Why is he even fighting with girls in the first place?!

Milo Sr: Pep… that girl that he’s been hanging out with; you know the one he was working on that project with?

Jennifer: *recalls* Sophie?

Milo Sr: She was involved.

Jennifer: She never came across as a girl who would get into fights though.

The couple take a moment and look at each other. Their thoughts are on the same page.

Milo Sr: There’s more to this girl than Milo is telling us about.

Jennifer: He totally likes this girl, and I’m worried he’s not going to graduate because of her.

Milo Sr ponders on the thought, brushing his hair back and leans forward onto the counter.

The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Worst Nightmare: A Scene.

School cafeteria, East high school, Public school

It’s lunchtime at Beverly Junior High. Milo and Sophie enter the lunchroom together, walking towards the line to get lunch.

Milo: I think we did a pretty good job on our presentation.

Sophie: Yeah; I can’t believe it’s over now.

Milo nods and grabs a tray; Sophie grabs one too.

Milo: Look, I’m sorry for everything. I didn’t mean to be so mean to you. I just get overprotective with my friends.

Sophie: I’m sorry too. I should’ve just spoke to you first before just getting mad at you.

Milo: *holds out pinky finger* Truce?

Sophie intertwines her pinky with Milo; she smiles.

Sophie: Truce.

Milo smiles and turns back around to get lunch. They both get off the line once they got their lunch and walk towards the tables in the cafeteria.

Milo: So, I guess you’ll be sitting with your friends?

Sophie: Laurie and I aren’t friends anymore.

Milo: *shocked* Wait, what?

Sophie: We’re not friends. She also made everyone else in her circle not my friend either after what happened with Simon.

Milo: That’s shitty of Laurie.

Sophie: *shrugs* It’s whatever, at least I’m not incline to agree with her on every little stupid thing.

Milo laughs and walks towards a table with Sophie. They both sit down together, which Sophie questions.

Sophie: You’re not sitting with Mollie?

Milo: *sigh* Mollie and I got into a fight at her house a week ago.

Sophie: Was it because of me?

Milo looks at Sophie; he doesn’t answer. Sophie sighs loudly.

Sophie: I’m sorry, Milo. I didn’t mean to be the reason you and Mollie are fighting.

Milo: It’s not your fault. I… sorta lied to her about us.

Sophie: *raises an eyebrow* Lied?

Milo: She didn’t know that I hung out with you all summer last year… and just a bunch of other things that I said out of anger.

Sophie: I’m sorry.

Milo: Don’t be. Mol and I fight all the time. We always find our ways to forgive each other. We are also family so, that makes it easy to make up and let things go.

Sophie: Well, I hope that you two can work things out soon.

Milo doesn’t answer, he just begins to eat his lunch. Sophie follows.

On one side of the lunchroom, Laurie, Simon, and their friends sit at their table. While Laurie is talking to the other girls at the table, Simon looks across the lunchroom, directly where Sophie is sitting.

On another side of the lunchroom, Mollie and her friends sit at their table. While her friends talk to each other, Mollie looks across the lunchroom, directly where Milo is sitting.

Back at Laurie’s table, Laurie turns her head towards Simon, who is paying no attention to her.

Laurie: Babe? Hello? Is everything alright?

Simon doesn’t answer, which annoys Laurie.

Laurie: Hello? Earth to Simon?

She physically tries to turn his head with her hand, in which gets him mad.

Simon: For fuck’s sake Laurie, leave me alone!

Simon gets up and walks away from the table. Laurie calls out for Simon, but he doesn’t look back.

Back at Mollie’s table, she gets up from her seat and away from her friends, who begins to call out for her one she leaves the table.

Both Simon and Mollie begin to walk towards the table where Milo and Sophie are sitting. When they both reach the table, they look at each other, confused. They shake it off and look towards the two sitting at the table.

Milo: Mollie?

Sophie: Simon?

Mollie: So you’re just not going to apologize for what you said to me?

Simon: The hell are you doing sitting with this loser?

Mollie: *to Simon* Why do you care? *to Milo* We need to talk, come on.

Simon: *to Mollie* Clearly he’s too busy with Sophie *to Sophie* Come on, come sit with us.

Sophie: Why should I? Laurie isn’t my friend.

Simon: She doesn’t mean that; besides, she doesn’t use you like this asshole.

Mollie: Milo.

Simon: Sophie.

Simon tries to grab Sophie by the arm, but Sophie pulls away. Milo doesn’t like it.

Milo: She clearly doesn’t want to go with you, so just leave her alone.

Simon: Who the hell are you talking to?

Sophie: Simon.

Mollie: Milo, let Sophie go back to her fake, plastic friends. Clearly she’s one of them.

Sophie: Excuse me?

Simon: At least she’s not trying to be a guy, like you.

Mollie: You’re right, you would know how it is to act like a girl, since you’re one of them.

Milo: Mollie, just go.

Sophie: You too, Simon.

Simon: Wow, I didn’t think you would actually settle for a wimp like Milo; I thought you had better taste since I was your last boyfriend–

Sophie: Stop it, Simon.

Milo: You’re just upset that Sophie is happier sitting with me and hanging out with me.

Mollie: Oh, so you guys are going out?!

Milo & Sophie: *together* No!

Simon: Sophie has more sense to actually want to go out with a loser like him.

Mollie: Milo knows to not trust a plastic bitch from Laurie’s friend group.

Simon: *to Mollie* That’s my girlfriend you’re talking about!

Mollie: Oh please, the one that you cheat on with Sophie?

Sophie gets up from her seat, annoyed.

Sophie: You both don’t know what you are talking about.

Mollie: Oh look, you can finally speak up for yourself.

Milo: Mol.

Sophie: Yeah, I can, and it would be great if you stop bullying me just because Milo and I are friends.

Simon: Look at you pitying the less fortunate *laughs* He isn’t your friend.

Milo: I’m more of her friend than you ever were to her.

Mollie: But have been such a shitty one to your own best friend.

Sophie: That’s enough!

Laurie walks towards the table.

Laurie: Simon, what the hell is wrong with you?

She looks at Sophie and sighs loudly.

Laurie: Seriously, you gotta get it through your thick skull of yours that Simon is my boyfriend. Get yourself your own boyfriend.

Sophie: Gladly, can you take your overbearing boyfriend that will not leave me alone back to your table then?

Laurie: Please, you probably are so happy he’s here talking to you.

Simon: Laurie, just stop it.

Mollie: Wow, standing up for the homewrecker, Simon? Classic douchebag behavior.

Milo: Will you stay out of it, Mollie?

Mollie: Why the fuck are you sticking up for her?

Sophie: *to Laurie* You know, maybe if you stopped and looked at something else other than yourself, you would see that the world doesn’t evolve around you and that you actually have to care about other people for them to stay in your life.

Mollie laughs and watches on; Milo covers her mouth.

Laurie: You were a nobody before I took you into our squad; you were just some loser foreigner.

Milo: Hey! You can’t talk to her like that!

Laurie: I’ll talk to you like that, you pathetic excuse of a guy. Go and wash your hair for once in your life!

Sophie: Laurie, go and pick on someone that cares about what you say, because we don’t.

Laurie: Oh please, save the sob story for your father that is in prison!

Sophie slaps Laurie across the face; the group of teens quiet down and are shocked at what just happened. Laurie just holds her face in shock.

Laurie: Did you just fucking slap me?

Sophie is in shock that she did it also. She doesn’t say anything back. Laurie grabs the chocolate milk from one of the trays and pours it on Sophie.

Laurie: That’s for messing with me, you bitch.

Simon: *angry* Laurie, what the fuck?!

Laurie turns around to walk away from the table, in which Sophie runs after her and pulls her hair to drag her back.

Laurie: What the fuck!

Sophie and Laurie begin to fight in the middle of the lunchroom; the kids in the lunchroom get up from their seats and gather around the two girls fighting. Milo runs in the crowd of kids trying to get to Sophie. Mollie pulls Milo back.

Mollie: Milo! What the fuck are you doing?

Milo frees himself from Mollie’s hand and runs towards the crowd.

Pushing between the people in the crowd, he finally gets to the two girl and tries to pull Sophie away. In the process, Laurie claws Milo’s face without knowing, which then he cries out in pain. When a couple of security guards enter the lunchroom and diffuse the crowd, they reach the teens and begin to get them up to exit them out of the lunchroom. Milo holds his eye in pain while the security guard pulls him away. Sophie gets pulled away as well, looking at Milo as he gets taken away. Mollie runs towards the exit of the lunchroom, trying to catch up with Milo to check on him. Simon stands there, acting like nothing happened and that he wasn’t involved.

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The Teenage Project Presentation: A Scene.

Classroom Management for an Effective Learning Environment - TeachHUB

A classroom of students sits at their desks, watching their fellow classmates present their exit projects in their English class. After one group finishes their presentation, the class applauds and the students take their seats. The teacher stands up from her desk to address the class.

Teacher: That was lovely, Brianna and Ava. Are there any volunteers wanting to present their project next?

No one raises their hand, they just look around the room at each other.

In one corner, Milo and Sophie sit next to each other but are not facing nor talking to each other. Sophie has her arms crossed on top of her desk, while Milo doodles in his notebook.

Teacher: Well if no one wants to volunteer; Laurie and Brooke, you’re up.

The two girls get up from their seats. Laurie rolls her eyes as she walks towards the front of the classroom. Sophie watches her and Milo notices.

Milo: *to Sophie* Don’t stare for too long, she’s gonna think you’re jealous of her and Simon getting back together.

Sophie: You know, you’ve been a real jerk these days. How about you don’t talk to me and I don’t talk to you.

Milo: Whatever, Sophie.

Sophie completely turns her body to face Milo; she’s now annoyed and fed up.

Sophie: I don’t remember ever doing anything to make you this mad, mate. The last time I checked, I had nothing to do with the whole fight between you and Simon, so you should just drop whatever is making you so mad at me.

Milo: And I don’t remember ever doing anything to you to make me out to be the bad guy, yet here we are; Milo Kamalani: certified bad guy in friendship!

Sophie: Well, a good friend would talk and understand that things aren’t what they always seem.

Milo: You kissing the boy that literally left you for your best friend makes it loud and clear that you don’t care about how others treat you.

Sophie: Again, how is that your concern?! You weren’t there when it happened, and it’s not like we were anything but friends; so tell me, what is the true reason you’re mad at me?

Milo: I told you a million times; I am sick and tired of you letting people walk all over you! Like you don’t have friends that actually give a fuck about you!

Sophie: If you did, you wouldn’t have ultimately thought that I wanted to kiss Simon in the first place. You would’ve came to me before believing anyone else had to say, especially Laurie.

Milo: Whatever, Sophie; do whatever you want.

Sophie: I just don’t understand you sometimes…

Milo: Yeah, me neither.

Laurie sees the two bickering at the back of the room and ultimately stops during her presentation.

Laurie: Miss! Can you tell those two lovebirds in the back to stop talking over us?

The class giggles and the teacher quiet down the class.

Teacher: Milo, Sophie; can you please stop being disruptive during the presentations.

Milo: *to Laurie* You’re always talking over someone else, so what makes you so special?

Sophie: Milo.

Teacher: That’s enough! Laurie and Brooke, thank you for your presentation, but it’s clear that Milo and Sophie are eager to be the next presenters of their project.

The two teen’s eyes widen, they look at each other and back towards the teacher. The teacher folds her arms and looks at the two teens.

Teacher: We don’t have all day, you two. Come up and present.

The two slowly get up from their seats and walk to the front. Mollie watches Milo walk towards the front, as well as the rest of the class. Milo and Sophie turn around to face the class once they get to the front of the classroom.

Milo: *awkwardly* Uhm, hi. I’m Milo Kamalani…

Sophie: Sophie Lee…

Milo: And this is our Teenage Tell-Tale Project.

An awkward silence fills the room for a moment. Milo clears his throat and begins to present his part of the project.

Milo: I lived in the neighborhood all of my life, and even though I am still young, I’ve been to places around that meant a lot to me, and went to new places that meant a lot to Sophie.

Milo looks at Sophie, who then starts to talk.

Sophie: My story is the complete opposite of Milo’s. I’ve lived in the neighborhood just a little over a year now after living in the UK for most of my life. Being half British and half Korean, I never really felt like I belonged in any specific place; I didn’t fully look Korean to other Koreans in Korea, but I also didn’t look fully British to other British people. So to come to America, where everyone looks different and is proud of their culture and heritage, I found myself feeling like I belonged in New York.

Milo’s face softens as Sophie talks.

Sophie: Within the year I was here, I discovered places I never thought I’d find comfort in these days, and I was quite shocked to hear that Milo didn’t know some of the places I picked for our project.

Sophie looks at Milo, smiling. Milo begins to speak.

Milo: One place, in particular, was the park on the other side of the bridge. I live near the water and never really explored the other areas of the neighborhood, but Sophie showed me this park that had a stage in it, and she called it one of her favorite places to go and practice her violin.

Sophie: Coming to America, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue playing my violin because the kids at my old school would tease the other kids who had instruments to carry and band practice. So, someone told me to not be so afraid of the people around me and just do what I like doing. So, I played violin on the stage and a couple of people stopped and stayed to listen; they even clapped for me! I guess visiting the stage again for this project is what made me decide to not listen to other people, and go do what I wanted to do. That’s why I auditioned for Waverly High.

Milo: I really liked her place because I am also a musician, and her for to pick the stage as her comfort spot, I could really relate to it.

Sophie smiles and takes a deep breath in.

Sophie: Milo showed me a place not all people will be able to visit in their spare time, but it was a place that I found to be possibly the best place in the neighborhood because of how personal it was to Milo.

She looks at Milo, hesitant to continue. Milo nods his head. Sophie turns her head forward to proceed with the presentation.

Sophie: Milo’s comfort spot is the treehouse in front of his grandparent’s front yard.

Mollie cocks her eyebrow up, slightly confused.

Sophie: The treehouse is full of music sheets, notebooks, and blankets that cover the ground the floor. While a treehouse is just a treehouse, Milo’s had a backstory to it that gave me a clear understanding of family, and how important it was to remember where you came from.

Milo: The treehouse was built by my grandparents, but it was originally used for my mother, who passed away when she was around my age. My dad wanted my grandparents to keep the treehouse and give it to me when I got older. It was like a little piece of my mom that I could remember her by since I was too young to remember anything about her. So like Sophie, my comfort spot is used to practice my music.

Before Sophie can say anything else, Milo continues to speak.

Milo: This project made me realize that no matter how different people maybe, people can ultimately share so much in common; music especially. Sophie was just a person that lived in other countries for most of her life, and I lived in Brooklyn for most of my life, and we may have other things that we like, we can ultimately connect through our love for music.

Milo looks at Sophie, who decides to finish the project.

Sophie: I’ve learned that no matter how far the people you love maybe, like my family back in the UK and Korea, you can always carry them around with you on your new adventures, in hopes that one day, you get the chance to show them some of your favorite places as well.

Milo: Thank you.

Both Sophie and Milo bow in front of the class, and the class applauds for the two of them. They look at each other and smile.

In the back of the room, Simon watches, not pleased or amused at the presentation.

The Teenage Tell-Tale., Twelve Letters of Lizmas: 2021

Day 8: The Teenagers Last Straw: A Scene.

Summer In The Park Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

Milo walks down a pathway in the park on a warm day during the weekend. He wipes the sweat from his forehead and ties his dreadlocks into a ponytail. He looks around until he sees Sophie sitting on a park bench. He walks towards her.

When he gets closer, Sophie turns her head to look at him and then looks back down at the notebook she was writing in. When Milo reaches the bench, Sophie gathers her things, getting ready to get up.

Milo: Where are you going?

Sophie: *gets up* I finished the last part of the project.

Milo: Then what was the point of us meeting up?

Sophie puts her book-bag on and faces Milo.

Sophie: I didn’t need your help.

Sophie walks away, and Milo follows. He’s visibly annoyed.

Milo: Listen, as much as I want this project to be over with, we agreed to work on it together.

Sophie: *turns around* Oh, I’m sorry that I didn’t need your help with my part of the project.

Sophie turns back around and continues to walk away. Milo follows her, clearly not letting this go.

Milo: I don’t know what’s your problem!

Sophie: Nothing, Milo. Just go home. I’ll send you my part of the project tonight.

Milo: *stops in his tracks* Is this about Simon and I fighting?

Sophie stops and shuts her eyes.

Milo: Look, I’m sorry that I fought your little boyfriend, but he–

Sophie turns around and grabs Milo by the shirt.

Sophie: He’s not my bloody boyfriend; get that through that thick skull of yours.

Milo: Then why did you kiss him? What is it about him that–

Sophie: That what? That you don’t have?

Milo doesn’t say anything back. He’s surprised about her response.

Milo: You know he’s back with Laurie, right?

Sophie: *yells* Who cares, Milo?! Who cares about Laurie and Simon and about that damn petty drama?

Sophie turns forward one last time, not looking back. Milo runs to Sophie, stopping her in her tracks.

Sophie: Move out of my way.

Milo: Not until you tell me what’s going on.

Sophie: *defeated* Why do you care anyway? You just think I’m just as fake and plastic as the company I kept. So truly, why do you care about what’s going on with me?

Milo: Because I don’t know why you’ve been acting this way towards me. I care about you!

Sophie: Well you have a really shitty way of showing it.

Milo: *yells* Are you fucking serious?

Sophie: Bye, Milo.

She walks away and Milo doesn’t bother following her. He walks the opposite direction to go home.

Milo enters his house; he slams the front door shut in anger and startles the rest of the family. Milo Sr and Jennifer react to the slamming of the door.

Jennifer: Milo?

Milo’s bedroom door slams shut and the adults question what is going on.

Milo throws his backpack on the ground and jumps into his bed; face first into his pillow. After awhile, he looks up and sees his headphones on his desk. He picks them up and blasts music in his ears. He closes his eyes, trying to clear his mind.

The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Intervention: A Scene.

1,775 Brooklyn Brownstone Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStock

The sun is setting on this warm, June day in New York City. Two teenagers, Milo and Mollie, sit on the front porch of Mollie’s house. Mollie throws a tiny ball from palm to palm, talking to Milo who clearly is concentrated in a notebook.

Mollie: You know, when you come over to a friend’s house, you’re supposed to hang out with them and, oh I don’t know, hang out with them.

Milo looks up from the notebook to look at Mollie.

Milo: My family being here doesn’t count as us hanging out. It’s a family gathering.

Mollie: Whatever.

Mollie stops playing with the ball and begins to get up, Milo watches her.

Milo: Mol?

Mollie looks down at Milo.

Mollie: What?

Milo: Have you heard anything going around the school about Simon and I?

Mollie: Why would I care about that airhead?

Milo: Because it’s about me and Simon getting into that fight a week ago.

Mollie sits back down on the steps, wondering where Milo is going with this.

Mollie: Yeah, I know. I don’t know why you’d even entertain that fuckboy though.

Milo shakes his head, frustrated.

Milo: Nevermind.

He goes back into doodling in his notebook; Mollie puts her head over the page to prevent him from continuing. Milo looks at Mollie.

Milo: Can you not?

Mollie: Not until you tell me what the fuck is going on.

Milo: Nothing, Mol. It was just a question.

Mollie: Look Milo, it’s never “just a question” with you. You always ask things with reasons behind it. Now, should I be worried about that ass hat Simon or…?

Milo: Something just didn’t make sense to me.

Milo closes the notebook on Mollie’s hand, She slips it out of the notebook.

Milo: Like, I don’t give a shit about him, but he just comes up to me one day and starts fighting me like I stole his girlfriend away from him.

Mollie looks at Milo; she doesn’t say anything at first, but she can’t keep it in.

Mollie: Okay I wasn’t going to say anything because like, who cares about them, but like Laurie and Simon are still together after what happened at Prom. Like, she must be stupid for taking that cheater back.

Milo: Laurie took him back?

Mollie: *nods* Mhm. I swear that bitch is just going to get her stupid heart broken by a guy that wasn’t even on the radar like, a year ago…

Milo: *intrigued* Is Laurie still friends with So… I mean, did Laurie forgive her friend too?

Mollie: *annoyed* I don’t know! Why are you all of a sudden interested in the drama? Is your little project partner not spilling the tea anymore? *laughs* You know, its been a while since you and that girl worked on your project; you do know it’s due in like, 2 weeks?

Milo doesn’t answer back, he just takes his notebook away from Mollie and begins to doodle inside of the notebook.

Mollie: Is there something you’re not telling me, Milo?

Milo: Its kinda hard to keep anything from you, Mol…

Mollie snathes the notebook away from Milo, in which Milo protests.

Milo: What the hell, Mollie?

Mollie: *confesses* Are you and Sophie not dating anymore or something? Did you tell that two-timing bitch to get lost and that’s why you guys aren’t talking?

Milo: What the hell are you even talking about?

Mollie: I heard what was going around. Simon was probably mad jealous that you were dating Sophie, because I mean anyone can see that Simon has a crush on her…

Milo is dumbfounded, not sure what to say.

Milo: So you knew this stupid rumor and didn’t even tell me that it was going around?

Mollie: I didn’t even know it was a rumor! I was just waiting on you to tell me because I mean, I am your best friend and you didn’t even tell me!

Milo: *annoyed* There’s nothing to tell! You really believe a stupid rumor without even telling me?!

Mollie stands up, annoyed and defensive.

Mollie: What was I suppose to think when all you do these days is hang out with that dumb girl and never talk to me anymore! At least I make time to hang out with you, and now that we finally are, you’re moping over a girl who literally kissed her friend’s boyfriend! Is that the type of girl you want to date?!

Milo gets up and faces Mollie; he’s frustrated and angry.

Milo: First of all, you don’t know a damn thing about Sophie, and I’m sick and tired of you bashing her every chance you get!

Mollie: You’ve got to be kidding me. Are you seriously going to defend a girl you barely know? Like, you just met the girl like 5 months ago!

Milo: I’ve known Sophie for almost a year! What are you saying?!

Mollie blinks, trying to comprehend what was just said.

Mollie: What?

Milo doesn’t realize whats going on, and keeps talking and confessing.

Milo: You think you know so much about me when in all honesty, you don’t! Did you know that Sophie and I hung out all summer last year? No, because you didn’t care about what I was doing if it didn’t concern you!

Mollie: You… you spent the summer with Sophie?

Milo finally realizes what was said and he immediately looks anxious. Mollie nods her head, and begins to yell at Milo.

Mollie: You seriously spent your entire summer with her, and now look at you. She played you, Milo! She’s nothing more than just a Laurie follower; a wannabe! You got your heart all tangled up in her and look what she does; she runs to Simon and kisses him!

Milo doesn’t know what to say, but he’s feeling defensive.

Milo: You know, you really have to start worrying about your own life, especially with everything that’s happened with you in the last year. *malicious* How’s therapy going for you? Heard you now go on Thursdays too on top of your usual Tuesdays!

Mollie is visibly hurt.

Milo: See, it sucks when someone brings up your own business and have opinions on it, doesn’t it?

Mollie: You know, it’s one thing to look out for your best friend because the people they start hanging out with is no good for them, but for you to just throw my life in my face like its some type of joke, is fucked up.

Mollie turns around and begins to walk back into the house, Milo feels a little guilty for saying what he said to Mollie. Milo doesn’t say anything back; he lets Mollie walk back into the house.

The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Delinquent Area: A Scene.

The Principal: The Most Misunderstood Person in All of Education - The  Atlantic

Last Summer…

The sun is going down; Milo and Sophie sit at the edge of the pier, eating ice cream cones. Nothing is said between the two until Milo looks at Sophie, who hasn’t touched much of her cone since getting it.

Milo: Scout?

Sophie turns her head and looks at Milo.

Milo: Is everything alright?

Sophie takes a deep breath and stares out into the ocean.

Sophie: I’m not ready for the summer to end.

Milo: Tell me about it. To think that I gotta start getting up at 7 each morning for school is already getting me sad. *to Sophie* I thought you would love going back to school though; reading, math, projects; you seem to enjoy all of those things.

Sophie: I had a whole summer not being able to see, you know…

Milo doesn’t answer Sophie, so she sighs and lets it out.

Sophie: I’m not looking forward to seeing Simon with Laurie all of the time.

Milo nods his head, understanding where she’s coming from. He doesn’t say anything.

Sophie: It just hurts that he did what he did and then just forgot about my existence.

Milo: Well, he’s stupid for doing that. You’re a great person to be around and hang out with. You’re kind, funny, and a great friend, Scout. Don’t let him get to you.

Sophie doesn’t look like she’s been convinced.

Milo: Do you…?

Sophie looks at Milo as he asks the question.

Sophie: I can’t. He’s with Laurie. That would make me a horrible friend.

Milo: But it didn’t take much for your two friends to hook up with each other even after knowing how you felt?

Sophie shakes her head and shuts her eyes. Milo hates to see Sophie upset like this.

Milo: Scout, that doesn’t make you a bad friend. You and Simon were friends and for him to do that to you–

Sophie: *interrupts* We weren’t just friends, Milo. We were dating. He broke up with me and in two weeks he started to date Laurie. I feel like I was used; that two of my closest friends went behind my back and hurt me. He was more than just this guy I have a crush on; he was my best friend, and he broke my heart.

Milo: Then stop being friends with them. They did something shitty, and they hurt you and don’t deserve you as a friend.

Sophie: *defensive* It’s not that easy, Milo. You don’t know my friendship with Laurie or Simon to even tell me what to do. I don’t tell you how to manage your friendships, so don’t tell me how to.

Milo: *annoyed* You’re allowing them to just walk all over you! They are shitty friends that do not care about how you feel!

Sophies walks away from Milo, and off of the pier before he can get up and get her from leaving.

Sophie walks out of the staircase, upset that she’s been sent to the principal’s office. She turns around the corner and stops in her tracks when she sees another kid sitting outside of the main office. She slowly walks to the bench outside of the office.

When she sits down, the kid turns to look at her and chuckles to himself.

Milo: Of course.

Sophie: What is wrong with you?

Milo: *turns to Sophie* What’s wrong? What’s wrong?! Do you not fucking remember what happened at Prom?!

Sophie finally gets a good look at Milo, who has a busted lip and bruising on his face.

Sophie: What happened to you?

Milo: Don’t pretend you care.

Sophie: Milo, we are friends, and you are hurt and I just want to know what happ–

The main office door opens and out walks Simon, who visibly also has bruising on his face as well. He looks at the two sitting at the bench; he scoffs out loud as the security guard escorts him out of the office. Sophie watches Simon walk out and puts two-and-two together.

Sophie: Did Simon…?

Milo: *loud* Again, why do you care?

Sophie is at a loss for words, and her feelings are hurt.

Sophie: If Simon did that to you, I swear I’ll-

Milo: You’ll do what? Tell your boyfriend to stop?

Sophie: *confused* What are you talking about?

Milo: How are you going to tell me everything you went through with that fuck-boy and still go ahead and kiss him?

Sophie: He kissed me, Milo! What was I supposed to do?

Milo: Whatever, Sophie. You know, I thought you were different than the rest of them. Always stood by your word, and didn’t take anything from anyone. But Mollie was right about you guys. You guys all are the same.

A security guard opens the main office door and calls for Milo Kamalani. He grabs his book-bag and walks into the main office. Sophie looks away, and wipes the tears falling on her face.

The bell rings and Sophie leaves the main office to go back to her class. Students exit their classrooms and chatter in the hallway in between their classes. Sophie walks over to her locker and opens it to get her things for her next class. She’s by herself, with no friends, and her only friend that she cared about isn’t talking to her anymore. She wipes her eyes and puts her books back into her locker. She slams it shut and quickly walks down the hallway, towards the staircase when the side door to the outside would open. She thinks before walking out, but ultimately decides to walk out.

Back in the Kamalani household, Jennifer is icing Milo’s bruises and cuts on his face. He winces in pain, and Jennifer tries to tell him that she’s trying her best to keep the pain to a minimal.

Jennifer: You know, this really isn’t like you to get into these dumb fights with that boy. You gotta stop letting him get to you.

Milo doesn’t say anything. Jennifer stops doing what she’s doing and looks at him.

Jennifer: Milo.

Milo: *annoyed* What?

Jennifer places the ice pack on a towel and faces Milo once again.

Jennifer: Is this about Sophie?

Milo is in immediate shock. He tries to conceal the fact that Jennifer may have figured him out, but he just don’t want to get into it.

Milo: No?

Jennifer: Her mother called me earlier and asked me if she was with you after school. Apparently she didn’t go straight home from school.

Milo ponder the thought before he says anything.

Milo: No. She wasn’t with me.

Jennifer: This Simon guy, is he dating–

Milo gets off of the kitchen bar stool and heads towards his room.

Jennifer: Milo!

The door shuts behind him. Jennifer sighs as she cleans up the first aid-kit area from the counter.

The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Outcast: A Scene.

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The 8th grade class is spending their lunch period in the schoolyard, enjoying the warm weather that May brings. All of the cliques hang out with each other; the jocks are playing basketball, the unpopular kids are minding their business, and Milo and his friends are hanging out at their favorite bench near the grass. Davy and Ronnie are playing soccer in the grass, Jonah is drawing in his sketchbook, and Mollie is laying down on the grass near the bench. Milo twirls around his drumsticks, staring into space.

Mollie: So, it’s like they didn’t even know that it was there in the first place!

Without having Milo react to her story, Mollie sits up and looks at Milo.

Mollie: Hello? Earth to Milo?

Milo widen his eyes and looks at Mollie, clearly distracted.

Milo: Huh?

Mollie: *annoyed* I swear you never listen to me anymore. What’s the point of talking to you if you’re just gonna tune me out?

Milo: I’m just…

Milo notices Sophie walking in the schoolyard by herself. She sits by herself under the bleachers.

Milo: I just have some things on my mind.

Milo gets up and gathers his things.

Mollie: Where are you going?

Milo: Music room.

Mollie: Why? It’s mad nice outside and there’s nothing to practice for anymore.

Milo doesn’t respond, he walks away to walk inside back to the school. Mollie shakes her head and gets up to sit at the bench. Davy and Ronnie watch what’s going on.

Ronnie: Is he alright?

Mollie: He’s been like this forever, I don’t know what his problem is.

Milo enters one of the music rooms and takes out his drumsticks. He sits at the drum set and looks down at them. He begins to let out his anger by banging on the drums. Moments later, there’s a knock heard on the door. He gets up to opens it.

Simon: Look, some of us are–

He stops once he sees Milo.

Simon: Ah, makes sense. I knew I wasn’t hearing actual music.

Milo: Fuck off, Simon.

Simon: *laughs* Damn, not even a “hi, go away”? Harsh. I should expect it; I did kiss your little precious Soph.

Milo gets angry, his hands are in fists.

Milo: Yeah, and got the whole school to hate her, even her own friends.

Simon: Man, you know Laurie and the rest of them were not her friends. She must’ve told you how she really felt about them.

Milo: So you use her to prove a point? You used to be her best friend.

Simon: Does that bother you that we were? I mean, she didn’t think twice about kissing me back at prom.

Milo tries his hardest to keep his composure.

Milo: Just get the hell out of here, man.

Simon: You’re right. I should go find Sophie again and spend my lunch with her, she is a good kisser…

Milo swings at Simon and they begin fighting in the hallway. Simon pushes Milo off of him and fights him back.

Simon: Who the fuck do you think you’re messing with?

Milo: Leave her the fuck alone!

Milo swings at him and they begin fighting again. Security guards are alerted and run down the West Wing to separate the boys. Simon has a bloody nose; Milo with a busted up lip.

It’s English class and the students walk into the classroom at the start of the period. Sophie is seen sitting by herself, a place where she didn’t sit before. Mollie comes in and sits in the seat that she would sit next to Milo in. Once the bell rings, Laurie looks around for Simon; Mollie looks around for Milo.

Mollie: *turns around* Yo, have you seen Milo?

Ronnie shakes her head no, and Mollie turns back to face forward. The teacher opens the class by taking attendance.

Teacher: Simon Hempstead?

No answer. She calls out for Simon once more, but there’s no answer. She marks him “absent”.

Teacher: Milo Kamalani?

No answer. The teacher, now frustrated, takes her glasses off and directs her talk towards the class.

Teacher: Listen, I get that school ends in a month and a half and you guys graduate, but that’s not an excuse to skip my class, or anyone’s class for that matters. On this section sheet, it says these two were in class earlier; does anyone know where they are now?

The class doesn’t say anything. Mollie sneakily takes out her phone to text Milo.

molscastro: yo, where r u?

She puts her phone back in her pocket and looks around the room.

At the other side of the classroom, Sophie keeps her head down towards the desk. Laurie leans forward in her desk and says something loud enough to her friends so that Sophie hears it as well.

Laurie: Someone should be asking Slutphie about Simon; I bet she knows where he’s hiding.

Sophie shuts her eyes and turns around and gets up from her seat and faces Laurie.

Sophie: You know what, Laurie? Maybe if you were to get your bloody head out of your own bum and cared about the people around you, then maybe every boyfriend you have wouldn’t be running to other girls.

Laurie: Excuse me?

Sophie: You’re not excused.

Mollie watches the interaction from her desk, jaw dropping and in shock.

Laurie: You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Sophie: Instead of worrying about other people and what they are doing, you might want to to care about your own screw ups and stop blaming everyone else why shit doesn’t go the way you want them to go.

Teacher: That’s enough, Sophie! Principal’s office, now!

Sophie grabs her bookbag and storms out of the classroom. Mollie watches, still in shock.

Ronnie: *leans forward* Looks like Sophie saw through all the bullshit.

Mollie doesn’t say anything, she just ponders in thought.

The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Drama (Prom) Queen: A Scene.

Event Theming - Eventologists

Tonight’s the night where the teens at Beverly Junior High have been waiting for all year: Prom! Limos line up outside of the venue, friends taking photos of each other, and music is heard being played from inside the venue.

In one of the limos, Laurie and her friends come out; all of her friends line up to take photos of Laurie walking on the red carpet towards the venue. She’s holding hands with Simon, matching a baby blue bowtie with Laurie’s dress. Sophie is the only girl that doesn’t take pictures of the couple.

Moments later, Mollie walks down a block in a green spaghetti-strapped dress with black and white Converse on. Her hair is in a basic, frizzy ponytail. Once she gets to the venue, she rolls her eyes, and then walks on.

Shortly after, Milo hops out of a car in slacks and a button down shirt. His hair is tied up, and he lifts his glasses from the bridge of his nose.

Everyone enters the venue to their middle school prom.

Inside the venue, a DJ is playing party music, friends are taking pictures at the photo booth, and others are chatting with each other at their table. Milo looks around the venue, not sure why he’s here in the first place. He looks towards the group of girls on the dance floor chatting and taking selfies with each other and sees her; Sophie. Her hair is curly, and she’s wearing a purple prom dress. She doesn’t notice Milo looking at her, but he can’t stop staring.

He suddenly hears someone call out his name. He turns his head towards the direction he heard it, and notices Mollie sitting at a table with a couple of other friends. He walks towards them.

Milo: *teasingly* Mollie Sue Castro? In a dress? At Prom?!

Mollie: Shut up! I’m surprised to see you here, Mr. “Prom is overrated”!

Milo rolls his eyes as Mollie teases him. He takes a seat at the table with Mollie, Ronnie, Davy, and Jonah; a couple of their mutual friends.

Milo: So, did anyone actually come to prom with a date?

Ronnie: That’s hella dumb, bro. Like, why be tied with one person all night when you could be with your friends? Having a date for prom is so lame…

Davy: *to Milo* No one asked her.

Ronnie pushes Davy on the arm; he winces in pain. The others at the table laugh.

Jonah: I was going to ask Giselle to prom…

Mollie: Eww, one of Laurie’s minions?

Jonah: What? She’s really pretty and seems to be the only one in that group that doesn’t look like they’re dumb as hell.

Milo looks at Jonah, clearly annoyed at his statement. The rest of the table laugh.

Mollie: Well good thing she turned you down, you’d be sitting with all of those fake girls and dumb ass Simon.

Milo looks over at the table where Laurie and her friends sit.

At Laurie’s table, they all talk among each other and continue taking selfies with each other. Sophie bobs her head to the music playing.

Laurie tries to get Simon to take pictures with her, but he’s clearly not in the mood to do so. Laurie puts her phone on the table, now frustrated.

Laurie: What is wrong with you tonight?

Sophie looks at the couples direction.

Simon: I just don’t want to take 5,000 photos tonight.

Laurie: It’s prom night!

Simon: And? That doesn’t mean anything to me.

Giselle: That’s not nice of you, Simon…

Simon: *annoyed* Who the hell asked you?

Laurie: Simon!

Simon gets up from the table and walks away. The table watches him do so. Sophie grabs her phone and gets up from the table, going after Simon.

Across the hall, Milo sees Sophie chasing after Simon, confused.

Simon leaves the hall, and Sophie is right behind him.

Sophie: Simon! Wait!

Simon turns around and stops. Sophie catches up to him.

Sophie: Are you okay?

Simon: Why do you care?

Sophie: Because you’re acting like a jerk to Laurie. I mean, you agreed to come with her to Prom; you know how she’s going to be like.

Simon: I shouldn’t be here; shit, I didn’t even want to be here!

Sophie: Just how you didn’t want to go with Laurie to Waverly?

Simon doesn’t say anything.

Sophie: Don’t break her heart, Simon.

Simon: Again, why the hell do you care?

Sophie: Because no girl deserves to be led on thinking her boyfriend wants to be with her when in reality he’s doing everything to stay away from her. It’s not fair to her.

Simon: So you’re gonna be on her side? She treats you like shit, Soph. I don’t even know why you’re still friends with her. For what? So you don’t get bullied for being a decent human being?

Sophie: This isn’t about me. You gotta do what’s right, Simon. I know you’re capable of doing at least that.

Simon takes in a deep breath. He looks at Sophie softly.

Simon: I’m sorry. For everything. For being… this.

Sophie: Things happen.

Simon: I’ve been nothing but a dick this whole school year, and I…

Simon takes Sophie’s hand.

Simon: It says a lot about you that you’re the one here comforting me and not my “girlfriend”.

Sophie doesn’t say anything, she just listens to Simon. He looks at her.

Simon: I’ll always love you, Sophie Lee.

Simon softly kisses Sophie on the lips; Sophie doesn’t fight it.

Moments later, the doors of the hall open and the two teens quickly turn around. They see Laurie standing there, shocked at what she just saw.

Laurie: I fucking knew it!

Sophie: Laurie, wait!

Laurie turns back around into the hall, and Sophie goes after her.

Sophie: Laurie! It’s not what it looks like, I–

Moments later, a teacher is heard on a microphone to get the attention of the teens.

Teacher: Alright class of 2022, it’s time to announce this year’s Prom Queen! After counting the votes, this year’s Prom Queen is… Laurie Warren!

Sophie: Laurie!

Laurie walks up to the stage as the teacher places the crown on her head and the microphoen to give a speech.

Laurie: Thank you to everyone that voted for me! It’s an honor to be your prom queen as expected! What wasn’t expected was to see one of your so-called friends kiss your boyfriend though. So Sophie–

Sophie stands on the dance floor with everyone else; she’s completely mortified. Milo, who stands in the back, is also in complete shock.

Laurie: Thank you for taking this magical night with my boyfriend away from me, slut.

The teacher takes the microphone away from Laurie and Laurie storms off the stage. The class of 2022 stares at Sophie, while talking and whispering to each other. The music plays again and Sophie pushes toward the crowd to get herself out of the hall. She runs out; Milo and the rest of his friends notice.

Mollie: Man, I knew Simon always had a thing for Sophie! That is fucking hilarious!

The table laugh except for Milo. He looks towards the door that Sophie ran out of. Milo is clearly heartbroken.

The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Talk in Town: A Scene.

Mall space in MMR -

Sophie sits in the sitting area of the mall with a bunch of other girls. She’s focused on her phone, continuously texting. The other girls talk to each other , waiting for Laurie to meet up with them. Moments later, Laurie, Simon, and a couple of his friends gather around the group of girls.

Laurie: I’m hungry, let’s go get food at the food court.

The girls get up from their seats, including Sophie. She follows the group of girls, while the guys walk behind them. Simon stares at Sophie, annoyed.

Laurie: *to her friends* I can’t believe prom is literally around the corner. I told my mom I wanted to wear the biggest dress, like the prom queen I’m destined to be.

Giselle: Oh-Em-Gee, you’re so going to win prom queen!

Laurie smiles and continues to walk to the food court.

Laurie: Simon and I are gonna look so good in our matching outfits; we will totally win the titles of the night!

Laurie turns around and sees Sophie, not paying attention.

Laurie: Sophie!

Sophie looks up from her phone now focused on Laurie.

Sophie: What?

Laurie: Are you just gonna be on your phone all day? You’re suppose to help me pick out prom dresses with the rest of us.

Sophie puts her phone in her pocket.

Sophie: Sorry, just checking some messages from my mom.

Laurie nods and proceeds to talk about prom with the girls. Sophie doesn’t engage.

At the tables at the food court, Laurie and the rest of the girls are seen chatting and eating food, while the guys sit at another table.

Laurie: Sorry about the food, Soph; I didn’t know you were allergic to milk.

Sophie: I mentioned it before, but it’s fine…

Sophie gets up from her seat and walks to the stores within the food court to buy something. She looks around until a familiar voice startles her.

Simon: Hey.

Sophie: *jumps* Bloody hell! *sighs* what do you want, Simon?

Simon: Just wanting a little chit-chat, if that’s okay.

Sophie: Wouldn’t your shadow be looking for you if you’re gone for too long?

Simon chuckles, amused by Sophie’s comeback.

Simon: She’s my girlfriend, Soph. She’s also your friend.

Sophie: Yeah.

Nothing is said afterwards until Simon gets closer to Sophie. Sophie notices, and immediately gets uncomfortable.

Sophie: What are you doing?

Simon: Speaking of friends, what’s up with you and that music geek? What’s his name; mild?

Sophie: *deadpans* Milo?

Simon: Yeah; whatever his name is. You didn’t tell me you were dating him.

Sophie is in shock. She doesn’t know where this started, but she’s pissed it has. She looks at Simon; he’s clearly not fond of the newfound information either.

Sophie: So what? That’s none of your concern.

Simon: *aggravated* Why wouldn’t you tell me? I thought we were friends.

Sophie: We aren’t friends! How many times do I have to bloody tell you that we are not friends!

Simon: Just because I’m Laurie’s boyfriend?

Sophie: *angry* It’s because you went for her after you were tired of me!

Simon: Look Soph, you’re always gonna be my friend, and as a friend I need to tell you to stop letting your feelings get in the way of a meaningful friendship!

Sophie doesn’t say anything, she just looks at Simon, still angry.

Simon: We were not dating when I started to date Laurie.

Sophie: Two weeks, Simon! It took you two weeks to date her when you were done with me! How was I suppose to feel knowing that the guy I liked, and cherished as a friend, would abandon me when a new girl comes by! I can’t ever trust you, Simon.

Simon: *yells* I didn’t do anything to you!

Sophie is taken back by Simon’s anger. She has never seen him as angry as she sees him now.

Simon: For fuck’s sake, what else do I need to do to let you know that I’m fucking sorry?

Laurie: *from afar* Babe?

Laurie walks towards Simon and Sophie.

Sophie: You know what you can do? Leave me the hell alone.

Before Laurie can get to the duo, Sophie walks off, and away from the food court area. Laurie watches on as she tries to give Simon a hug.

Laurie: Everything alright, babe?

Simon: *annoyed* I’m fine.

Simon walks away from Laurie, and walks in the opposite direction of where Sophie went. Laurie is upset at Simon’s reaction. She walks towards her friends at the table, who are looking to see what’s going on.

Laurie: I swear, Sophie is always pissing Simon off, and it’s not fair to me.

The other girls nod their head, agreeing with Laurie. Laurie sits in her spot at the table, surrounded by the girls who try to comfort her.

The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenager Rumor: A Scene.

25 hysterical notes kids were caught passing in school – SheKnows

Mollie doodles in her notebook during her social studies class. She’s bored, wishing this period would be over. She looks around the classroom at her classmates; some of them are actively listening and taking notes from the board, while overs are secretly on their phones, sleeping, or doodling in their notebooks, like her.

On the other side of the room, Milo is taking notes in his notebook and every now and then looking at Sophie, smiling. She would smile back at him, also taking notes in her notebook while listening to the teacher. I between note taking, they pass notes to each other to talk to one another.

The two teens don’t think anyone is watching them communicate in the class until someone sitting behind them, Ronnie, was watching to the two pass notes.

The bell shortly rings afterwards and the class packs up their things and goes to their next period, which is lunch.

Ronnie walks out of the classroom and sees Milo and Sophie walk down the hallway together, towards the music rooms. Ronnie turns around and heads towards the lunch room.

In the lunchroom, Mollie gets her food tray and walks to her usual table. She sees Ronnie sitting there with Davy, one of her athlete friends. Mollie sits across the able from them and greets them.

Mollie: Man, “Fries-day” is literally the best day of the week.

Ronnie: You don’t have to tell me twice!

The girls laugh and continue to eat their lunch.

Davy: So Veron, are you going to practice tomorrow?

Ronnie: Yeah, *to Mollie* We’re gonna do week 6 of the project tomorrow, right?

Mollie: Yeah, we just gotta figure out where we wanna go. I don’t just have 8 places around the neighborhood that mean a lot to me.

Ronnie: Honestly, there’s nothing exciting about the neighborhood in the first place.

Laurie, Simon, and the rest of Laurie’s friends pass by Mollie’s table. They don’t pay no mind to the backpacks on the floor next to Mollie and Ronnie, they just step over them and continue walking to the table. Mollie rolls their eyes.

Mollie: I am not looking forward to Laurie going to Waverly. Like, can she just go somewhere else?

Ronnie: Laurie is too self-centered to actually not go to a school where people pay attention to you.

Mollie: I heard Simon didn’t get in.

Ronnie laughs out loud.

Ronnie: I’m not surprised, there’s not a creative bone in that meathead’s body.

Mollie almost chokes on her chocolate milk laughing at Ronnie’s comment. She wipes her mouth and sees the group sit at their usual table, but Mollie notices something almost right away.

Mollie: I’m shocked to not see that girl Sophie being a minion with the others.

Ronnie turns around and looks at the table. She turns back and faces Mollie.

Ronnie: She’s probably with that guy she’s always with; your friend?

Mollie: *confused* My friend?

Ronnie: The music guy, has the twists in his hair?

Mollie: Milo?

Ronnie: There you go.

Mollie doesn’t say anything at first; she clearly tries to understand what’s going on.

Ronnie: They were being hella giggly in social studies. Like, they were passing notes to each other and everything. Also, after class, they both walked towards the music rooms together.

Mollie is dumbfounded at this information.

Mollie: I mean, i know they are partners for the project, but–

Ronnie: I don’t know, Mol. They looked really friendly with each other. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were secretly dating or something.

Mollie’s eyes widen at the thought. She doesn’t say anything else, the girls just eat the rest if their lunch.

During their gym period, Davy and a couple of other boys are playing basketball in the school yard. One of those boys is Simon. Once they finish a game off, the guys take a moment to drink some water and take a breather before they start a new game. One of the other guys comment Simon on his shooting skills, which Simon shrugs off as just “pure talent.”

The group of boys look at the girls who sit at the wall, braiding each other’s hair and talking. Laurie hangs out with her girl friends.

Davy: So how are you and Laurie going to stay together if you guys are going to different schools?

Simon: We’ll make it work, but if it doesn’t; it doesn’t.

Davy: You’re not worried she’ll find another guy?

Simon looks at Davy, Davy tries to not stare at Simon for too long.

Simon: *teasingly* If you’re tryna steal my girl, you’re gonna have to at least be more secret about it.

The boys laugh, even if Davy is uncomfortable at the response. The boys look at the other direction of the gym, where the other people are playing badminton and other sports. Sophie is one of them. SImon stares at her a little too long. Davy notices.

Davy: I think Sophie’s dating somoene.

Simon: What?

Davy: I heard that Sophie is secretly dating some kid in our class. Some music guy. The one that hangs out with Mollie’s friend?

Simon looks at Sophie, who is laughing and having fun playing on the other side. Simon is visibly angry at the sudden news.