The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Girl Code: A Scene.

Photo 4 of 10 in NYC Public Schools - Dwell

It’s one of the rehearsal days for the seniors of Beverly Junior High. The boys and girls are separate from one another, yet find a way to chat with each other while waiting for the teachers to begin with rehearsal.

On the boy’s side, Milo sits quietly. He doesn’t really engage with anyone and looks like he rather be anywhere else but here at the moment. On the girl’s side, Sophie sits by herself while Mollie sits a couple of seats from her. She keeps looking in Sophie’s direction with a disgusted look on her face. Ronnie, who is sitting next to Mollie notices.

Ronnie: Mollie.

Mollie: *turns her head quickly* Huh?

Ronnie: Why are you giving Sophie the stank eye for?

Mollie: Nothing…

Ronnie: *sighs* Is this about Milo again?

Mollie: I just don’t get why he would choose a girl over his best friend!

Ronnie: He’s a boy, Mol. All boys are going to put girls before their friends.

Mollie turns her head back in Sophie’s direction and continues to stare at her.

Mollie: But she was friends with Laurie, Ron. She was a part of the squad that made my life a living hell for 3 years–

Ronnie: Yeah, but if she’s friends with Milo, then she might just be a nice person. You know Milo wouldn’t hurt you on purpose.

The teachers quiet the auditorium and begin to instruct directions in how to proceed with the practice.

Teacher: First, we will have the girls line up towards the east wing of the auditorium…

The girls get up from their seats and begin to walk towards the back of the auditorium. Sophie walks on her own until she is nudged by someone. She looks toward her side and sees that it’s Mollie, who is now passing her as she walks up. Sophie grows annoyed.

In the hallway, the girls line up in a single file line. Sophie now looks at Mollie, who is talking with Ronnie further down the line. She squeezes her eyes shut until she opens them and moves out of her place in line, walking towards Mollie. Sophie stops in front of Mollie, to which the girls stop their conversation and look at Mollie.

Sophie: Can we talk, Mollie?

Mollie looks at Ronnie, who nods her head. She walks away from the line, back to where Sophie was standing.

Mollie: What do you want to talk about?

Sophie: *sighs* I just wanted to let you know that it was never okay what Laurie did to you. I never agreed with what she did and I was never a part of anything she did…

Mollie: Okay…?

Sophie nervously fidgets with her hands until she forces her hands to her side to continue with the conversation.

Sophie: I also know you and Milo care about each other as friends and… I don’t want you to be mad at him because of him being friends with me.

Mollie: *laughs* You think you’re the reason? You know the world doesn’t revolve around you.

Sophie: Milo is my friend, Mollie, and… and I know he’s upset that you guys are fighting–

Mollie: *defensive* Look, I don’t need you in my business with my best friend. You have no right just coming in here and telling me what I should and shouldn’t do.

Sophie: No, I’m not saying that. I’m saying… we both care about Milo a lot, and… I’m coming to you as a person that understands how much he means to you. I just want us to be okay. We don’t have to be friends if you don’t want, but for the sake of Milo, let’s just be cool?

Mollie doesn’t say anything, she just stands there looking at Sophie.

Sophie: I don’t have anything against you, Mollie. I just… wanna let go of the foolishness. I hope that one day, you will see where I’m coming from.

Mollie walks away from Sophie once the teachers begin to straighten out the girls once more. She walks back to her spot, pondering on the conversation she just had. She doesn’t say anything.

The girls line up and walk down one side of the auditorium and the boys walk on the other side. Once the boys and girls meet up in the middle, they are partnered up as they walk down the middle aisle together. Sophie looks up to see herself partnered with Milo, which she smiles at. Milo smiles at her back, and Mollie, who is further down the line, watches the two interact. Once she reaches the middle of the aisle, she sees herself paired up with Simon. She rolls her eyes and looks forward. Simon catches on.

Simon: So many girls in our grade and I have to be paired with you?

Mollie: You’re not great either, idiot.

Simon shakes his head and stands next to Mollie. He looks at her and where she’s staring at.

Simon: Jealous that your best friend got stolen by another girl?

Mollie looks at Simon, highly annoyed.

Mollie: Jealous that your crush is spending all her time with another guy?

Simon’s smile fades.

Simon: I’m with Laurie.

Mollie: Puh-leeease. You’ve made it so obvious that you like Sophie, so I don’t know who you’re fooling.

Simon: *defensive* You don’t know shit, Castro.

Mollie: Clearly you don’t either, Hempstead. Sophie seems to be interested in another guy, so you’re just gonna have to deal with it.

Simon looks at Milo and Sophie further down the line, so are laughing and talking to one another. Simon gets angry and doesn’t say anything else.

Further ahead of the line, Milo and Sophie have a conversation while they wait for further directions.

Milo: You have your big speech ready, Valedictorian?

Sophie: *laughs* No, not yet. I have no idea what I even want to say.

Milo: I mean, write what you wanna say. It doesn’t have to be this big presidential, “I Have a Dream” speech.

Sophie: … Do you know Martin Luther King Jr. was not a president, right?

Milo: His speech was the only one I could think of.

Sophie laughs and pinches Milo’s cheek. He instantly turns red.

Sophie: Abraham Lincoln, our 16th President, started the Gettysburg Address with “Four score and seven years ago…”

Milo: What exactly is “four score”?

Sophie: *sighs* At least you passed social studies, but make sure to take better notes in high school.

Sophie scruffs up Milo’s hair; he just smiles and blushes in place. Behind Milo and Sophie is Laurie, who watches on from a couple of inches away from them. When the line begins to move, Milo and Sophie don’t notice right away, which Laurie finds her opportunity to finally say something.

Laurie: Romeo! Juliet! Pay attention and stop flirting with each other!

The rest of the class laughs, in which Sophie immediately turns red and embarrassed. Milo looks back at Laurie, upset.

Milo: You’re just mad because your so-called “boyfriend” doesn’t even talk to you.

Milo turns around as the rest of the class “ooo’s” at the diss. The teachers quiet down the class and proceeds with the rehearsal. Mollie, who is still in line, smiles at the diss that Milo told Laurie.

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