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Staying Late, Counting Sheep: A Scene.

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Micah sits in the study lounge of the college library; headphones on his head as he writes in a notebook and reads from a textbook. The sun is going down and the area is getting emptier as the minutes pass. Micah doesn’t move. He just does his work and minds his business, by himself, alone.

A few moments later, he spots someone standing in front of him. He takes the headphones off and looks at the person standing there. It’s Rosie.

Micah: Rosie?

Rosie greets Micah with a little smile. She has her hand holding her bookbag on one shoulder, and her jacket on her other arm.

Rosie: You’re never here at this time of night.

Micah: You would know that?

Rosie nods her head. Micah sits up and gathers his stuff to make room for Rosie at the table. Rosie looks down at the vacant seat in front of her.

Micah: You’re more than welcome to sit with me; if you don’t, it’s totally okay.

Rosie ponders the thought for a moment, but ultimately sits down across from Micah. He looks up from his notes and is quite shocked that she’s sitting with him.

Micah: So, I’m assuming you spend your time here at the library around this time?

Rosie: Yep. Just try to get some work done before I call it a night… why are you here?

Micah: Just felt like being here for a bit…

Rosie doesn’t say anything, she takes out her books and begins to study. Micah looks up at Rosie, and down at her textbook.

Micah: What are you studying for?

Rosie: My Art Renaissance class; it’s a complete joke, like, why do I need to study art history to just draw and paint?

Micah: The same reason I have to learn music history; it’s just a stupid fuller in our requirements and an opportunity to take more money from us.

Rosie: Shit, ain’t that the truth.

Micah laughs and continues to write down notes in his notebook. He stops midway and watches Rosie.

Micah: So, you’re studying to be an artist?

Rosie: *nods* Yeah. Eventually I wanna open an after-school art program, but I need my degree in art before all of that.

Micah: That’s dope.

Rosie: Thanks. You’re studying to be a musician?

Micah: Yeah. I want to do producing for things and be a DJ eventually, but I’m just learning more as I go.

Rosie: A musician *chuckles* I wouldn’t have guessed.

Micah: *amused* Really?

Rosie: No, you totally look like you would study music.

Micah shakes his head and continues to work.

Rosie: Plus, girls always want to be with the whole musician in college boy, even if they are practically a supermodel.

Micah looks up at Rosie.

Micah: She’s an actress, not a supermodel.

Rosie: Whatever, she’s richer than what rich can be.

Micah closes his notebook, now focused in on Rosie.

Micah: We met back in high-school; she was once into music as well.

Rosie nods her head, not really caring about the backstory of Micah and his girlfriend.

Micah: So, how was your weekend? Went anywhere exciting?

Rosie looks up from her notebook, and directly at Micah.

Rosie: What are you trying to say?

Micah: I saw you at the Placy’s Gala on Saturday night.

Rosie: Did you now? *looks back down at her notebook* Must’ve gotten the wrong girl. I don’t know what that even is.

Micah: I don’t know, Roe; the girl looked and sound just like you…

Rosie: Roe?

Micah: Yeah, short for Rosie.

Rosie: Don’t call me that.

Micah laughs to himself and flips through the pages of his textbook.

Rosie: Trouble in paradise? Is that why you’re spending your night here at the library? Don’t wanna go home to the actress?

Micah: We don’t live together.

Rosie: Aww, such a bummer. Guess you don’t want paparazzi to camp out your place…

Micah: How about you, huh? You don’t got a place to go besides the library at night?

Rosie looks at Micah, and immediately starts packing her things.

Micah: Where are you going?

Rosie: Anywhere away from you, asshole.

Rosie grabs her things and walks away from the table. Micah watches Rosie walk away. Annoyed, he gets up and gathers his things and leaves the table and the library.

Micah arrives home and places his book-bag near the door. Micah’s parents, Milo Sr and Jennifer, sit at the dinner table with his younger twin sisters, Reagan and Dylan.

Jennifer: Hey Micah, you’re home later than usual.

Micah walks towards his room.

Micah: Had to study.

Jennifer: Are you hungry? You ca grab some dinner and-

The bedroom door of Micah’s shuts closed.

Jennifer: Join us.

Milo Sr rubs Jennifer’s shoulder for reassurance. The family continues to eat at the kitchen table.

In Micah’s room, he turns on the lights and sits at his desk. He takes his phone out of his jacket pocket and sees the missed calls and messages from his friends, and Kalia. He doesn’t say anything, he just tosses the phone onto his bed and turns on his laptop.

He looks to see if there were any pictures of the gala online yet, and like expected, he couldn’t find any that had Rosie in them. He does stumble upon an article that reads, “Kalia Larsen and her beau show their rocky relationship at Placy’s gala” Micah shuts his eyes and mouths “fuck”, not realizing there were tabloids at the event. He exits the web page and closes his computer. He folds his arms on his desk and rests his head on them, annoyed and tired.

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A Sheep Out of His Suit: A Scene.

With mirrors you will be able to make your room look bigger

Micah looks in the mirror in his suit. He straightens out his tie and takes in a deep breath. A knock his heard on the door, to which he turns around and sees his mother, Jennifer, standing at the doorway.

Micah: Hey, Ma.

Jennifer: Are you ready for your night out with Kalia?

Micah: You mean Kalia and her parents? No.

Jennifer walks into the room and helps Micah with his hair.

Jennifer: You’re going to be fine, baby. Her parents are going to love you.

Micah: Her mom is chill, but her dad just seems… scary. Like he wants to rip my throat out of my mouth type of scary.

Jennifer: That just comes with all dads. Your father would do the same thing if Reagan and Dylan bring around guys they like.

Micah: Yeah, but dad’s not a big time Swedish movie actor that looks like he works out at every minute of the day.

Jennifer finally finishes pulling Micah’s hair back away from his face.

Jennifer: No, but your dad is still pretty crazy when it comes to the girls.

Micah chuckles to himself, and turns around to face his mother.

Micah: I’m just afraid that I’m too different for Kalia’s lifestyle. Like, the way the media puts it, it’s like I’m dating the princess of Sweden or something…

Jennifer: As long as you stay true to yourself, you’re going to be fine.

Micah: Mom, that advice only works in movies.

Jennifer faces her son before he walks out of the room.

Jennifer: The only thing that matters is that you treat their daughter with respect and that you treat her right, which you do.

Micah: We’ll see.

He walks out of the room, leaving his mother standing there.

Micah opens the door for a woman with long blonde hair and a red dress on. He waits for her to fully walk through before walking through himself. The door closes behind her, and they both begin walking down the long hallway.

Kalia: You look quite dashing tonight, babe.

Micah: And you continue to be the most beautiful girl in the room.

Kalia giggles and slips her hand into Micah’s. She looks at Micah’s face and then stops in her place.

Kalia: Babe, your piercing.

Micah: What about it?

Kalia: I told you that this was a formal event; no piercings like that are allowed.

Micah: It’s just a septum ring, Kal.

Kalia: My parents are going to say something about it; I am just warning you before they do.

Micah annoyingly flips up his septum ring to make it invisible in his nose. The couple continue to walk along the hallway.

Micah: So, your dad; does he know about us dating?

Kalia: Well, my mom definitely didn’t leave that little detail out…

Micah loosens his collar a bit, nervous.

Micah: I wish I was able to meet him in a less intimidating place, not at this gala thing.

Kalia stops in her tracks and looks at Micah.

Kalia: Babe, you’re going to be fine. He’s going to like you.

They both continue to walk down the hallway until they reach closed double doors. Micah opens them and the couple enters the ballroom where the gala is being hosted. People on all status levels are dressed in tuxedos and ball-gowns; the room is surrounded by celebrities from all around the country. Micah looks around the ballroom and immediately swallows hard.

The couple walks through the ballroom and begins to mingle with the other people. Micah stays silent and looks around, feeling uncomfortable in his place. He looks at a tall man in a tuxedo across the room; he’s buff, fit, and kept together. When Kalia leaves the other people she’s talking with, she looks at Micah and the direction he is looking at.

Kalia: Who are you looking at?

Micah: Who’s that guy surrounded by all those girls?

Kalia playfully slaps Micah and laughs.

Kalia: That’s Prescott Jones. He’s the sole heir to the multimillionaire company, “Joneson”.

Micah: *widens eyes* You’re serious?

Kalia nods her head and immediately goes to talk to another person. Micah stands in the middle of the ballroom, not really knowing what to do. He takes out his phone to kill some time and walks towards the balcony. He bumps into someone and immediately looks up.

Micah: Oh my god, I’m so sorry, ma’am-

He looks at the person he bumped into and immediately recognizes them.

Micah: Rosie?

Rosie: Micah?

Kalia: *from across the room* Micah?

Micah looks towards Kalia and back at Rosie, who isn’t standing there anymore. Micah just walks back towards Kalia.

Kalia: You’re okay, babe?

Micah: Yeah, yeah… I’m okay.

Kalia smiles and grabs Micah’s hand, pulling him towards a table. Once they reach that table, Micah looks at the table full of well-dressed adults. Micah immediately panics.

Kalia: Hi, daddy; hi Marcielle.

Micah looks at the man that is Micah’s dad, Joel, with slick-back blonde hair and clean-shaved face. Accompany him is a red-haired woman with a emerald green dress.

Kalia: Daddy, this is Micah, my boyfriend.

Micah puts his hand out; nervous.

Micah: It’s nice to meet you, sir.

Joel: Likewise, young man.

Marcielle: Micah is Milo’s son, Holder.

Both the guy’s eyes widen in shock.

Joel: Kamalani?

Micah: *nervous* Y-yes.

Joel: What a small world. We used to know your dad when we were younger.

Marcielle: Tell him we said hi.

Micah nods his head; he pulls out a seat for Kalia, and sits next to her.

Joel: So, what do you do for a living, Kamalani?

Micah: I, uhm, I’m in college, sir.

Kalia: Micah is a sophomore, daddy.

Joel: Ah, I see. What are you studying?

Micah: I’m studying music…

Joel blinks in response, not expecting for that answer to come out.

Joel: I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Marcielle: *stern* Holder.

Micah awkwardly picks up his glass and drinks.

Kalia: Micah is looking to do some producing when he graduates.

Micah: Uhm, yeah. Hopefully.

Joel: One can only hopes in this world. *to Micah* Your hair looks like you play music.

Kalia: Daddy…

Micah takes another sip of his drink and places the glass down.

Micah: Thank you! My family and I just have really good hair genes!

Joel and Marcielle look at each other, confused. Kalia laughs to break the silence.

Kalia: Of course! Heh, so, uhm, daddy – I have a couple of auditions this upcoming week!

Joel: That’s great sweetheart, I knew you would eventually get into acting, just like your dad!

After a few more drinks, Micah gains some confidence in the conversation.

Micah: Kalia was a banging drummer though in high-school! She would’ve been one of the hottest members of a rock band!

Micah laughs obnoxiously and Kalia tries to quiet him down.

Kalia: *whispers* Babe, you’re embarrassing me.

Micah: I’m just making small convo with your pops, Kal!

Kalia: I think you had enough to drink…

Micah takes his drink from Kalia, who is trying to help stop him drink anymore.

Kalia: *annoyed* Micah!

Micah: Whatever.

He gets up from his seat and excuses himself.

Micah: If you excuse me, I am going to smoke a cigarette, would you like to join me, Joel?

Joel: *annoyed* Please, call me Mr. Holder. And no, I don’t smoke.

Micah: You look like one of those actors that just smoke. Maybe it’s your hair.

Kalia: Micah!

Micah leaves the table and heads towards the balcony. He takes out a cigarette and lights it up. He takes in the brisk air. He looks toward the ballroom and squints to see the people inside. His eyebrows scrunch together when he sees Rosie sitting at the table with Prescott Jones. He’s surprised when he sees her sitting with someone as rich and high-profiled like Prescott.

Moments later, he is faced with his girlfriend, who is visibly upset.

Kalia: How the hell did you get yourself so drunk, you would embarrass me like that in front of my father?

Micah: What? I just had the sparkling apple cider crap you fancy folks drink up.

Kalia: That was champagne, you asshole! How could you act that way in front of my father? You made me look like a fool!

Micah: Well sorry that my presence and my actual personality doesn’t sit well with your rich and famous dad!

Mich puts the cigarette out and starts to walk inside the ballroom. Kalia grabs Micah’s arm to stop him.

Kalia: You are not entering that ballroom while we are upset with each other; the press will leak a story and I don’t want to have to deal with that publicity tomorrow.

Micah: Is that all you care about?! Seriously Kalia, why the fuck are you even dating me if you want to change every little thing about me?

Micah yanks his arm out of Kalia’s grip and walks inside. He walks towards the entrance to leave the gala; Rosie watches Micah leave the venue from her table.

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Black Sheep in the Magazines: A Scene.

Several Russian Vogue Magazines Close Up. Fashion Magazines. Editorial  Photography - Image of happy, beautiful: 184082832

Micah enters the front door of an apartment. In the living room, a man, Milo Sr, is sitting on the couch grading papers. He looks up to greet his son.

Milo Sr: Hey, Micah; you’re home early…

Micah goes to the kitchen to grab something from the fridge.

Micah: Not really feeling good. Where’s mom?

Milo Sr: She went out with the girls to go shopping.

Micah: Alright.

Micah walks out of the kitchen and into the living room. He looks at the magazine pile on the coffee table and notices the person on the front cover.

Micah: That came in the mail today?

Milo Sr. looks down at the coffee table and then goes back to grading.

Milo Sr: Yeah, I think it’s Reagan’s magazine.

Micah picks it up and flips through the pages to see Kalia’s spread in this month’s Vogue magazine. He flips through the pictures, and ultimately tosses the magazine back on the table. His father notices.

Milo Sr: Trouble in paradise, son?

Micah rolls his eyes and doesn’t say anything back. He just gets up from the sofa and walks towards his room.

He enters his room and closes the door behind him. He sits on his bed and ties his hair up and away from his face. He removes his shirt; tattoos are shown on his upper arm and shoulder. He turns off his light and gets into bed, calling it a night.

Micah rubs his eyes as he walks along campus during his classes. He walks towards the student center to kill the time in between his classes. When he enters the building, he looks around until his eyes hit the bookstore. He begins to walk towards the store.

He enters the bookstore and immediately looks at the person at the register. He smiles at the girl.

Micah: Good Morning, Rosie!

Rosie looks up from the register. She nods her head.

Rosie: Hi.

Micah looks around the store to buy something.

Micah: So, how was your weekend?

Rosie: Okay, I guess.

Micah doesn’t say anything back, he just continues to roam around the store. He settles on a drink and a bag of chips. Before he checks out, he passes the magazine rack and sees a familiar person on one of the covers. His mood instantly changes. He flips through the pages and reads the interview Kalia did. In one of the questions, Kalia mentions that relationships aren’t her main focus, as her career is just starting out and wants to focus on that. Micah gets mad, immediately putting the magazine back.

Rosie: You know her?

Micah: *looks up* Huh?

Rosie: That girl on the magazine. She was on the bus with you the other night.

Micah raises his eyebrows, surprised she remembered seeing him on the bus.

Rosie: Where were you going with Little Miss Supermodel on the bus?

Micah: Where were you going with that outfit on the bus?

Rosie doesn’t say anything, she takes the drink and chips and scans them.

Rosie: That’s gonna be $5.18.

Micah: Sorry if that came-

Rosie: $5.18, please.

Micah doesn’t say anything, he just takes out his wallet and hands Rosie the cash. She takes it to the register and gets the change together.

Micah: I hope you know that bus doesn’t go into a good neighborhood.

Rosie: I don’t remember asking for your opinion.

Micah: Just trying to look out for you.

Rosie slides over Micah’s change on the counter.

Rosie: You don’t even know me, so please I don’t need you looking out for me.

Micah takes his change and his items from the register.

Micah: Have a good day, Rosie.

Rosie: Bye, Micah.

Micah pauses and realizes Rosie knows his name. He doesn’t say anything back, he just leaves the bookstore.

Black Sheep in Society., Twelve Letters of Lizmas: 2021

Day 9: A Sheep and his Girl: A Scene.

6 Best Simple Family Game Night Games

Micah sits at a bus stop in Brooklyn, scrolling through this phone and occasionally looks around as if he was looking for something or someone. When he puts his guard down for a slight moment, someone taps his shoulder. He immediately looks up; it’s Kalia.

Kalia is Micah’s girlfriend of 2 years. They began dating during his senior year of high-school; she was in her sophomore year of college. Her father is a very famous Swedish actor, and she is current;y trying to follow in her family’s footsteps.

She smiles back down at Micah. He gets up from his seat and hugs Kalia, followed by gently kissing her on the forehead.

Micah: Hey babe, you got here without any issue?

Kalia: Yeah, there wasn’t any paparazzi hanging out near my apartment this morning; I heard that Kaylee Spencer is in town.

Micah: *nods* They’re giving you a break today.

Kalia: Thank God.

Micah laughs at Kalia’s response. The bus approaches the stop, and the couple aboard it.

Micah: You know I could’ve just called us a cab from your place.

Kalia: Absolutely not. You know how crazy it could get when a Uber driver sees “Kalia Holder” stepping into their car. At least on public transportation, no one cares about anyone on here.

Micah doesn’t say anything, he just takes a seat next to Kalia.

Kalia: So… the change of plans tonight, huh?

Micah: Oh, yeah. Tanner and Dani invited us to their place for a game night. You know, kind of like a double date.

Kalia: I was looking forward for it being just the two if us considering we don’t get to see each other as often during the weekend.

Micah: Well, with school and your auditions, you know how difficult it could get for us to make time, but this is going to be fun!

Kalia: I’m still very convinced that your friends do not like me.

Micah: *defensive* Hey, that’s not true! They wouldn’t have invited you along if they didn’t.

Kalia rolls her eyes as Micah teases her.

Micah: I’ll make it up to you; I promise.

The bus makes a stop and on comes a girl Micah recognizes. The girl has a messy hair bun tied to the top of her head, and is wearing small, tight clothing with heels. She walks into the bus and takes a seat towards the back. Micah is taken back by the contrast of this one particular person. Kalia takes notice of Micah staring.

Kalia: If I start dressy that slutty, would you keep your eyes on me?

Micah turns her head around towards Kalia.

Micah: She goes to my college. Ahe definitely never looks like that though.

Kalia: *concerned* You know her?

Micah: She just works at the bookstore, I don’t really know her.

Kalia drops the topic and looks on her phone. Micah attempts to look away, but can’t help it. Is that how Rosie looks like outside of her work clothes?

The couple walk out of the bus and towards an apartment building, the college dorm apartment building. They walk in the front door and head towards the elevator. They reached the floor they need to be on, and walk towards the apartment tey were heading to. After a few knocks on the door, Tanner opens the door.

Tanner: Hey! The gang’s all here!

Tanner invites Micah and Kalia into the apartment; the boys greet each other with their special handshake, and Kalia greets Tanner by simply saying hello.

Micah: You guys ready to get your asses beat on game night?

Tanner: Man, you know Dani and I will slaughter you both in Spades!

Micah: Speaking of Dani; where is she?

Tanner: Bathroom, putting her face on.

Dani: *from the bathroom* Whose side are you on?!

Micah: Oof, it’s the doghouse for you, Tan-Man.

Dani comes out the bathroom and greets the couple.

Dani: Hey! We’re actually surprised both of you came this time!

Micah gives his best friend the side-eye. Dani doesn’t say anything else, she just starts prepping the table.

Tanner: Alright, house rules are being played; no cheating, no whining that you’re losing, no fightin Micah and Dani…

Both Micah and Dani: Whatever.

Tanner: But most importantly, let’s have fun!

The couples sit at the table and Tanner begins to shuffle the cards.

In the middle of game night, the couples agree to take a slight break from the games to just eat and chill.

Dani: *to Kalia* So Kalia, how’s the whole auditioning thing going for you?

Kalia: It’s going. I have a few auditions tomorrow morning that I have to get ready for.

Dani: So you’re not going to stay for the rest of the game?

Kalia: I… I truly can’t.

Micah looks visibly confused.

Micah: Wait, you have to go? Why didn’t you tell me?

Kalia doesn’t say anything; Micah gets up from the table and goes to speak to Kalia in private.

Micah: When were you gonna tell me you had to leave early? I would’ve set something up, I–

Kalia: I don’t want you to have to worry about your friends. It’s okay, Micah.

Micah: Are you going to be fine going home by yourself? You need me to call you a cab?

Kalia: *laughs* Micah, I’ll be okay. I have a cab coming already.

Kalia kisses Micah on the cheek and gets her things.

Kalia: I’ll text you when I get home, babe. Have a fun night.

Micah doesn’t say anything, he just watches Kalia leave the apartment. Micah turns back towards his friends.

Dani: Where’s the actress?

Micah: *annoyed* Dani, don’t start with me.

Dani: She barely played any hands tonight! What was the point of her coming anyway?

Micah doesn’t answer, he just sits on the sofa and chugs down a beer.

Tanner: Dani.

Dani backs off and goes to clean the table. Tanner takes a seat next to Micah in the living room area.

Tanner: You good, bro?

Micah: Yeah, I’ll be fine… it wouldn’t be the first time, you know?

Tanner nods and agrees. Micah takes another beer and cracks it open; he takes in a deep breath.

Micah: I just wish she could’ve stayed a bit longer. Like, it’s only 8 o’clock. I could’ve took her home and made sur she got home safely and shit.

Tanner: Yeah, but she didn’t want that. You just gotta let her do what she wants to do.

Micah: But then she goes on these tangents on how we never spend alone time with each other anymore and that our schedules are just always conflicting and–

Micah sighs and shakes his head.

Tanner: I know, man…

Dani comes out from the kitchen area and looking at the two guys sitting on the sofa.

Dani: You chugging beers over Kalia? Man, you’re whipped.

Micah simply has no energy to fight with Dani. Dani notices, and backs off from Micah. He sits next to Tanner, holding a much more serious aura.

Dani: Look Micah, you know we care about you a lot, and we are hella tired seeing you get disappointed by Kalia every time you let her get you this way. You guys really haven’t felt like a couple in awhile.

Micah: We’re fine, Dani.

Dani: You’re drinking.

Micah: *annoyed* And? Who are you, the goddamn cops?

Dani: Don’t get mad at me just because I hit a nerve in telling you the truth!

The two friends begin to argue, and Tanner is yet the person having to break it up. Micah stops fighting and grabs his things to leave.

Micah: Yo, I don’t need to take this shit. I don’t tell you how to run your relationship; so don’t try to tell me what to do with mine.

Micah walks out the front door and slams it behind him.

Black Sheep in Society., Twelve Letters of Lizmas: 2021

Day 5: Black Sheep College Students: A Scene.

The College Campus Tour Checklist - College Board Blog

It was a cooler than normal day in this Autumn day. A young adult in this early 20’s, Micah, walks on campus with two of his friends.

Micah is an eccentric looking person; he rocks a nose piercing and curly hair with round glasses. His two friends are Dani and Tanner, who are actually a couple. Dani is Micah’s best friend since childhood; their parents have been best friends for what seems like forever. She’s definitely the mom of the group, always scolding Micah for his poor choices and decisions in situations. Tanner, Dani’s boyfriend, definitely follows the group and tries to be the peacemaker when Micah and Dani argue with each other, which is pretty much all the time.

The trio walk through the sidewalk on campus, holding their books until they reach a bench that they typically always sit on in between classes.

Dani: Can we just go in the lounge today? It’s freezing out here!

Micah: Maybe you shouldn’t have worn that dress with no jacket, smartass.

Dani: It’s literally the end of September, why the fuck does it need to be cold already?

Micah shrugs his shoulders and takes out a notebook and pencil. He flips to a page with music staffs and notes on it and reads it. Tanner takes off his sweater and hands it to his girlfriend.

Dani: So, what’s the plan looking like today?

Micah: I’m going out with Kalia after class today.

Dani rolls her eyes and audibly sighs out loud. Micah looks up from his notebook to look at Dani.

Micah: What? Sorry that I had plans already.

Dani: When are you going to remember that you also have friends? Like, you don’t see me and Tanner always running off to do couple things.

Micah: That’s because you guys are weird…

Tanner: Hey! We aren’t weird! We just like to spend time with our friends because they matter a lot to us and—

Dani: Tanner.

Tanner anxiously stops talking and looks at Dani and Micah.

Dani: Kalia can’t be that great in bed, Mic.

Micah: *shocked* Where the hell is this coming from?!

Dani: I mean what other reason are you constantly spending your time with her, like she barely has a personality from what I remember.

Micah: *to Tanner* Bro, control your girl before I hurt her feelings.

Dani and Micah start arguing and Tanner tries to break it up.

Tanner: All that Dani wants is for her best friend to hang out with us a little more.

Dani: Exactly.

Tanner: Bring Kalia over tonight.

Dani: *looks at Tanner* That’s not what I meant, babe; what?

Tanner: Look, we gotta be more accepting with Kalia since she’s Micah’s girl. If she makes him happy, then that’s what matters since Micah is our friend.

Micah: Thank you Tanner. *to Dani* Now how can he be understanding more than you, Dani?

Once again, the two friends begin arguing, leaving Tanner having to calm the group down.

Micah enters the student center to wait for his last class of the day. He looks near the cafeteria area, which is packed with hungry students. He opts for a snack at the college bookstore. He enters and takes in the environment; school sweatshirts and merch surround the store, with snacks and drinks towards the front. He grabs a snack and heads to the front of the bookstore.

Micah: Hi, Rosie.

The girl at the register has big, curly hair with streaks of colors in it. She wears a septum piercing, all back clothing, and her name tag, which reads “Rosie” on it. Micah met Rosie on campus one day a couple of months ago, but haven’t seen her since. He’s quite shocked she’s even still working at the bookstore, considering how much she expressed hating it.

Rosie: Hi.

She scans the item into the register.

Rosie: That’s gonna be $3.57.

Micah reaches for his bag to take out his wallet. In the meantime, he chats with Rosie.

Micah: So, how’s business here at the bookstore?

Rosie: Fine, I guess?

Micah takes his wallet out and gives Rosie the money. He waits for his change back.

Micah: Bad day?

Rosie looks up from the register at Micah. Micah uncomfortably looks away, trying to avoid the conversation completely. She hands him his change and receipt. He smiles politely and leaves the store.

His phone rings in his pocket, to which he answers it once he notices the person calling him.

Micah: Hey babe, listen I wanted to talk to you about tonight…