Black Sheep in Society.

Surprised Little Black Sheep: A Scene.

The Brooklyn air is crisp and cold these days; the leaves are barely hanging onto the trees and the sun isn’t as bright as it once was. Coming out of an office building is Micah who is now standing on his own and healed from the bookstore incident. He looks down at his phone until his phone rings. He answers the phone.

Micah: Hey mom… yeah I just got out of the doctor’s office; he said everything is good. I’m taking the train home so I’ll be home soon… okay, love you too.

Micah hangs up the phone and walks in the direction of the train station. He walks down the street looking down at this phone until he bumps into a crowd of people with cameras. Micah immediately panics, thinking they will follow him after his break up with Kalia. He takes a detour and walks down a less familiar block towards the train station.

This block, in particular, has nothing but abandoned buildings. It makes Micah a little uneasy, but he continues to walk his path to the train station.

Stopping at one of the sidewalks waiting for the light to change, he sees a particular building with a long staircase extending toward the roof of the building. He sees someone standing there; a woman. As the light changes, he walks closer to the building, realizing the woman standing at the top of the stairs is someone he knows.

Micah: *to himself* Roe?

He takes his phone out of his sweater pocket and calls Rosie while looking at the woman at the staircase. The phone rings and without being surprised, the woman on the staircase answers the phone.

Rosie: Micah?

Micah: Hey Roe! I just wanted to let you know that everything went well at the doctor’s today. Got me walking like a normal person again.

Rosie: That’s great! Finally, you’ll be on campus again.

Micah keeps looking up at Rosie on the staircase.

Micah: Are you busy? I figured we could hang out before I–

Micah turns his head around and sees a very fancy car with black tinted windows driving alongside the street. It feels really out of the place with the run-down abandoned buildings. He sees the car park right outside of the abandoned building.

Rosie: Ahh, I can’t; I’m actually getting ready for plans I made with some friends.

Micah: Oh, alright; that’s cool…

He looks at the person getting out of the fancy car; to his surprise, it’s Prescott Jones: the heir millionaire he’s seen a couple of times at fancy events when he was with Kalia. He thinks back to the gala, remembering he saw Rosie there even though she denied it. He knew he wasn’t seeing things when he saw her there.

Micah: Well, text me whenever you’re free so we could talk about the test coming up–

Rosie: Yeah, I will; bye Micah!

He sees Rosie hang up the phone as Prescott walks up the long staircase. Micah gets annoyed that Rosie would lie to him about her plans, but what the fuck is Rosie doing with someone like Prescott Jones?

Micah gets home, still thinking about what he saw with Rosie. He looks up articles about Prescott Jones possibly being in a relationship, but nothing comes up.

Micah: Why the fuck would she give me a hard time about Kalia when she’s literally seeing someone like Prescott Jones…

He looks at his phone, tempted to call Rosie. He doesn’t understand why he feels the way he feels about Rosie and Prescott being together, but it bothers him. He picks up the phone and dials Rosie’s number.

Clothes are off, hands all over each other’s bodies, and Rosie and Prescott are both kissing each other in bed. Before things get too heated, Rosie’s phone rings on her nightstand. It makes her jump up and looks toward it. Prescott looks at the phone and reaches for it.

Rosie: Prescott, wait!

Prescott looks at the name on the phone; it reads “Micah”. He faces the phone toward Rosie to show her who it is. She’s mortified at that moment. Prescott throws Rosie off of him toward the empty side of her bed, getting up from it.

Rosie: Prescott, that’s just a friend of mine–

Prescott: You know, I would’ve believed you a month ago, but this motherfucker’s number is always coming up on your phone!

Rosie: You… you’ve looked through my phone?

Prescott: You’ve been acting weird lately, and like I get that you need money and shit, but you’ve been asking for so much lately and like… *looks around* You’re still living in this hole in the wall. And now this guy is always calling your phone and shit, like how am I supposed to feel knowing that all of a sudden, there’s another guy?!

Rosie: *upset* That doesn’t mean that you have every right to look through my phone!

Prescott: Yeah, I do if I’m fucking paying for that bill! Or is it your secret phone that you use for your other hookups? I knew you couldn’t be trusted.

Rosie: It’s not even like that! Fuck you for thinking that I would be that way when I told you countless times I’m not like that!

Prescott walks up to Rosie, looking down at her now. Rosie swallows hard.

Prescott: Don’t fuck with me, Rosie. I don’t have time to be dealing with your bullshit if it ever gets out. We had an agreement–

Rosie: An agreement you broke whenever you’re doing events and shit that you don’t take me to anymore!

Prescott: Not after the fucking scene you caused at the Placy Gala! You know, you’re not a woman you take out and flaunt to the world; you are just some slut that allows anyone to fuck her just so she can get a quick buck because she’s incapable of doing anything right.

Rosie doesn’t say anything, she just grabs her phone and throws it in Prescott’s direction; hitting the wall next to him. He turns around and grabs Rosie by the arms, lifting her up from the ground.

Prescott: Try some shit like that with me again and I’ll fucking break your arms.

He squeezes harder which makes Rosie wince in pain.

Rosie: Prescott! Stop!

Prescott: Do I make myself clear?

Rosie: *pleads* Yes! Please just stop!

Prescott drops Rosie, which makes her collapse on the floor. Prescott reaches into his wallet and throws a couple of hundred dollar bills at Rosie before walking out. She doesn’t lookup.

Prescott: Don’t call me for more money. I’ll call you when I need you.

Prescott opens the door and walks out. Rosie weeps on the floor.

Black Sheep in Society.

Study Session in BlackSheep-ology: A Scene.

Rosie knocks on the front door in the rain. An older woman opens the door and looks at the young girl. She opens the door so that Rosie could walk in. She does.

Before moving further into the house, the woman reminds her to leave her umbrella and wet shoes near the door. She rolls her eyes and does what she’s told. When she’s finished, she looks at the woman accompanying her.

Woman: He’s in his office.

Rosie looks away and walks down the long hallway. When she finally reaches the office, she walks in and sees Prescott sitting at the desk. He turns around when he hears one of the floorboards creak.

Prescott: *angry* I told you to knock before–

He notices Rosie standing there.

Prescott: *dismissive* Sorry, that wasn’t for you.

He turns around back towards his desk. Rosie slowly walks into the office where Prescott is.

Rosie: Everything alright?

Prescott: *annoyed* No, nothing is going right. My lousy fucking business partner doesn’t know how to fucking run his half of the business!

Rosie flinches at the volume of Prescott’s uproar. He looks at Rosie and takes a deep breath.

Prescott: I’m sorry, Rosie. I’m just really stressed.

Rosie: Yeah, well don’t take it out on me. I just wanted to check on you–

Prescott: You need more money?

Rosie is taken back. She gets angry.

Rosie: You think I just come over every time I need money?

Prescott: Well the last three times have been just that.

Rosie: Well you weren’t fucking complaining!

Prescott: I just asked you a simple fucking question, Rosie. No need to get upset over things that are the truth.

Rosie: *upset* Well excuse me for actually giving a shit about you. Like, when was the last time I saw your mom or dad home?

Prescott slaps Rosie across the face. Rosie holds her face in shock. Prescott remains stern.

Prescott: I don’t give a fuck about what you say, but don’t you dare talk about my family like you fucking know them.

Rosie doesn’t say anything. She grabs her bag and attempts to walk out. Prescott grabs her by the arm.

Rosie: Get off of me!

Prescott tries to get a hold of Rosie and when he successfully does, he kisses her. Rosie tries to stop it; Prescott grabs Rosie by the face to talk to her face-to-face.

Prescott: Let’s be honest with each other. You need money, and I need to get my mind off of things.

Rosie doesn’t say anything to Prescott. She continues to look at him directly in the face.

Rosie knocks on the front door in the rain. An older woman opens the door and looks at the young girl. The older woman smiles.

Jennifer: Hey, Rosie.

Jennifer lets Rosie into the house.

They walk into the living room area; Jennifer closes the door behind them.

Jennifer: Micah’s in his room.

Rosie: Thank you, Mrs. Kamalani.

Rosie walks toward Micah’s bedroom and knocks on the open door. Micah turns around from his desk to see Rosie standing at his door. He smiles.

Micah: Hey, Roe–

Micah attempts to clean up the space on his bed.

Micah: Sorry if it’s a mess, I didn’t get the chance to clean it up…

Rosie: Dude, you’re literally in a cast; you’re fine.

Micah shakes his head and laughs. Rosie comes into the room and helps him out. When they both get situated, Rosie goes into her bag and takes out a folder of papers for Micah.

Rosie: Here’re the notes you missed for the last couple of classes…

Micah: Thanks again for doing this. You know you didn’t have to do this.

Rosie doesn’t say anything; she takes out her books and goes to the page where she left off in her notes.

Rosie: It’s cool…

Micah looks at Rosie; concerned.

Micah: You’re okay, Roe?

Rosie: Yeah, I’m fine; just feeling a bit tired.

Micah: You know you don’t have to stay if you don’t want to. Like, you’ve been doing a lot for me anyway.

Rosie: *annoyed* I’m here already, so just drop it.

Micah slowly towards around toward his desk before Rosie speaks again.

Rosie: I’m sorry. That wasn’t for you, it’s just…

Rosie stops herself before she continues. She constructs what she wants to say in her head.

Rosie: … I’m having a shitty day.

Micah turns back around, placing his folder of notes on his desk.

Micah: Wanna talk about it?

Rosie: *shakes her head* No, it’s fine. I’ll deal with it.

Nothing is sad between them until Rosie looks at the bedroom wall and sees an award there with the name “Salem Kamalani.”

Rosie: *points towards the award* Is your first name Salem?

Micah looks at the direction Rosie’s hand is pointing, in which he looks back at Rosie.

Micah: Yeah.

Rosie: Is it, like, Salem as the “Salem Witch Trails”?

Micah: *scoffs* That is the very reason why I don’t go by my first name… It’s “Sal-lim”, not “Sal-lem”. I’m named after my great grandfather on my mom’s side.

Rosie nods.

Rosie: At least your name was thought out. Mine was picked just because my parents liked it.

Micah: But “Rosie” is a normal-sounding name. I kinda wish my parents thought about my name more before giving me something like “Salem”. I think my folks knew that in the beginning; they wouldn’t have called me “Micah” my whole life.

Rosie: So, “Salem” is now just your stage name?

Micah cocks his eyebrow up.

Micah: How would you know that?

Rosie: The waitress at the milkshake spot told me that only me and “Salem” get the peanut butter cup swirl milkshakes.

Micah: *laughs* I forgot about that! Yeah, I just use it as my stage name because it’s “edgy” and “different”… *thinks out loud* more like being a black sheep.

Rosie: *confused* You? A black sheep? *annoyed* You live in a house with your parents and sisters that love you. You’re trying to make your dream into reality with the support of your family having your back in school and funds and whatever the fuck you need in order to survive. You don’t have to hide who you are because your family will deem you a “black sheep”. Take it from somewhere who is a legit “black sheep”. You’re not one.

Rosie looks down at her notebook, flipping the pages and “studying”. Micah looks at Rosie, a little annoyed at her behavior.

Micah: My girlfriend broke up with me because I couldn’t adapt to her lifestyle in the way she wanted me to. I couldn’t be myself whenever it came to her. Like, I fucking had to fake an entire persona just so that the media would make her look good and decent.

Rosie: She’s a fucking brat, that’s why.

Micah: *annoyed* No, I didn’t fit into her lifestyle anymore. We weren’t on the same level anymore. She was maturing and getting her life together while I pretended to be put together. I couldn’t do it anymore, and I guess my lack of trying to fit into her world made her realize that taking a job in Sweden was more important than being with me.

Rosie: Not to be on her side, but she did what she wanted to do. She didn’t– and doesn’t– live to please you, just how’d you shouldn’t live to please her.

Micah: My point, Rosie, is that even though by your standards of what a “black sheep” I’m not one, you gotta remember you only know what I tell and show you. Just how I only know what you show and tell me.

Rosie’s face softens; she looks regretful.

Rosie: I’m… sorry. I shouldn’t have assumed but–

Rosie places her book on the bed and leans back on it with her arms.

Rosie: You have family and friends that care about you. Some of us black sheep don’t even have that much in our lives…

Micah gets up from his chair and limps his way next to Rosie. He sits next to her and gives her a hug. Once he breaks up the hug, he looks at Rosie who is now visibly confused.

Micah: I care about you, Roe, so you also don’t qualify with those “black sheep” you speak about.

Rosie slightly smiles.

Rosie: Thanks.

Rosie grabs her notebook from the side of the bed to place it in her bookbag.

Rosie: I have to get going, but I’ll make sure I have the other lessons photocopied for you.

Micah: Roe, you really don’t have to do all of that. That shit can get expensive.

Before Rosie zips her bag closed and puts it on her back, she looks at Micah.

Rosie: Too late, I already started doing this for you.

Rosie begins to walk out of the bedroom.

Micah: Thanks for stopping by, Roe. I really do appreciate it.

Rosie nods and leaves the bedroom. Once she walks toward the front door of the house, she begins to shed tears.

Black Sheep in Society.

A Black Sheep’s Return: A Scene.

Micah walks into the building where the bookstore is located. He thinks about walking into the store to see if Rosie is working today. He opts going through the first floor and immediately goes towards the second floor where the textbooks and other supplies are located.

He enters the second floor of the bookstore and immediately notices the difference in atmosphere. It’s a lot quieter on the second floor with students strolling through the aisles and looking for their books. He slowly walks through the aisles to get one of his books for his class.

As he flips through the textbook, he immediately looks up and hears a familiar voice in the aisle in front of him. He looks through the shelves and sees that Rosie is helping a student look for their textbooks. Micah is taken back that she’s working up here, considering she’s always downstairs at the register. Once the student walks away from Rosie, he slowly loops around to the aisle she’s standing in. Her back is facing him; she doesn’t notice him standing there.

Micah: Any chance you can help me find a book for my class?

Rosie: *customer service voice* Hi, what book are you–

She turns around and sees Micah there. Her face immediately changes.

Rosie: What book are you looking for? How to be the Shittiest Person Alive? I believe you already own that book.

Micah: I’ll give you that because I was a shitty person to you and I’m sorry that it got to that point.

Rosie rolls her eyes and continues to place books on the top shelf as she stands on a step ladder.

Micah: I shouldn’t have pushed you the way I did. I was just so angry and embarrassed and didn’t know how to handle all of that.

Rosie doesn’t answer.

Micah: Like, I have sisters for fuck’s sake. I would’ve beaten the shit out of any guy that would put their hands on them for anything. I just want you to know how sorry I am and that if you never want to talk to me again because of that, I understand–

Rosie: You think I’m mad at you for that? *scoffs* I’ve literally had worse done to me than that… *puts books on shelf* My thing was that I was just trying to help you not make a dumb decision like buying drugs and shit, yet you did what you did and carried on like a fucking lunatic…

Rosie begins to stack the books angrily as she talks.

Rosie: You also literally let someone like Kalia fuck you up so hard when really she never seemed to be fucking worth it; like she wasn’t even at your biggest gig to date and you let her slide with that shit! You’re letting her fuck your whole life up and she can’t even be bothered since she’s busy living her preppy, rich, and glamorous life–

The stack of books are now too high, and they begin to fall forward. Rosie tries to catch them, but she loses her balance trying to catch them all. She falls back on the step ladder, in which Micah quickly runs toward Rosie and catches her before she hits her head on the other shelf in the aisle. The books fall mostly on Micah as he shields Rosie.

Rosie looks at Micah, who visibly looks in pain. She gets up from the ground, trying to help Micah up from the ground.

Rosie: Fuck, are you alright?!

Micah: *in pain* My foot!

Rosie panics and calls out for help from the other workers. The manager calls public safety to help with the situation.

Micah is seen sitting on the nurse’s bed with an ankle brace on. The nurse attempts to help Micah move his ankle and foot; he winces in pain.

Micah: Fuck! That hurts!

Nurse: Language, Mr. Kamalani…

The nurse helps Micah get off the bed and onto some crutches.

Nurse: It’s best if you stay off your feet for at least a week, and then regularly use the crutches for about a month.

The nurse takes her gloves off and writes on a clipboard.

Micah: *sighs* Just my fucking luck…

The nurse takes the paperwork out front as Micah attempts to walk with his crutches. Once he gets out in the waiting room area, he sees Rosie still sitting there.

Rosie: How bad is it?

Micah: Well, crutches will be my new best friend for the next month, and I have to stay home for at least a week. *laughs* Might as well drop Art History since God knows I won’t fucking pass it now…

Rosie: Well, you’re “recovering from a car accident and needed surgery on your leg”, so at least the lie is believable now.

Micah looks at Rosie confused for a moment. Rosie brushes it off.

Rosie: Don’t worry about it.

Micah laughs, which makes Rosie at ease for the first time since going to the Nurse’s office with him.

Rosie: I’m sorry you hurt your foot because of me.

Micah: I’m not; this is the universe telling me don’t ever do what I did to you ever again.

Rosie: *smiles* You really believe in karma?

Micah: Hell yeah! If you do shitty things, shitty things will happen to you.

Rosie: Well, if you put it that way…

Nothing else is said until the receptionist calls out for Micah.

Receptionist: Salem?

Micah looks up towards the woman at the desk. Rosie is confused with the name change.

Receptionist: We contacted your family; your mother is on her way to pick you up.

Micah nods his head and looks back at Rosie.

Rosie: Well, I should get going, my manager is probably wondering where the fuck I am…

Micah smiles as his response. He takes a deep breath.

Micah: Thank you for staying… Friends?

Rosie: *teases* Yeah, karma got you back pretty hard.

Micah laughs and agrees. Rosie gathers her things and gets up.

Rosie: I’ll text you later.

Micah nods his head as Rosie walks out of the nurse’s office. The smile fades once she’s out of the office; he’s clearly still dealing with the shit happening in his life.

Black Sheep in Society.

Intervention for Black Sheep: A Scene.

Dani and Tanner walk out of their cab in front of Micah’s house. The cab drives away, leaving the couple standing in front of the house. Dani begins to walk towards the front porch until Tanner notices something and stops Dani.

Tanner: Babe.

Dani: What?

Tanner points in the direction he’s looking at.

Tanner: That’s the motorcycle Micah’s been checking out at the shop. He was able to afford it?

Dani: *not interested* I don’t know, we can ask him after we’re done cursing the shit outta him…

The couple walks up to the front door and ring the doorbell.

Dani and Tanner are accompanied by Jennifer, Micah’s mother. She walks them inside the living room area.

Jennifer: Micah should still be in his room; it’s not like he’s been anywhere else for the last couple of days. Maybe with you two here, he’ll feel better.

The couple nods and Jennifer smiles in response.

Jennifer: Well, you know where his room is. Daniella, tell your mom I said hi and that she and your dad need to come to visit us soon!

Dani: Will do! Thanks, Aunt Pep.

The couple walks down the hall, towards Micah’s room. When they reach it, Tanner hesitates and gets nervous to knock on the door. Dani, on the other hand, isn’t afraid and begins to knock on the door.

Dani: Micah?

Without an answer, Dani storms into Micah’s room; Tanner is right behind her. When they enter the room, the room is dark and smelly. Dani walks towards Micah’s windows and opens the blinds which summons Micah from under the covers of his bed.

Micah: Come on, it’s too bright…

Dani: *annoyed* Bitch, it’s 2 in the afternoon, get your ass up!

Tanner: Babe.

Micah removes himself from his covers to quickly pull down the blinds. Dani loudly sighs and turns on the light in Micah’s room, which annoys him.

Micah: I don’t remember calling you guys over.

Dani: You didn’t, so we took the liberty to come over to talk some sense into you.

Micah rolls his eyes and ties his messy dreads up in a bun.

Micah: Well, you’re wasting your time. I’m completely fine.

Dani: Not leaving your house for days on end isn’t “fine.”

Micah: *annoyed* Look, I already get enough shit from my family, I don’t need it from you two! So if you’re gonna be like that, y’all can leave!

Micah sits at his desk and turns around, not facing the couple. Tanner walks up towards Micah and sits at the edge of his bed respectively.

Tanner: Listen bro, we’re just worried about you. You missed amateur night this month at the Oxy Lounge, we haven’t seen you on campus in a while, and you’ve been MIA online. As your best friends, we just want to know what’s going on.

Dani: And it better not be because–

Tanner: Dani, I got this.

Dani doesn’t say anything else, she just sits with Tanner on Micah’s bed.

Tanner: What’s going on, bro?

Micah finally turns around from his desk and takes a deep breath, letting it out in a big sigh.

Micah: This shit fucking hurts, man. I fucking loved that girl and she just let me fucking rot.

Tanner: Why did she break up with you in the first place?

Micah: She’s shooting a movie in Sweden–

Dani: We know that, but that can’t be why she broke things off with you–

Micah: *annoyed* It was a lot of things, okay? Like she barely has been my girlfriend ever since she’s been trying to make this acting thing happen.

Tanner: But you knew this was the price you had to pay to be with her.

Micah rubs his face with his hands; frustrated.

Micah: She wasn’t so distant when the tabloids discovered she was living in New York though. She was still herself, not caring about the media and all of the bullshit, and–

Tanner: She was also into music, too.

Micah doesn’t say anything for a moment, he just picks at his fingernails.

Micah: She was so fucking dope, bro. She played in the all-boys band in high school without ever letting those other guys get to her and her confidence. She was such a badass.

Tanner: That’s also the girl you fell in love with, and I think that’s the girl you’re holding onto when you say you loved her.

Micah looks at Tanner, offended at what he said.

Micah: With all due respect Tanner, just because you’re studying to be a therapist doesn’t qualify you as one without a degree.

Dani: You’re lucky he’s the one talking to you and not me!

Tanner: Babe!

Dani: No! It’s my turn! Micah, we told you a long time ago something just felt off about Kalia. She never wanted to hang out with all of us, she always had to “leave early” whenever you guys would hang out, and that bitch just had no personality which is ironic since she’s trying to be a damn actress–

Micah: Fuck you, Dani!

Dani: Do you hear yourself right now? Defending someone who’s literally across the fucking globe not giving a shit about anything else besides her new shiny acting career! The tabloids were keeping your relationship with her more together than she ever was, dude!

Tanner: Dani, please–

Dani: *keeps going* Now you’re letting her affect your own career and your fucking education! One of your classmates literally came to us the other day and asked if we heard from you because your professor was threatening to fail you!

Tanner: *yells* Dani!

Micah is surprised to hear this new information.

Micah: Wait, what?

Dani: Some girl came up to us to ask you where the fuck you’ve been since you haven’t been to class in God knows how long…

Micah: Who was it?

Dani: *annoyed* I don’t know her name! But she sure cared more about you than I ever saw “your girlfriend” showed us.

Micah: *angry* Just get the hell out of here, guys. I don’t want to talk anymore about this.

Micah turns around towards his desk, ignoring the couple. Dani extends her arm to turn the chair back in their direction which makes Micah furious and stands from his chair.

Micah: For fuck’s sake, leave me alone!

Dani: So you can sulk about that pathetic bitch?

The two friends begin the bicker as Tanner is the one having to play peacemaker with him. He gets fed up and yells.

Tanner: Shut the fuck up and calm down, both of you!

The volume of Tanner’s voice shocks Micah and Dani. They both quiet down.

Tanner: Micah?

Micah: What?

Tanner: How did you get the motorcycle?

At first, Micah is confused.

Micah: What?

Tanner: The motorcycle that was at the shop. The one you were eyeballing. Where’d you get the money to buy it?

Micah doesn’t say anything, but Tanner pieces two and two together.

Tanner: She bought it for you, didn’t she?

Micah: *annoyed* You should know; you’re the one that told her about it.

Tanner: I didn’t think she was serious when she asked though! Did she really buy you the motorcycle?

Dani: *interrupts* I’m sorry, but what does this have to do with anything?

Tanner: *realizes* She bought you the motorcycle as a parting gift, didn’t she?

Micah doesn’t answer, his face is sullen.

Dani: Are you fucking serious? That bitch planned this?!

Dani gets up and angrily walks around Micah’s room. Micah is too exhausted to fight back.

Tanner: It hurts, bro; but don’t let this shit stop you from doing what you want to do.

Tanner gets up from the bed and gets Dani so that they can leave.

Tanner: Come on, babe.

Dani: Nuh-uh! Not until I get some answers–

Tanner: *stern* Dani.

Dani: Fine fine! *as she walks out* When the hell did you get so assertive like this? I’m rubbing off on you or something…

The door closes behind the couple. Micah sits back down on his desk chair and grabs his phone from the charger. He scrolls through his messages and begins typing one on his phone.

Micah: Hey Roe. I'm sorry for what happened the other day. That was stupid and unlike me to do that. Thank you for having my back. See you in class.


Black Sheep in Society.

A Black Sheep Pity Party: A Scene.

Rosie walks into the bookstore early in the morning to start her workday. She sighs loudly as she goes towards the lockers to put her stuff down. She takes out her phone from her pocket to check it once more before she puts it on silent for the work day. Nothing from Micah.

Rosie’s co-worker, Natasha, is seen walking into the back room to place her stuff down.

Natasha: Hey Rosie.

Rosie: Hey, Nat; did Simon ever tell us what to do with the expired shit back here?

Natasha: Nope, and we’re going to keep it that way until one of the guys comes in to work.

The girls laugh as they get ready for their day shift.

Natasha: Dude, you know that guy that comes into the store whenever you’re in?

Rosie: *confused* Who?

Natasha: You know, that guy with the huge instrument case on his back? Brown-skinned with dreads?

Rosie realizes Natasha is talking about Micah, but is still so confused as in why she’s bringing him up.

Rosie: What about him?

Natasha: I didn’t even know he was dating a celebrity! Like what is someone like him coming to college for? He’s with a famous person…

Rosie turns around and puts her nametag around her neck. She looks uncomfortable as Natasha talks about Micah.

Rosie: Ain’t nothing wrong with still getting your degree though…

Natasha: Yeah, but not when you’re dating the up and coming actress like Kalia Holder!

Rosie rolls her eyes at the name; Natasha notices.

Natasha: Oh? You like him or something?

Rosie: No, it’s just that people go crazy over Joel Holder’s daughter and think she’s talented when really she’s rich because of her dad… *realizes* Wait, how do you know he’s dating her?

Natasha: *laughs* He was; TMZ announced that they broke up or something. They saw him at some club with some chicks the other night. *dumbfounded* Like how are you gonna cheat on a celebrity with some nobodies–

Rosie’s eyes widen; she now knows why MIcah has been missing in action. The girls manager comes from the outside door and let them know that the store is opening in a couple of minutes. Natasha walks out of the break room, but Rosie stays there for another minute or too. She takes her phone out of her pocket and looks online. The news is true; there’s pictures of Micah around groups of girls in a club somewhere in the city.

Rosie: *to herself* He’s not even 21 yet, the fuck is he doing at a club?

Rosie hears her manager looking for her outside of the break room. She puts her phone in her pocket and rushes out to the storefront to start her work day.

During her lunch break, Rosie goes to sit in the cafeteria where the other college students sit and enjoy their breaks in between their classes. She takes out her phone to look at more articles about Micah’s sighting:

Kalia Holder's Beau Out With Other Women Days After Kalia's Movie Debut Announced: Is There Trouble in Paradise?

Rosie is in shock and is furious that Micah would ignore his responsibilities to go out with some dumb broads. She places her phone on the table and sighs. She looks around the cafeteria until she notices the two people she’s been trying to bump into. Once she sees the two people sit down, she gathers her things and walks towards their table.

She slowly walks towards the table in which the two people look up at the approaching person. Rosie stops at the end of the table.

Rosie: Hey… Uhm, were you two at the Oxygen Lounge a couple of weeks ago?

The two people, Dani and Tanner, wonder what Rosie is getting at.

Dani: Maybe?

Rosie: Are you not Micah’s friends?

Dani and Tanner look at each other and then back at Rosie.

Dani: Look, Micah doesn’t need groupies

Rosie: *annoyed* I’m not a “groupie”, I’m one of his classmates that keeps lying for him since he hasn’t been in class for weeks already. Our professor is threatening to fail him. I just want to know where I could find him since he disappeared from the face of the earth.

Rosie gets ready to turn away from the two friends, until Dani says something back.

Dani: Sorry, I didn’t mean to bark on you like that.

Rosie looks back at the two friends. Dani sighs and continues with her response.

Dani: It’s just that, we didn’t know what was going on with Micah until we saw the headlines today. But other than that, we haven’t been able to get a hold of him as well.

Rosie nods her head and walks away. Tanner is now the one to say something.

Tanner: Have you heard from him?

Rosie: *turns around* I haven’t.

Nothing else is said, and Rosie walks away from the couple. She leaves the building and stands outside. She’s thinking hard about where the hell could Micah be. She shuts her eyes tightly and then opens them up again. She takes out her phone and types on her phone.

Rosie: Hey Nat, I'm not feeling good. Tell Gabs I'm leaving early.

She sends the text and runs off towards the exit of campus.

Rosie opens the door to the trendy milkshake spot in Brooklyn; the one where Micah took her to a couple of months ago. She looks around and takes a seat at one of the tables. She looks down at her phone, wanting to know more about Micah’s night out. She scrolls down and sees a related article that grabs her attention.

Kalia Holder calls relationship off; says her "career is my only focus right now".

Rosie: Are you fucking serious?

Rosie continues to keep reading the article, growing more and more furious at what the article is talking about. A moment later, a waiter comes up to Rosie’s table, immediately looking up when she hears their voice.

Waiter: Peanut Butter Cup Swirl Milkshake?

Rosie: *surprised* Yeah… How’d you know?

Waiter: Only you and Salem buy them–

The waiter walks away, leaving Rosie confused.

Rosie: Salem? *light bulb* Oh; Micah’s stage name…

Rosie turns her head when she hears commotion towards the entrance of the place. Her eyes widen when she sees it’s Micah bumping into tables, apologizing for doing so. Micah walks up to the counter; Rosie gets up and walks towards the counter to confront Micah.

Rosie: What the fuck, Micah?

Micah: *defensive* Now your publicity is following me too– *turns around* Rosie?

Rosie: *annoyed* Yeah, hi! Remember me? Your friend?

Micah turns back around and rolls his eyes, now talking to the person at the counter. Rosie looks at the guy behind the counter, scrambling through a couple of zip-lock bags. She looks at Micah.

Micah: Hey bro, can I get a–

Rosie pulls Micah away from the counter; Micah is taken off-gaurd.

Micah: Yo, what the fuck–

Rosie: Here; just take mine, asshole.

Rosie hands over her milkshake to Micah and walks out of the place with him. Once they are outside, Rosie lets go of Micah.

Micah: What are you even doing here anyway?

Rosie: What are you doing buying drugs behind some sketch guy? Is this why it’s your favorite spot too? You can just get drugs and shit–

Micah: Why the fuck do you care anyway? Just leave me alone, Rosie…

Micah continues to walk away from Rosie until she runs up to him, stopping him in his tracks.

Rosie: Why? So you can shoot up whatever drugs you take to feel better about yourself?

Micah: It’s fucking weed, Rosie; it’s not coke.

Rosie: *angry* I don’t give a fuck if it’s heroin! You’re fucking skipping school and ignoring your friends to smoke some trash weed from a guy that probably smokes half the dime before selling it?

Micah rolls his eyes and instead takes out a cigarette from his pocket. He lights it up.

Micah: *sarcastically* Oh, but it’s cool to smoke a cigarette? No bitching about me smoking a cigarette?

Rosie: *ignores* Where the fuck have you been?

Micah: Don’t worry about it.

Rosie: What the fuck is that supposed to mean? You literally haven’t been to class in almost a month, you haven’t been answering my messages or calls; like what the fuck was I suppose to think?

Micah: I don’t know, maybe I didn’t want to be bothered?

Rosie: *yells* That’s not the fucking point, dickhead! You really had me out there thinking something terrible happened when all it really was is you and your girlfriend broke up.

Micah: You don’t fucking get it, Rosie! You don’t fucking know a thing about me or what my relationship was.

Micah attempts to walk away from Rosie, but she stops him once again. He begins to get furious at Rosie.

Micah: Ima need you to leave me the fuck alone.

Rosie: And ima need you to pick your balls off the floor and get over yourself.

Micah: Fuck off, Rosie.

Rosie: You know you were in the headlines last night, right? They caught you at the club with some random hoes. You know, you want to become this big-time music producer and are already turning your image into shit because some girl who doesn’t care about you called things off.

Micah: How do you know I wasn’t the one that called things off? I mean, I was the one at the club with other girls.

Rosie: Because you would’ve left that bitch when she stopped caring about you and the relationship a long time ago.

Micah shoves Rosie away from his path and continues walking away. Rosie catches up with Micah and grabs him for him to only turn around and fight back. She pushes Rosie against the brick wall of the building, holding her up by the collar of her sweater. He immediately lets her go, regretting what he did. Rosie is in shock as she straightens herself out.

Rosie: Fuck you, Micah! You only care about the things and people that don’t care about you back, and then expect a fucking pity party when they hurt you!

Micah: Roe–

Rosie walks away from Micah; he doesn’t go after her.

Black Sheep in Society.

Black Sheep’s Whereabouts: A Scene.

The class before Rosie walks out of the classroom. As she waits to walk into her classroom, she looks around her other classmates. Micah is nowhere to be found once again. Once the other class clears out, she and her classmates enter the room to officially begin their class for the day: Art History.

Rosie sits in her seat, looking ahead of her to where Micah’s seat is. It’s been empty for the last two classes, and she has no idea where the hell he could be. She takes out her phone from her sweater pocket and opens up her messages with Micah.

Rosie: Micah I swear to God if you don't answer me I'm going to rip your throat out. Where the fuck are you?

The professor walks into the classroom and begins the lecture by taking attendance.

Professor: Okay, let’s see who we got in today… *flips attendance book* Amanda Abrams? Joseph Benito? Zoe Davis?

Each of her classmates raises their hand as their name gets called.

Professor: Rosie Delgado?

Rosie looks up from her phone and quickly raises her hand. She immediately goes back to sending Micah another text message.

Rosie: We have a fucking midterm coming up and you're just gonna not come to class anymore? What's going on with you, man?

Professor: Amina Izizberry? Micah Kamalani?

No answer. The professor looks up towards the class and sees the empty seat where Micah would usually sit. He grows frustrated.

Professor: Has anyone spoken to Micah lately? Does anyone know what’s going on with him?

At first, Rosie doesn’t say anything. The professor sighs.

Professor: Well if anyone does speak to him, please let him know he’s two classes away from unofficially withdrawing and should make an effort to come to class–

Rosie: He had surgery!

The class turns in their seats and looks at Rosie.

Professor: Surgery?

Rosie: Yeah. He, uhm… got into a car accident and had to get surgery on his… leg.

Professor: Oh my, I’m sorry to hear that. Send Micah our best wishes and we hope to see him soon. In the meantime Ms. Delgado, can you share your class notes with him? He has missed a lot of work since he was last in class.

Rosie: No problem, Professor.

The professor continues with the attendance and everyone stops looking at Rosie. She lets out a deep sigh of relief, seriously pissed at Micah.

Rosie walks out of her building, looking at her phone to see if Micah wrote her back while she was in class; nothing. She lets out a frustrating sigh until something rings in her bookbag. She pulls out a second phone and picks up the call.

Rosie: Hey, everything alright?

Rosie looks around while she talks on the phone. She notices the two other people that were at Micah’s gig a couple of weeks ago. She begins to walk over to them but stops midway when she sees who she’s talking to in person. It’s Prescott. Rosie hangs up the phone and walks toward Prescott’s car. She wraps her hair up and puts on a hat before she reaches him.

Rosie: What are you doing here?

Prescott: I couldn’t wait for you to come by, so I decided to come and get you.

Prescott grabs Rosie by her backside to bring her closer to him. Rosie smiles at the gesture.

Rosie: Are you really asking for it right now? What about your parents?

Prescott: Out of town until tomorrow morning.

Rosie: How much are we talking?

Prescott: *thinks* Hmm… Rent and some spending money?

Rosie: *excited* Okay!

Prescott smiles and walks back to the driver’s side of the car. Rosie happily goes toward the passenger’s side and gets into the car with him. They drive off and away from the campus.

Rosie lays naked on a California King Bed in a penthouse suite in the city. She rolls in between the bed sheets and grabs her phone from her jean pocket. She scrolls through her phone to see if she got any messages from Micah: nothing. She tries to look him up on social media to see if he’s been active, but that lead comes out empty. She decides to go through his friends list on Instagram in hopes to see if the two friends she saw on campus are on his page. She panics when she hears Prescott coming back into the bedroom. She throws her phone back to where her clothes are.

Prescott: You want anything to eat or drink? The chef is coming in about an hour.

Rosie: The beef wellington was amazing last time, do you think we could have that again?

Prescott: *disinterested* I was thinking of something fast; the wellington is too time consuming.

Rosie: I mean, we have the time, right? Your parents aren’t coming back until tomorrow morning.

Prescott doesn’t say anything back. Rosie nods her head.

Rosie: You don’t want me to stay the night, huh?

Prescott: It’s not that, it’s just– I had other plans for this evening. I figured you had to get ready for work tomorrow and class–

Rosie: Yeah, but I could’ve gone home before work and do that before I left tomorrow morning. *upset* It’s whatever…

Prescott grabs Rosie before she is able to leave out of the bed. Rosie stops and completely melts in his arms.

Prescott: Please, stay. I really wanted to see you before I get swarmed with business stuff tonight. At least stay for some dinner. I will get Diego to drive you home later.

Rosie sighs and then smiles back at Prescott.

Rosie: Of course I’ll stay.

Black Sheep in Society.

A Black Sheep’s Broken Heart: A Scene.

The couple sits at the table in the restaurant, enjoying the first course of their 3-course meal for the night. Kalia looks at the gift bag next to Micah, which she questions him about.

Kalia: What’s in the bag?

Micah: *nervous* Oh, uhm… it’s not much, so I’m sorry it’s so–

Kalia looks into the bag as Micah hands it over to her. She quickly opens the bag and takes out the two gift items; she looks confused at first.

Kalia: These are… cute!

Micah: You don’t have to lie. You just got me a motorcycle and I got you some poetry book and plushie.

Kalia: I will cherish these gifts, Micah. I love them; thank you.

Micah smiles and continues to eat. Shortly after, the second meal, the main course, is served to the couple.

Micah: This dinner will literally keep me full for the next 2 years, I swear.

Kalia: *laughs* The food is out of this world.

As Micah continues to eat, Kalia takes a deep breath and looks at Micah.

Micah: So, I was thinking for my 21st birthday, we can go on a vacation together.

Kalia: A vacation?

Micah: Yeah! I was thinking maybe we can go to Florida. Universal Studios would be so fun! Plus we can hit up all the bars in the area since I’ll be able to drink…

Kalia: Oh, I didn’t know that you wanted to go somewhere for your birthday; I could’ve planned something in advance.

Micah: Well, we have like 6 months until then. We can make something happen!

Kalia: Yeah…

Micah looks back up at Kalia. He notices she hasn’t touched her food.

Micah: Are you not hungry?

Kalia looks down at her plate. She picks up her fork.

Kalia: Yeah, yeah; don’t worry about me!

Micah’s concern arises even more.

Micah: Babe? Is everything alright?

Kalia: Yeah?

Micah: Are you sure? You seem a little… disconnected.

Kalia: *offended* What does that mean? I mean I’m here with you.

Micah: *taken back* I’m just wondering if you’re feeling alright…

Kalia takes a deep breath and places her fork back onto her plate.

Kalia: I can’t just hide this in…

Kalia looks back up and smiles wide.

Kalia: I got cast in my first full-length feature film!

Micah smiles wide and congratulates Kalia.

Micah: Babe! That’s amazing! I’m so proud of you! This is big news!

Kalia: I know, I know… I start filming for it in 2 weeks.

Micah: Wow, that’s so soon… but you’re a professional; you’ll be great.

Micah takes a sip of his drink.

Micah: Is the filming happening here in New York?

Kalia: About that…

Micah looks back up and places his drink down on the table. He’s waiting for Kalia to say something.

Kalia: The filming is back in Sweden.

Micah: *eyes widen* Sweden?!

Kalia: The film is set in Sweden during the cold winter… my father and I are cast in the movie so we would be going together–

Micah: Going?! Wait are you actually considering going to Sweden?

Kalia: Micah, this is the one chance to make my name out of something. This is my one shot to become the actress I want to become.

Micah: You couldn’t find something here, like broadway or something?!

Kalia: I’m sorry, Micah…

Micah is dumbfounded. He folds his arms across his chest, looking directly at Kalia.

Micah: It was your dad, right? He told you to take this job?

Kalia: What? Micah, you’re talking crazy–

Micah: You didn’t even talk to me about this though! How do you think I feel about you just packing your life to go film in Sweden?!

Kalia: I understand, Micah, but–

Micah: How would you feel if I just told you, “hey! I’m DJing for a producer in a foreign country!” without seeing how you felt about it?

Kalia: I would be happy for you! I would only want the best for you and your career, and I was hoping you’d be happy for me!

Micah: How can I be happy for you if I never knew you were even auditioning for this? Kal, this is the first time we’re actually on a date with each other, and you decide this was the right time to tell me you’re leaving? *points towards the outside* Did you get me the motorcycle to lessen this blow or something?

Kalia: *defensive* I got it for you because you’ve been wanting it!

Micah: You don’t gift a whole ass motorcycle! You gift like a watch or something… *points at the plushie and poetry book* Or something like that!

Kalia: I’m sorry, but you should know how much this means to me. I really thought you would be understanding.

Micah: That’s all I’ve been has been understanding though! Kalia, I know that your career means a lot to you, and I signed up for all those days when you were busy working towards that. But where do I draw the line? Having to drop everything I’m doing because you’re finally free? Saying you’ll be at my important gigs but then show up hours late to them? Anything that’s important to you, I’m expected to be there and supportive and there with open arms, but when it’s something important to me, it’s meeting this and audition that!

Kalia: If you felt so strongly about this, then why are you bringing it up just now?

Micah: When will I ever get the chance to? You’re never available! I just want to be able to have my Kalia back! The one where she didn’t care about paparazzi and when she was the only girl drummer in the all-boys band in high school! The one where all she wanted was to be lowkey and live a normal life?!

Kalia is taken back by Micah’s words.

Kalia: If you really feel that way, then this makes doing this a lot easier on my end…

Micah doesn’t say anything back.

Kalia: I think we should break up. I’m simply not the girl you want to be with, and I would hate to keep you waiting for her. She’s not coming back and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you that sooner.

Micah: Are you fucking serious?

Kalia: Yeah, I am. I thought maybe we could at least take a break while I was in Sweden, but… I think it’s just better if we ended the relationship.

Micah is at a loss for words. Kalia begins to get up from her seat, getting ready to leave the restaurant.

Micah: So that’s it? You’re not going to ask me how I’m feeling or what I want to do?

Kalia keeps silent, which infuriates Micah.

Micah: Of course not, because you never want to know. You’re going to do whatever the fuck you want to do, so go ahead and do it.

Kalia: I’m sorry, Micah.

Kalia gathers her things and walks out, leaving behind the gift bag of Micah’s gifts to her, and Micah.

Black Sheep in Society.

Romantically Inclined Black Sheep: A Scene.

The bell to the front door of the college bookstore is heard when it swings open. Micah walks in there and immediately looks within the aisles. Rosie, who is working at the register today, watches Micah walk around the store in a hurry. When he can’t find what he is looking for, he walks up to the counter where Rosie is.

Micah: Hey Roe, do you guys sell like flowers or cute shit?

Rosie raises an eyebrow.

Rosie: At a college bookstore?

Micah sighs loudly. Rosie leans on the counter to talk to Micah.

Rosie: What’s going on?

Micah: I haven’t had the time to go shopping for a gift for Kalia and our date is, well… later tonight.

Rosie: *shakes her head* Very typical for a man.

Micah: Look, I don’t have time to stop by a store after class to get something; I was going to do it this weekend but–

Rosie: You forgot?

Micah doesn’t say anything, he just nods his head.

Micah: I can’t fuck this up.

Rosie sighs and looks around the store with Micah.

Rosie: Okay, let’s see what we can do…

Rosie looks on the shelves and sees the gifts section of the bookstore. She pulls a latte plushie off from the shelf.

Rosie: She would like this? I mean, models drink lattes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; right?

Micah rolls his eyes and takes the plushie from Rosie.

Micah: I mean, it has a cute face…

Rosie continues to walk down the aisle to the trade book wall. She looks through the selections and pulls out a poetry book.

Rosie: It’s no Dickinson, but girls like poetry, I guess?

Micah: *confused* Do you not identify as one?

Rosie rolls her eyes and continues to walk towards where the snacks are.

Rosie: What kind of candy does she like?

Micah doesn’t say anything. Rosie looks up back at Micah when he stays silent.

Rosie: Do you not know what she likes?

Micah: She’s an aspiring actress; unless you guys sell vegetable-like candy, I don’t think she’s gonna want candy.

Rosie shakes her head in disbelief and puts the candy back.

Rosie: Well, college students like to snack on junk, so Kalia might like the water we sell here… I mean it’s pH-balanced…

Micah goes to the counter to place the plushie and poetry book. Rosie walks behind the counter to check him out.

Micah: This should be enough…

Rosie: Why are you so jittery about this date with your girlfriend?

Micah: *sighs* It would be our first date in over a month…

Rosie widens her eyes as she scans the items.

Rosie: Everything’s good?

Micah: She’s busier than ever, so we haven’t gotten the chance to actually spend time with each other.

Rosie: That sounds concerning…

Micah: *brushes it off* We’re fine, she’s just working towards her career. I can’t be mad at her for doing so.

Rosie: Okay, if you feel that way, who am I to tell you anything…

Micah looks at Rosie, raising an eyebrow at her. He takes the bagged goods and puts his card back in his wallet.

Micah: I should get going; can I get your notes for class today tomorrow?

Rosie: You’re skipping class today?

Micah: I have to, Kalia’s only available this afternoon.

Rosie rolls her eyes and sighs.

Rosie: Yeah, I got you.

Micah nods in appreciation and leaves the bookstore in a hurry. Rosie shakes her head.

Rosie: That boy is whipped.

Micah gets off the bus with a gift bag and flowers. He’s in his best business casual attire: a button-down shirt, black jeans, and black converse with a black blazer on. He takes in a deep breath and walks towards the restaurant he’s meeting Kalia at.

Once he walks in, he sees that the restaurant has been reserved for just them two. Micah’s eyebrows shoot up in surprise.

Waiter: Right this way, Mr. Kamalani.

Micah is taken back by the hospitality of the waiter. He follows the waiter towards the balcony section of the fancy restaurant, where there is a table set up for two. Micah sits down in one of the seats and patiently waits for Kalia to arrive.

He waits for Kalia for an hour before she finally arrives.

When Kalia arrives, she’s dressed in a very fancy dress; it’s much fancier than the outfit Micah has on. He gets up from his seat to greet his girlfriend. He kisses her on the cheek.

Micah: I thought you were ditching me today.

Kalia: No, no! I had to get something extra special on my way here.

Micah looks confused when Kalia grabs his arm and leads him towards the back. When entering the back valley of the restaurant, Kalia runs towards the surprise. Micah looks at Kalia in shock, not really believing what’s happening in front of him.

Kalia: Surprise!

Micah slowly walks towards the motorcycle that he used to go and visit back at the motorcycle shop.

Micah: W-what? What’s going on?

Kalia: *points to motorcycle* This beauty is yours!

Micah’s face lights up and walks toward the motorcycle. He still looks completely in awe.

Micah: How did you know this was the one I’ve been looking for?

Kalia: I had some help from Tanner. He told me the motorcycle has been on your mind for quite some time and, well, I wanted to get it for you.

Micah: Kal, this is–

Kalia: It’s the least I can do for you, Micah.

Kalia looks uneasy when saying it, but Micah doesn’t notice it. He finally accepts the fact that the motorcycle he has been eyeballing is finally is. He turns around and hugs Kalia tightly, lifting her off of the ground.

Micah: You are absolutely amazing; thank you so much, babe!

As he hugs her, Kalia fakes a smile, trying to hide the worry on her face when the two disembark from their hug. Micah grabs Kalia’s hand and heads back into the restaurant.

Micah: Let’s have an amazing date together.

Kalia: Yep.

Black Sheep in Society.

Damper on the Black Sheep: A Scene.

Micah sits at his desk, playing with a couple of music softwares on his laptop. He doesn’t seem to be doing it to enjoy it; he looks annoyed as if he was trying to forget whatever was on his mind. He stops when he hears his phone ringing on his bed. He turns around and sees that it’s Tanner. He answers the phone.

Micah: Yo, what’s up?

Tanner: Hey man, I just wanted to know if you wanted to hang out today; Dani’s at her mom’s for the day and–

Micah: *teases* Don’t know what to do without Dani, huh?

Tanner: *defensive* It’s not like that! It’s just– well the warm weather is gonna go away soon and today’s been a nice day and–

Micah: Tanner, just say you need company since Dani isn’t home.

Micah laughs once he hears Tanner sigh on the other end of the line.

Micah: Where are you tryna go?

Tanner: Pizza from Chee-Z’s sounds really good right now.

Micah: Iight bet, I’ll meet you there in like 30.

The boys agree and hang up the phone. Micah grabs his light jacket and his bag and heads out of his bedroom.

Micah walks the long route towards the pizza parlor. He walks to a motorcycle dealership and looks around the place. He spots a motorcycle that immediately catches his eye. While walking up to it and observing it, his phone rings in his pocket. Without looking, Micah answers his phone.

Micah: Hey Tan-Man, I’m a couple of blocks away at the–

Kalia: *confused* Micah?

Micah: *widens eyes* Kalia?

Micah looks at the screen to see it’s, in fact, Kalia.

Micah: Everything’s alright?

Kalia: *sigh* Not really. I really want to apologize for what happened at your gig yesterday…

Micah doesn’t say anything back; he continues to look at the motorcycle.

Kalia: Hello? Micah?

Micah: Huh?

Kalia: *annoyed* Are you listening to what I’m saying?

Micah: *sighs* Look Kal, it’s fine. I’m a bit busy right now, so can we talk about this later?

Kalia: I’ll see; I’m meeting my father for dinner later…

Micah rolls his eyes at the response.

Micah: We’ll talk when we get the chance. I’m meeting up with Tanner, I’ll talk to you later…

Kalia: Okay. I love you.

Micah shuts his eyes for a moment before answering.

Micah: I love you too.

Micah: So the motorcycle I was telling you about from the shop? She’s still there! *swoons* I have to get her.

Micah and Tanner are sitting in a booth at the local pizza parlor. Tanner takes a sip from his cola.

Tanner: You’re really trying to get this motorcycle, huh?

Micah: Tan, she’s the perfect shade of gunmetal and black! Her purr is probably hypnotic!

Tanner: But don’t a motorcycle cost, like, an arm and a leg? I doubt your part-time job pays enough for you to afford it.

Micah rolls his eyes at Tanner, but he knows that he’s right.

Micah: *sighs* Why couldn’t I have just been born rich?

Tanner shrugs his shoulders and begins to eat the pizza pie that the waitress brings to their table. They both take a slice, to begin with.

Tanner: *while eating* Did you and Kalia work things out?

Micah: When are we not trying to figure things out? I feel like all Kal and I do is just apologize to each other.

Tanner: I mean, you said it yourself: you signed up for this.

Micah: Yeah, I did, but I feel like I’m getting punished for doing so more than anything…

Micah leans back in the booth.

Micah: What if she’s cheating?

Tanner laughs mid-sip. He places his glass of cola back down on the table.

Tanner: Not to be mean but, she barely has time to be with you; what makes you think she’s spending her time with someone else? If anything, she’s cheating on you with her career. Or her dad–

Micah: Eww?

Tanner: I’m just saying, bro; she seems like she has no interest in anything going on in your life, and that’s something that shouldn’t be in the agreement that you signed.

Micah doesn’t say anything back. He plays with the straw in his glass of cola.

Micah: Do you think she loves me, man?

Tanner: I wanna say yeah, like why wouldn’t she? You guys have been together for so long!

Micah: But… what if she loves her job more than me?

Tanner doesn’t say anything right away; he just looks at Micah uneasy.

Tanner: I mean, she’s passionate about what she does–

Micah: *annoyed* Tanner, just say it.

Tanner: Yeah, it seems like she does at times.

Micah sighs and takes another slice of pizza and plops it down on his plate.

Micah: I don’t know what to do with her, bro.

Tanner: If you want to stay with her, then I say you guys have to talk things out. I can see just how much you love her, man. Maybe she just needs to be reminded that she has a guy that cares about her… take her out on a date!

Micah: *defeated* What’s the point in trying?

Tanner throws his fist on the table, making a “thud” sound.

Tanner: Because you love her! And you want to work things out with her! You have to show her that you care about her and your relationship. Maybe if she sees that you’re willing to fohgt for it, she will too.

Micah takes in this information and begins to consider it.

Micah: Maybe you’re right. Maybe with dinner and stuff, we could easily talk about things instead of just brushing them off.

Tanner nods his head in agreement and continues to eat the pizza. Micah begins to gather his things.

Tanner: Bro, where are you going?

Micah puts in half of the money on the table for the pizza pie.

Micah: I gotta start planning and moving shit around in my schedule for this, I’ll talk to you later!

Micah walks out of the pizza parlor in a hurry, leaving Tanner there to finish the rest of the pizza on his own.

Black Sheep in Society.

Just As A Black Sheep Expected: A Scene.

It’s the day of Micah’s big gig, and Micah sits backstage waiting for his time to perform. He peaks into the audience, where he sees people of all ages hanging out and enjoying the various performances of the night. He spots Dani and Tanner sitting together in the audience; he’s thankful that they always show up. He continues to look around to see if Kalia is in the audience; no luck.

The last act before intermission finishes, which means he’s the next act when intermission finishes. He takes in a deep breath to let out all the nerves in his body. He continues to look at his phone for any messages from Kalia; nothing.

Before he puts his phone back into his pocket, it vibrates in his hand. He reads the notification and sees that it’s Rosie.

Roe: They got you performing in a fancy-ass place! Okay, rockstar! 

Micah peaks out of the curtain and searches the audience one last time. He sees Rosie sitting in the back row, looking around the venue. He looks down at his phone and sends her a text message back.

Micah: Thanks for coming out, Roe. See you after the show~

Micah puts his phone away when the intermission is over and the backstage crew call for him to get ready.

Announcer: Alright, alright! Welcome back to the Oxygen Lounge’s Amateur Night! We’re hope you’re having a great time tonight. Next in our lineup is Brooklyn native, Micah Kamalani! He’s an aspiring DJ and producer under the name Salem, so watch him mix your beats and create his own! Give it up for Salem, y’all!

The audience cheers and claps their hands as Micah walks out towards the stage.

Micah: How’s everyone doing tonight!

The audience cheers in response.

Micah: That’s what I like to hear! Tonight, I’m gonna give you guys something unreleased, y’know, a little something I’ve been working on. This song right here is called “Knock Me Out”. Enjoy!

The music begins to play and Micah immediately gets lost in the music. He dances and vibes to the beat before singing a song about a woman that he wants to get to know better romantically. The song is sexy, and Micah sways to the beat as he sings the lyrics. Dani and Tanner are bumping their heads to the beat, as well as everyone else in the audience. Rosie watches Micah in surprise; she’s never seen him in his element like this before. She also begins to vibe to the song.

Towards the climax of the song, a woman walks in with sunglasses and her hair tied up in a clean-looking bun. She sits towards the back of the venue, in which Rosie notices. She looks towards the girl as she takes off her sunglasses. Rosie’s eyes widen as she knows exactly who that is: Micah’s girlfriend. She shakes her head, dumbfounded that his girlfriend would literally get to the show moments before Micah’s set is over.

Micah looks into the audience and finally sees Kalia sitting there. Inside he’s disappointed she arrived so late, but he tries his best to hide it from the audience, and hide it within his performance.

Rosie begins to feel uncomfortable sitting so close to Micah’s girlfriend. Once Micah finshies his song and the crowd applauds Micah’s performance, Rosie gets up from her chair and walks out of the venue.

The night’s performances come to an end, and the venue now opens up to its regular hangout spot. Micah comes from the backstage area and meets up with his friends.

Tanner: That was so fire, bro!

Tanner greets Micah with a handshake into a hug; Micah smiles.

Micah: Thanks, man.

Dani: This was so much better than the last performance. Like, your last performance was great, but this was just different!

Dani pounds Micah with her fist, in which he returns it to her. Moments later, he looks around the venue for Rosie. He doesn’t see her anywhere. He stops searching once he sees Kalia walking towards him.

Kalia: Hey, babe!

Kalia kisses Micah and gives him a hug. Micah smiles at his girlfriend. His friends stand there, watching the couple.

Kalia: You were so good.

Tanner: Good?! That song was amazing, like that needs to be on Spotify like right now!

Micah laughs and Kalia doesn’t say anything back. Dani takes Tanner and gives Micah and Kalia some alone time.

Micah: Glad you were able to make it.

Kalia kisses Micah on the cheek.

Kalia: I wouldn’t have been anywhere else.

Micah smiles at Kalia. Her phone begins to ring, and picks up the phone. It’s her agent. Micah’s smile fades away. Kalia ends the phone conversation and looks at Micah.

Kalia: I have a table reading in a few for a movie, so I can’t stay for long.

Micah: *confused* Movie?

Kalia: Oh, yeah! My father got me a table reading for this movie with a director he’s close with. If everything goes well, I might actually get the role!

Micah doesn’t react right away, in which Kalia’s excitement fades away as well.

Kalia: Are you not happy for me, babe? You know I’ve been working hard for this—

Micah: No, no, I’m… happy for you. I just wish I knew about this sooner.

Kalia: I’ve been meaning to tell you, but I’ve just been so busy with auditions and preparations…

Micah: *annoyed* Yeah, but I’m your boyfriend, Kal. You didn’t think to tell me when you first got the movie deal?

Kalia: I didn’t get it, Micah.

Micah: You know what I mean. I just feel like I’m one of the last people to know what’s going on with my own girlfriend.

Kalia: You’re making a big deal out of nothing…

Micah: Am I? Kal, I’m just saying: I feel like I’m never in the loop about your career and auditions and stuff.

Kalia sighs loudly. She anxiously keeps looking at her phone. Micah rolls his eyes.

Micah: Just go, Kal. I’ll talk to you later. Again, thanks for coming…

Micah kisses Kalia on the forehead half-assed, he simply just walks away from Kalia, towards the exit of the venue.

He takes out his phone and checks it to see if there are any notifications. Nothing. He opens his messages with Rosie and begins to text her.

Micah: Hey, everything’s okay? Didn’t see you after the show.

He puts his phone back into his bag and begins to walk away from the venue. What a day to end his important night.