Black Sheep in Society.

A Black Sheep Pity Party: A Scene.

Rosie walks into the bookstore early in the morning to start her workday. She sighs loudly as she goes towards the lockers to put her stuff down. She takes out her phone from her pocket to check it once more before she puts it on silent for the work day. Nothing from Micah.

Rosie’s co-worker, Natasha, is seen walking into the back room to place her stuff down.

Natasha: Hey Rosie.

Rosie: Hey, Nat; did Simon ever tell us what to do with the expired shit back here?

Natasha: Nope, and we’re going to keep it that way until one of the guys comes in to work.

The girls laugh as they get ready for their day shift.

Natasha: Dude, you know that guy that comes into the store whenever you’re in?

Rosie: *confused* Who?

Natasha: You know, that guy with the huge instrument case on his back? Brown-skinned with dreads?

Rosie realizes Natasha is talking about Micah, but is still so confused as in why she’s bringing him up.

Rosie: What about him?

Natasha: I didn’t even know he was dating a celebrity! Like what is someone like him coming to college for? He’s with a famous person…

Rosie turns around and puts her nametag around her neck. She looks uncomfortable as Natasha talks about Micah.

Rosie: Ain’t nothing wrong with still getting your degree though…

Natasha: Yeah, but not when you’re dating the up and coming actress like Kalia Holder!

Rosie rolls her eyes at the name; Natasha notices.

Natasha: Oh? You like him or something?

Rosie: No, it’s just that people go crazy over Joel Holder’s daughter and think she’s talented when really she’s rich because of her dad… *realizes* Wait, how do you know he’s dating her?

Natasha: *laughs* He was; TMZ announced that they broke up or something. They saw him at some club with some chicks the other night. *dumbfounded* Like how are you gonna cheat on a celebrity with some nobodies–

Rosie’s eyes widen; she now knows why MIcah has been missing in action. The girls manager comes from the outside door and let them know that the store is opening in a couple of minutes. Natasha walks out of the break room, but Rosie stays there for another minute or too. She takes her phone out of her pocket and looks online. The news is true; there’s pictures of Micah around groups of girls in a club somewhere in the city.

Rosie: *to herself* He’s not even 21 yet, the fuck is he doing at a club?

Rosie hears her manager looking for her outside of the break room. She puts her phone in her pocket and rushes out to the storefront to start her work day.

During her lunch break, Rosie goes to sit in the cafeteria where the other college students sit and enjoy their breaks in between their classes. She takes out her phone to look at more articles about Micah’s sighting:

Kalia Holder's Beau Out With Other Women Days After Kalia's Movie Debut Announced: Is There Trouble in Paradise?

Rosie is in shock and is furious that Micah would ignore his responsibilities to go out with some dumb broads. She places her phone on the table and sighs. She looks around the cafeteria until she notices the two people she’s been trying to bump into. Once she sees the two people sit down, she gathers her things and walks towards their table.

She slowly walks towards the table in which the two people look up at the approaching person. Rosie stops at the end of the table.

Rosie: Hey… Uhm, were you two at the Oxygen Lounge a couple of weeks ago?

The two people, Dani and Tanner, wonder what Rosie is getting at.

Dani: Maybe?

Rosie: Are you not Micah’s friends?

Dani and Tanner look at each other and then back at Rosie.

Dani: Look, Micah doesn’t need groupies

Rosie: *annoyed* I’m not a “groupie”, I’m one of his classmates that keeps lying for him since he hasn’t been in class for weeks already. Our professor is threatening to fail him. I just want to know where I could find him since he disappeared from the face of the earth.

Rosie gets ready to turn away from the two friends, until Dani says something back.

Dani: Sorry, I didn’t mean to bark on you like that.

Rosie looks back at the two friends. Dani sighs and continues with her response.

Dani: It’s just that, we didn’t know what was going on with Micah until we saw the headlines today. But other than that, we haven’t been able to get a hold of him as well.

Rosie nods her head and walks away. Tanner is now the one to say something.

Tanner: Have you heard from him?

Rosie: *turns around* I haven’t.

Nothing else is said, and Rosie walks away from the couple. She leaves the building and stands outside. She’s thinking hard about where the hell could Micah be. She shuts her eyes tightly and then opens them up again. She takes out her phone and types on her phone.

Rosie: Hey Nat, I'm not feeling good. Tell Gabs I'm leaving early.

She sends the text and runs off towards the exit of campus.

Rosie opens the door to the trendy milkshake spot in Brooklyn; the one where Micah took her to a couple of months ago. She looks around and takes a seat at one of the tables. She looks down at her phone, wanting to know more about Micah’s night out. She scrolls down and sees a related article that grabs her attention.

Kalia Holder calls relationship off; says her "career is my only focus right now".

Rosie: Are you fucking serious?

Rosie continues to keep reading the article, growing more and more furious at what the article is talking about. A moment later, a waiter comes up to Rosie’s table, immediately looking up when she hears their voice.

Waiter: Peanut Butter Cup Swirl Milkshake?

Rosie: *surprised* Yeah… How’d you know?

Waiter: Only you and Salem buy them–

The waiter walks away, leaving Rosie confused.

Rosie: Salem? *light bulb* Oh; Micah’s stage name…

Rosie turns her head when she hears commotion towards the entrance of the place. Her eyes widen when she sees it’s Micah bumping into tables, apologizing for doing so. Micah walks up to the counter; Rosie gets up and walks towards the counter to confront Micah.

Rosie: What the fuck, Micah?

Micah: *defensive* Now your publicity is following me too– *turns around* Rosie?

Rosie: *annoyed* Yeah, hi! Remember me? Your friend?

Micah turns back around and rolls his eyes, now talking to the person at the counter. Rosie looks at the guy behind the counter, scrambling through a couple of zip-lock bags. She looks at Micah.

Micah: Hey bro, can I get a–

Rosie pulls Micah away from the counter; Micah is taken off-gaurd.

Micah: Yo, what the fuck–

Rosie: Here; just take mine, asshole.

Rosie hands over her milkshake to Micah and walks out of the place with him. Once they are outside, Rosie lets go of Micah.

Micah: What are you even doing here anyway?

Rosie: What are you doing buying drugs behind some sketch guy? Is this why it’s your favorite spot too? You can just get drugs and shit–

Micah: Why the fuck do you care anyway? Just leave me alone, Rosie…

Micah continues to walk away from Rosie until she runs up to him, stopping him in his tracks.

Rosie: Why? So you can shoot up whatever drugs you take to feel better about yourself?

Micah: It’s fucking weed, Rosie; it’s not coke.

Rosie: *angry* I don’t give a fuck if it’s heroin! You’re fucking skipping school and ignoring your friends to smoke some trash weed from a guy that probably smokes half the dime before selling it?

Micah rolls his eyes and instead takes out a cigarette from his pocket. He lights it up.

Micah: *sarcastically* Oh, but it’s cool to smoke a cigarette? No bitching about me smoking a cigarette?

Rosie: *ignores* Where the fuck have you been?

Micah: Don’t worry about it.

Rosie: What the fuck is that supposed to mean? You literally haven’t been to class in almost a month, you haven’t been answering my messages or calls; like what the fuck was I suppose to think?

Micah: I don’t know, maybe I didn’t want to be bothered?

Rosie: *yells* That’s not the fucking point, dickhead! You really had me out there thinking something terrible happened when all it really was is you and your girlfriend broke up.

Micah: You don’t fucking get it, Rosie! You don’t fucking know a thing about me or what my relationship was.

Micah attempts to walk away from Rosie, but she stops him once again. He begins to get furious at Rosie.

Micah: Ima need you to leave me the fuck alone.

Rosie: And ima need you to pick your balls off the floor and get over yourself.

Micah: Fuck off, Rosie.

Rosie: You know you were in the headlines last night, right? They caught you at the club with some random hoes. You know, you want to become this big-time music producer and are already turning your image into shit because some girl who doesn’t care about you called things off.

Micah: How do you know I wasn’t the one that called things off? I mean, I was the one at the club with other girls.

Rosie: Because you would’ve left that bitch when she stopped caring about you and the relationship a long time ago.

Micah shoves Rosie away from his path and continues walking away. Rosie catches up with Micah and grabs him for him to only turn around and fight back. She pushes Rosie against the brick wall of the building, holding her up by the collar of her sweater. He immediately lets her go, regretting what he did. Rosie is in shock as she straightens herself out.

Rosie: Fuck you, Micah! You only care about the things and people that don’t care about you back, and then expect a fucking pity party when they hurt you!

Micah: Roe–

Rosie walks away from Micah; he doesn’t go after her.

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