about the letter writer.

Hey there, readers! I’m Liz! (:

  • I’m a 27-year-old freelance writer from NYC!
  • I have two degrees in English: Bachelor’s in Writing & Masters in Rhetoric Composition.
  • I am a Kpop collector; I collect albums, photocards, and other misc. goods!
  • When I’m not writing, I enjoy watching YouTube videos, exploring new music, and developing new hobbies/interests!
  • I am a mental health advocate, a self-love enthusiast, a K-Pop lovin’ trash-stan, an animal lover, and your local pixie haircut fat friend!

“Letters From Liz” is a place for anyone who may be looking for inspiration, tips, suggestions, or those who are genuinely interested in reading about what’s going on with me or are interested in reading my more creative bodies of work. I hope you guys enjoy the letters I write for you guys!

Yours Truly, Liz. (:

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For business inquiries, email lizbaez94@gmail.com