y2katalogue: The Tapes

Tape #6: Me Against My Best Friends.

The bell rings and students begin to exit their classrooms and walk through the halls. Milo leaves his classroom and walks by himself to his locker. Before he opens his locker, he sees Jennifer walk pass him without acknowledging his presence. Milo sighs and calls out for her.

Milo: Pep!

Jennifer stops walking for a slight moment but then begins to walk away from Milo. Milo runs after her to catch up to her.

Milo: Pep! Wait–

Jennifer: *turns around, annoyed* What do you want, Milo?

Milo: Can we just talk?

Jennifer: About what? How you were being a dick at practice the other day?

Milo: You were literally trying to bring a douchebag into our band–

Jennifer: So you say something horrible about your friend instead?

Milo: *annoyed* You said that he was the better musician!

Jennifer: *louder* So you talk shit about my dancing skills?

Milo: Yeah, because you talked shit about my music skills!

The two friends bicker in the middle of the hallway until Jennifer sees Nicki pass by. Jennifer turns around and tries to get Nicki’s attention.

Jennifer: Nicki!

Nicki doesn’t answer back, she continues walking down the hall; Jennifer and Milo both follow her.

Jennifer: Hello? Nicki?

Nicki: *turns around* What do you want Pep?

Jennifer: Can you tell Milo that he’s wrong for saying what he said to me at practice the other day?

Nicki: Just how you were wrong for what you did at the pool place?

Milo looks confused, but Jennifer looks offended at Nicki’s comment.

Jennifer: What?

Nicki: I told you it was going to be a girl’s night, and you tell Danny behind my back to tag along?

Milo: Wait, what?!

Jennifer: *to Nicki* You wanted to hang out with him, I just got you guys in the same room finally!

Nicki: Who asked you to do that? I just wanted to hang out with you after what happened at practice and–

Jennifer: I don’t know why you’re mad at me, you and Danny ditched me at the pool place anyway!

Nicki: I left because you were so into playing with Danny!

Jennifer: And he left when you left!

Milo: *loud* Guys!

The two girls stop talking to each other and look at Milo. Milo wears a confused look on his face.

Milo: You guys went out, and Jennifer brought Danny along?

Jennifer: *tempered* This has nothing to do with you, Milo!

Milo: *to Nicki* Nic?

Jennifer: Can’t you mind your own damn business, dude?!

Nicki nods her head to Milo’s question.

Nicki: Literally wasn’t even bothered that she invited someone that should’t have been there.

Jennifer: Why are you both gaining up on me? I’m sorry that I was able to get Danny in the same room as you since you would never do it!

Nicki: I never wanted your help, Pep! Any chance I had with Danny is now ruined because you decided you were going to play matchmaker!

Suddenly, a boy passes by the group of friends and stops at Nicki. She turns around and widens her eyes; it’s Danny. Jennifer watches on as Milo grows angry.

Danny: Hey, Nicki.

Nicki: *nervous* H-hi, Danny.

Danny: It was fun hanging out with you the other night. I was wondering if maybe you wanted to grab a slice or something after school?

Nicki is taken aback. She doesn’t answer right away, but the expression of nervousness is replaced with a smile.

Nicki: Sure.

Danny: *smiles* Awesome. I’ll meet you at your locker. 327, right?

Nicki nods her head. Danny puts his hand on on nicki’s shoulder and walks away from the group. Nicki slowly turns around and looks at Jennifer and Milo.

Nicki: Di-did he just ask me to hag out with him after school?

Jennifer gets giddy and smiles wide; Milo is not amused.

Nicki: I’m sorry for blaming you for Friday! I really thought he didn’t want anything to do with me after that night.

Jennifer: Apology accepted, just know I always do things with good intentions, and it looks like my matchmaking skills are still considered the best!

Jennifer turns around to face Milo.

Jennifer: You got a crush on a girl you need me to set you up with?

Milo takes a moment to answer . He’s annoyed at the confidence Jennifer has after learning that Danny and Nicki are going to hang out with each other. He just looks at Jennifer, but says something when Jennifer waits for his answer.

Milo: I’m good; I don’t need you to hook me with Diaa or someone just as bad as Danny.

Milo walks away from the teo girls, upset at the whole situation with Nicki and Danny. Jennnifer stands there, stunned at the hurtful answer Milo just threw at her. Milo walks back to his locker and opens it, not realizing that there was someone in the middle of passing. He hits the person with his locker, immediately trying to help the person from the ground.

Milo: I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you pass–

He looks up and sees the black, stringy long hair cover the person’s face. The girl brushes away her hair from her face, not answering Milo back. Milo realizes it’s the same girl that he bumped into in his class the tower day. He doesn’t remember her name, and doesn’t want to mistaken her with another name. The girl grabs her things and continues to walk down the hall. Milo rolls his eyes, annoyed that the girl didn’t even say anything about his apology.

y2katalogue: The Tapes

Tape #5: In and Out Without Recognition.

Jennifer enters the front door of her house, running through the living room and the kitchen to go upstairs. She barely sees anyone in those rooms; her main focus is to get upstairs as quickly as possible.

She enters her room and gets scared when she sees her 11-year-old sister, Maryette, laying on one of the bds in the room.

Jennifer: What are you doing here?

Maryette: *confused* This is also my room?

Jennifer: *annoyed* Don’t you have friends to hang out with?

Maryette: Don’t you have friends to hang with?

Jennifer: I do, so get out of here until I have to leave.

Maryette: This is also my room, and I’m hanging out in here.

Jennifer: *even more annoyed* You never even hang out in here!

Maryette: Well I am today!

The sisters start bickering loudly until their mother rushes to their room to see what the fighting was about.

Lydia: Hey, hey! What’s with all the yelling?

The girls try to tell their sides of the story, but Lydia isn’t having it.

Lydia: One at a time! *to Jennifer* What happened?

Jennifer: Mom, I’m trying to get ready to go to the pool place with Nicki, and Maryette is bothering me!

Maryette: You’re trying to kick me out of my own room!

Jennifer: You’re never in here and now all of a sudden you want to hang out?!

Lydia: That’s enough! *to Maryette* Give your sister ten minutes to get ready, and then you can come back in here.

Jennifer: Only 10 minutes?!

Lydia: *stern* I can make it 5 minutes; your choice.

Jennifer huffs and stomps to her closet to get ready, Maryette steps out of the room; Lydia is still standing in the room as she continues speaking to Jennifer.

Lydia: Pep, I just wanted to let you know that you’re going to have to postpone your band rehearsal on Monday…

Jennifer doesn’t respond back; she is busy putting her outfit together in the mirror.

Lydia: You can push it to Tuesday, but remember that on Monday we are having dinner together as a family, okay?

Jennifer’s cell phone rings. She takes it out of her pocket and flips it open. She pressed the buttons on the tiny keyboard and laughs to herself.

Lydia: Pep?

Jennifer: *annoyed* What?

Lydia: Did you hear what I said?

Jennifer: Yeah, mom; I got it. I gotta go meet Nicki at the pool place–

Jennifer runs out of the room once she grabs her jacket from her bed.

Jennifer: Bye mom!

Lydia walks out of the room and watches her daughter run down the stairs toward the front.

Lydia: Be back home by–

The front door slams shut.

Lydia: *defeated* Curfew.

LED lights surround the billiards place; Nicki and Jennifer enter the venue and walk up to the front counter. Shortly after, they get tokens in exchange for money and walk away towards the game area of the billiards place.

Jennifer: So, am I going to still be the reigning champion of air hockey?

Nicki: Pep, no one likes to play you in air hockey. You’re too competitive!

Jennifer: I’m competitive in a lot of things, I just so happen to be good in air hockey.

Nicki: Yeah, well I actually want to leave here still being friends with you tonight.

Jennifer runs up to the air hockey table and caresses one side of it with her arm.

Jennifer: Come on, just one game? We’re here anyway, we might as well play a game!

Nicki ponders the thoughts Jennifer bats her eyelashes. Nicki sighs.

Nicki: Fine, one game and I’m ending it if you get too competitive.

Jennifer rolls her eyes and puts two tokens in the machine. Jennifer scores a couple of times during the game, in which Nicki is about to give up.

Jennifer: *laughs* Come on Nic, don’t be a sore loser!

Before Jennifer picks up the hockey puck to play the next round, she notices someone walking into the billiards place. Her eyes widen, not paying attention to the point that Nicki scored.

Nicki: Score!

Jennifer doesn’t react to Nicki. She continues to watch the person who walked in; she notices right away it’s Danny Campbell. Nicki notices Jennifer’s lack of response to the scored point.

Nicki: Okay, I would’ve been more excited about the point if you actually paid attention to it. *turns around* What are you looking at?

Danny gets his tokens at the front counter and walks away, looking further into the venue. Jennifer waves her hands, trying to grab his attention. Nicki looks and finally notices Danny. She quickly turns around.

Jennifer: Danny! Over here!

Nicki: Are you insane?! What is he doing here?

Jennifer: I invited him to hang out tonight!

Nicki: *angry* Pep! This was supposed to be a girl’s night out–

Danny approaches the two girls and Nicki turns around to face Danny. Jennifer waves her hand hi and smiles.

Jennifer: Hey, Danny! Glad you could make it.

Danny: *nervous* Hey… Yeah, just came to see what was up and stuff.

Danny looks at Nicki, who literally has not said a thing since Danny got here.

Danny: Hey, Nicki.

Jennifer nudges Nicki to make her speak.

Nicki: Uhm, hi Danny.

An awkward silence is shared between the two. Jennifer looks at the two teens and tries to break the ice.

Jennifer: We were just playing some air hockey, but Nicki is a sore loser.

Nicki: *defensive* I am not! *to Danny* Pep’s a sore winner.

Danny: Pep?

Nicki: *off guard* Oh! I mean, Jennifer. Pep’s what we call her…

Danny nods and walks over to the air hockey table.

Jennifer: Since you don’t want to play with me…

Jennifer pushes Nicki to the air hockey table.

Jennifer: Why don’t you play a game with Danny?

Nicki: *nervous* Uhm, I…

Jennifer: It’ll even be my treat!

Jennifer inserts two coins into the air hockey table to start a game. Before Jennifer passes Nicki, Nicki grabs her to talk to her in a whisper.

Nicki: What in the world are you doing?

Jennifer: I’m giving you guys time to bond and get to know each other…

Nicki: But this isn’t what I wanted–

Jennifer throws the first serve at Danny, who serves it back and even gets it into her goal. Jennifer looks up, surprised.

Jennifer: You got me when I wasn’t paying attention.

Danny: I think you’re being the sore loser now, Pep.

Jennifer puts her game face on, she gets in position and starts to play a serious game of air hockey with Danny. It’s an intense one; the score keeops getting tied every other round. Nicki sits at the side, watch the two play the game along, feeling like the third wheel. After awhile, Jennifer doesn’t even act like Nicki is there; she’s so focused on this game that after the score being 9-9, Nicki walks away from the table, and toward the front door. Danny notices and doesn’t pay attention to the table. Jennifer scores the winning point, throwing her hands up in victory!

Jennifer: Woohoo! I won! I won! I am still the reigning champion!

Danny doesn’t celebrate along with Jennifer; instead, he puts down the paddle and runs after Nicki. Jennifer watches him leave the table and go towards the front door.

Jennifer: Hey! Where are you going?

Danny doesn’t answer, he exits the billiards place. Jennifer grabs her jacket from the chair and looks around; she finally notices that Nicki isn’t with her.

Jennifer: Nicki?

She looks around, trying to find her friend. She walks towards the exit of the billiards place, trying to find Nicki.

Jennifer: Nicki? Danny?

No one is outside by the time she gets out of there.

y2katalogue: The Tapes

Tape #4: GNO, you know?

Jennifer slams her locker shut after grabbing the books she needs for her next class. Nicki looks at herself in the mirror in her locker, checking her hair and straightening out her outfit.

Jennifer: I really can’t believe Milo said that in practice yesterday like I swear he thinks he’s better than everyone just because he’s a dual major.

Nicki: I don’t think he meant it, Pep. I think he was just upset about what you said about Danny.

Jennifer rolls her eyes at Nicki’s response.

Jennifer: That still doesn’t give him the right to say what he said. He can be a real asshole sometimes–

Nicki closes her locker.

Nicki: Pep, you know you and Milo are one and the same. He hurts, you, and you hurt him back. You’ve both been this way forever.

Jennifer: Well he took it too far. Milo’s in that band class with him; he should put aside his feelings and actually see that Danny is a good fit for the band.

Nicki doesn’t say anything back, but in the middle of the girl’s conversation, a group of girls walks in between Nicki and Jennifer, interrupting their conversation.

Diana: You should really not be in people’s way.

Pepper: And you should really not be a total bitch, Lopez.

Diana turns around, followed by her posse of girls. She looks directly at Jennifer.

Diana: You’re not worth arguing with today, Castro.

Jennifer: You’re not worth it, period.

Diana: At least I’m not known as the school’s slut; you should really know the people that you hook up with better.

Jennifer lunges towards Diana, but Nicki holds her back.

Nicki: Pep, no!

Diana: *laughs* Tell Danny I said hi.

Diana turns back around and walks away from the two girls. Once they are out of sight, Nicki lets Jennifer go. She turns around to face Nicki, frustrated at her.

Jennifer: Why would you hold me back for?!

Nicki: Pep, you can’t afford to get in trouble again this year! One more incident and you can get kicked out of Waverly!

Jennifer: *annoyed* I don’t care! That bitch has made my life a living hell since the 7th grade.

Nicki: That’s because you let her do that.

Nicki puts her arm around Jennifer and starts to walk down the hall together.

Nicki: How about we do something tonight? Like a GNO, you know?

Jennifer: GNO?

Nicki: A girl’s night out?

Jennifer stops in front of her classroom and looks at Nicki before entering.

Nicki: Come on! We can go to the pool place ad play a couple of rounds of table tennis.

Jennifer is a little hesitant to answer back to Nicki’s plans. Before she can even say anything back, her eyes lock on Milo, who is walking down the hall and towards the same classroom that Jennifer is standing in front of. Without even looking in her direction, Milo walks past Jennifer and into the classroom. It hurts her a little.

Jennifer: Sure, why not? I’ll meet you there at 5 today.

Nicki smiles and jumps up excitedly. She says bye to Jennifer and runs down the hall to your next class. Jennifer’s smile fades as she enters the classroom. She walks to her seat and sits down; she just so happens to sit in the seat in front of Milo. They don’t say anything to each other. Moments later, Danny enters the classroom with his friends, walking towards their desks in the back. Jennifer watches Danny go to his seat; Milo rolls his eyes.

The bell rings and the students in the class pack their things to leave. As Jennifer puts her books back into her bag, she sees Milo walk past her desk, without even looking at her. This makes Jennifer angry. She quickly looks over at Danny, putting his books away before leaving the class. She gets up from her desk and walks over to Danny.

Jennifer: Hey, Danny!

Danny looks up and sees Jennifer standing there. He gives a tight smile before saying anything back.

Danny: Hi, Jennifer. What’s up?

Jennifer: This might be random, but whatcha doing tonight?

Danny cocks up an eyebrow, confused at what Jennifer’s getting at.

Danny: I don’t know, why?

Jennifer: Me and Nicki are going to be at the billiards place tonight. It would be cool if you came along to hang out with us.

Danny: *nervous* Nicki?

Jennifer flashes a smile and crosses her arms. Danny shakes his head and continues to pack his bookbag.

Danny: I don’t think that would be a good idea…

Jennifer: Why not?

Danny stops what he’s doing and finally faces Jennifer with his whole body.

Danny: I don’t think it would be cool if I went out to hang with a girl I hooked up with and her best friend–

Jennifer: –that you also like.

Danny is taken aback by Jennifer’s blunt response.

Danny: I’ll pass.

As Danny begins to walk away, Jennifer stops him in his tracks.

Jennifer: Wait!

She looks up at Danny, who is still trying to get past her.

Jennifer: Look, the past is the past and we can’t change what happened!

Danny: I don’t understand why you’re pushing this so hard.

Jennifer: Because I think you and Nicki would make a cute couple, and–

Danny starts to laugh, which makes Jennifer stop what she’s saying. She’s annoyed that Danny is laughing.

Jennifer: What the fuck is so funny?

Danny: Jennifer, I treated you like shit last year. Literally hooked up with you for a bet. You can’t believe that I’m seriously a right fit for your best friend?

Jennifer: I know you like Nicki–

Danny: So what?

Silence fills the air between the two teens. Danny shuts his eyes, knowing that he just admitted to liking Nicki.

Danny: It doesn’t matter. I doubt Nicki is comfortable wanting to hang out with a guy that hurt her best friend–

Jennifer: Dude, you gotta stop acting like I’m still hurt about what happened. I’m over it!

Danny: *angry* Yeah, well maybe I’m not.

Jennifer doesn’t respond. Danny takes in a deep breath and exhales.

Danny: I gotta go. See you around, Jennifer.

Danny walks away from Jennifer, and she exits the classroom once Danny does.

Outside the classroom, Milo is seen closing the door of his locker once seeing Danny leave the class, followed by Jennifer. Milo isn’t happy that Jennifer is now having secret meetings with Danny.

y2katalogue: The Tapes

Tape #3: Only Lonely Boy.

Milo enters his house, placing his bookbag on the floor next to it. He walks further into the hallway towards the kitchen, where he sees his mom, Elise, cooking dinner. She turns around when she sees her son go into the fridge.

Elise: Hi, Milo! Dinner should be ready in a half an hour.

Milo: *uninterested* -kay.

Milo grabs a drink from the fridge and closes the door. Before he iss able to leave the kitchen, his mother calls out for him.

Elise: Milo?

Milo turns around to face his mom.

Elise: Can you please set up the dinner table?

Milo: It’s only you, me, and dad.

Elise: The table still needs to be set.

Milo: *annoyed* Mom, I–

Elise: Milo, please just set the table for dinner.

Milo huffs and walks into the dining room, taking the dinner plates from the cabinets. He carelessly plates three dishes at one side of the table, followed by the utensils and napkins. Shortly after, the front door opens again; this time Milo’s dad, Montrel, walks down the hallway and into the kitchen. Milo hears his parents greet each other in the kitchen. He turns around and sees his father walk into the dining room.

Montrel: Hi, Milo–

Montrel walks past Milo and into another room inside of the house. Milo rolls his eyes, continuing to set the table for dinner.

Elise: Did you have practice after school, hun?

The family is now sitting at the table where Milo set up the dishes; Milo’s parents sit on one side of the table, while Milo sat at the end of it. Milo looks up from his food and at his mother.

Milo: Uhm, yeah. I had to stay after class to rehearse for a bit after school.

Elise: Is there going to be a performance any time soon?

Milo: *annoyed* You’re usually too busy to come to my shows…

Montrel: *stern* Milo.

Milo rolls his eyes and plays with the food on his dinner plate. Elise continues to eat and talk.

Elise: Well you’re always telling us about your shows too late; we sometimes can’t work around our schedule–

Milo: *in hush* You mean never…

Montrel: Milo!

Milo looks up from his pate and at his father.

Milo: *annoyed* What?

Montrel: Your attitude tonight is uncalled for.

Milo: I just want to eat dinner without answering 21 questions about my day.

Elise: We’re just asking you how your day was–

Milo gets up from his seat and takes his dinner plate.

Milo: I’m not hungry anymore.

Milo walks out of the dining room and into the kitchen. Without even throwing out the food that is left on his plate, he just puts the entire thing in the sink and walks down the hallway. He enters a door into a small room, his room. He turns on the light in his room before laying down on his bed. He looks up toward the ceiling before shutting his eyes tight. He quickly gets up from his bed and walks to the computer desk and sits in the chair. Before Milo can log onto the internet to instant message his friends, there is a knock on the door. Milo looks up to see that it’s his mother standing there.

Elise: Milo?

Milo: *annoyed* Yeah, mom?

Elise walks into the room without Milo giving her the okay. She sits at the end of Milo’s bed, facing him.

Elise: I was going to discuss this with you at the dinner table, but I’m here to tell you that next weekend, your father and I have an event to attend in Chicago. I already spoke to Mrs. Castro about you staying over Jennifer’s house for the weekend.

Milo: Can’t I just stay here by myself?

Elise: You need to be supervised, Milo.

Milo: I just turned 15, mom–

Elise: And you’re still too young to stay here by yourself.

Milo sucks his teeth and turns around to face his computer screen again. He doesn’t even bother looking at his mother while he talks to her.

Milo: Whatever, mom. You make decisions for me without me even knowing or asking me if it’s okay.

Elise gets up from the bed and begins to walk towards the bedroom door to exit.

Elise: I know what’s best for you, Milo. Remember to pack your weekend bag before Friday!

Elise exits Milo’s room. Milo finally signs into the internet and sees who’s currently online. He sees Jennifer’s screen name, peppertea, online. He hovers over her screen name with his mouse to read her away message:

peppertea: xX ~1 fak3 friend can do mor3 damage than 5 enemi3sz~ Xx

Milo rolls his eyes and decides to log off the internet.

y2katalogue: The Tapes

Tape #2: After-School Band Practice.

Jennifer walks down her block by herself. She flips open her phone to see if she has gotten any instant messages on her phone. She rolls her eyes when there’s none.

She turns towards a house and walks up the steps. She opens the front door with her key and enters the house.

Jennifer tosses her bookbag on the floor next to the front door. She walks towards the kitchen to where her mom, Lydia, and her aunt, Gabby, sit at the kitchen table, talking. Both women turn around and look at the teenager.

Lydia: Hey, sweetie–

Jennifer walks past her mother to go towards the fridge. She opens it and looks inside.

Jennifer: Where are my Berry Blasters?

Lydia: They aren’t just yours, honey; they are for everyone–

Jennifer: But I specifically picked out that flavor because it was my favorite.

Lydia: Like I said, they are for everyone, so your sister–

Jennifer groans and closes the fridge hard. She walks away from the two women and doesn’t leave the kitchen until one of them says something.

Lydia: Young lady, that is not your fridge to be slamming all crazy.

Gabby: *to Lydia* Lyd…

Jennifer turns around to face her mom and her aunt.

Jennifer: Oh, well I’m sorry; I forgot that we’re nomads and move wherever we possibly can because we don’t have a real home.

Lydia: *stern* Jennifer Ann Castro.

Jennifer doesn’t say anything else, but she does roll her eyes when her mother isn’t looking. Her mother changes the subject.

Lydia: Your band practice can only run until 5 today.

Jennifer: *whines* Mom, it’s already 4 o’clock! We can’t practice for just an hour!

Lydia: Well today you’re gonna have to. Aunt Gabby is having company over and she does not need her guests listening to you guys scream in the garage.

Jennifer: Whatever.

Jennifer finally leaves the kitchen and heads towards the garage. Once she gets there she sees that Milo is setting up his guitar ahead of practice. Jennifer walks in and begins to set up things as well without saying anything to Milo. Milo looks up at Jennifer and finally says something.

Milo: So you’re mad at me for being mad at you trying to get Nicki to talk to Danny?

Jennifer doesn’t answer right away. Milo scoffs.

Milo: So much for caring about my friends…

Jennifer: You’re being a dick, dude.

Milo: *sarcastic* Wow! She speaks!

Jennifer turns around and looks at Milo.

Jennifer: You wanna know what my problem with you is? You treat me like I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I asked for a best friend, not a babysitter.

Milo: How can I ever support you being friends with a guy that literally didn’t care one ounce that he took your virginity away.

Jennifer: Who cares? It happened and it’s done-

Milo: *loud* No, it’s not!

Jennifer looks at Milo. Milo takes a deep breath before continuing.

Milo: Just because you’re done with what happened, maybe I’m not. Maybe I still get so angry hearing you talk about that asshole the way you did the night you lost your virginity and felt horrible afterward. I get angry because I remember when you told me loud and clear last summer that you didn’t even know if he had a condom on. Like, that ass wipe doesn’t need to be friends with you and he surely shouldn’t be trying to talk to Nicki. Like doesn’t that break the girl code?

Jennifer: What do you even know about girl code?

Milo: Not much, but with two of my best friends being girls, I for sure know that my two friends shouldn’t be giving each other your leftovers for you guys to try out.

Jennifer: *defensive* Danny isn’t my leftovers–

Milo: Well he’s not, nor was he ever, your main course.

Jennifer genuinely looks hurt by Milo’s words. Instead of showing her feelings, she immediately gets angry.

Jennifer: Screw you, Milo! At least I have people interested in me! Unlike you.

Milo: I would rather be alone than some idiot making idiot decisions just because they think they’re in love or some shit.

Before the two can continue to bicker, Nicki enters the garage and looks at her two friends. They both look at her, going silent as she enters.

Nicki: We do have practice, right?

Jennifer: Yep, and mom told me that practice can’t run longer than 5 today.

Milo takes out his flip phone to see what time it was.

Milo: It’s already 4:15; we literally only have 45 minutes to rehearse something we have no idea about–

Jennifer: Yeah well shit happens, Milo; we can’t all walk and live on this earth and make decisions to your liking…

Milo: It’s not for my liking, it’s for our own good; who knows when you’ll be in detention for talking back to a teacher again…

Jennifer: *annoyed* You know, I’m getting really pissed off at you-

Milo: Oh really?

Jennifer: Yeah!

The two friends continue to bicker and argue while Nicki stands there, trying to decipher the two. She holds her head with her hands before breaking up the argument.

Nicki: Please would you two just shut up already?!

Milo and Jennifer stop arguing and look at Nicki. They don’t look back at each other.

Nicki: I’m sick and tired of having to be the one to break this petty arguing between you two. While you guys are arguing over something stupid, we still don’t have a drummer for our band.

Milo: I told you guys I was going to play the drums.

Nicki: And who’s going to play lead guitar?

Both friends look at Jennifer, who isn’t paying attention to the conversation. She looks up when she doesn’t hear anyone talking.

Jennifer: Don’t look at me; I just sing.

Nicki sighs and sits on the sofa.

Nicki: We have this gig coming up in a couple of weeks and we don’t have a drummer.

Milo: We’ll find one, just give us some time–

Jennifer: You know Danny’s a musician, right?

Milo rolls his eyes and looks at Jennifer.

Milo: He’s not joining our band.

Jennifer: Why not? He’s pretty good–

Milo: *annoyed* I don’t care, he’s not joining my band!

Jennifer: It’s our band, Milo.

Milo: But the band was my idea, and I say that dickhead is not joining the band.

Jennifer: Oh please, you already know he’s the better musician. *to Nicki* He’s played with the upper-class band.

Milo: *laughs* Yeah, okay; says the girl that isn’t even Waverly as a dancer because she couldn’t get in.

The garage goes silent. Jennifer shakes her head; she is hurt by Milo’s response. She walks out of the garage and slams the door behind her.

Nicki: That wasn’t cool, Milo.

Nicki walks out of the garage to check on Jennifer. Milo stands in the middle of the garage in silence.

y2katalogue: The Tapes

Tape #1: A Day of School in 2007.

A girl, Jennifer, sits on the floor of her high-school gym with her wired headphones on. She clicks the “next” button on her iPod nano until she is satisfied with what plays. Shortly after, someone tugs at one of her headphones. She looks up and sees a boy, Milo, standing over her. She smiles and gives him a pound as he sits down next to her.

Jennifer: I thought you were actually gonna play basketball today.

Milo: Yeah, but not with those guys hogging up the court…

Jennifer: You mean the same boys that always play during our gym period?

Both Jennifer and Milo look at the basketball court to see that the popular guys are playing a game. Jennifer looks back at Milo.

Jennifer: You know the coach is gonna fail you if you don’t play at least once this marking period.

Milo: You shouldn’t be talking, Pep.

Jennifer rolls her eyes at the nickname Milo calls her: Pep. She got that nickname when they were friends back when they were kids during a school production where she played a character named “Pepper.” Milo has shortened it to “Pep” as the years went on.

Jennifer: Coach Anderson doesn’t care about what the girls do in this class.

Milo: That’s not what happen last marking period though…

Jennifer hits Milo on the arm as he teases her. Shortly after, a blonde hair girl walks over to Milo and Jennifer. She sits next to them and hoffs.

Jennifer: Why so moody, Nicki?

Nicki looks at Jennifer and gives her a look. Jennifer widens her eyes, trying to figure out why Nicki was acting the way she was. Nicki rolls her eyes and sighs.

Nicki: I tried to talk to Daniel again today in Math class; it didn’t work out as I planned.

Jennifer: You didn’t act cute trying to answer his questions?

Nicki: *annoyed* How was I suppose to if all of his questions were literally the dumbest questions ever?

Jennifer: Nic, sometimes a guy just asks questions because they want to see how a girl reacts to them. They want someone cute and gentle and he probably wanted you to laugh at all of his jokes–

Milo shakes his head and interrupts the conversation between the girls.

Milo: *confused* Wait, who are you guys talking about?

The girls stay silent for a moment until Nicki finally says something.

Nicki: Nothing, it’s stupid.

Jennifer: *to Nicki* It’s not stupid! *to Milo* Nicki has a crush on a boy.

Milo: *curious* Ms. Little? Crushing on a boy that isn’t Leonhard Euler?

Jennifer: *confused* Who?

Milo: The guy that literally is all over Nicki’s bedroom walls?

Jennifer: That’s him?

Nicki tries to get the attention off from her.

Nicki: It doesn’t matter, he’s never going to talk to me anyway.

Milo: Leonahard Euler? Isn’t the guys dead?

Jennifer: *annoyed* The guys she’s crushing on! Keep up, dude!

Milo shifts in his spot on the floor, trying to understand what his friends were talking about.

Milo: Who is this mysetryboy that is swooning Nicki’s heart?

Nicki: Nothing…

Jennifer: Nic, it’s fine.

Nothing is said between the three friends until Jennifer finally speaks up.

Jennifer: Danny Campbell.

Milo looks at Jennifer and laughs.

Milo: Sorry, I thought you said Danny Campbell.

Jennifer: I did say Danny’s name.

Milo looks at Jennifer; annoyed.

Milo: You mean the guy that literally took your virginity at the beginning of freshman year?

Jennifer sighs and Nicki looks away from Milo and Jennifer.

Jennifer: *defensive* Of course, this is the reason why we didn’t say anything to you–

Milo: What do you mean?! He literally fucked you out of a bet and now you’re just okay with Nicki trying to talk to him?

Jennifer: For fuck’s sake, Danny and I are friends, like let it go–

Milo: Like you had to take a pregnancy test because you thought he didn’t use a–

Jennifer: *mad* I know what happened, I was there.

Milo: Yeah, well maybe you have to remind yourself that Danny is a piece of shit that you let back into your life because he was “sorry.”

Jennifer: Oh please, stop making it a bigger deal than what it really is–

Milo gets up from his seat and walks away from the two girls. Jennifer and Nicki look at each other. Nicki looks unsure and nervous about the situation.

Nicki: Maybe this was a bad idea, Pep. I mean, it happened just last year and–

Jennifer: Danny and I are literally friends. Like what happened happened, but he’s cool people. If you like him, then you like him. It’s not wrong to like a boy I liked once.

Nicki: But Milo–

Jennifer: Forget Milo! He needs to stop getting into our business anyway if he doesn’t like what he hears. I’ll talk to him after school today or something.

Nicki: I just don’t want to be the reason he removes you from his Top 8 on MySpace.

Jennifer: The most he’ll do is put an away message on AIM that he wants us to read but “isn’t about us”.

The school bell rings and the girls get up from the floor to walk out of the gym. Milo watches the two girls walk towards the girl’s locker room, and then proceeds to enter the boy’s locker room.

Milo enters a classroom with a bunch of other students before the late bell officially rings. He sits in his seat towards the back of the class. He takes out a notebook from his bag and places it on his desk. It’s not long that the notebook gets pushed off the desk, in which Milo looks up to see someone walking down the aisle of his desk. Craig Bernstein, boyfriend of the most popular girl in school, Diana Lopez. Craig laughs as he walks towards the front of the classroom. Milo rolls his eyes and picks the notebook off from the floor. He looks around the class and notices the different cliques that sit with each other. His friends aren’t in his Biology class, which makes Milo dread the class even more. Turning back to sit in his chair, he bumps into another student.

Milo: Oh! Sorry–

He glances at the girl as she quietly walks to her seat at the front of the classroom. Milo huffs and sits back in his chair, hoping the day will be over soon.