Black Sheep in Society.

Romantically Inclined Black Sheep: A Scene.

The bell to the front door of the college bookstore is heard when it swings open. Micah walks in there and immediately looks within the aisles. Rosie, who is working at the register today, watches Micah walk around the store in a hurry. When he can’t find what he is looking for, he walks up to the counter where Rosie is.

Micah: Hey Roe, do you guys sell like flowers or cute shit?

Rosie raises an eyebrow.

Rosie: At a college bookstore?

Micah sighs loudly. Rosie leans on the counter to talk to Micah.

Rosie: What’s going on?

Micah: I haven’t had the time to go shopping for a gift for Kalia and our date is, well… later tonight.

Rosie: *shakes her head* Very typical for a man.

Micah: Look, I don’t have time to stop by a store after class to get something; I was going to do it this weekend but–

Rosie: You forgot?

Micah doesn’t say anything, he just nods his head.

Micah: I can’t fuck this up.

Rosie sighs and looks around the store with Micah.

Rosie: Okay, let’s see what we can do…

Rosie looks on the shelves and sees the gifts section of the bookstore. She pulls a latte plushie off from the shelf.

Rosie: She would like this? I mean, models drink lattes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; right?

Micah rolls his eyes and takes the plushie from Rosie.

Micah: I mean, it has a cute face…

Rosie continues to walk down the aisle to the trade book wall. She looks through the selections and pulls out a poetry book.

Rosie: It’s no Dickinson, but girls like poetry, I guess?

Micah: *confused* Do you not identify as one?

Rosie rolls her eyes and continues to walk towards where the snacks are.

Rosie: What kind of candy does she like?

Micah doesn’t say anything. Rosie looks up back at Micah when he stays silent.

Rosie: Do you not know what she likes?

Micah: She’s an aspiring actress; unless you guys sell vegetable-like candy, I don’t think she’s gonna want candy.

Rosie shakes her head in disbelief and puts the candy back.

Rosie: Well, college students like to snack on junk, so Kalia might like the water we sell here… I mean it’s pH-balanced…

Micah goes to the counter to place the plushie and poetry book. Rosie walks behind the counter to check him out.

Micah: This should be enough…

Rosie: Why are you so jittery about this date with your girlfriend?

Micah: *sighs* It would be our first date in over a month…

Rosie widens her eyes as she scans the items.

Rosie: Everything’s good?

Micah: She’s busier than ever, so we haven’t gotten the chance to actually spend time with each other.

Rosie: That sounds concerning…

Micah: *brushes it off* We’re fine, she’s just working towards her career. I can’t be mad at her for doing so.

Rosie: Okay, if you feel that way, who am I to tell you anything…

Micah looks at Rosie, raising an eyebrow at her. He takes the bagged goods and puts his card back in his wallet.

Micah: I should get going; can I get your notes for class today tomorrow?

Rosie: You’re skipping class today?

Micah: I have to, Kalia’s only available this afternoon.

Rosie rolls her eyes and sighs.

Rosie: Yeah, I got you.

Micah nods in appreciation and leaves the bookstore in a hurry. Rosie shakes her head.

Rosie: That boy is whipped.

Micah gets off the bus with a gift bag and flowers. He’s in his best business casual attire: a button-down shirt, black jeans, and black converse with a black blazer on. He takes in a deep breath and walks towards the restaurant he’s meeting Kalia at.

Once he walks in, he sees that the restaurant has been reserved for just them two. Micah’s eyebrows shoot up in surprise.

Waiter: Right this way, Mr. Kamalani.

Micah is taken back by the hospitality of the waiter. He follows the waiter towards the balcony section of the fancy restaurant, where there is a table set up for two. Micah sits down in one of the seats and patiently waits for Kalia to arrive.

He waits for Kalia for an hour before she finally arrives.

When Kalia arrives, she’s dressed in a very fancy dress; it’s much fancier than the outfit Micah has on. He gets up from his seat to greet his girlfriend. He kisses her on the cheek.

Micah: I thought you were ditching me today.

Kalia: No, no! I had to get something extra special on my way here.

Micah looks confused when Kalia grabs his arm and leads him towards the back. When entering the back valley of the restaurant, Kalia runs towards the surprise. Micah looks at Kalia in shock, not really believing what’s happening in front of him.

Kalia: Surprise!

Micah slowly walks towards the motorcycle that he used to go and visit back at the motorcycle shop.

Micah: W-what? What’s going on?

Kalia: *points to motorcycle* This beauty is yours!

Micah’s face lights up and walks toward the motorcycle. He still looks completely in awe.

Micah: How did you know this was the one I’ve been looking for?

Kalia: I had some help from Tanner. He told me the motorcycle has been on your mind for quite some time and, well, I wanted to get it for you.

Micah: Kal, this is–

Kalia: It’s the least I can do for you, Micah.

Kalia looks uneasy when saying it, but Micah doesn’t notice it. He finally accepts the fact that the motorcycle he has been eyeballing is finally is. He turns around and hugs Kalia tightly, lifting her off of the ground.

Micah: You are absolutely amazing; thank you so much, babe!

As he hugs her, Kalia fakes a smile, trying to hide the worry on her face when the two disembark from their hug. Micah grabs Kalia’s hand and heads back into the restaurant.

Micah: Let’s have an amazing date together.

Kalia: Yep.

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