Black Sheep in Society.

Black Sheep’s Whereabouts: A Scene.

The class before Rosie walks out of the classroom. As she waits to walk into her classroom, she looks around her other classmates. Micah is nowhere to be found once again. Once the other class clears out, she and her classmates enter the room to officially begin their class for the day: Art History.

Rosie sits in her seat, looking ahead of her to where Micah’s seat is. It’s been empty for the last two classes, and she has no idea where the hell he could be. She takes out her phone from her sweater pocket and opens up her messages with Micah.

Rosie: Micah I swear to God if you don't answer me I'm going to rip your throat out. Where the fuck are you?

The professor walks into the classroom and begins the lecture by taking attendance.

Professor: Okay, let’s see who we got in today… *flips attendance book* Amanda Abrams? Joseph Benito? Zoe Davis?

Each of her classmates raises their hand as their name gets called.

Professor: Rosie Delgado?

Rosie looks up from her phone and quickly raises her hand. She immediately goes back to sending Micah another text message.

Rosie: We have a fucking midterm coming up and you're just gonna not come to class anymore? What's going on with you, man?

Professor: Amina Izizberry? Micah Kamalani?

No answer. The professor looks up towards the class and sees the empty seat where Micah would usually sit. He grows frustrated.

Professor: Has anyone spoken to Micah lately? Does anyone know what’s going on with him?

At first, Rosie doesn’t say anything. The professor sighs.

Professor: Well if anyone does speak to him, please let him know he’s two classes away from unofficially withdrawing and should make an effort to come to class–

Rosie: He had surgery!

The class turns in their seats and looks at Rosie.

Professor: Surgery?

Rosie: Yeah. He, uhm… got into a car accident and had to get surgery on his… leg.

Professor: Oh my, I’m sorry to hear that. Send Micah our best wishes and we hope to see him soon. In the meantime Ms. Delgado, can you share your class notes with him? He has missed a lot of work since he was last in class.

Rosie: No problem, Professor.

The professor continues with the attendance and everyone stops looking at Rosie. She lets out a deep sigh of relief, seriously pissed at Micah.

Rosie walks out of her building, looking at her phone to see if Micah wrote her back while she was in class; nothing. She lets out a frustrating sigh until something rings in her bookbag. She pulls out a second phone and picks up the call.

Rosie: Hey, everything alright?

Rosie looks around while she talks on the phone. She notices the two other people that were at Micah’s gig a couple of weeks ago. She begins to walk over to them but stops midway when she sees who she’s talking to in person. It’s Prescott. Rosie hangs up the phone and walks toward Prescott’s car. She wraps her hair up and puts on a hat before she reaches him.

Rosie: What are you doing here?

Prescott: I couldn’t wait for you to come by, so I decided to come and get you.

Prescott grabs Rosie by her backside to bring her closer to him. Rosie smiles at the gesture.

Rosie: Are you really asking for it right now? What about your parents?

Prescott: Out of town until tomorrow morning.

Rosie: How much are we talking?

Prescott: *thinks* Hmm… Rent and some spending money?

Rosie: *excited* Okay!

Prescott smiles and walks back to the driver’s side of the car. Rosie happily goes toward the passenger’s side and gets into the car with him. They drive off and away from the campus.

Rosie lays naked on a California King Bed in a penthouse suite in the city. She rolls in between the bed sheets and grabs her phone from her jean pocket. She scrolls through her phone to see if she got any messages from Micah: nothing. She tries to look him up on social media to see if he’s been active, but that lead comes out empty. She decides to go through his friends list on Instagram in hopes to see if the two friends she saw on campus are on his page. She panics when she hears Prescott coming back into the bedroom. She throws her phone back to where her clothes are.

Prescott: You want anything to eat or drink? The chef is coming in about an hour.

Rosie: The beef wellington was amazing last time, do you think we could have that again?

Prescott: *disinterested* I was thinking of something fast; the wellington is too time consuming.

Rosie: I mean, we have the time, right? Your parents aren’t coming back until tomorrow morning.

Prescott doesn’t say anything back. Rosie nods her head.

Rosie: You don’t want me to stay the night, huh?

Prescott: It’s not that, it’s just– I had other plans for this evening. I figured you had to get ready for work tomorrow and class–

Rosie: Yeah, but I could’ve gone home before work and do that before I left tomorrow morning. *upset* It’s whatever…

Prescott grabs Rosie before she is able to leave out of the bed. Rosie stops and completely melts in his arms.

Prescott: Please, stay. I really wanted to see you before I get swarmed with business stuff tonight. At least stay for some dinner. I will get Diego to drive you home later.

Rosie sighs and then smiles back at Prescott.

Rosie: Of course I’ll stay.

2 thoughts on “Black Sheep’s Whereabouts: A Scene.”

  1. I’ve read it so keenly. It’s the most catching raw work I’ve come across so far. It’s amazingly dramatic and fairly plotted with the vividness of a lecture room setting. Bravo!
    I’m a playwright. We’d write more fictional pieces together. I’m impressed.


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