Black Sheep in Society.

A Black Sheep’s Return: A Scene.

Micah walks into the building where the bookstore is located. He thinks about walking into the store to see if Rosie is working today. He opts going through the first floor and immediately goes towards the second floor where the textbooks and other supplies are located.

He enters the second floor of the bookstore and immediately notices the difference in atmosphere. It’s a lot quieter on the second floor with students strolling through the aisles and looking for their books. He slowly walks through the aisles to get one of his books for his class.

As he flips through the textbook, he immediately looks up and hears a familiar voice in the aisle in front of him. He looks through the shelves and sees that Rosie is helping a student look for their textbooks. Micah is taken back that she’s working up here, considering she’s always downstairs at the register. Once the student walks away from Rosie, he slowly loops around to the aisle she’s standing in. Her back is facing him; she doesn’t notice him standing there.

Micah: Any chance you can help me find a book for my class?

Rosie: *customer service voice* Hi, what book are you–

She turns around and sees Micah there. Her face immediately changes.

Rosie: What book are you looking for? How to be the Shittiest Person Alive? I believe you already own that book.

Micah: I’ll give you that because I was a shitty person to you and I’m sorry that it got to that point.

Rosie rolls her eyes and continues to place books on the top shelf as she stands on a step ladder.

Micah: I shouldn’t have pushed you the way I did. I was just so angry and embarrassed and didn’t know how to handle all of that.

Rosie doesn’t answer.

Micah: Like, I have sisters for fuck’s sake. I would’ve beaten the shit out of any guy that would put their hands on them for anything. I just want you to know how sorry I am and that if you never want to talk to me again because of that, I understand–

Rosie: You think I’m mad at you for that? *scoffs* I’ve literally had worse done to me than that… *puts books on shelf* My thing was that I was just trying to help you not make a dumb decision like buying drugs and shit, yet you did what you did and carried on like a fucking lunatic…

Rosie begins to stack the books angrily as she talks.

Rosie: You also literally let someone like Kalia fuck you up so hard when really she never seemed to be fucking worth it; like she wasn’t even at your biggest gig to date and you let her slide with that shit! You’re letting her fuck your whole life up and she can’t even be bothered since she’s busy living her preppy, rich, and glamorous life–

The stack of books are now too high, and they begin to fall forward. Rosie tries to catch them, but she loses her balance trying to catch them all. She falls back on the step ladder, in which Micah quickly runs toward Rosie and catches her before she hits her head on the other shelf in the aisle. The books fall mostly on Micah as he shields Rosie.

Rosie looks at Micah, who visibly looks in pain. She gets up from the ground, trying to help Micah up from the ground.

Rosie: Fuck, are you alright?!

Micah: *in pain* My foot!

Rosie panics and calls out for help from the other workers. The manager calls public safety to help with the situation.

Micah is seen sitting on the nurse’s bed with an ankle brace on. The nurse attempts to help Micah move his ankle and foot; he winces in pain.

Micah: Fuck! That hurts!

Nurse: Language, Mr. Kamalani…

The nurse helps Micah get off the bed and onto some crutches.

Nurse: It’s best if you stay off your feet for at least a week, and then regularly use the crutches for about a month.

The nurse takes her gloves off and writes on a clipboard.

Micah: *sighs* Just my fucking luck…

The nurse takes the paperwork out front as Micah attempts to walk with his crutches. Once he gets out in the waiting room area, he sees Rosie still sitting there.

Rosie: How bad is it?

Micah: Well, crutches will be my new best friend for the next month, and I have to stay home for at least a week. *laughs* Might as well drop Art History since God knows I won’t fucking pass it now…

Rosie: Well, you’re “recovering from a car accident and needed surgery on your leg”, so at least the lie is believable now.

Micah looks at Rosie confused for a moment. Rosie brushes it off.

Rosie: Don’t worry about it.

Micah laughs, which makes Rosie at ease for the first time since going to the Nurse’s office with him.

Rosie: I’m sorry you hurt your foot because of me.

Micah: I’m not; this is the universe telling me don’t ever do what I did to you ever again.

Rosie: *smiles* You really believe in karma?

Micah: Hell yeah! If you do shitty things, shitty things will happen to you.

Rosie: Well, if you put it that way…

Nothing else is said until the receptionist calls out for Micah.

Receptionist: Salem?

Micah looks up towards the woman at the desk. Rosie is confused with the name change.

Receptionist: We contacted your family; your mother is on her way to pick you up.

Micah nods his head and looks back at Rosie.

Rosie: Well, I should get going, my manager is probably wondering where the fuck I am…

Micah smiles as his response. He takes a deep breath.

Micah: Thank you for staying… Friends?

Rosie: *teases* Yeah, karma got you back pretty hard.

Micah laughs and agrees. Rosie gathers her things and gets up.

Rosie: I’ll text you later.

Micah nods his head as Rosie walks out of the nurse’s office. The smile fades once she’s out of the office; he’s clearly still dealing with the shit happening in his life.

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