Black Sheep in Society.

Surprised Little Black Sheep: A Scene.

The Brooklyn air is crisp and cold these days; the leaves are barely hanging onto the trees and the sun isn’t as bright as it once was. Coming out of an office building is Micah who is now standing on his own and healed from the bookstore incident. He looks down at his phone until his phone rings. He answers the phone.

Micah: Hey mom… yeah I just got out of the doctor’s office; he said everything is good. I’m taking the train home so I’ll be home soon… okay, love you too.

Micah hangs up the phone and walks in the direction of the train station. He walks down the street looking down at this phone until he bumps into a crowd of people with cameras. Micah immediately panics, thinking they will follow him after his break up with Kalia. He takes a detour and walks down a less familiar block towards the train station.

This block, in particular, has nothing but abandoned buildings. It makes Micah a little uneasy, but he continues to walk his path to the train station.

Stopping at one of the sidewalks waiting for the light to change, he sees a particular building with a long staircase extending toward the roof of the building. He sees someone standing there; a woman. As the light changes, he walks closer to the building, realizing the woman standing at the top of the stairs is someone he knows.

Micah: *to himself* Roe?

He takes his phone out of his sweater pocket and calls Rosie while looking at the woman at the staircase. The phone rings and without being surprised, the woman on the staircase answers the phone.

Rosie: Micah?

Micah: Hey Roe! I just wanted to let you know that everything went well at the doctor’s today. Got me walking like a normal person again.

Rosie: That’s great! Finally, you’ll be on campus again.

Micah keeps looking up at Rosie on the staircase.

Micah: Are you busy? I figured we could hang out before I–

Micah turns his head around and sees a very fancy car with black tinted windows driving alongside the street. It feels really out of the place with the run-down abandoned buildings. He sees the car park right outside of the abandoned building.

Rosie: Ahh, I can’t; I’m actually getting ready for plans I made with some friends.

Micah: Oh, alright; that’s cool…

He looks at the person getting out of the fancy car; to his surprise, it’s Prescott Jones: the heir millionaire he’s seen a couple of times at fancy events when he was with Kalia. He thinks back to the gala, remembering he saw Rosie there even though she denied it. He knew he wasn’t seeing things when he saw her there.

Micah: Well, text me whenever you’re free so we could talk about the test coming up–

Rosie: Yeah, I will; bye Micah!

He sees Rosie hang up the phone as Prescott walks up the long staircase. Micah gets annoyed that Rosie would lie to him about her plans, but what the fuck is Rosie doing with someone like Prescott Jones?

Micah gets home, still thinking about what he saw with Rosie. He looks up articles about Prescott Jones possibly being in a relationship, but nothing comes up.

Micah: Why the fuck would she give me a hard time about Kalia when she’s literally seeing someone like Prescott Jones…

He looks at his phone, tempted to call Rosie. He doesn’t understand why he feels the way he feels about Rosie and Prescott being together, but it bothers him. He picks up the phone and dials Rosie’s number.

Clothes are off, hands all over each other’s bodies, and Rosie and Prescott are both kissing each other in bed. Before things get too heated, Rosie’s phone rings on her nightstand. It makes her jump up and looks toward it. Prescott looks at the phone and reaches for it.

Rosie: Prescott, wait!

Prescott looks at the name on the phone; it reads “Micah”. He faces the phone toward Rosie to show her who it is. She’s mortified at that moment. Prescott throws Rosie off of him toward the empty side of her bed, getting up from it.

Rosie: Prescott, that’s just a friend of mine–

Prescott: You know, I would’ve believed you a month ago, but this motherfucker’s number is always coming up on your phone!

Rosie: You… you’ve looked through my phone?

Prescott: You’ve been acting weird lately, and like I get that you need money and shit, but you’ve been asking for so much lately and like… *looks around* You’re still living in this hole in the wall. And now this guy is always calling your phone and shit, like how am I supposed to feel knowing that all of a sudden, there’s another guy?!

Rosie: *upset* That doesn’t mean that you have every right to look through my phone!

Prescott: Yeah, I do if I’m fucking paying for that bill! Or is it your secret phone that you use for your other hookups? I knew you couldn’t be trusted.

Rosie: It’s not even like that! Fuck you for thinking that I would be that way when I told you countless times I’m not like that!

Prescott walks up to Rosie, looking down at her now. Rosie swallows hard.

Prescott: Don’t fuck with me, Rosie. I don’t have time to be dealing with your bullshit if it ever gets out. We had an agreement–

Rosie: An agreement you broke whenever you’re doing events and shit that you don’t take me to anymore!

Prescott: Not after the fucking scene you caused at the Placy Gala! You know, you’re not a woman you take out and flaunt to the world; you are just some slut that allows anyone to fuck her just so she can get a quick buck because she’s incapable of doing anything right.

Rosie doesn’t say anything, she just grabs her phone and throws it in Prescott’s direction; hitting the wall next to him. He turns around and grabs Rosie by the arms, lifting her up from the ground.

Prescott: Try some shit like that with me again and I’ll fucking break your arms.

He squeezes harder which makes Rosie wince in pain.

Rosie: Prescott! Stop!

Prescott: Do I make myself clear?

Rosie: *pleads* Yes! Please just stop!

Prescott drops Rosie, which makes her collapse on the floor. Prescott reaches into his wallet and throws a couple of hundred dollar bills at Rosie before walking out. She doesn’t lookup.

Prescott: Don’t call me for more money. I’ll call you when I need you.

Prescott opens the door and walks out. Rosie weeps on the floor.

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