Black Sheep in Society.

A Black Sheep’s Broken Heart: A Scene.

The couple sits at the table in the restaurant, enjoying the first course of their 3-course meal for the night. Kalia looks at the gift bag next to Micah, which she questions him about.

Kalia: What’s in the bag?

Micah: *nervous* Oh, uhm… it’s not much, so I’m sorry it’s so–

Kalia looks into the bag as Micah hands it over to her. She quickly opens the bag and takes out the two gift items; she looks confused at first.

Kalia: These are… cute!

Micah: You don’t have to lie. You just got me a motorcycle and I got you some poetry book and plushie.

Kalia: I will cherish these gifts, Micah. I love them; thank you.

Micah smiles and continues to eat. Shortly after, the second meal, the main course, is served to the couple.

Micah: This dinner will literally keep me full for the next 2 years, I swear.

Kalia: *laughs* The food is out of this world.

As Micah continues to eat, Kalia takes a deep breath and looks at Micah.

Micah: So, I was thinking for my 21st birthday, we can go on a vacation together.

Kalia: A vacation?

Micah: Yeah! I was thinking maybe we can go to Florida. Universal Studios would be so fun! Plus we can hit up all the bars in the area since I’ll be able to drink…

Kalia: Oh, I didn’t know that you wanted to go somewhere for your birthday; I could’ve planned something in advance.

Micah: Well, we have like 6 months until then. We can make something happen!

Kalia: Yeah…

Micah looks back up at Kalia. He notices she hasn’t touched her food.

Micah: Are you not hungry?

Kalia looks down at her plate. She picks up her fork.

Kalia: Yeah, yeah; don’t worry about me!

Micah’s concern arises even more.

Micah: Babe? Is everything alright?

Kalia: Yeah?

Micah: Are you sure? You seem a little… disconnected.

Kalia: *offended* What does that mean? I mean I’m here with you.

Micah: *taken back* I’m just wondering if you’re feeling alright…

Kalia takes a deep breath and places her fork back onto her plate.

Kalia: I can’t just hide this in…

Kalia looks back up and smiles wide.

Kalia: I got cast in my first full-length feature film!

Micah smiles wide and congratulates Kalia.

Micah: Babe! That’s amazing! I’m so proud of you! This is big news!

Kalia: I know, I know… I start filming for it in 2 weeks.

Micah: Wow, that’s so soon… but you’re a professional; you’ll be great.

Micah takes a sip of his drink.

Micah: Is the filming happening here in New York?

Kalia: About that…

Micah looks back up and places his drink down on the table. He’s waiting for Kalia to say something.

Kalia: The filming is back in Sweden.

Micah: *eyes widen* Sweden?!

Kalia: The film is set in Sweden during the cold winter… my father and I are cast in the movie so we would be going together–

Micah: Going?! Wait are you actually considering going to Sweden?

Kalia: Micah, this is the one chance to make my name out of something. This is my one shot to become the actress I want to become.

Micah: You couldn’t find something here, like broadway or something?!

Kalia: I’m sorry, Micah…

Micah is dumbfounded. He folds his arms across his chest, looking directly at Kalia.

Micah: It was your dad, right? He told you to take this job?

Kalia: What? Micah, you’re talking crazy–

Micah: You didn’t even talk to me about this though! How do you think I feel about you just packing your life to go film in Sweden?!

Kalia: I understand, Micah, but–

Micah: How would you feel if I just told you, “hey! I’m DJing for a producer in a foreign country!” without seeing how you felt about it?

Kalia: I would be happy for you! I would only want the best for you and your career, and I was hoping you’d be happy for me!

Micah: How can I be happy for you if I never knew you were even auditioning for this? Kal, this is the first time we’re actually on a date with each other, and you decide this was the right time to tell me you’re leaving? *points towards the outside* Did you get me the motorcycle to lessen this blow or something?

Kalia: *defensive* I got it for you because you’ve been wanting it!

Micah: You don’t gift a whole ass motorcycle! You gift like a watch or something… *points at the plushie and poetry book* Or something like that!

Kalia: I’m sorry, but you should know how much this means to me. I really thought you would be understanding.

Micah: That’s all I’ve been has been understanding though! Kalia, I know that your career means a lot to you, and I signed up for all those days when you were busy working towards that. But where do I draw the line? Having to drop everything I’m doing because you’re finally free? Saying you’ll be at my important gigs but then show up hours late to them? Anything that’s important to you, I’m expected to be there and supportive and there with open arms, but when it’s something important to me, it’s meeting this and audition that!

Kalia: If you felt so strongly about this, then why are you bringing it up just now?

Micah: When will I ever get the chance to? You’re never available! I just want to be able to have my Kalia back! The one where she didn’t care about paparazzi and when she was the only girl drummer in the all-boys band in high school! The one where all she wanted was to be lowkey and live a normal life?!

Kalia is taken back by Micah’s words.

Kalia: If you really feel that way, then this makes doing this a lot easier on my end…

Micah doesn’t say anything back.

Kalia: I think we should break up. I’m simply not the girl you want to be with, and I would hate to keep you waiting for her. She’s not coming back and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you that sooner.

Micah: Are you fucking serious?

Kalia: Yeah, I am. I thought maybe we could at least take a break while I was in Sweden, but… I think it’s just better if we ended the relationship.

Micah is at a loss for words. Kalia begins to get up from her seat, getting ready to leave the restaurant.

Micah: So that’s it? You’re not going to ask me how I’m feeling or what I want to do?

Kalia keeps silent, which infuriates Micah.

Micah: Of course not, because you never want to know. You’re going to do whatever the fuck you want to do, so go ahead and do it.

Kalia: I’m sorry, Micah.

Kalia gathers her things and walks out, leaving behind the gift bag of Micah’s gifts to her, and Micah.

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