The "Something" Series

Before You Lose Something Important: A Scene.

NYC Winter Events Guide: January 2020 | Julep by Triplemint.

The keys are heard opening an apartment door. Grace walks into the apartment and kicks off her boots to the side. Ari follows her inside, placing her boots nicely to the side. Grace goes to the kitchen and gets a bottle of water out of the fridge. Ari stands there, watching Grace walk around her apartment like nothing happened.

Ari: Grace?

Grace doesn’t answer, she continues to do things around the apartment. It pisses Ari off.

Ari: Grace!

Grace: What?

Ari: You’re just gonna act like you weren’t puking your brains out a couple of hours ago?

Grace: No, but it’s over and done with; thank you for driving me home.

Grace walks into her bedroom, in which Ari follows her into. Once Ari enters, she slams the door behind her, making Grace look back, annoyed.

Ari: Grace, we gotta talk.

Grace: Yeah, you’ve been saying that forever now…

Ari: Because you’ve been avoiding it forever now.

Grace turns around to face Ari.

Grace: Can’t I just relax in my own home for fuck’s sake?

Ari: Dumb bitches like you don’t get to relax after the fuckery they pulled last night.

Grace: Excuse me?

Ari: Did I stutter?

Grace rolls her eyes and puts on a hoodie and sweatpants. Ari just stands there.

Ari: Do you even remember where the fuck you were last night?

Grace: Yeah. I was at the bar, is it a crime to go to the bar?

Ari: Do you remember where the fuck you went after the bar?

Grace: Your place.

Ari: Wrong. Do you see what I’m saying, Grace? You don’t even know where the fuck you were because you were so fucking drunk.

Grace: So what? I’m home now.

Ari: That’s not the fucking point, Grace! You’re not in college anymore; it’s not cute to be waking up in someone else’s house without you remembering. You’re a grown ass adult!

Grace: Then stop talking to me like I’m your fucking kid, Ari.

Ari: Then stop acting like one! Girl, you’re going to be 30 years old this year, and yet you are acting like the complete opposite! This drinking to the point of blacking out needs to fucking end.

Grace: I don’t remember asking for your opinion or this lecture.

Before Grace can walk out the bedroom door, Ari blocks the door way. Grace is beyond annoyed, and Ari doesn’t care if she is.

Ari: The clothes you were in earlier were not mine, or Dean’s, by the way.

Grace: So?

Ari: They were Jamie’s.

Grace’s eyes focus on Ari after the newfound information. She doesn’t know how to react.

Ari: That’s where you were last night.

Ari moves out of the way and Grace follows her out of the room.

Grace: WAIT, WHAT? What the fuck was I even doing there anyway? I don’t remember going out with him-

Ari: Because you didn’t. His friends spotted you taking shots at the bar and called him to help you out, since you were incapable of helping yourself out.

Grace doesn’t say anything, but Ari continues to speak.

Ari: You gotta stop all of this dumb bitch shit, Grace.

Grace: Look, I was upset and I need to just relax for the night.

Ari: That’s not a valid excuse to get shitfaced! You deal with it like a normal, functioning adult!

Grace: Whatever, Ari. I’m fine.

Ari: No, you’re not!

Ari is louder than she was. Grace uis taken back by Ari’s loud voice.

Ari: Grace, you gotta stop feeling sorry for yourself. You can’t just go to the bar and drink your life away because it’s not going the way you want it to go.

Grace: I’m allowed to do whatever the fuck I want to do!

Ari: At what cost, Grace? Huh? If you keep this up, you’re going to end up losing something important. You’re going to end up losing Willow. She needs you in her life and you gotta start acting like her mom!

Grace: Why? Huh?! Max is just going to play house with his new wife and she’ll be Willow’s new mom and I’ll just be the mistake in both of their lives!

Ari begins to gather her things to leave the apartment.

Ari: I’m not going to feel sorry for you. In fact, I feel sorry for Jamie for having to deal with you last night and the shit you put him through.

Grace: *angry* Are you seriously siding with my ex right now? You’re suppose to be my best fucking friend!

Ari explodes at Grace, revealing everything that has happened within the last 24 hours.

Ari: Do you know why I came to get you instead of Jamie this morning? Because he left; he couldn’t stand being with you and helping a person that really told him in a drunk state of mind that you killed his baby!

Grace is at a loss for words. Hints of last night begin to flashback to her. She remembers being with Jamie, and she remember crying herself to sleep.

Grace: Get out.

Ari doesn’t say anything back, she just grabs her things and heads for the front door. Grace stands in place, not really knowing what to do next.

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