Black Sheep in Society.

Black Sheep’s Day Off: A Scene.

The richest neighborhoods in New York City - Curbed NY

Rosie walks out of a building in the city in high heels, sunglasses, a short skirt with a small jacket on. She looks around the street and instantly sees a limo pull up towards the building. Before walking towards the limo, she quickly looks at her surroundings. She walks into the limo and drives off.

Back in Brooklyn, Micah lays on his back on the couch, scrolling through his phone. His younger twin sisters sit in the kitchen area.

Reagan: He’s a total hottie though, Dyl! Like he’s a musician and every girl wants a piece of him!

Dylan: He’s not into me, though…

Reagan: He’s into you more than any girl I’ve seen him into! Let him stroke you like an instrument!

Micah gets up and faces the girls.

Micah: Over my dead body!

Reagan: *sucks her teeth* Chill Mic, it’s just a saying…

Micah: Yeah, before that saying becomes a reality and the only thing that tool is stroking is himself on a weekend night!

Reagan and Dylan say “eww” at the same time.

Dylan: You didn’t have to say all of that in front of us…

Micah: Well you didn’t have to say all that you did in front of me either.

The girls and Micah’s mother, Jennifer, walks into the kitchen area with a basket of laundry. She places it on top of the island.

Jennifer: I remember telling you two to start off the laundry an hour ago.

Dylan: We were getting ready to do it!

Jennifer: Really? Then why did I find the basket in your room?

The girls don’t answer; they are clearly busted.

Jennifer: Laundry. Now.

The girls get up from their chairs and grab the laundry to load it in the washer. Jennifer leaves the kitchen area and walks towards Micah in the living room.

Jennifer: Your brother and his family are coming over for dinner, Mic.

Micah: And?

Jennifer steps back and shows Micah the condition of the living room.

Jennifer: This place is a mess!

Micah: It’s only Milo, Ma! He’s lived here before, he knows how this place can be!

Jennifer: *stern* Micah.

Micah rolls off of the couch and stands up. He’s clearly not happy about having to clean up. He stumbles his way towards the broom and dustpan, about to clean up. Jennifer walks away and gets everything else straightened out. Micah’s phone gets to ring in his pocket, in which he takes it out and sees that it’s Kalia.

Micah: *answers the phone* Hey Kal.

Kalia: Hey babe! I was wondering if you wanted to go out today? My auditions got postponed to next Saturday so I have the weekend to myself!

Micah: *worried* That’s great…

He looks towards where his family is.

Kalia: You don’t sound too convincing…

Micah: It’s not that, it’s just… *sighs* My brother and his family are coming over for dinner, so I’m not going to be able to hang out with you.

Kalia: *down* Oh, I see… I really wanted to spend the day with you too…

Micah looks over towards the kitchen where his mother is beginning to prepare to cook dinner.

Micah: Why don’t you come over for dinner with my family?

Kalia: A-are you sure? I don’t want to intrude or anything.

Micah: I’m sure! Come by my place by 7?

Kalia: Yeah, sure.

Micah smiles through the phone.

Micah: See you then, Kal.

Micah hangs up the phone and turns around to see his mother looking at him from the kitchen. Jennifer sighs, continuing to do what she was doing.

Jennifer: Am I setting another plate on the table?

Micah: Yeah, I invited Kalia over for dinner since she was free.

Jennifer: Well, let’s just hope she actually makes it here this time around.

Micah doesn’t say anything.

A couple of hours later, The family is sitting around the large dining room table. On one end, it’s Jennifer and Milo Sr. with Reagan and Dylan, and then there’s Milo Jr, his wife Sophie, and two young children, Summer and Emerson. Micah sits towards the end of the table, next to an empty space.

Sophie: Dinner was delicious, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Thank you, sweetie! I know you’ve been asking for this dish for quite some time.

Sophie: I will definitely have a dish prepared the next time we do this…

Milo Jr: That’s if you don’t throw the ingredients at me again…

Sophie gives her husband a stern look.

Sophie: Carrying another one of your children gives me plenty of reason to do such thing, especially when you tell me how to cook.

Milo Jr playfully smiles at his wife, and kisses her on the forehead. His children say “ew” at the affection. Milo Sr and Jennifer smile at the sight, until Jennifer turns her head towards Micah, who is paying no attention to anything else besides his phone. She’s sad for Micah.

Jennifer: Any word yet, Micah?

Micah lifts his head to face the rest of the table, who is now looking at him. He doesn’t say anything.

Milo Jr: Micah had company coming too?

Reagan: His girlfriend.

Milo Jr: Girlfriend?

Micah rolls his eyes and ignores the conversation to the best of his ability. It’s easier said than done.

Milo Jr: Is it still with that model?

Micah: *annoyed* She’s not a model, she’s an actress and yes, she’s still my girlfriend.

Milo Jr: *nods* Okay, I hope to meet her one day.

Sophie: *stern* Babe.

Milo Jr: What? I’m just expressing my excitement that my little brother has a girlfriend and that I would like to meet her… whenever we get the chance to.

Micah gets up from his seat and grabs his plate from the table.

Jennifer: Micah–

Micah takes the empty plate from the table and walks into the kitchen. He slams the plates into the sink and walks out of the kitchen, towards his bedroom. The family watches on.

Micah walks into his room and takes out his phone from his pocket. He reads one of his unread messages from Kalia.

Kalia: So sorry for the change of plans. Something came up regarding the auditions. Love you ❤

Micah locks his phone and tosses it on the bed. He falls back onto the bed and looks up at the ceiling. He holds his face with his hands, frustrated and mad.

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