The "Something" Series

Something About Last Night: A Scene.

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Grace opens her eyes when she feels someone shaking her awake. She looks up and finally sees Ari standing there.

Grace: *groggy* Ari?

Ari: Hey girl, we gotta get you home.

Grace slowly gets up and immediately holds her head.

Grace: For fuck’s sake, why is my head pounding?

Ari: Because you drank yourself to the sickest hangover…

Grace finally is sitting up, and Ari anxiously tries to get Grace off the couch.

Ari: Come on now, let’s go.

Grace: Can I just stay–

Grace stops mid-sentence; Ari knows exactly what’s going to happen. She has the trash can on hand and hands it over to Grace. Grace pukes in it.

Grace: Fucking hell.

Ari: We gotta get you home, Grace…

Grace: Can I just stay here at your own place?

Grace hiccups, which worries Ari.

Ari: Come on, girl.

Ari helps Grace gather her things and gets out of the apartment.

The revolving doors swing as Jamie walks through them. He holds a briefcase in one hand, and a cup of coffee in the other. Jamie’s hair is fluffy and unkempt, his eyes are red due to lack of sleep. He doesn’t greet anyone on his way to his office; he just walks straight to it.

Along the way, Shawn and Kevin see Jamie, in which they follow him straight to his office.

Jamie closes his door behind him, in which there is a light knock.

Jamie: Aigoo, I just walked in here.

Jamie swings the door open to see Shawn and Kevin standing there. He exhales and turns around into his office; the two guys walk inside.

Shawn: Hyung, what are you doing here?

Jamie: I work here, just like you two.

Kevin: Yeah, but what happened with–

Jamie slams his briefcase shut after taking out the files in it. Kevin doesn’t continue with the sentence.

Shawn: Where’s Grace?

Jamie shuts his eyes and sighs in annoyance.

Jamie: Her friend is taking care of her.

Kevin: Friend?

Jamie: Her best friend. She’s with her now.

Kevin: So, you’re really not going to go after her?

Jamie: *loud* Is that why you called me to pick her up? Was this some sort of set up to get us together again?

Kevin: *defensive* You still came and took her!

Jamie: What the fuck was I suppose to do? Leave her there knowing she was drunk out of her fucking mind?

Kevin: You got to drop this whole act of you not caring about her when clearly you still love her!

Jamie: *yells* 야!

Shawn stands in between them to diffuse the argument.

Shawn: That’s enough! *to Jamie* Is she okay at least?

Jamie: Why don’t you ask her?! She’ll probably be at the bar again tonight!

Shawn: You don’t mean that.

Jamie: No! Why should I have to be the one to take care of her when she’s hitting rock bottom? She’s not my girlfriend anymore, and we aren’t friends either! I could’ve kicked her out, but instead I had her friend pick her up to take her home! So please, stop trying to make something impossible happen!

Jamie takes his files and leaves his office. Shawn and Kevin don’t know how to respond with Jamie’s response.

The shower is heard running in the bathroom, and Ari is seen sitting in the kitchen, scrolling through her phone. Her boyfriend, Dean, walks in the kitchen and sits next to Ari at the table.

Dean: How is she?

Ari: Clueless. She has no idea what happened last night.

Dean: Why was she with her ex? Are they back together?

Ari: No; a couple of his friends were at the same bar as her last night. He took her to his place to sober up and…

Ari looks distraught.

Ari: I don’t know if she remembers telling Jamie what happened but–

Dean: You mean the whole–

Ari: Yeah. The abortion thing.

Dean looks towards the bathroom door and then back at Ari.

Dean: That had to have been rough.

Ari: I have to tell her.

Dean: You sure you want to get yourself involved in that?

Ari: I already did when I agreed to pick her up from his apartment.

The water is heard going off and a few minutes later, the bathroom door opens. Grace walks out in an oversized hoodie and some leggings. She looks sad.

Ari: Hey, girl; are you alright?

Grace doesn’t answer, she just tries to put together some sentences.

Grace: Those clothes I had on were not mine.

Ari: They weren’t.

Grace: They smelled like-

Ari: Grace, we gotta talk.

Grace stands there, while Ari and Dean sit at the kitchen table.

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