The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Man Pants: A Scene.

It’s a warm night at the end of May at the Castro residence. Milo sits outside in a lounge chair with Mollie; they have the bonfire turned on and they are roasting marshmallows while chatting. Mollie’s mom, Lydia, walks out towards the two teens with drinks and snacks.

Lydia: Here you guys go; make sure you take your garbage inside the house, okay?

The teens agree with Lydia’s rules.

Milo: How are my dad and Jennifer doing?

Lydia: No word of the twins just yet, but they’re doing alright.

Lydia walks into the house; Mollie continues to make s’mores.

Mollie: Two more siblings, huh?

Milo: Yep, like I didn’t want Micah, let alone two more.

Mollie laughs and roasts another marshmallow.

Mollie: Thank god I don’t have younger siblings.

Milo rolls his eyes and eats his s’mores.

Mollie: So, are you coming back to school next week?

Milo: Yeah, just in time to finish things up and finally graduate middle school.

Mollie: I can’t wait to leave that fucking school…

Milo: Why? Most of the people are just going to Waverly High with us.

Mollie: Yeah, but we’ll be high schoolers! We’ll be all grown up! Later curfews, older guys to date–

Milo shakes his head and laughs.

Mollie: And older girls for you to date as well!

Milo: I definitely don’t want to date anyone anytime soon…

Mollie: *teases* You say that now, but wait until you see how high school girls are!

Milo rolls his eyes and continues to make s’mores. His phone vibrates on his lap, to which he quickly answers the text. Mollie watches Milo smiling towards his phone.

Mollie: Who the hell is making you smile like that?

Milo quickly shakes his head and stops smiling; he locks his phone and puts it in his pocket.

Milo: Nobody, just saw something funny on TikTok…

Mollie: Right… because you know better than to smile at anything that plastic bitch has to say…

Milo: *annoyed* Why are you still so mean towards Sophie?

Mollie: Oh wow, you’re addressing her by name?

Milo: Yeah, like any normal person?

Mollie rolls her eyes, which makes Milo irritated.

Milo: You know, you’re so excited to get out of Beverly, but you’re still acting as childish and stupid like how you’ve been in Beverly.

Mollie: … What did you say about me?

Milo: Maybe it’s time to forget about all that dumb shit with Laurie and all of them and just move on from them. It makes you the bigger person anyway.

Mollie laughs, teasing Milo.

Mollie: You gotta stop thinking like the world is all good and that it’s nothing but cookies and rainbows and all that shit.

Milo: I don’t. I believe in actually getting to know a person before ultimately judging them. You know she’s not even friends with Laurie and the rest of them anymore?

Mollie: And I care because…?

Milo gets up from his seat.

Milo: Sophie is my friend whether you like it or not.

Mollie: You can’t be serious. Are you seriously still friends with that bitch?

Milo: The only bitch I know is you, Mollie! Sophie has nothing against you; she doens’t even care about you! So why do you care about her and I being friends?

Mollie gets up from her seat now; furious.

Mollie: So if I just became friends with someone that makes your life a living hell, you wouldn’t feel a type of way?

Milo: *yells* Sophie isn’t the one who did that! It was Laurie! You know, maybe if you actually gave people a chance and didn’t judge them before getting to know them, you would know that Sophie is a cool girl.

Mollie begins to walk back inside the house, Milo calls out for her.

Milo: Mol?

Mollie: *turns around* Leave me alone, Milo. Clearly, we aren’t friends anymore, and that you think that I’m just this big bitch that doesn’t have her reasons on why she hates the plastics.

Milo: But Sophie–

Mollie: But Sophie nothing! She was friends with a person that made my entire middle school life a living hell. She chose to be friends with someone that is awful to people she thinks are under her. She chose to be friends with a girl that no matter what chose to belittle others and humiliate them for fun. Me? I do that shit to people like her, who deserve to have a taste of her own fucking medicine! Sophie may not have done or said anything, but she chose to be friends with a monster like Laurie.

Mollie walks into the house. Milo slowly walks back to the house, feeling pretty guilty and confused about everything that was just spoken about.

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