The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Worst Nightmare: A Scene.

School cafeteria, East high school, Public school

It’s lunchtime at Beverly Junior High. Milo and Sophie enter the lunchroom together, walking towards the line to get lunch.

Milo: I think we did a pretty good job on our presentation.

Sophie: Yeah; I can’t believe it’s over now.

Milo nods and grabs a tray; Sophie grabs one too.

Milo: Look, I’m sorry for everything. I didn’t mean to be so mean to you. I just get overprotective with my friends.

Sophie: I’m sorry too. I should’ve just spoke to you first before just getting mad at you.

Milo: *holds out pinky finger* Truce?

Sophie intertwines her pinky with Milo; she smiles.

Sophie: Truce.

Milo smiles and turns back around to get lunch. They both get off the line once they got their lunch and walk towards the tables in the cafeteria.

Milo: So, I guess you’ll be sitting with your friends?

Sophie: Laurie and I aren’t friends anymore.

Milo: *shocked* Wait, what?

Sophie: We’re not friends. She also made everyone else in her circle not my friend either after what happened with Simon.

Milo: That’s shitty of Laurie.

Sophie: *shrugs* It’s whatever, at least I’m not incline to agree with her on every little stupid thing.

Milo laughs and walks towards a table with Sophie. They both sit down together, which Sophie questions.

Sophie: You’re not sitting with Mollie?

Milo: *sigh* Mollie and I got into a fight at her house a week ago.

Sophie: Was it because of me?

Milo looks at Sophie; he doesn’t answer. Sophie sighs loudly.

Sophie: I’m sorry, Milo. I didn’t mean to be the reason you and Mollie are fighting.

Milo: It’s not your fault. I… sorta lied to her about us.

Sophie: *raises an eyebrow* Lied?

Milo: She didn’t know that I hung out with you all summer last year… and just a bunch of other things that I said out of anger.

Sophie: I’m sorry.

Milo: Don’t be. Mol and I fight all the time. We always find our ways to forgive each other. We are also family so, that makes it easy to make up and let things go.

Sophie: Well, I hope that you two can work things out soon.

Milo doesn’t answer, he just begins to eat his lunch. Sophie follows.

On one side of the lunchroom, Laurie, Simon, and their friends sit at their table. While Laurie is talking to the other girls at the table, Simon looks across the lunchroom, directly where Sophie is sitting.

On another side of the lunchroom, Mollie and her friends sit at their table. While her friends talk to each other, Mollie looks across the lunchroom, directly where Milo is sitting.

Back at Laurie’s table, Laurie turns her head towards Simon, who is paying no attention to her.

Laurie: Babe? Hello? Is everything alright?

Simon doesn’t answer, which annoys Laurie.

Laurie: Hello? Earth to Simon?

She physically tries to turn his head with her hand, in which gets him mad.

Simon: For fuck’s sake Laurie, leave me alone!

Simon gets up and walks away from the table. Laurie calls out for Simon, but he doesn’t look back.

Back at Mollie’s table, she gets up from her seat and away from her friends, who begins to call out for her one she leaves the table.

Both Simon and Mollie begin to walk towards the table where Milo and Sophie are sitting. When they both reach the table, they look at each other, confused. They shake it off and look towards the two sitting at the table.

Milo: Mollie?

Sophie: Simon?

Mollie: So you’re just not going to apologize for what you said to me?

Simon: The hell are you doing sitting with this loser?

Mollie: *to Simon* Why do you care? *to Milo* We need to talk, come on.

Simon: *to Mollie* Clearly he’s too busy with Sophie *to Sophie* Come on, come sit with us.

Sophie: Why should I? Laurie isn’t my friend.

Simon: She doesn’t mean that; besides, she doesn’t use you like this asshole.

Mollie: Milo.

Simon: Sophie.

Simon tries to grab Sophie by the arm, but Sophie pulls away. Milo doesn’t like it.

Milo: She clearly doesn’t want to go with you, so just leave her alone.

Simon: Who the hell are you talking to?

Sophie: Simon.

Mollie: Milo, let Sophie go back to her fake, plastic friends. Clearly she’s one of them.

Sophie: Excuse me?

Simon: At least she’s not trying to be a guy, like you.

Mollie: You’re right, you would know how it is to act like a girl, since you’re one of them.

Milo: Mollie, just go.

Sophie: You too, Simon.

Simon: Wow, I didn’t think you would actually settle for a wimp like Milo; I thought you had better taste since I was your last boyfriend–

Sophie: Stop it, Simon.

Milo: You’re just upset that Sophie is happier sitting with me and hanging out with me.

Mollie: Oh, so you guys are going out?!

Milo & Sophie: *together* No!

Simon: Sophie has more sense to actually want to go out with a loser like him.

Mollie: Milo knows to not trust a plastic bitch from Laurie’s friend group.

Simon: *to Mollie* That’s my girlfriend you’re talking about!

Mollie: Oh please, the one that you cheat on with Sophie?

Sophie gets up from her seat, annoyed.

Sophie: You both don’t know what you are talking about.

Mollie: Oh look, you can finally speak up for yourself.

Milo: Mol.

Sophie: Yeah, I can, and it would be great if you stop bullying me just because Milo and I are friends.

Simon: Look at you pitying the less fortunate *laughs* He isn’t your friend.

Milo: I’m more of her friend than you ever were to her.

Mollie: But have been such a shitty one to your own best friend.

Sophie: That’s enough!

Laurie walks towards the table.

Laurie: Simon, what the hell is wrong with you?

She looks at Sophie and sighs loudly.

Laurie: Seriously, you gotta get it through your thick skull of yours that Simon is my boyfriend. Get yourself your own boyfriend.

Sophie: Gladly, can you take your overbearing boyfriend that will not leave me alone back to your table then?

Laurie: Please, you probably are so happy he’s here talking to you.

Simon: Laurie, just stop it.

Mollie: Wow, standing up for the homewrecker, Simon? Classic douchebag behavior.

Milo: Will you stay out of it, Mollie?

Mollie: Why the fuck are you sticking up for her?

Sophie: *to Laurie* You know, maybe if you stopped and looked at something else other than yourself, you would see that the world doesn’t evolve around you and that you actually have to care about other people for them to stay in your life.

Mollie laughs and watches on; Milo covers her mouth.

Laurie: You were a nobody before I took you into our squad; you were just some loser foreigner.

Milo: Hey! You can’t talk to her like that!

Laurie: I’ll talk to you like that, you pathetic excuse of a guy. Go and wash your hair for once in your life!

Sophie: Laurie, go and pick on someone that cares about what you say, because we don’t.

Laurie: Oh please, save the sob story for your father that is in prison!

Sophie slaps Laurie across the face; the group of teens quiet down and are shocked at what just happened. Laurie just holds her face in shock.

Laurie: Did you just fucking slap me?

Sophie is in shock that she did it also. She doesn’t say anything back. Laurie grabs the chocolate milk from one of the trays and pours it on Sophie.

Laurie: That’s for messing with me, you bitch.

Simon: *angry* Laurie, what the fuck?!

Laurie turns around to walk away from the table, in which Sophie runs after her and pulls her hair to drag her back.

Laurie: What the fuck!

Sophie and Laurie begin to fight in the middle of the lunchroom; the kids in the lunchroom get up from their seats and gather around the two girls fighting. Milo runs in the crowd of kids trying to get to Sophie. Mollie pulls Milo back.

Mollie: Milo! What the fuck are you doing?

Milo frees himself from Mollie’s hand and runs towards the crowd.

Pushing between the people in the crowd, he finally gets to the two girl and tries to pull Sophie away. In the process, Laurie claws Milo’s face without knowing, which then he cries out in pain. When a couple of security guards enter the lunchroom and diffuse the crowd, they reach the teens and begin to get them up to exit them out of the lunchroom. Milo holds his eye in pain while the security guard pulls him away. Sophie gets pulled away as well, looking at Milo as he gets taken away. Mollie runs towards the exit of the lunchroom, trying to catch up with Milo to check on him. Simon stands there, acting like nothing happened and that he wasn’t involved.

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