The "Something" Series

Something like an Uncomfortable Memory: A Scene.

The Dance Movement

One year ago…

The lights go on in a dance studio. Laughing is heard coming from the hall, walking into the dance studio. Grace walks in first, holding someone’s arm from outside of the door. Grace giggles and pulls the person into the dance studio. Jamie walks into the studio, looking around the newly-opened dance studio.

Grace: So… how do you like it?

Jamie: It looks great. You really got this place together in time for opening.

Grace wraps her arms around Jamie’s waist. Jamie smiles down to Grace.

Grace: Thank you. I was worried that I wasn’t.

Jamie: *smiles* Nevertheless, you’re ready.

Grace releases Jamie and begins to spin around the dance studio. Jamie watches on.

Grace: Let me teach you a dance!

Jamie: What?

Grace runs to Jamie to grab him by the arms towards the middle of the dance studio.

Grace: C’mon, I can teach you something simple!

Jamie: Jagiya, you know I can’t dance. *laughs* I literally have two left feet.

Grace: Just a few steps, please?

Grace pouts her lips, in which Jamie laughs and caves in.

Jamie: Alright, alright. Teach me a dance.

Grace excitingly bounces and rushes over to the studio stereo.

Grace: Alright, so just follow after me, okay?

Jamie nods and Grace turns on the music. The music is fast and upbeat, and Grace goes some hip-hop dance moves to the music. Jamie watches, shocked at the choice of dance. After Grace stops, she looks over at Jamie, smiling.

Grace: You’re ready?

Jamie: *baffled* Jagiya…

Grace: What?!

Jamie: *chuckles* I can’t dance like that.

Grace: Of course you can! You just gotta…

Grace walks behind Jamie and looses his hips up. He’s taken by surprise.

Grace: … loosen up a bit. Come on!

Grace turns on the music and hypes up Jamie. His face turns red and doesn’t do it. Grace pauses the music and and looks at Jamie.

Grace: *sighs* Jamie.

Jamie: What?!

Grace: Just try it one time and I won’t ever make you dance again. Pretty please?

Grace playfully begs until Jamie caves in. Grace excitedly plays the music, and Jamie awkwardly dances the hip-hop steps. He smiles in embarrassment, but he doesn’t stop dancing. Once the dance is over, Grace turns off the music and runs to hug Jamie. He accepts her with open arms.

Grace: You did so good! And you thought you wouldn’t do good!

Jamie smiles and kisses Grace on the lips in the middle of the studio.

Present day…

Grace comes into the studio with her coat covered in snow. She puts down her things and sees the lights to the studio on. Confused, Grace walks to the studio and opens the door. She releases her breath when she sees Max and Willow in the studio.

Willow turns around and runs to Grace to hug her legs. Grace hugs Willow, and then looks back up to Max.

Grace: Sorry I’m late, the subway has some delays from the snow…

Max: It’s fine, I just have to make it to an important… meeting…

Grace: In the middle of a snowstorm?

Max doesn’t say anything back, he just takes in a deep breath.

Max: I don’t know why I can’t just tell you this…

Grace: Tell me what?

Max takes a moment to gather his thoughts and his words. He looks at race while doing so.

Max: I’ve… met this woman at work.

Grace cocks her eyebrows up; she had no idea he was interested in another woman. She slightly feels a tug at her heart.

Grace: Oh?

Max: Her name is Mariam… we’ve been dating for a couple of months now, and her family is in town.

Grace smiles through the conversation but feels extremely uncomfortable to see her ex-fiancee talk about another woman. She feels perplexed by the information.

Grace: That sounds great. I’m happy for you, Max.

Max: *smiles* Thank you. It really means a lot.

Max checks the time on his cell phone and gathers his things to leave. He walks over to Willow to kiss her goodbye. Grace smiles at the interaction. Max gets up and gives Grace a hug goodbye. Grace stares into space, not taking in much around her.

When Max leaves, Willow begins to skip around the studio as Grace watches on.

Grace: Hey, Willy?

Willow looks over to her mom, curious.

Willow: Yes, Mama?

Grace: Do you wanna learn some new dance moves today?

Willow runs towards her mother and stands in front of her mother, facing the mirror with Grace. Grace smiles big, holding her daughter’s shoulders.

Grace: Okay. Let’s start with this move.

Grace does a simple leap from the ground, and her daughter mimics it. Grace then connects the leap with another move to it, making sure Willow could follow along. The mother-daughter duo spend the rest of the afternoon dancing during the snowy, winter day.

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