The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Secret Meeting: A Scene.

DIY Treehouse Ideas and Helpful Building Tips | Family Handyman

Milo sits in the treehouse at his grandparents’ place for the evening. He writes in a notebook, constantly erasing his Notes and starting over. He hears something being hit on the side of the treehouse. Curious, he leans over the window of the treehouse and sees Sophie on the ground.

Milo: Scout?

Sophie smiles as she looks up at Milo.

Sophie: Hey, Milo.

Milo pats the entrance of the treehouse, Sophie begins to climb up the treehouse. Milo makes room for her one she reaches the top of the treehouse. She sits on a pillow next to Milo.

Milo: What brings you to the treehouse at this hour?

Sophie: I wanted to see if you were doing alright.

Sophie reaches for Milo’s eye patch and gently touches it. Milo’s face turns red.

Sophie: How’s your eye doing?

Milo: It’s doing okay… thanks for checking in on me.

Sophie: I still feel terrible that you got ino the middle of my mess.

Milo: *laughs* I’d take being in the middle of your mess beofre getting in the middle of anyone else’s, that’s for sure.

Sophie smiles and relaxes her body. She looks around the treehouse.

Sophie: Did the principal give you a hard time?

Milo: *sigh* She was saying that i need to stay outta trouble for the rest of the year if I want to graduate…

Sophie: She threatened you?!

Milo: I wouldn’t say threatened… she just warned me. But it’s fine, technically I’m grounded until then.

Sophie: And me being here is not helping, is it?

Milo looks at Sophie and giggles; the air gets less tense. Sophie looks at the notebook in Milo’s hand.

Sophie: Writing more music?

Milo: *looks down* Uhm, something like that.

Milo closes the notebook and tosses it to the side. He takes a deep breath.

Milo: I appreciate you coming to see me, but how did you know I was here?

Sophie: Oh I don’t know, I did this project with some guy that deemed this spot to be his favorite spot to hang out in the neighborhood.

Milo smiles and deadpans a laugh. Sophie laughs as well.

Milo: You’ve been the first person to actually come up here. No one else really knows about this place besides my dad and you.

Sophie: *surprised* Really? You mean you never hang out here with your friends?

Milo shakes his head. Sophie nods her head in understanding.

Milo: This really only has been a place for me, but I don’t know, I actually like you up here with me.

Sophie smiles.

Sophie: I like being up here with you too.

Nothing is said between them, but they look at each other. They get closer to one another, clearly overthinking about what’s next to come. Milo and Sophie’s faces are close to each other, and Milo slowly makes the move to kiss Sophie on the lips. She doesn’t protest and share an inncoent kiss on the lips. After sharing their kiss, Sophie looks at Milo whose face is as red as a tomato. Sophie giggles.

Sophie: Are you okay?

Milo: *flustered* Uhm, yeah, I’m fine, I–

Sophie now makes the move to kiss Milo. After sharing another kiss, Milo looks at Sophie, speechless.

Milo: I, uhm…

Sophie: *nervous* Sorry, I didn’t want you to… like, overthink it.

Milo continues to look at Sophie.

Sophie: I should, uhm, get going before it gets too dark…

Milo grabs Sophie’s arm; she turns her head to face him.

Milo: Sophie, I…

Sophie doesn’t look away from Milo; she waits to see what Milo has to say.

Milo: I… like you.

Sophie doesn’t say anything right away. She gathers thoughts before saying anything to Milo.

Sophie: I… like you too, Milo.

Milo smiles and his face turns red again. Sophie giggles and grabs Milo’s cheeks.

Sophie: *teases* Milo, your cheeks are a rosy reddddd…

Milo: *shakes his face away* Scout!

Sophie laughs and kisses Milo on one of his cheeks.

Sophie: I’ll see you in school, Milo.

Milo: You too, Scout.

Sophie smiles and begins to climb down the treehouse. Once Sophie leaves, Milo takes out the notebook he was writing in and opens the page he was at. The page reads a poem entitled “Sophie”.

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