The "Something" Series

Something Pent Up in Me: A Scene.

living room night scene | 3D CAD Model Library | GrabCAD

The front door to an apartment opens. The inside is dark; no lights are on. Two shadows enter the apartment; one of them are holding the other and helping them enter the apartment.

Jamie is holding Grace up, who is clearly had way too many drinks tonight. Her hair is messy, and her eyes hang low. Jamie guides her to the sofa; she slowly slumps over to the armrest of the sofa.

Jamie: Grace? Hey Grace, can you hear me?

Grace: I’m drunk, not deaf.

Jamie smirks to himself; Grace is going to be Grace regardless of what state she’s in. He goes into his room and comes back out with some clothes. He walks towards Grace and hands her the clothing.

Jamie: I figured you wanted to be in something more comfortable…

Grace takes the clothes and begins to undress on the sofa. Jamie’s face turns red and he quickly looks away.

Jamie: You know, I didn’t imagine this is how us meeting again would be like.

Grace doesn’t say anything, she continues to put the clothes on. Jamie only turns back around when he doesn’t hear any more movement.

When he turns around, he sees just how sullen Grace looks. She’s staring into space, but clearly has a lot on her mind. He sits in the seat across from her, wondering what is going on with the girl he let get away.

Jamie: Grace?

She turns her head to look at him; sad.

Jamie: Why were you at the bar by yourself tonight?

Grace: *sighs* Ari couldn’t make it. She had plans with Dean.

Jamie nods his head and doesn’t say anything else until Grace does.

Grace: Max met someone. He’s pretty serious about her. He’ll probably end up marrying her…

Jamie doesn’t know how to respond. He simply sits there and lets Grace talk.

Grace: It’s funny, to see someone you were suppose to marry find another person to do that with, just makes you wonder if you were the problem…

Grace laughs at herself; pitiful.

Grace: I’m always the problem…

She finally turns her head towards Jamie, who is simply looking at her.

Grace: Why am I here?

Jamie: Uhm–

Jamie doesn’t know how to answer Grace because quite frank, he doesn’t know why he brought her back to his place.

Jamie: Shawn and Kevin saw you at the bar. They needed help.

Grace: Sorry for making myself your problem. *chuckles* I mean, when wasn’t I a problem of yours?

Jamie: *stern* Ya…

Grace: You know it’s true. You knew as soon as you saw me back the cafe that I was trouble. Like, how the fuck was I a lawyer, helping other people with their lives, when I couldn’t even help myself?

Grace stares into nothingness, she just keeps talking.

Grace: And then there’s you. Heh. You came here for work, probably didn’t think that you’d fall into the hands of someone like me. Like, you shouldn’t have to take care or even care about me… we broke up.

Jamie: Grace…

Grace: We broke up and yet here you are, taking care of me like you have to. You shouldn’t be taking care of me… not after everything I did to you.

Jamie: *confused* You didn’t do anything to me.

Grace’s eyes begin to water; her body and face still haven’t moved.

Jamie: Grace?

Grace: I don’t deserve your kindness. Not after what I did.

Jamie: It’s… it’s okay. It’s in the past.

Grace shakes her head.

Grace: But it’s not. It haunts me every single day. The what-if’s. What if I said something? What if I was honest about what was happening? What if I fought harder instead of running away?

Jamie: Don’t beat yourself over that. *reality hits* We wouldn’t have stand a chance being in a long distance relationship.

Grace begins to cry; Jamie tries to comfort her by politely rubbing her leg for reassurance and support.

Grace: I think about Willow and how different my life would’ve been if… if I didn’t have her. I thought I was making the right decision this time, but–

Jamie is now confused; he completely lost what Grace was saying.

Grace: I’m so sorry, Jamie.

Jamie: I don’t understand. What are you sorry for?

Grace wipes her eyes and sniffles.

Grace: For everything. For getting you involved with me. For breaking your heart…

Grace finally looks at Jamie in the eyes; it pains him to see her this upset.

Jamie: Maybe you should get some rest, Grace-

Grace: I can’t. I can’t, just-

Grace takes in a deep breath to control her crying. Jamie just watches on.

Grace: If I don’t let this out, it will just keep eating me up inside, and…

Grace is even more distraught than she was before. Jamie isn’t understanding where this is coming from. A sudden wave of calmness hits Grace.

Grace: *sighs, then pauses* I was pregnant when you were back in Korea. I didn’t know what to do and just ran away.

Jamie is shocked. His eyebrows slowly scrunch in concern, needing Grace to explain more.

Jamie: What happened?

Grace: I couldn’t do it again. I couldn’t just…

Grace can’t get the words out of her mouth, she just keeps apologizing to Jamie.

Jamie: What did you do?

Grace: I’m so sorry, Jamie. I’m–

Grace’s words become inaudible. Jamie’s face immediately turns white. Nothing else is said; Grace just continues to cry.

Later in the night, Grace passes out on the sofa and falls into a deep slumber. Jamie, on the other hand, still sits at the seat cross from Grace. He gives her one final look before he slowly gets up.

The bathroom door quickly opens and Jamie kneels to the ground to vomit. He sits by the toilet; leaning his head on the seat. He’s exhausted, and all he wants is some sleep. He gets up from the floor and looks at himself in the mirror. He doesn’t know how to feel. He turns away from the mirror and exits the bathroom.

He walks across the living room and looks at Grace one last time before he enters his bedroom for the night.

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