Black Sheep in Society.

Black Sheep’s Consequences: A Scene.

Campus Center | Student Involvement | CSI CUNY Website

Micah sits at a table in the student center. His legs are up on one of the chairs at the table, his bookbag on the table. He softly strums the strings on his guitar. He looks around and notices a girl walking into the building and towards the bookstore. It’s Rosie, alone, walking into the bookstore quickly. He keeps looking until his friends, Dani and Tanner, come and take over the seats that Micah occupied.

Dani: I’m surprised you even come to campus today.

Micah: Well, life has to move forward–

Dani: Even if you’re labeled as a bad boyfriend in the tabloids?

Micah rolls his eyes at Dani.

Micah: Jesus, Dani, wanna tell the entire building?

Dani: I’m just saying, you already know Kalia is going to bust your balls about it.

Micah: Don’t remind me.

Tanner: Has she called you yet?

Micah: Surprisingly no…

Dani: Hmm, maybe she finally came to her senses and decided to take the stick out of her ass about the tabloids…

Micah: *annoyed* Listen, Dani, I’m really not in the mood for this today…

Tanner: Alright, alright; let’s calm down now. *to Micah* listen bro, I just hope that Kalia doesn’t blame you for this. Clearly that’s not the case.

Micah doesn’t say anything back, he just grabs his bookbag and puts it on.

Tanner: Where you going?

Micah: My class starts in 20 minutes, I just wanna get there early.

Micah packs up his guitar and lifts the bag up and leaves. Before he exits the student center, he looks towards the bookstore. He walks into the bookstore, not really knowing why he is in the first place.

He walks in and looks towards the counter; to his surprise, it wasn’t Rosie working at the register today. He goes and grabs a drink before walking to the counter. He reads the name on the girl’s lanyard; Natalie.

Natalie: Anything else?

Micah: Nope.

Natalie scans the drink and tells Micah the price. Micah takes out his wallet and paids for the drink.

Micah: Is Rosie working today?

Natalie: *looks up* Rosie?

Micah nods her head; he tries to keep his voice low when asking.

Natalie: Wait, you’re Prescott?

Micah: *confused* What?

Someone from the back of the store calls out for Natalie, in which Micah grabs his drink and leaves the store abruptly.

Micah walks down a street in Downtown, arriving to one of the tall apartment buildings. He walks into it , quickly walking towards the stairs. He runs up the stairs until he reaches the floor he needs to be on. He then walks towards an apartment door and knocks o it. Shortly after, a woman opens the door. It’s Kennedy, Kalia’s very artistic and biological mother.

Kennedy: Hi! Come on in, she’s in her room.

Micah: Thank you Miss Larsen–

Kennedy: Boy I already told you to call me Kennedy.

Micah: *nervous* Sorry.

Kennedy yells out for Kalia, who then walks out of her room with a wig and sunglasses on. Micah is visibly confused.

Micah: Kal?

Kalia: You have some nerve showing up here, Micah.

Micah: What?

Kennedy: *intervenes* Well, I have an opening to attend you in the city, I should be back in the morning, dear!

Kennedy leaves the apartment; it’s now only Micah and Kalia in the house.

Micah: I figured I’d come over to check on you, see if you were doing alright, but I can clearly see you read the dumbass tabliods this morning.

Kalia: Micah! This isn’t a joke! Just you being here after what happened at the gala is going to attract so much attention!

Micah: Do you think I give a shiut about what other people think about me? We are a couple, Kal; just like any other 20-somehing-year-olds.

Kalia: But none of them have paparazzi following their every move!

Micah sits on the sofa and holds his head with his hands.

Kalia: Why did you get drunk in front of my father?

Micah: Kal, I already apologized to you for that. I was nervous and I drink when I do.

Kalia: You’re not even legal yet, Micah! You know how that looked like to my dad? That you just illegally drink without any consequences!

Micah: I said I was sorry, okay?! What more do you want from me?

Kalia takes in a deep breath and takes off the wig and sunglasses. She sits next to Micah on the sofa.

Kalia: I’m sorry, Micah. I don’t mean to be harsh on you and I’m not trying to change you. I love you for you Micah, and I don’t want you think that I care about the tabloids more than our relationship.

She kisses Micah gently on the lips. He looks at her; she smiles at him.

Kalia: No matter what, I’m always by your side.

She kisses Micah even harder this time, and they begin to make out on the sofa. Kalia begins to remove Micah’s sweater, and attempts to unbutton his pants. He stops when he feels her unbuttoning them.

Micah: Let’s take this to your room.

Kalia: *nervously* My bedroom faces the street… and there might be…

Micah gets up from the sofa and begins to button his pants up, then he puts his sweater on.

Kalia: Where are you going?

Micah: Home. Coming here was a bad idea.

Kalia: What’s wrong? Why are you leaving?

Micah doesn’t say anything back, he just gathers his things, wich makes Kalia upset.

Kalia: Micah?!

Micah turns around and looks at Kalia, who is visibly upset. He feels bad for her.

Kalia: Please don’t go. I want you to stay; keep me company. I just want to spend time with my boyfriend like a normal girl.

She begins to cry, in which Micah drops his bag and walks over to Kalia, giving her a hug.

Micah: I’ll stay with you.

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