The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Graduation (Pt. 1): A Scene.

High School Graduation Dates 2019 | Eagle County Schools

It’s graduation day for the seniors at Beverly Junior High. The graduating class all gather in the gym; they are all in their caps and gowns and taking pictures before the ceremony begins. On one side of the gym, Mollie and Ronnie are hanging out and talking to one another with their other friends, Davy and Jonah. Milo walks into the gym and looks around the room full of his classmates. He hears his name being called by Mollie, who he spots waving her hand across the room. He walks over to Mollie and greets her with a fist bump.

Milo: Happy graduation, guys.

Mollie: Finally, we’re out of here!

Ronnie: Goodbye, middle school, hello high school!

The two girls hi-five each other. Milo smiles and looks at his phone. He turns around and walks away from the group. Mollie looks confused.

Ronnie: I guess she’s here?

Mollie: Yeah, I guess.

Milo walks towards the entrance of the gym and greets Sophie. She smiles and hugs Milo. His face flashes red. He notices the special sash that only the honor students get.

Milo: Hey there, Sophie “Valedictorian” Lee!

Sophie: *giggles* Well hey there yourself!

Milo: Are you ready for your big speech?

Sophie: *nervous* I feel like it sounds really ridiculous and cheesy.

Milo: You’ll do great, Scout.

Sophie smiles and takes in a deep breath. Milo does the same before saying anything else. He grabs Sophie by the end and walks further into the gym. Sophie is confused but follows Milo.

Sophie: Where are we going?

Milo: I want you to meet my friends.

Sophie stops in her tracks, in which Milo looks back at her; Sophie looks worried.

Sophie: Your… your friends?

Milo: Yeah. *smiles* They’re gonna like you, trust me.

Milo reaches out for Sophie’s hand once again. She looks down at his hand and then takes it. They continue to walk towards the other side of the gym together.

When the two teens walk towards Milo’s friends; Ronnie, Davy, Jonah, and his best friend Mollie. The other teens look at Milo with Sophie. Sophie stands behind Milo, nervous and shy to be in front of his friends.

Milo: Hey, guys… you all know Sophie, right?

The friends nod their heads; Mollie doesn’t move in her spot. Milo takes a deep breath and begins to pull Sophie close to him. She nervously looks up at the group and then backs down towards the floor.

Milo: She’s a friend of mine, so she’ll be hanging out with us today.

Milo looks at Sophie, who looks at Milo with comfort. She looks towards the group of friends and shyly waves.

Sophie: *nervously* H-hi.

The group of friends says hi to Sophie, which makes her feel more comfortable. Mollie rolls her eyes and walks away from the group. Milo watches her leave.

Milo: *to Sophie* I’ll be back.

He walks after Mollie, calling her as she was walking away.

Milo: Mol—

Mollie: *turns around* Don’t “Mol” me! How could you? On graduation day?

Milo: She’s my friend, Mollie.

Mollie: And I’m your best friend!

Milo: Look, just because we are best friends, it doesn’t mean I can’t make friends with other people. She’s really nice and cool, and I wish you would give her a chance because she’s… she’s…

Mollie: The girl you like?

Milo’s face turns red; he definitely didn’t think Mollie was going to say that.

Mollie: I’m not going to sit around and see you swoon over a girl that is just going to use you in the end. Girls like Sophie don’t like guys like you.

Milo: No, girls like Laurie don’t like guys like me. Sophie isn’t like Laurie, and you would know that if you gave her a chance.

Mollie doesn’t budge, but the teachers call out for the students to line up and get ready for the start of the ceremony. The two friends separate and go in their spots in line for the ceremony.

Milo goes to his spot across from Sophie, who looks at him. He looks at her; looking flustered. He sees how pretty and long Sophie’s hair looks and how cool her sash looks on her gown. He looks at her face, who is smiling back at him.

Sophie: Everything’s okay?

Milo: Yeah, yeah… everything’s fine…

Sophie reaches out for Milo’s hand, which instantly calms him down.

Sophie: Let’s do this.

Milo smiles at Sophie as the two lines begin to walk towards the auditorium.

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