The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Punching Bag: A Scene.

The locker is slammed shut as Milo grabs his bag from the hallway floor and puts it on his back. The hallways are busy like usual, people passing by as if nothing else is happening in the world. Milo looks at the locker a couple of rows from his own. The locker reads “Mollie Castro”. Milo sighs as the bell rings.

Milo walks into his classroom with the rest of his classmates. People are sitting where they normally sit; it’s seriously just another day at school. Milo sits at his seat by himself, alone.

Sophie walks in with her group of friends; her eyes immediately go towards Milo. She’s curious in my Milo isn’t with his best friend, Mollie.

Simon: Yo, Soph!

Sophie instantly turns her head and looks at Simon’s direction.

Sophie: What do you want?

Simon: Listen, I just want to say that I’m sorry that whole lunchroom thing happened between you and Laurie. It wasn’t cool that she said those things to you.

Sophie: Thanks, I guess.

Sophie tries to walk away, but Simon grabs Sophie by the arm. She stops.

Simon: I miss you.

Sophie shuts her eyes and yanks her arm away from Simon. Simon hears his name being called by Laurie and doesn’t bother checking up on Sophie. Sophie sits in her seat, and the teacher comes into the class.

Teacher: Alright class, settle down. As you all know, the Waverly High audition is a week away from Tuesday. I know that’s something extremely important to most of you, but please refrain from allowing it to take away from your exit project. I will be asking for a progress report on Monday.

Sophie looks at Milo, who still looks sullen in his seat. Mollie isn’t next to him. Sophie turns the pages of her notebook and takes a piece of paper out. Sophie writes on the piece of paper and folds it up. She stands up to throw a scrap of paper into the garbage, in which she passes by Milo’s desk and places the piece of paper on his desk.

Milo looks down at the piece of folded paper on his desk. He looks up to see Sophie walk to the garbage can and walk back to her seat that nothing happened. He opens the piece of folded paper and reads the message:

“Hey, Milo. Are you okay? You seem a little sad today. Is everything alright? –Scout

Teacher: Mr. Kamalani.

Milo quickly looks up and places the paper in his notebook, out of sight.

Teacher: Clearly you seem preoccupied with other things other than the classwork *places hand out* The note, please.

Milo takes the note and hands it over to the teacher. She crumbles it up and tosses it into the garbage. Sophie bites her lip.

Teacher: So before we start with what’s planned for the day, let’s start off with attendance.

As the teacher continues with the attendance, Milo turns his head and looks at Sophie. He sees that she’s fidgeting with her pencil in her hand. He turns around then the teacher calls out a name.

Teacher: Mollie Sue Castro?

No one answers. The teacher calls out for her once more until Laurie says something out loud to the class.

Laurie: No surprise that delinquent isn’t in class!

Teacher: Ms. Callaway, language… *louder* Has anyone seen Mollie today?

No one says anything right away.

Laurie: Milo should know, since that’s his leader.

The class starts laughing and Sophie looks at Milo. She’s worried.

Milo: *low, but audible* How about you shut the fuck up and do what you do best: beg for a boy to be your boyfriend.

Laurie: At least I’m not always up Mollie’s ass like her damn minion!

Milo: *turns around* If anything, you’re a damn minion to Simon! Tell me, have you sucked his dick yet in the staircase like the rest of the girls?

The class gasps and the teacher raises her voice to quiet the class.

Teacher: That is enough! Milo Kamalani! Principal’s office, now!

Milo gathers his things and gets up from his desk. He storms out of the classroom, shutting the door behind him. Sophie looks at Laurie and is visibly angry.

Laurie: *to Simon* Can you believe that dickhead?

Simon: That guy has no respect for girls, clearly.

Sophie: *looks at Simon* Just how you have no respect for girls?

Laurie and Simon look at Sophie; confused.

Laurie: What are you talking about? *to Simon* what is she talking about, babe?

Simon: Nothing, Soph’s just joking around.

Sophie doesn’t say anything, she just turns around and faces the front of her desk.


It’s now after school; kids leave the school building and walk down the block in groups, talking loudly. Sophie exits the school and looks around.

Simon: Yo, Soph!

Sophie rolls her eyes and stops in her tracks. Simon runs towards her.

Simon: Soph, what was that all about in ELA class?

Sophie: *still looks forward* You tell me.

She finally stops and turns around to face Simon.

Sophie: What was all that crap about? You just love to fire up Laurie?

Simon: What? That asshole shouldn’t have said those things about Laurie.

Sophie: And I agree, but you couldn’t be the bigger person and at least tell her to calm down?

Simon: Are you seriously mad at me over something as stupid as that? Really Soph?

Sophie looks at the corner of her eye and sees Milo leaving the school building.

Simon: Soph? Hello?

Sophie looks at Milo and Milo looks at her back. She quickly looks away back at Simon.

Sophie: What, Simon?

Simon: *confused* Look, I care about you, but you can’t have Laurie getting worried like that. She was mad at me for most of the day.

Sophie: That isn’t my problem.

Simon: *annoyed* Yo, why are you such a bitch nowadays?

Sophie is taken back by Simon’s aggressive question.

Sophie: What?

Simon: Like I’m trying to be your friend, and every time I feel like we’re good, you say or do something that proves that we are not.

Sophie: Have you’ve been sucking up Laurie’s lip gloss or something? How can we every be friends again?!

Simon: What do you mean?

Sophie: *yells* You’re dating my friend! How am I suppose to feel after what you did?

Simon: *gently* Sophie…

Sophie: No!

Simon looks around at the people who are now staring at him and Sophie.

Sophie: You hurt me deep. You just didn’t think about me when you made your decision. How can I ever trust you as a friend?

Simon: Come on, Soph. We’ve been through a lot, and I know I made mistakes, but I wouldn’t do anything to purposely hurt you.

Sophie turns to walk away from Simon, but Simon grabs Sophie’s arm again.

Simon: Soph, please–

Sophie: If you don’t let me go, I swear I will break your hand. Let. Me. Go.

Simon lets go of Sophie’s arm, and Sophie walks away without turning back. She wipes a tear from her face.


Sophie: Milo? Milo??

Sophie stands in front of the tree house. She tries to look up to see if Milo is in there. There isn’t an answer.

Sophie: *louder* Milo? Are you up there?

A boy sticks his head out the window of the tree house; it’s Milo. He goes back into the tree house and starts to climb down the tree. When he finally reaches the ground, Sophie hugs him.

Sophie: I was so worried about you! Are you okay?

Milo doesn’t say anything. Sophie breaks out of the hug and looks at Milo.

Sophie: It was not fair for what Laurie said to you.

Milo: You think?

Sophie doesn’t say anything.

Milo: What are you doing here anyway?

Sophie: I- I wanted to check on you.

Milo: Why?

Sophie: *taken back* Because you’re my friend, I–

Milo rolls his eyes at Sophie; Sophie doesn’t understand where this is coming from.

Milo: Why don’t you go back to your best friend, Simon?

Sophie: *confused* Simon?

Milo: I saw you hanging out with Simon after school today.

Sophie: I- wasn’t hanging out with him–

Milo: Whatever, Sophie. When are you going to release that those aren’t your friends? Laurie and Simon and them? They aren’t your friends.

Sophie: Why do you get to tell me who to be friends with? The last time I remember, Mollie treated me just as badly and you’re supposed to be my friend!

Milo: At least Mollie is loyal to me! You will allow anyone into your life if they give you the time of day!

Sophie: *defensive* Forget you, Milo! Maybe if you stopped assuming things, then maybe you would’ve saw the big picture!

Milo rolls his eyes and Sophie turns away to walk away.

Milo: Where are you going? We have to finish this dumb project!

Sophie: *yells out* Yeah, well it’s not going to be today!

Sophie walks away and Milo stands there, still angry. He climbs up into his tree house.

Misc., The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Invisible Mirror: A Scene.

I Was So Angry | I Almost Punched My Best Friend In The Face - TruthLines

Milo sits at his desk, checking his phone every 5 minutes. He’s stressed; hoping he didn’t ruin his friendship with Sophie. He keeps checking his phone; there are no messages from Sophie.

He looks at the composition notebook he had earlier today doing his project. He opens the book to see the Polaroids he took of Sophie at the stage in the park. He takes in a deep breath and closes the book.

When straightening out his desk, his phone lights up. Milo’s attention immediately goes towards the phone. He picks it up and sees a message from Sophie.

leesophie: Hey.

Milo swipes the screen and immediately responds to Sophie.

milolani: hi, scout.
leesophie: I'm not going to be around this weekend to work on the project.

Milo sighs; he’s anxious and doesn’t know how to respond.

leesophie: Lunar new Year is on Saturday, so my family and I will be celebrating.

Milo instantly feels relief, he finally writes Sophie back.

milolani: no worries. thank you for letting me know.

Before Milo gets the courage to talk things out with Sophie, he gets a message from Sophie.

leesophie: Have a good night, Milo.

Sophie signs off and Milo is back to feeling anxious. He rubs his eyes; he’s mentally exhausted.

Another moment passes, and Milo hears doors opening and closing in the hallway, followed by speed walking footsteps. Milo doesn’t pay no mind to it until a knock is heard. He turns to the door as its being opened. Milo rolls his eyes.

Milo: Can I at least give you permission to come in here, dad?

Milo Sr: We have to get going.

Milo looks at his father standing there with his little brother, Micah, in his dad’s hands. He doesn’t understand what’s going on.

Milo: Can’t I just stay home?

Milo Sr: *stern* Milo.

Milo scrunches his eyebrows, confused.

Milo: What’s going on? Where’s Jennifer?

Micah begins to cry in his dad’s arms; Milo Sr doesn’t answer back.

Milo Sr: We have to go, come on.

Milo grabs his phone and coat and leaves his bedroom door. They all walk down the stairs to the front landing, and Milo is still asking questions.

Milo: Is Jennifer alright? Where are we going?

His father opens the back door of the car and places Micah in the car seat. Milo stands there, now getting frustrated.

Milo: Dad? Dad??

Before Milo Sr opens the drivers front door, he stands in front of it, looking ahead at Milo on the opposite side of the car.

Milo Sr: What?

Milo: *annoyed* Can you at least tell me what’s going on? Where are we going? Where’s Jennifer?

Milo Sr: We’re meeting her at the hospital.

Milo: *shocked* Whoa, whoa; what? What the hell is going on?! Why are we–

Milo Sr: *softly* Milo…

Milo Sr looks down before he speaks.

Milo Sr: Pep’s at the hospital because Mollie is there.

Milo widens his eyes, he’s now panicked and worried.

Milo: Wait, what?! Mollie?! What the hell happened?

At first, Milo Sr is hesitant to tell his son, but he exhales loudly before saying further.

Milo Sr: Mollie tried to commit suicide.

Milo begins to breathe heavy, he’s on the verge of tears.

Milo: What?! When?! I– What?!

Milo Sr: We gotta go to the hospital, come on.

Milo immediately opens up the passenger’s door and gets into the car. Milo Sr goes into the driver’s side and starts the car to drive.

The boys enter the hospital lobby; Milo runs in ahead of Micah and Milo Sr.

Milo Sr: Milo! Milo!

Milo runs to the front desk and sees a woman sitting there.

Milo: Where’s Mollie? Mollie Castro?

Receptionist: *confused* I’m sorry, are you with an adult?

Milo: Just tell me where she is!

Milo Sr rushes up to the desk, still calling out for Milo.

Receptionist: Are you with an adult, son?

Milo: *furious* Where is she?!

Milo Sr: Milo! *to the woman* I’m so sorry, can you please tell us what room Mollie Sue Castro is. We’re family.

Receptionist: She’s with her mother and sisters on the second floor.

Milo Sr: Thank you, ma’am. *to Milo, embarrassed* Let’s go.

Milo runs towards the elevators, and Milo Sr follows with Micah in his arms.

They reach the second floor lobby where they see Jennifer sitting with another woman; her sister, Maryette.

Milo Sr: Hey, we got here as fast as we could.

Milo: Where is she? What the fuck happened?

Milo Sr: *stern* Milo.

Milo: What you mean she tired to commit suicide?! I– I–

Jennifer: Hey, Milo…

Jennifer reaches out her arms and Milo walks into them. He begins to cry buried in her chest.

Jennifer: Shh, shh; I know, Milo, I know…

Everyone else watches the interaction. Maryette gets up from her seat and takes Micah out of Milo Sr’s hands.

Maryette: Ima take Micah to the cafeteria with Dennis.

Maryette walks out of the waiting area. Milo pulls away from the hug and sits in between Jennifer and Milo Sr.

Jennifer: Mollie is fine, she’s in a room and our mom is in there with her.

Milo: What happened? I was literally–

Milo takes in a deep breath after realizing something.

Milo: Our last conversation was an argument. What if that was my last ever conversation I had with Mollie? What did I do, I–

Jennifer: Hey. You didn’t do anything wrong, Milo. Friends fight all the time, especially at your age. Don’t think you’re responsible for Mollie’s actions; Mollie is responsible for her own actions.

Milo doesn’t say anything, he faintly asks one more time before giving up entirely.

Milo: What happened?

Jennifer and Milo Sr look at each other; worried. Jennifer looks back down at Milo as Milo Sr rubs Jennifer’s arm for comfort.

Jennifer: Mollie cut her wrists in the bathroom. Mom found her.

Milo places his hands over his eyes and takes in the newfound information.

Milo: Why the fuck would she be so stupid to do something like that?! *looks up* Like, she’s going to therapy! Isn’t that enough?!

Jennifer: *disciplined* Hey. Mollie might be getting help from her therapist, but we don’t know what was going on in Mollie’s head when she made that decision.

Milo looks down on the hospital floor, he has nothing else to say, but has so many roaming thoughts.

Jennifer: The least we can do for her is support her and let her know that we love her. That’s all we can do as her family.

Jennifer gets up and walks out of the waiting room to get Micah from Maryette. Milo Sr looks at Milo, who still hasn’t said anything since.

Milo Sr: It’s not your fault.

Milo: I feel like it was my fault.

Milo Sr: And it’s going to feel that way until Mollie tells you that it isn’t. I know.

Milo: *looks up* You went through this before?

Milo Sr: *nods head* What Pep told you is true. You’re not responsible for Mollie actions, Mollie is.

Milo: *puts two-and-two together* Wait, was it…?

Milo Sr: I was about your age. Pep was in a really bad place and something bad happened to her and thought she didn’t want to be here anymore. Me and your Aunt Nicky and Uncle Danny were at the hospital, and I felt extremely guilty for not being there for Pep when she needed me. I was her best friend, and it felt like I let her down because I wasn’t there. But…

MIlo Sr takes a minute to ponder n the thought.

Milo Sr: The only thing I could do is let her know that I love her and care about her.

Milo: Is that why she seemed to be… kind calm?

Milo Sr: I think she was a lot more nervous when Mollie was first admitted into the hospital, but after hearing Mollie was okay, I think she just needed to be there for you and let you know before you allowed yourself to take the blame.

Milo’s phone vibrates in his pocket. He takes out his phone and looks at the screen.

leesophie: Can we please talk?

Milo puts his phone back in his pocket and takes a deep breath. He then looks at his father.

Milo: Are you sure Mollie is going to be okay?

Milo Sr: She’s getting all the help she can get. She made it, and that’s what matters.

Both father and son sit in the waiting room, waiting for the women to come back, or for a doctor to call them in so they can see Mollie. Nothing is said, and nobody moves, they just wait for something to happen.

Misc., The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Fuck-Up: A Scene.

365 journal entries. One rollercoaster year as a high school senior | Post  Bulletin

It starts to rain heavily in the streets of Brooklyn. The streets begin to puddle around, and no one is in sight. Mollie sits on the stoop of Milo’s house, soaked and wet, and extremely mad. She was meant to meet up with Milo to rehearse for their auditions, but Milo has yet to show up and Mollie’s phone is dead. Her hair drips from being soaked and wet.

She looks ahead and sees someone running in the streets. When she gets a closer look at who it is. She gets mad to see that it’s Milo.

When Milo gets closer, he stops in his tracks when he sees Mollie. She stands up from sitting on the stoop.

Milo: Mol? Whatcha doing–

Mollie: *interrupts* Are you fucking kidding me, Milo?!

Milo: I told you I was working on the project with my partner!

Mollie: So was I! But at least I still did my part and kept with our plans for rehearsing for these damn auditions!

Milo: Why didn’t you text me?

Mollie: Because my phone died, ass wipe! And your dad and Jennifer aren’t home! Auditions are in two weeks and we have yet rehearsed for this stupid thing!

Milo doesn’t say anything, he just stands there, feeling guilty.

Milo: I’m… I’m sorry. I was just busy working on the project. I totally forgot.

Mollie: Yeah, you keep forgetting a lot of shit these days.

Milo: *defensive* No I don’t, stop exaggerating, Mol.

Mollie: You never hang out with me anymore! You’re always busy with Sophie doing this dumb project! What the hell is even going on between you two?

Milo begins to nervously stand in place. He doesn’t say anything immediately, and Mollie doesn’t wait for his answer.

Mollie: I’m suppose to be your best friend, Milo. I understand you got other shit to do, but it’s like you don’t even want to hang out with me anymore!

Milo: I don’t know why you care all of a sudden! You go and do your own thing all the time and I never complain about it!

Mollie: Because my shit involves dancing, therapy, and going to my dad’s house! You purposely are always busy whenever I want to hang out! You do nothing but work on that dumb project. *laughs* You think that plastic is actually your friend?

Milo stays silent, but he gets mad when Sophie is mentioned.

Mollie: You don’t think that bitch is going back to her friends and talking shit about you? That’s what girls like her do, Milo! Are you that fucking blind?

Milo: *yells* Just shut the fuck up, Mollie! You have no idea what you’re talking about! Instead of bashing others and shit, maybe you should try to be a nice and decent person and stop being like those mean girls you swear you’re nothing like!

Milo walks past Mollie and goes to the front door. He opens it and walks in. Mollie turns around.

Mollie: Fuck you, Milo! You’re such a lousy best friend!

The door slams behind him. Mollie’s eyes begin to water up, and she quickly runs away from the house.

Mollie tiredly walks into the front door of her house, still soaked from the rain. She immediately hears her mother’s voice in the kitchen.

Mom: Mollie Sue Castro! Where the hell were you?

Her mom looks at her and sees her wet clothes.

Mom: Do you know what time it is?!

Mollie: My phone died.

Mollie walks past her mom to walk upstairs, but her mom turns her around by placing her hand on her shoulder.

Mom: Mollie–

Mollie: What?! I told you my phone died! I was at Milo’s anyway!

Mom: Jennifer wasn’t home today. Where were you?

Mollie: *defensive* I swear I was at Milo’s! I was supposed to hang out with him and–

Mom: So you didn’t hang out with him?

Mollie begins to get frustrated.

Mollie: I was supposed to!

Mom: Mollie, this isn’t the first time you went out and I didn’t have no idea where you were! You’re about to graduate middle school, you have to learn how to take responsibility for your actions!

Mollie: I’m telling the truth! Why don’t you believe me?!

Mom: Because you lost that privilege when you kept making excuses for your poor behavior. I’m disappointed in you, Mollie.

Mollie: *upset* Mom!

Mom: Get changed out of those wet clothes before you catch a cold. Hand me your phone and laptop; you’re grounded.

Mollie: Are you serious?!

Mom: *angry* What else am I suppose to do? You will not listen to me and I can’t keep you letting things like this slide! You’re grounded, and you will not go to dance for two weeks.

Mollie: *furious* Are you fucking kidding me?!

Mom: Language, Mollie!

Mollie: No! I didn’t even do anything wrong and you’re grounding me? I have Waverly auditions in two weeks, I need to practice!

Mom: Well you should’ve thought about that when you were out and not checking in with me.

Mollie stomps her feet and walks towards the staircase.

She reaches her bedroom door and slams it shut when entering. She flops on her bed and screams into her pillow. She turns around starts to cry in bed. Her face is puffy and hot; she gets up and grabs clothes from her dresser and walks to her bathroom.

Emotionless, she enters the bathroom and closes the door behind her. She places her clothes on the floor and runs her shower. She looks at herself in the bathroom mirror; she’s tired, puffy, and mentally exhausted. Her family hates her, her bets friend hates her, and anyone else that tolerates her just secretly hates her. She opens up the medicine cabinet and reaches for something.

Mollie: Fuck everyone.

The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Girl on a Stage: A Scene.

Herbert Von King Park | The Cultural Landscape Foundation
I closed my eyes one day and started to play my violin in front of the people in the park. They heard and decided to stay to listen to the entire song. I was terrified; this was the first time I stepped on a stage and done anything. I wasn't expecting for anyone to stop and listen to me. It was the first time I felt like I belonged in any place since coming to America. It was the first time someone ever believed in me.

-Sophie "수진" Lee.

Sophie is running towards an area in the park; the flock of birds fly away into the brisk, winter air. The air causes Sophie’s long black hair. Milo follows her; his hands are in his pockets and his shoulders are shrugged around his neck.

Milo: What even is this park?

Sophie: Is Riverson’s Park! Have you’ve never been here?

Milo: Scout, I’m in your neighborhood.

Sophie: Haven’t you live in Brooklyn your entire life?

Milo: Yeah… in my neighborhood.

Sophie shoves Milo playfully and Milo laughs.

Sophie: I discovered this place when I first came to America.

Sophie sat down on the edge of the stage. Milo joins her.

Milo: How’d you find it?

Sophie suddenly bites her lip nervously.

Sophie: When I used to hang out with Simon, we used to come and meet here.

Milo looks down at his fingers, then looks back up at Sophie.

Sophie: I’ve always been afraid of being in front of people. I was walking home from practice one day and Simon and I went to hang out inn the park. We got on the stage and he pretty much told me that no matter what, someone will notice you. So I played my violin and there were actually people coming out and sitting on the benches.

Sophie points at the various benches in front of them. She puts her hand down and suddenly looks sad.

Sophie: It’s been my favorite place since then just to practice.

Milo: Why are you sad? Isn’t this supposed to be a good place for you?

Sophie turns her head and faces Milo.

Sophie: Because Simon gave me the courage to not be afraid to play in public, and now he’s not even the friend I once knew. How would you feel if your best friend just changed out of nowhere and they are just not the friend you grown to love?

Milo sits in thought. He thinks of Mollie and their falling out a couple of weeks ago. Things have been awkward and weird for them both and neither spoke about what happened that night in Mollie’s house. He feels like his best friend isn’t the same person anymore either.

Milo: I get it. I understand. But friends come and go, and you meet some really awesome new ones that wouldn’t change on you.

Sophie smiles.

Sophie: That’s sweet of you to say, Milo.

Milo: I mean what I say, Scout.

Nothing is said between them for a moment until Milo speaks up.

Milo: You know you can still audition for Waverly, right? Application season ends in a week.

Sophie: *nervous* Oh no, I shouldn’t, I’m not even ready–

Milo: Scout.

Sophie looks up at Milo, who is now standing on the stage.

Milo: Look at where you are! You’re on a stage! You’ve been on this stage for a year now! All you have to do is pretend that you’re on this stage and play!

Milo grabs Sophie by her hands and lifts her up on her feet.

Milo: Stand tall! Look out towards the audience! You’re super talented and smart and more qualified for Waverly than anyone else I know that’s auditioning! You got this, Scout. I believe in you.

Milo jumps off the edge of the stage with a book bag. He runs up the aisles of the benches and stands at the furthest spot. He takes a camera out of the bag and holds it up to his face.

Milo: *shouting* Show me that you’re baddest violin player in Brooklyn, Scout!

Sophie laughs and puts her arms on her hips and stands in a superhero pose. Milo lifts up the camera and takes the picture. Sophie shyly laughs as Milo runs back towards the stage.

Sophie: Thank you, Milo. You always know how to make me feel better.

They look at each other longer than they intended. Milo lowers his head to Sophie’s height and gently kisses her on the lips. They both step away from each other in shock.

Milo: I, uhm; Scout–

Sophie: I… have to go home.

Sophie walks to where her book bag is and picks it up.

Milo: Scout, I’m sorry–

Sophie: I’ll see you in school.

Sophie walks off the side of the stage and exits the area. Milo stands on the stage regretting what he did.

The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Tree House: A Scene.

17 Awesome Treehouse Ideas For You And The Kids
My mom was once in this tree house when she was my age. According to my dad, she would study and listen to music up here. I wonder if my mom left his tree house behind because it was one thing that no one would take down after she was gone. I wonder if she left all of her notebooks and pens up here for me to get to know her during a time I can understand her best. This tree house is the one place I can connect with my mom again.

- Milo Kamalani.

Milo sits up in the treehouse, writing in a notebook with a camera by his side. He doesn’t realize that Sophie has already climbed up the ladder and greeted herself in the window.

Milo: Oh my god, Scout – warn a guy when you come up here!

Sophie: Sorry, I didn’t want to yell in front of your grandparents house.

Sophie climbs in and crosses her legs. She notices Milo writing in a notebook.

Sophie: You started the project without me?

Milo: I… wanted to test things out. I didn’t take any pictures yet, but I just wanted to jot some ideas down.

Sophie: Well, can I read it?

Milo: What? No, Scout; this is personal.

Sophie: You do know we are going to have to present this in front of the entire class, right? If you choose to keep it, you have to read it out loud.

Milo takes in a deep breath. He drops the pencil on the ground and lowers his knees.

Milo: I wrote about the tree house.

Sophie: The tree house? Why?

Milo: I…

Milo looks at the page that he wrote. he holds it to his chest and finally begins talking.

Milo: This tree house belong to my mom.

Sophie: You’re biological mum?

Milo nods his head and looks down at the page.

Milo: My dad would tell me she used to come up here to escape all the stress she had being in high-school. She was the smartest kid in her grade and she was pregnant with me. She would come up here and read to me.

Sophie listens intently and doesn’t move. Milo keeps talking.

Milo: When my mom passed away, they were thinking about taking the tree house down. My dad told my grandparents they should leave it up so that when I got older, I could come back and connect with my mom. I always come up here and feel her presence in this tree house. I come up here so I can hear her say she’s proud of me.

Sophie is moved by the story. She reaches over for something and even though Milo clenches the notebook harder thinking she was going to take it, she instead takes the camera.

Sophie: Stay right there.

Milo: What?

Sophie: Let me take the picture of you and the tree house!

Sophie puts the camera to her face and Milo awkwardly smiles. Sophie puts the camera down.

Sophie: Milo…

Milo: What?

Sophie: Just be natural! Don’t pose, just… be you.

Milo relaxes a bit and decides to grab his guitar from the other side of the tree house. He starts strumming chords on the guitar; Sophie begins to take a couple of photos. After a while, she stops to listen to the song that Milo is playing. Nothing is said, just music is playing.

Milo: My mom and my dad were high-school sweethearts. They met in their freshmen year and fell in love. *sigh* My mom had cancer. She was slowly dying and to have me took a lot out of her. I was barely two weeks old when my mom died.

Sophie: Do you miss her?

Milo: Only when I realize that some of my traits come from her. Some things I don’t understand why I do or think them because my dad doesn’t, and that’s when I miss my mom the most. I wish I was able to have someone understand the things I do.

Sophie: How about Jennifer?

Milo: Jennifer was my dad’s best friend since, like, childhood. They knew each other when they were practically babies. Jennifer helped raise me in a way; she was there for most of my childhood and all of that. I love Jennifer, she’s great, but–

Sophie: She’s not your biological mom.

Milo: Yeah. I just wish I had the answers to some things that my dad doesn’t have answers for.

Sophie hugs Milo. Milo is in shock. Once she pulls back, he looks at her, face red.

Milo: What was that for?

Sophie: For trusting me with your story.

Milo smiles and begins to discuss more details about the project. Sophie shows the Polaroids to Milo as they develop.

It’s 2007 and Milo’s mom and dad are sitting in the tree house; she’s doing homework as he’s gently playing on the guitar. She looks at him and smiles. He does the same thing back.

The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Group Project: A Scene.

Returning to the Classroom: How Teachers Are Feeling Today

The students in the class are talking to one another in their circles. The teacher comes into the classroom and outs her things on the desk. She claps her hands to quiet down the class, and the class faces forward towards the teacher.

Teacher: Alright class, quiet down. Today’s the day that we talk about your final English project of the year.

Students take out their notebooks as the teacher begins to write on the dry-erase board. She writes out “Teenage Tell-Tales”

Teacher: You guys will be partnered with people you don’t normally interact with to complete this project. The “Teenage Tell-Tales” is a project where you document your journeys throughout NYC in pictures as well as either poetry, music; whatever you and your partner decide works best for you. It will be an eight-week project and I expect it to show in your project. I don’t want to see 8 entries of the same day because you decided to start your project a week before it’s due. Be creative and artsy; I know many of you are capable of doing exciting things for this project.

Mollie twirls her pencil on her desk; Milo watches as he leans his head on his hand.

Teacher: Now like I said earlier, you will be paired with a person you haven’t worked with this year, so please do not ask me to change your partner for no reason whatsoever. Your teachers in high-school will not excuse that behavior, so I’m not going to either.

The teacher walks over to her desk and open up a notebook.

Teacher: For the rest of the period, you will get to know your partner and exchange any info needed to start this project.

She flips to the page she needs and stands in front of the class.

Teacher: Alright, so the partners are… Laurie Warren and Brooke Michaels…

Laurie is seen rolling her eyes; she looks towards the girl with a bright pink mullet and painter’s smock.

Teacher: Mollie Sue Castro and Veronica Summers…

Mollie: *to Milo* Veronica Summers? Who the hell is Veronica Summers?

Milo: The Soccer player?

Milo nod his head in the direction of the girl; Mollie turns around and looks. The girl nods back.

Mollie: *turns around* This should be fun…

Teacher: Milo Kamalani and Sophie Lee…

Milo’s eyes widen as soon as he hears her name. He doesn’t turn back to look at her, he just squeezes his eyes. Mollie laughs.

Mollie: Yo, good luck being the partner of one of the minions; she’ll probably be so lost without Laurie there!

Milo doesn’t anything, he just squirms uncomfortably in his seat.

Teacher: Alright, please be seated with your partners, get to know each other; you guys talk up a storm when you shouldn’t, so now I better hear talking in this next period.

The students switch their seats. Milo gets up from his chair and turns around to go and sit next to Sophie. She looks just as nervous when he sits down next to her.

Milo: Hi.

Sophie: Hi…

The two teens don’t say anything after that. Sophie looks at MIlo and begins the conversation again.

Sophie: You haven’t spoken to me in a couple of days.

Milo: Hmm. I’m surprised you noticed, considering you were so busy hanging out with your friends.

Sophie: Are you mad at me for making up with my friends?

Milo: Those aren’t your friends, Scout! They treat you like shit and as their scapegoat.

Sophie: They are my friends and we worked things out. I see you worked things out with Mollie.

Milo: I have to work things out with her, she’s Jennifer’s younger sister!

Sophie did not know that about Mollie and Milo. She doesn’t say anything back, she just flips through her notebook and takes out a pen. She writes “Teenage Tell-Tales Project” on the top of the page.

Sophie: So how are we going to do this pathetic and stupid project?

Milo doesn’t say anything back. He watches Sophie jot down information needed to carry on with this project.

The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Self-Talk: A Scene.

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The sun is strong this particular day in the summer. People walk around in flip-flops and tank tops, sunglasses and shorts to get through the hot summer day.

Milo walks down a block slowly with his phone in his hand. He occasionally looks around and back down on his phone for directions. He keeps walking until he reaches his destination; a tiny home on a street.

He walks up the front steps and rings the doorbell; he’s nervous as he bounces his leg in place. Moments later, an older woman answers the door; she pretty much looks like Sophie.

Milo: Hi, uhm… Mrs. Lee, I’m Sophie’s friend; is she home?

The woman smiles. She gestures for Milo to come into the house, to which he slowly does. After he’s inside, the woman closes the door behind him and shouts something in Korean. Milo stands there, clearly confused at what’s happening. Moments later, a girl runs down the stairs and walks towards Milo. She smiles and grabs Milo by the hand to walk outside to the backyard. Milo doesn’t protest.

The wind is strong this particular day in the Fall. People walk around in hoodies and jeans, sweaters and jackets to get through the chilly Autumn day.

Milo walks down a block at a reasonable pace with his hands in his pocket. He looks forward and keeps walking in confidence; he knows where he’s going. He keeps walking until he reaches his destination; a tiny home on a street.

He walks up the front steps and rings the doorbell; he’s nervous as he bounces his leg in place. Moments later, an older woman answers the door; she pretty much looks like Sophie.

Milo: Hi Mrs. Lee; is Sophie home?

The woman faintly smiles and lets Milo in. After she closes the door behind him, she shouts for Sophie in Korean. Milo nervously stands there, waiting for Sophie to come down the stairs. She doesn’t.

Mrs. Lee: Sophie?

A door is heard being opened from upstairs. A girl walks towards the staircase and looks towards the front door; she sees it’s Milo. She slowly walks down the stairs.

Mrs. Lee: Dinner should be done in an hour; would you like to stay for dinner, Milo?

Milo: Uhm…

Sophie looks at her mother, gesturing not to continue with the offer.

Milo: Sure.

Mrs. Lee: You and Sophie can hang out before dinner is done. *to Sophie* You can sit in the back, the leaves were raked by your father this morning.

Sophie walks towards the backyard as Milo follows; they don’t say anything while they walk.

They walk outside to the backyard; some leaves are left behind from the tress in her backyard. They walk over to the two seats under one of the trees. She sits down on the light purple one; Milo sits on the mint green one.

Sophie: What are you doing here?

Milo: I wanted to talk to you.

Sophie: Why? So you can take it back to your best friend and laugh at me?

Milo scrunches his eyebrows; he’s upset she would even think that of him.

Milo: Do you really think that low of me?

Sophie: I don’t know, maybe it’s the fact that you literally took Mollie’s side even if she was completely in the wrong!

Milo: I didn’t take her side–

Sophie: *angry* Have you’ve gone mad?! You clearly took her side!

Milo: She’s my best friend, Scout–

Sophie: *stern* Don’t call me that.

Milo: What?

Sophie: Don’t call me ‘Scout’.

Milo: Are you kidding me?

Sophie: No, Milo! I’m not! This is not the person I became friends with over the summer! This isn’t the Milo I got to know in my backyard!

Milo: I’m still the same person!

Sophie: The person I knew would’ve done the right thing and not coward themselves because of their best friend who did a really shitty thing.

Milo looks at Sophie; he’s trying to make her understand that he values her as a friend.

Milo: Scout?

Sophie: What?

Milo smiles. Sophie squeezes her eyes shut as she knows that she just allowed Milo to call her by his nickname. His smile drops and gets serious once again.

Milo: I’m sorry for the way she treated you. I spoke to her about it because I was not okay with it. She had no right to come after you when this was between her and Laurie.

Sophie: I told Theo he was a jerk for what he did. Laurie questioned my concern for the situation. What Mollie did made things worse. *looks at Milo* She’s not friends with me anymore because of it.

Milo: If Laurie was a true friend, she would’ve known you weren’t the type of person to do that. That’s her dumb decision for believing what Mollie said.

Sophie looks back down at the ground.

Milo: Hey?

Sophie looks up at Milo.

Milo: Laurie and her friends are not going to bother you if they decide to not be your friend. *opens arms wide* You have me.

Sophie comes in and wraps her arms around Milo for a hug. He’s caught off-guard at first, but doesn’t protest. He puts his arms around her and smiles.

It’s another day at school for the teens; rowdiness and cliques surround the hallway. Milo is at his locker, about to grab his books for the day. He has a smile on his face; he can’t wait to hang out with Sophie. He closes his locker to see Mollie standing there.

Milo: Fuck! Mollie! Warn a guy!

Mollie: I’m sorry.

Milo: *confused* Huh?

Mollie: I’m sorry for what happened the other day. That’s not like me to do what I did, and I needed you to tell me that.

Milo looks at Mollie and holds up a fist, waiting for Mollie to pound him up. She looks at his hand and faintly smiles, pounding his fist back.

Milo: So I was thinking about that idea that you were talking about…

Milo closes his locker and his face drops. He sees Sophie walking down the hall with Laurie and the rest of the gang. Sophie and Milo lock eyes. Nothing is said.

The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Callouts: A Scene.

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Mollie is shown in her room with music blasting, dancing along to the music and getting lost in it. Her head tilted high, eyes closed, and her arms extended. A knock is heard on the bedroom door, and then shows an older woman, Lydia, that resembles Mollie.

Lydia: Mollie, I told you three times to come downstairs and help me set up for dinner tonight! Your sister and her family are coming over.

Mollie: Mom, I’m trying to practice!

Lydia: I don’t care, I told you already that this was happening tonight. You can practice at practice tomorrow afternoon.

Mollie rolls her eyes and turns of her music and walks past her mother. An older man, Alex is seen walking up the stairs in which Mollie walks passed was well. Lydia is seem walking to the railing of the stairs.

Alex: Is she okay?

Lydia: She’s 14, moody, and a teenager; what do you think?

Downstairs in the kitchen, Mollie washes the dishes, clearly annoyed that she’s doing the chore. Alex checks in on Mollie.

Alex: Hey, kid; everything okay?

Mollie: I’m fine.

Alex: You seem a little tense. If you need to talk–

Mollie sighs and stops what she’s doing.

Mollie: I said I’m fine! Can everyone stop bothering me and let me just do what I have to fucking do!

Alex: *stern* Language, Mollie.

Mollie: Whatever, you’re not my dad.

Alex doesn’t say anything, he just walks away. Mollie continues to do the dishes.

When Mollie is finished, she goes upstairs back into her room. She falls into her pillow and browses on her phone. She can hear the doorbell and knows that Jennifer is here with her family. She hops out of bed and looks down at the railing to see Lydia and Jennifer greeting each other as well as the rest of the family. Lydia looks up at the railing and tells Mollie to come downstairs.

Lydia: Mollie, come down to say hi.

Mollie: Hey guys. Milo! Come upstairs!

Milo looks up and slowly walks to the flight of stairs. Mollie turns back to head towards her room.

Jennifer: *to Lydia* Kids will be kids.

In Mollie’s room, she sits down on her bed as Milo sits on her desk chair across from her. Milo doesn’t say anything, he just looks at Mollie.

Mollie: So, I was thinking for this audition that you can help me with some instrument stuff, like make an original cover of a song and I’ll sing it, y’know?

Milo doesn’t say anything. Mollie gets up from the bed and goes towards her desk to pull out a notebook and a pen. She walks back to her bed and sits on it.

Mollie: So I’ll definitely do something belty, like high notes and sentimental and shit to win over the committee – and like, with your guitar playing in the back and then BAM! the sick drum solo will come in!

Milo is in thought; in daydream. Mollie snaps her fingers in front of Milo.

Mollie: Hello? Earth to Milo? I’m talking to you!

Milo: Yeah it’s fine.

Mollie: … okay then. SO yeah, I was thinking that I can write the lyrics and we can make an original together and possibly showcase it for senior week? That would be so awesome and so dope!

Milo: *disinterested* Mhm.

Mollie looks up and puts the notebook and pen on the bed; clearly frustrated.

Mollie: What is wrong with you today?

Milo: Nothing.

Mollie: *annoyed* It’s clearly something, Mi. What’s got you moping around?

Milo: *defensive* Just drop it, alright?

Mollie: Well then stop acting like a little bitch and let’s talk about this audition!

Milo finally looks up at Mollie.

Milo: You only care about yourself, huh?

Mollie: What?

Milo: I heard what you did in the lunchroom the other day. That wasn’t cool, Mol.

Mollie: I have absolutely no idea what the fuck you’re talking about.

Milo: Maybe because you consider it a victory to your damn ego!

Mollie: Where the hell is this coming from?!

Milo gets up from his seat, frustrated at Mollie.

Milo: Did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe the reason you and Laurie hate each other so much is because you guys are exactly alike?

Mollie: How dare you! I am nothing like that bitch!

Milo: You did the same exact thing she did to you! What are you even talking about, Mol?!

Mollie: Who cares? Laurie got what she deserved.

Milo: Yeah, and now someone else that isn’t Laurie got the fall for it!

Mollie: Why do you even care?

Milo takes a moment to think of what he should say.

Milo: I don’t–

Mollie: When why are you so bothered?

Milo doesn’t say anything, Mollie rolls her eyes.

Mollie: Whatever. If you don’t wanna help me, then just leave.

Milo: Just know that you’re no better than Laurie. All you care about is getting revenge on others in exchange for your ego boost.

Milo leaves Mollie’s room.

Mollie: *yells* Whatever! I don’t need you as my best friend, you need me!

Mollie starts to break down crying in her bed, completely upset over the argument.

Milo walks down the stairs aggressively. He passes by the adults in the kitchen.

Milo Sr: Hey, bud; everything okay?

Milo: *short-tempered* Just leave me the hell alone!

Jennifer: *assertive* Hey! Don’t talk to your father that way.

Milo: *yells* Stop trying to act like my mom, because you’re not! I don’t have to listen to you!

Milo Sr: *angry* Milo!

Milo walks out the front door and slams it behind him. Milo Sr gets up from where he was sitting and tries follow him. Jennifer sits where she is, a little sad at what happened.

Misc., The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Follower: A Scene.

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Milo sits at his desk playing with the phone in his hands. He looks down at it, nervous to open up the screen and see if Sophie messaged him. Every couple of minutes, he taps the screen to check; she never messages him.

He tosses the phone on the bed and holds his head in his hands. He keeps seeing the image of Sophie in the hallway, looking sad and hurt as ever. He feels horrible for turning his back on her, especially learning what Mollie did to her in the lunchroom.

He looks up and gets out of his desk chair and falls on his bed. He looks up at the ceiling until his eyes feel heavy and he drifts off to sleep.

The rain is pouring down the streets of Brooklyn. Two teenagers are running down the block, trying to take cover from the rain. They both run up the steps of a house.

Milo: Are you okay?

Sophie: *laughs* I’m alright, too bad we didn’t make it to a dry spot on time though!

Milo smiles and takes out his keys from his pockets. Sophie watches him.

Sophie: What are you doing?

Milo: Going inside?

Sophie looks anxiously as he turns the key into the front door. Milo notices.

Milo: You’ll be fine, Scout. Let’s go in to dry up.

Sophie doesn’t say anything, she follows Milo behind him as he enters the house. The teenagers kick off their shoes in the hallway. Milo walks up the stairs leading to the house. Sophie follows behind him.

Once they both reach the top of the stairs, Milo opens the door and holds it open for SOphie to walk in. She looks around as he closes the door behind her.

Sophie: This is a cute place.

Somebody walks out of the bathroom; a tall red-headed woman, Jennifer. She looks up at the teenagers and gets startled Sophie hides behind Milo.

Jennifer: Gosh, you scared me! Why are you guys all wet?

Milo: It started raining when we were hanging out.

Milo puts his head behind his back to grab Sophie’s. He slowly gets Sophie to stand next to him. He lets her hand go.

Milo: This is my friend, Sophie. *to Sophie* This is Jennifer.

Jennifer: It’s nice to meet you, Sophie. I might have some clothes you can barrow while I dry your clothes up.

Sophie smiles and nods her head.

Sophie: Thank you so much, Mrs. Kamalani.

Jennifer: Please, call me Pep.

Jennifer walks back to a bedroom while the teenagers stand in the walkway. Milo looks at Sophie.

Milo: She likes you.

Sophie: Huh?

Milo: Pep likes you if she’s allowing you to call her my her nickname.

Sophie: Why do you call your mum by her first name?

Jennifer walks out of the bedroom with clothes in her hand.

Jennifer: There you go, sweetheart. The bathroom is to your right. *to Milo* Remember to grab the clothes and put them in the dryer.

Jennifer walks into the kitchen to get the dryer ready. Milo walks into his room to get changed, and Sophie walks into the bathroom to do the same.

A little while later, the door of Milo’s room opens. Milo and Sophie walk into it as they overhear Jennifer yelling to keep the door open. Milo rolls his eyes as Sophie laughs.

Sophie: Mums can be overprotective, huh?

Milo: Uhm, yeah.

Milo walks to his desk to turn on his computer. Sophie sits on the edge of the bed, watching.

Sophie: Are you a gamer?

Milo: Nah, this is all for music. I record myself playing at times and see if I can become better. I gotta prepare for the Waverly audition.

Sophie: That’s exciting.

Milo: I guess.

Milo gets lost in his music while Sophie listens on. She’s amazed at how much Milo knows about the equipment and the different sounds to make everything come together. After awhile, he stops to take a break.

Milo: This is just a little bit of the things I work on.

Sophie: You’re so utterly talented, it amazes me. Who taught you all of this?

Milo: My dad. When I was a baby, he had his own recording studio in his apartment. Him and his band used to record demos when they were teenagers.

Sophie: Have you ever listened to it?

Milo: *shakes head* I haven’t. I feel like that’s something I have to do later, find my own sound, y’know?

Sophie: Well, what is your sound?

Milo looks at Sophie and ponders on the question.

Milo: I guess I still have to find out.

Sophie crosses her legs on Milo’s bed. She looks comfortable in his presence.

Sophie: Your mom is really nice.

Milo: Thanks…

Sophie: Her red hair is so bright! I wish i was able to dye my hair, but my mum would kill me.

Milo: Are you not allowed?

Sophie: *shakes head* In Korean culture, the longer and natural your hair is, the more beautiful and feminine you are. I mean, I call bullshit on that.

Milo: *smiles* You sound so tiny when you curse.

Sophie: *laughs* Whatever! If I could, I would be a leader instead of a follower, like you are!

Milo: I am no leader, Scout.

Sophie: Sure you are! You don’t try to fit yourself in what everyone wants you to be, you’re loyal to the friends that matter to you the most, and you are a style not all boys in our grade would ever have. That’s being a leader, Milo.

The conversation dies down and silence fills the room. Milo doesn’t look at Sophie when he begins talking again.

Milo: Jennifer isn’t my mom.

Sophie: What?

Milo: She’s not my mom. I never got to know my actual mom. She died when I was a baby.

Sophie doesn’t say anything, she sits there and waits for Milo to continue.

Milo: Sometimes… I feel like I don’t belong. That I don’t fit in. School doesn’t make it any easier. Everyone wants to fit in and then there’s me, not even fitting into my own family.

Sophie: Is you little brother…?

Milo: Mom and dad. They’re a family, and then there’s me…

Sophie: *stern* Hey.

Milo looks at Sophie.

Sophie: Family isn’t always blood, you know. Family is what you make it to be; those who love you no matter what you do in life, support you no matter how concerned they could be for you, and always welcome you with open arms. Jennifer is your mom, Milo.

Milo doesn’t say anything, he sits there and takes in what Sophie said. Moments later, Jennifer walks in with some folded laundry.

Jennifer: Alright, everything is cleaned and dried up for you guys.

Sophie: Thank you, Mrs– uhm, Pep.

Jennifer: Of course, sweetheart. Do you live far from here? Milo and I can drive you home since it’s getting late.

The two girls talk as Milo looks on, relieved that Jennifer takes a liking in Sophie and vise versa.

Milo’s phone lights up in his dark room. The vibration on his face wakes him up. He sees a notification from someone and instantly wakes up when he realizes who it’s from.

leesophie: Who would've thought you were the best friend to a mean girl, follower.

Milo unlocks his phone to write back a response when he sees Sophie has blocked him. Milo sighs in frustration.

Misc., The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Betrayal: A Scene.

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The halls are busy with teenagers on this particular day; people chat in between classes and walk in their groups throughout the halls. Sophie opens her locker to take out her books when she suddenly gets nudged. She turns around quickly to see a careless teenage girl chatting with a guy. The guy looks at Sophie apologetically, Sophie proceeds to go on with her day.

In the present day, Sophie opens her locker to put her books inside. The halls are busy with students passing by, like any other day.

Before she’s able to put the rest of her books away, she gets nudged and her textbooks fall to the ground. She looks behind her and sees Mollie look back and head to her locker. Sophie doesn’t say anything, she just kneels down to pick up her textbooks from the floor. She sees a guy’s sneaker in front of her. She looks up.

Simon: Hey, Sophie.

Sophie gets up from the floor with her textbooks and puts them in her locker.

Sophie: What do you want, Simon?

Simon: Ouch, is that the way to talk to your best friend now?

Sophie rolls her eyes in frustration and locks her locker, she Looks at Simon, and pauses before she speaks.

Sophie: You’re not my best friend.

Simon: *holds heart* Ouch, just keep punching me in the heart.

Sophie walks away from Simon, and Simon follows.

Simon: What has you so annoyed today?

Sophie: Nothing, Simon. I just have to get to class on time.

Simon: I know when something isn’t right, Soph. You know you can always talk to me.

Sophie stops and turns around towards Simon.

Sophie: No, I can’t. You lost that privilege when you decided to date Laurie.

Simon: Soph–

Sophie: Bye, Simon.

Sophie walks into the classroom of her class. Mollie is behind one of the pillars, who is now looking in her phone.

Sophie sits in her usual desk with her friends. She takes out her notebook and looks up to see Milo walk in with Mollie. She smiles at Milo, but he doesn’t smile back. Sophie feels a little hurt by the response. While her friends chat around her, Sophie takes out her phone.

leesophie: Are you mad at me?

She waits for a reply, but never gets one. She puts her phone in her bag, now frustrated. The teacher quiets the class and begins teaching.

The bell rings and the lunch period begins. Sophie sits down at her usual table with her friends. She takes out her lunch from her backpack. Laurie and Simon come into the lunchroom, holding hands, walking towards their group’s table.

Laurie: *to Simon* I can’t believe you called this our song!

She takes out the earbud from her ear and kisses Simon on the cheek. It makes Sophie uncomfortable.

Simon: It’s just as beautiful as you, baby.

Sophie rolls her eyes and downs her water. The couple sit at the table with Sophie and a couple of their other friends. Theo comes and greets the table, and does his special handshake with Simon.

Laurie: Do you guys always gotta do that?

Theo: Don’t be jealous you and your friends don’t have a secret handshake.

Laurie: Oh bite me, Theo.

Theo: I don’t think your boyfriend would like that.

Simon punches Theo in the arm, Theo holds the area. Simon sits back down next to Laurie. Theo spots Sophie.

Theo: *playfully* Hey, Sophie.

Sophie: Bye, Theo.

Theo: Hey, what’s with the attitude?

He sits next to Simon across from Sophie.

Sophie: Because you’re a jerk.

Theo: Where’d you get that from?

Sophie puts down her water bottle, which makes a loud noise on the table.

Sophie: You didn’t have to do what you did at the Halloween party.

Laurie: *interrupts* It was so funny though! Plus, Mollie knew what she was getting herself into.

Sophie: *to Laurie* It wasn’t nice though. She didn’t do anything to you guys for you to do that to her.

Laurie: *annoyed* Are you actually standing up for that loser, Sophie?

Sophie: I’m standing up for what’s right, and Theo was wrong for doing what he did.

Laurie: Why don’t you go be friends with her and her loser best friend?

Sophie visibly is upset, and Simon catches it.

Simon: Hey, maybe it was alittle too harsh to do.

Laurie looks at Simon confused. Sophie is just as confused as Simon’s actions.

Laurie: Don’t act like you weren’t laughing when we caught her with him.

Simon: Still, I think Sophie’s right about this one, babe.

Laurie: *to Sophie* Now I look like the mean girl because of you!

Simon: Babe, she didn’t do anything; please relax.

Sophie smiles at Simon sticking up for her. Before the bickering can continue, a girl is seen standing on a lunch table. Sophie turns around and notice it’s Mollie.

Mollie: *yells* Attention, Beverly Junior High! I hope everyone had a lovely time at the Halloween party this past weekend!

Sophie doesn’t understand what Mollie is doing. She looks around to see if she sees Milo, but she doesn’t.

Mollie: I know you all saw the pathetic excuse that was a prank on me at the party, but it’s so sad that while they were so into doing this prank on me…

Everyone’s phone vibrates and in comes a message. Sophie widens her eyes in shock; Laurie is visibly upset.

Mollie: Beverly Junior High’s favorite couple, isn’t so perfect after all! Simon Hempstead ischeating on Laurie with her own best friend, Sophie!

Sophie is in total shock. This picture was taken not too long ago. She looks at Laurie.

Sophie: Laurie, this isn’t–

Laurie: You’re nothing but a slut, Sophie! I knew you still liked Simon all this time!

Sophie: Laurie–

Laurie: *yells* Get out of my face!

Sophie grabs her things and runs out of the lunch room. Mollie gets down from the table, feeling successful with her plan.

Sophie runs down the hall to her locker. All she wants is to grab her things and go home. She suddenly hears a voice.

Mollie: Too bad you got caught up in all of this.

Sophie slams her locker shut and looks at Mollie.

Sophie: I didn’t do anything to you! I don’t care if you don’t like Laurie, but why in the bloody hell get me involved?!

Mollie nonchalantly shrugs her shoulders.

Mollie: I don’t know, it was easy.

Sophie: You know you’re not any better than Laurie. You are just as much of a mean girl as she is.

Mollie: Whatever.

Milo walks down the hall towards the two girls. Sophie, with tears in her eyes, looks at Milo. Milo looks at Sophie, then back at Mollie.

Milo: What’s going on?

Mollie: Nothing, just showing a minion that she’s just as much of a target as her bitch leader.

Mollie turns around and walks the other direction. Milo stands there, looking at Sophie. Sophie now has tears running down her face.

Mollie: C’mon, Mi, we gotta get to class.

Milo sadly turns around and leaves Sophie standing there. She begins to quietly cry near her locker. Milo keep walking with Mollie, feeling sad and hurt.