Misc., The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Betrayal: A Scene.

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The halls are busy with teenagers on this particular day; people chat in between classes and walk in their groups throughout the halls. Sophie opens her locker to take out her books when she suddenly gets nudged. She turns around quickly to see a careless teenage girl chatting with a guy. The guy looks at Sophie apologetically, Sophie proceeds to go on with her day.

In the present day, Sophie opens her locker to put her books inside. The halls are busy with students passing by, like any other day.

Before she’s able to put the rest of her books away, she gets nudged and her textbooks fall to the ground. She looks behind her and sees Mollie look back and head to her locker. Sophie doesn’t say anything, she just kneels down to pick up her textbooks from the floor. She sees a guy’s sneaker in front of her. She looks up.

Simon: Hey, Sophie.

Sophie gets up from the floor with her textbooks and puts them in her locker.

Sophie: What do you want, Simon?

Simon: Ouch, is that the way to talk to your best friend now?

Sophie rolls her eyes in frustration and locks her locker, she Looks at Simon, and pauses before she speaks.

Sophie: You’re not my best friend.

Simon: *holds heart* Ouch, just keep punching me in the heart.

Sophie walks away from Simon, and Simon follows.

Simon: What has you so annoyed today?

Sophie: Nothing, Simon. I just have to get to class on time.

Simon: I know when something isn’t right, Soph. You know you can always talk to me.

Sophie stops and turns around towards Simon.

Sophie: No, I can’t. You lost that privilege when you decided to date Laurie.

Simon: Soph–

Sophie: Bye, Simon.

Sophie walks into the classroom of her class. Mollie is behind one of the pillars, who is now looking in her phone.

Sophie sits in her usual desk with her friends. She takes out her notebook and looks up to see Milo walk in with Mollie. She smiles at Milo, but he doesn’t smile back. Sophie feels a little hurt by the response. While her friends chat around her, Sophie takes out her phone.

leesophie: Are you mad at me?

She waits for a reply, but never gets one. She puts her phone in her bag, now frustrated. The teacher quiets the class and begins teaching.

The bell rings and the lunch period begins. Sophie sits down at her usual table with her friends. She takes out her lunch from her backpack. Laurie and Simon come into the lunchroom, holding hands, walking towards their group’s table.

Laurie: *to Simon* I can’t believe you called this our song!

She takes out the earbud from her ear and kisses Simon on the cheek. It makes Sophie uncomfortable.

Simon: It’s just as beautiful as you, baby.

Sophie rolls her eyes and downs her water. The couple sit at the table with Sophie and a couple of their other friends. Theo comes and greets the table, and does his special handshake with Simon.

Laurie: Do you guys always gotta do that?

Theo: Don’t be jealous you and your friends don’t have a secret handshake.

Laurie: Oh bite me, Theo.

Theo: I don’t think your boyfriend would like that.

Simon punches Theo in the arm, Theo holds the area. Simon sits back down next to Laurie. Theo spots Sophie.

Theo: *playfully* Hey, Sophie.

Sophie: Bye, Theo.

Theo: Hey, what’s with the attitude?

He sits next to Simon across from Sophie.

Sophie: Because you’re a jerk.

Theo: Where’d you get that from?

Sophie puts down her water bottle, which makes a loud noise on the table.

Sophie: You didn’t have to do what you did at the Halloween party.

Laurie: *interrupts* It was so funny though! Plus, Mollie knew what she was getting herself into.

Sophie: *to Laurie* It wasn’t nice though. She didn’t do anything to you guys for you to do that to her.

Laurie: *annoyed* Are you actually standing up for that loser, Sophie?

Sophie: I’m standing up for what’s right, and Theo was wrong for doing what he did.

Laurie: Why don’t you go be friends with her and her loser best friend?

Sophie visibly is upset, and Simon catches it.

Simon: Hey, maybe it was alittle too harsh to do.

Laurie looks at Simon confused. Sophie is just as confused as Simon’s actions.

Laurie: Don’t act like you weren’t laughing when we caught her with him.

Simon: Still, I think Sophie’s right about this one, babe.

Laurie: *to Sophie* Now I look like the mean girl because of you!

Simon: Babe, she didn’t do anything; please relax.

Sophie smiles at Simon sticking up for her. Before the bickering can continue, a girl is seen standing on a lunch table. Sophie turns around and notice it’s Mollie.

Mollie: *yells* Attention, Beverly Junior High! I hope everyone had a lovely time at the Halloween party this past weekend!

Sophie doesn’t understand what Mollie is doing. She looks around to see if she sees Milo, but she doesn’t.

Mollie: I know you all saw the pathetic excuse that was a prank on me at the party, but it’s so sad that while they were so into doing this prank on me…

Everyone’s phone vibrates and in comes a message. Sophie widens her eyes in shock; Laurie is visibly upset.

Mollie: Beverly Junior High’s favorite couple, isn’t so perfect after all! Simon Hempstead ischeating on Laurie with her own best friend, Sophie!

Sophie is in total shock. This picture was taken not too long ago. She looks at Laurie.

Sophie: Laurie, this isn’t–

Laurie: You’re nothing but a slut, Sophie! I knew you still liked Simon all this time!

Sophie: Laurie–

Laurie: *yells* Get out of my face!

Sophie grabs her things and runs out of the lunch room. Mollie gets down from the table, feeling successful with her plan.

Sophie runs down the hall to her locker. All she wants is to grab her things and go home. She suddenly hears a voice.

Mollie: Too bad you got caught up in all of this.

Sophie slams her locker shut and looks at Mollie.

Sophie: I didn’t do anything to you! I don’t care if you don’t like Laurie, but why in the bloody hell get me involved?!

Mollie nonchalantly shrugs her shoulders.

Mollie: I don’t know, it was easy.

Sophie: You know you’re not any better than Laurie. You are just as much of a mean girl as she is.

Mollie: Whatever.

Milo walks down the hall towards the two girls. Sophie, with tears in her eyes, looks at Milo. Milo looks at Sophie, then back at Mollie.

Milo: What’s going on?

Mollie: Nothing, just showing a minion that she’s just as much of a target as her bitch leader.

Mollie turns around and walks the other direction. Milo stands there, looking at Sophie. Sophie now has tears running down her face.

Mollie: C’mon, Mi, we gotta get to class.

Milo sadly turns around and leaves Sophie standing there. She begins to quietly cry near her locker. Milo keep walking with Mollie, feeling sad and hurt.

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