The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Callouts: A Scene.

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Mollie is shown in her room with music blasting, dancing along to the music and getting lost in it. Her head tilted high, eyes closed, and her arms extended. A knock is heard on the bedroom door, and then shows an older woman, Lydia, that resembles Mollie.

Lydia: Mollie, I told you three times to come downstairs and help me set up for dinner tonight! Your sister and her family are coming over.

Mollie: Mom, I’m trying to practice!

Lydia: I don’t care, I told you already that this was happening tonight. You can practice at practice tomorrow afternoon.

Mollie rolls her eyes and turns of her music and walks past her mother. An older man, Alex is seen walking up the stairs in which Mollie walks passed was well. Lydia is seem walking to the railing of the stairs.

Alex: Is she okay?

Lydia: She’s 14, moody, and a teenager; what do you think?

Downstairs in the kitchen, Mollie washes the dishes, clearly annoyed that she’s doing the chore. Alex checks in on Mollie.

Alex: Hey, kid; everything okay?

Mollie: I’m fine.

Alex: You seem a little tense. If you need to talk–

Mollie sighs and stops what she’s doing.

Mollie: I said I’m fine! Can everyone stop bothering me and let me just do what I have to fucking do!

Alex: *stern* Language, Mollie.

Mollie: Whatever, you’re not my dad.

Alex doesn’t say anything, he just walks away. Mollie continues to do the dishes.

When Mollie is finished, she goes upstairs back into her room. She falls into her pillow and browses on her phone. She can hear the doorbell and knows that Jennifer is here with her family. She hops out of bed and looks down at the railing to see Lydia and Jennifer greeting each other as well as the rest of the family. Lydia looks up at the railing and tells Mollie to come downstairs.

Lydia: Mollie, come down to say hi.

Mollie: Hey guys. Milo! Come upstairs!

Milo looks up and slowly walks to the flight of stairs. Mollie turns back to head towards her room.

Jennifer: *to Lydia* Kids will be kids.

In Mollie’s room, she sits down on her bed as Milo sits on her desk chair across from her. Milo doesn’t say anything, he just looks at Mollie.

Mollie: So, I was thinking for this audition that you can help me with some instrument stuff, like make an original cover of a song and I’ll sing it, y’know?

Milo doesn’t say anything. Mollie gets up from the bed and goes towards her desk to pull out a notebook and a pen. She walks back to her bed and sits on it.

Mollie: So I’ll definitely do something belty, like high notes and sentimental and shit to win over the committee – and like, with your guitar playing in the back and then BAM! the sick drum solo will come in!

Milo is in thought; in daydream. Mollie snaps her fingers in front of Milo.

Mollie: Hello? Earth to Milo? I’m talking to you!

Milo: Yeah it’s fine.

Mollie: … okay then. SO yeah, I was thinking that I can write the lyrics and we can make an original together and possibly showcase it for senior week? That would be so awesome and so dope!

Milo: *disinterested* Mhm.

Mollie looks up and puts the notebook and pen on the bed; clearly frustrated.

Mollie: What is wrong with you today?

Milo: Nothing.

Mollie: *annoyed* It’s clearly something, Mi. What’s got you moping around?

Milo: *defensive* Just drop it, alright?

Mollie: Well then stop acting like a little bitch and let’s talk about this audition!

Milo finally looks up at Mollie.

Milo: You only care about yourself, huh?

Mollie: What?

Milo: I heard what you did in the lunchroom the other day. That wasn’t cool, Mol.

Mollie: I have absolutely no idea what the fuck you’re talking about.

Milo: Maybe because you consider it a victory to your damn ego!

Mollie: Where the hell is this coming from?!

Milo gets up from his seat, frustrated at Mollie.

Milo: Did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe the reason you and Laurie hate each other so much is because you guys are exactly alike?

Mollie: How dare you! I am nothing like that bitch!

Milo: You did the same exact thing she did to you! What are you even talking about, Mol?!

Mollie: Who cares? Laurie got what she deserved.

Milo: Yeah, and now someone else that isn’t Laurie got the fall for it!

Mollie: Why do you even care?

Milo takes a moment to think of what he should say.

Milo: I don’t–

Mollie: When why are you so bothered?

Milo doesn’t say anything, Mollie rolls her eyes.

Mollie: Whatever. If you don’t wanna help me, then just leave.

Milo: Just know that you’re no better than Laurie. All you care about is getting revenge on others in exchange for your ego boost.

Milo leaves Mollie’s room.

Mollie: *yells* Whatever! I don’t need you as my best friend, you need me!

Mollie starts to break down crying in her bed, completely upset over the argument.

Milo walks down the stairs aggressively. He passes by the adults in the kitchen.

Milo Sr: Hey, bud; everything okay?

Milo: *short-tempered* Just leave me the hell alone!

Jennifer: *assertive* Hey! Don’t talk to your father that way.

Milo: *yells* Stop trying to act like my mom, because you’re not! I don’t have to listen to you!

Milo Sr: *angry* Milo!

Milo walks out the front door and slams it behind him. Milo Sr gets up from where he was sitting and tries follow him. Jennifer sits where she is, a little sad at what happened.

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