The "Something" Series

Something Truly Calming: A Scene.

30 Places Where You Can Get Free Birthday Food | Eat This Not That

It one of the more cooler days in the beginning of the new season. Grace and amie walk down the busy streets of the city once afternoon. Grace, in just her normal summer dresses, is now also wearing Jamie’s blazer jacket. Jamie is in his pullover, happy next to Grace.

Grace: Thank you for lending me your jacket. I didn’t realize it would feel so cold so soon!

Jamie: Autumn’s here in a week, Gracie.

Grace: Listen, there have been times that it was like summer on my October birthday. The Fall is just as inconsistent as the Spring; you never know what you’re gonna get.

Jamie smiles and slips his hand into Grace’s. Grace notices and smiles to herself; she doesn’t say anything about it.

Grace: Do you miss it?

Jamie: Miss what?

Grace: Home?

Jamie: We just left home not too long ago, Gracie–

That catches Grace off-guard. She looks up at Jamie and he looks down at her as well.

Grace: Korea. Do you miss it?

Jamie: Oh! Uhm…

Jamie ponders on the question. He looks up to the sky, and takes a deep breath in.

Jamie: Sometimes. I miss the Korean food the most; it’s just not the same in Koreatown.

Grace: Is Koreatown even a good representation of how life is like in the city parts of Korea?

Jamie: *chuckles* Absolutely not. *looks down at Grace* I think you would like it in Korea, Seoul especially. It’s very much like New York City.

Grace: Yeah?

Jamie nods his head.

Jamie: Most definitely. I will show you all the amazing places you can eat at when you’re there.

A lightbulb goes off in Grace’s head. She looks extremely excited. She squeezes Jamie’s hand even harder and proceeds to pull him to faster walking pace.

Grace: I know exactly what we should go to today!

Grace excitedly pulls Jamie by the hand, and he doesn’t protest. He never does.

Two large glasses of milk with swirly straws are placed on a restaurant table. Grace thanks the waitress and looks across the table at Jamie. Jamie looks around in awe.

Jamie: What is this place?

Grace: It’s called the Jitterbug Joint. It’s this 1950-themed place where their specialty is desserts and milkshakes. The milkshakes are way too cold to try out on a day like this, so instead–

The waitress places down a large plate of confetti-pancakes with sprinkles.

Grace: We’ll show you the second best thing in this place; Fetti-Cakes!

Jamie laughs at Grace’s excitement.

Jamie: Is this your happy place?

Grace begins to cut through the dessert.

Grace: When I tell you I would come here after work to eat tons of desserts when I was pregnant with Willow; I’m not joking. I lived in this spot.

Jamie: What made you stop coming here?

Grace: Life just got to me. I was now busy juggling the job and a new baby; I simply just didn’t have the time to come here and escape.

Jamie: *smiles* You seem like you’re happier.

Grace blushes a bit. She tucks her hair behind her ear and rolls up the sleeves of Jamie’s blazer to start eating the dessert.

Grace: You think so?

Grace pushes the other half of dessert to Jamie. He smiles and takes the extra fork from Grace and they both start to eat the dessert. Jamie’s eyes widen when he takes the first bite.

Jamie: Whoa, this is so good!

Grace: Right?!

Jamie takes another bite and wipes his mouth with a napkin. Grace watches him as she also eats her portion.

Grace: What do you mean I seem a lot happier now?

Jamie: You seem lighter, not as stressed as you were before. Maybe not being at firm anymore has lifted this weight off of your shoulders.

Grace takes in the response and eats her dessert.

Grace: Do you think I made the right choice? Leaving the firm?

Jamie: Do you feel like you made the right choice?

Grace: *sighs* Jamie…

Jamie: Do you feel like you made the right choice in leaving the firm?

Grace takes a moment to reflect.

Grace: I believe so.

Jamie: Then that’s all that matters. If you believe it was a right choice, no one else’s opinion matters.

Grace smiles. Jamie takes her hand on the table.

Grace: How are you able to stay level-headed and still be in the law business?

Jamie: *smiles* Let me show you my favorite spot.

Grace raises her eyebrows; she’s definitiely caught off-guard.

Grace: Lead the way, boss.

Jamie smiles and raises his hand for the check.

The sun is setting; Grace and Jamie are walking through a woodsy area. After awhile, they finally stop. Grace is at awe. She takes in the sight of the Brooklyn Bridge and the tall buildings in the next borough, surrounded by water.

Grace: This is… beautiful.

She turns around to see Jamie, who is standing behind her.

Grace: How did you find this place?

Jamie: *laughs* Actually from getting lost one day during my first visit here.

He walks up to Grace. She slips her hand in his. He instantly notices.

Jamie: I was trying to find a shortcut from the office my old firm was working out of. I was going to meet up with Shawn and Kevin and found myself lost on the way.

Grace: *laughs* Oh no! Did you ever meet up with them?

Jamie: I did.

Jamie turns Grace around in the other direction. Grace’s eyes widen.

Jamie: I eventually found the cafe.

Grace: Really?

Jamie: Yeah. *turns backs around* I find myself coming back here whenever I get stressed or if I’m having a bad day. It helps me clear my mind when things get hard.

As they walk back to the main road of the trial, Grace and Jamie hold hands and swing their arm. After a while, Grace begins the conversation.

Grace: I’m just so curious on how you’re still able to be composed and put together and still be able to do your job at the firm. I just feel like I always had to choose between one thing or the other.

Jamie: Life is just about balance. Once you’re able to maintain balance in the different things in your life, it makes things easier.

Grace: Sooooo, you’re saying is that all I need is better time management?

Jamie: *laughs* I’m saying that if you focus on one thing all the time, you miss out on the other great things in life.

Grace: You just seem like you always know what you’re doing.

Jamie: We all come across that way, it doesn’t mean it’s true.

Grace looks at Jamie; he doesn’t look at her back.

Grace: What was your turning point?

Jamie: My turning point?

Grace: Yeah. Like, what was the thing in your life that made you realize you had to change some things about it?

Jamie: *sighs* I wasn’t in Korea when my father passed away.

Grace doesn’t say anything, she doesn’t know what to say. Jamie stops in his tracks, lets go of Grace’s hand, and looks at her.

Jamie: I was in the states for the last two years of my law studies. Something told me to go back to Korea for the summer that year. Instead, I studied throughout the summer, and realized it was too late to go back. Mina called me, told me about my father… I couldn’t attend his funeral.

Grace looks up at Jamie as he talks. She feels sad for him.

Grace: I’m sorry.

Jamie shakes his head. He doesn’t want Grace to feel sad for him.

Grace: Your dad would be proud of the man that you’ve become.

Jamie looks up and smiles at Grace. He grabs her hands and swings them playfully.

Jamie: That means a lot.

They proceed to talk to the main street, holding hands, taking in each other’s company and presence.

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