The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Self-Talk: A Scene.

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The sun is strong this particular day in the summer. People walk around in flip-flops and tank tops, sunglasses and shorts to get through the hot summer day.

Milo walks down a block slowly with his phone in his hand. He occasionally looks around and back down on his phone for directions. He keeps walking until he reaches his destination; a tiny home on a street.

He walks up the front steps and rings the doorbell; he’s nervous as he bounces his leg in place. Moments later, an older woman answers the door; she pretty much looks like Sophie.

Milo: Hi, uhm… Mrs. Lee, I’m Sophie’s friend; is she home?

The woman smiles. She gestures for Milo to come into the house, to which he slowly does. After he’s inside, the woman closes the door behind him and shouts something in Korean. Milo stands there, clearly confused at what’s happening. Moments later, a girl runs down the stairs and walks towards Milo. She smiles and grabs Milo by the hand to walk outside to the backyard. Milo doesn’t protest.

The wind is strong this particular day in the Fall. People walk around in hoodies and jeans, sweaters and jackets to get through the chilly Autumn day.

Milo walks down a block at a reasonable pace with his hands in his pocket. He looks forward and keeps walking in confidence; he knows where he’s going. He keeps walking until he reaches his destination; a tiny home on a street.

He walks up the front steps and rings the doorbell; he’s nervous as he bounces his leg in place. Moments later, an older woman answers the door; she pretty much looks like Sophie.

Milo: Hi Mrs. Lee; is Sophie home?

The woman faintly smiles and lets Milo in. After she closes the door behind him, she shouts for Sophie in Korean. Milo nervously stands there, waiting for Sophie to come down the stairs. She doesn’t.

Mrs. Lee: Sophie?

A door is heard being opened from upstairs. A girl walks towards the staircase and looks towards the front door; she sees it’s Milo. She slowly walks down the stairs.

Mrs. Lee: Dinner should be done in an hour; would you like to stay for dinner, Milo?

Milo: Uhm…

Sophie looks at her mother, gesturing not to continue with the offer.

Milo: Sure.

Mrs. Lee: You and Sophie can hang out before dinner is done. *to Sophie* You can sit in the back, the leaves were raked by your father this morning.

Sophie walks towards the backyard as Milo follows; they don’t say anything while they walk.

They walk outside to the backyard; some leaves are left behind from the tress in her backyard. They walk over to the two seats under one of the trees. She sits down on the light purple one; Milo sits on the mint green one.

Sophie: What are you doing here?

Milo: I wanted to talk to you.

Sophie: Why? So you can take it back to your best friend and laugh at me?

Milo scrunches his eyebrows; he’s upset she would even think that of him.

Milo: Do you really think that low of me?

Sophie: I don’t know, maybe it’s the fact that you literally took Mollie’s side even if she was completely in the wrong!

Milo: I didn’t take her side–

Sophie: *angry* Have you’ve gone mad?! You clearly took her side!

Milo: She’s my best friend, Scout–

Sophie: *stern* Don’t call me that.

Milo: What?

Sophie: Don’t call me ‘Scout’.

Milo: Are you kidding me?

Sophie: No, Milo! I’m not! This is not the person I became friends with over the summer! This isn’t the Milo I got to know in my backyard!

Milo: I’m still the same person!

Sophie: The person I knew would’ve done the right thing and not coward themselves because of their best friend who did a really shitty thing.

Milo looks at Sophie; he’s trying to make her understand that he values her as a friend.

Milo: Scout?

Sophie: What?

Milo smiles. Sophie squeezes her eyes shut as she knows that she just allowed Milo to call her by his nickname. His smile drops and gets serious once again.

Milo: I’m sorry for the way she treated you. I spoke to her about it because I was not okay with it. She had no right to come after you when this was between her and Laurie.

Sophie: I told Theo he was a jerk for what he did. Laurie questioned my concern for the situation. What Mollie did made things worse. *looks at Milo* She’s not friends with me anymore because of it.

Milo: If Laurie was a true friend, she would’ve known you weren’t the type of person to do that. That’s her dumb decision for believing what Mollie said.

Sophie looks back down at the ground.

Milo: Hey?

Sophie looks up at Milo.

Milo: Laurie and her friends are not going to bother you if they decide to not be your friend. *opens arms wide* You have me.

Sophie comes in and wraps her arms around Milo for a hug. He’s caught off-guard at first, but doesn’t protest. He puts his arms around her and smiles.

It’s another day at school for the teens; rowdiness and cliques surround the hallway. Milo is at his locker, about to grab his books for the day. He has a smile on his face; he can’t wait to hang out with Sophie. He closes his locker to see Mollie standing there.

Milo: Fuck! Mollie! Warn a guy!

Mollie: I’m sorry.

Milo: *confused* Huh?

Mollie: I’m sorry for what happened the other day. That’s not like me to do what I did, and I needed you to tell me that.

Milo looks at Mollie and holds up a fist, waiting for Mollie to pound him up. She looks at his hand and faintly smiles, pounding his fist back.

Milo: So I was thinking about that idea that you were talking about…

Milo closes his locker and his face drops. He sees Sophie walking down the hall with Laurie and the rest of the gang. Sophie and Milo lock eyes. Nothing is said.

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