The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Punching Bag: A Scene.

The locker is slammed shut as Milo grabs his bag from the hallway floor and puts it on his back. The hallways are busy like usual, people passing by as if nothing else is happening in the world. Milo looks at the locker a couple of rows from his own. The locker reads “Mollie Castro”. Milo sighs as the bell rings.

Milo walks into his classroom with the rest of his classmates. People are sitting where they normally sit; it’s seriously just another day at school. Milo sits at his seat by himself, alone.

Sophie walks in with her group of friends; her eyes immediately go towards Milo. She’s curious in my Milo isn’t with his best friend, Mollie.

Simon: Yo, Soph!

Sophie instantly turns her head and looks at Simon’s direction.

Sophie: What do you want?

Simon: Listen, I just want to say that I’m sorry that whole lunchroom thing happened between you and Laurie. It wasn’t cool that she said those things to you.

Sophie: Thanks, I guess.

Sophie tries to walk away, but Simon grabs Sophie by the arm. She stops.

Simon: I miss you.

Sophie shuts her eyes and yanks her arm away from Simon. Simon hears his name being called by Laurie and doesn’t bother checking up on Sophie. Sophie sits in her seat, and the teacher comes into the class.

Teacher: Alright class, settle down. As you all know, the Waverly High audition is a week away from Tuesday. I know that’s something extremely important to most of you, but please refrain from allowing it to take away from your exit project. I will be asking for a progress report on Monday.

Sophie looks at Milo, who still looks sullen in his seat. Mollie isn’t next to him. Sophie turns the pages of her notebook and takes a piece of paper out. Sophie writes on the piece of paper and folds it up. She stands up to throw a scrap of paper into the garbage, in which she passes by Milo’s desk and places the piece of paper on his desk.

Milo looks down at the piece of folded paper on his desk. He looks up to see Sophie walk to the garbage can and walk back to her seat that nothing happened. He opens the piece of folded paper and reads the message:

“Hey, Milo. Are you okay? You seem a little sad today. Is everything alright? –Scout

Teacher: Mr. Kamalani.

Milo quickly looks up and places the paper in his notebook, out of sight.

Teacher: Clearly you seem preoccupied with other things other than the classwork *places hand out* The note, please.

Milo takes the note and hands it over to the teacher. She crumbles it up and tosses it into the garbage. Sophie bites her lip.

Teacher: So before we start with what’s planned for the day, let’s start off with attendance.

As the teacher continues with the attendance, Milo turns his head and looks at Sophie. He sees that she’s fidgeting with her pencil in her hand. He turns around then the teacher calls out a name.

Teacher: Mollie Sue Castro?

No one answers. The teacher calls out for her once more until Laurie says something out loud to the class.

Laurie: No surprise that delinquent isn’t in class!

Teacher: Ms. Callaway, language… *louder* Has anyone seen Mollie today?

No one says anything right away.

Laurie: Milo should know, since that’s his leader.

The class starts laughing and Sophie looks at Milo. She’s worried.

Milo: *low, but audible* How about you shut the fuck up and do what you do best: beg for a boy to be your boyfriend.

Laurie: At least I’m not always up Mollie’s ass like her damn minion!

Milo: *turns around* If anything, you’re a damn minion to Simon! Tell me, have you sucked his dick yet in the staircase like the rest of the girls?

The class gasps and the teacher raises her voice to quiet the class.

Teacher: That is enough! Milo Kamalani! Principal’s office, now!

Milo gathers his things and gets up from his desk. He storms out of the classroom, shutting the door behind him. Sophie looks at Laurie and is visibly angry.

Laurie: *to Simon* Can you believe that dickhead?

Simon: That guy has no respect for girls, clearly.

Sophie: *looks at Simon* Just how you have no respect for girls?

Laurie and Simon look at Sophie; confused.

Laurie: What are you talking about? *to Simon* what is she talking about, babe?

Simon: Nothing, Soph’s just joking around.

Sophie doesn’t say anything, she just turns around and faces the front of her desk.


It’s now after school; kids leave the school building and walk down the block in groups, talking loudly. Sophie exits the school and looks around.

Simon: Yo, Soph!

Sophie rolls her eyes and stops in her tracks. Simon runs towards her.

Simon: Soph, what was that all about in ELA class?

Sophie: *still looks forward* You tell me.

She finally stops and turns around to face Simon.

Sophie: What was all that crap about? You just love to fire up Laurie?

Simon: What? That asshole shouldn’t have said those things about Laurie.

Sophie: And I agree, but you couldn’t be the bigger person and at least tell her to calm down?

Simon: Are you seriously mad at me over something as stupid as that? Really Soph?

Sophie looks at the corner of her eye and sees Milo leaving the school building.

Simon: Soph? Hello?

Sophie looks at Milo and Milo looks at her back. She quickly looks away back at Simon.

Sophie: What, Simon?

Simon: *confused* Look, I care about you, but you can’t have Laurie getting worried like that. She was mad at me for most of the day.

Sophie: That isn’t my problem.

Simon: *annoyed* Yo, why are you such a bitch nowadays?

Sophie is taken back by Simon’s aggressive question.

Sophie: What?

Simon: Like I’m trying to be your friend, and every time I feel like we’re good, you say or do something that proves that we are not.

Sophie: Have you’ve been sucking up Laurie’s lip gloss or something? How can we every be friends again?!

Simon: What do you mean?

Sophie: *yells* You’re dating my friend! How am I suppose to feel after what you did?

Simon: *gently* Sophie…

Sophie: No!

Simon looks around at the people who are now staring at him and Sophie.

Sophie: You hurt me deep. You just didn’t think about me when you made your decision. How can I ever trust you as a friend?

Simon: Come on, Soph. We’ve been through a lot, and I know I made mistakes, but I wouldn’t do anything to purposely hurt you.

Sophie turns to walk away from Simon, but Simon grabs Sophie’s arm again.

Simon: Soph, please–

Sophie: If you don’t let me go, I swear I will break your hand. Let. Me. Go.

Simon lets go of Sophie’s arm, and Sophie walks away without turning back. She wipes a tear from her face.


Sophie: Milo? Milo??

Sophie stands in front of the tree house. She tries to look up to see if Milo is in there. There isn’t an answer.

Sophie: *louder* Milo? Are you up there?

A boy sticks his head out the window of the tree house; it’s Milo. He goes back into the tree house and starts to climb down the tree. When he finally reaches the ground, Sophie hugs him.

Sophie: I was so worried about you! Are you okay?

Milo doesn’t say anything. Sophie breaks out of the hug and looks at Milo.

Sophie: It was not fair for what Laurie said to you.

Milo: You think?

Sophie doesn’t say anything.

Milo: What are you doing here anyway?

Sophie: I- I wanted to check on you.

Milo: Why?

Sophie: *taken back* Because you’re my friend, I–

Milo rolls his eyes at Sophie; Sophie doesn’t understand where this is coming from.

Milo: Why don’t you go back to your best friend, Simon?

Sophie: *confused* Simon?

Milo: I saw you hanging out with Simon after school today.

Sophie: I- wasn’t hanging out with him–

Milo: Whatever, Sophie. When are you going to release that those aren’t your friends? Laurie and Simon and them? They aren’t your friends.

Sophie: Why do you get to tell me who to be friends with? The last time I remember, Mollie treated me just as badly and you’re supposed to be my friend!

Milo: At least Mollie is loyal to me! You will allow anyone into your life if they give you the time of day!

Sophie: *defensive* Forget you, Milo! Maybe if you stopped assuming things, then maybe you would’ve saw the big picture!

Milo rolls his eyes and Sophie turns away to walk away.

Milo: Where are you going? We have to finish this dumb project!

Sophie: *yells out* Yeah, well it’s not going to be today!

Sophie walks away and Milo stands there, still angry. He climbs up into his tree house.

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