The "Something" Series

When Nothing is Something: A Scene.

History of New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport -

A couple of years ago…

Jamie stands with his luggage at Incheon International Airport; he bounces his leg in nervousness while waiting to board the plane. His two friends, Shawn and Kevin, roll their luggage to sit next to Jamie.

Shawn: You look nervous, Hyung.

Jamie: Why would I be nervous?

Kevin: Well for starters, you’re sweating like you ran a marathon before coming here.

Jamie: It is the middle of summer…

Kevin: But the Air-Con is on high in the airport. Weren’t you in America once before?

Jamie: Yeah, but not for business. This is the first time we’re handling a case overseas and… I don’t know, what if things go wrong there?

Shawn: You can’t win every case you get. Besides, it’s an all-expenses-paid trip to America; New York to be exact!

Shawn starts to poorly sing “Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. Kevin places his hand on Shawn’s arm to stop him from singing.

Kevin: You should make the most of this trip; who knows what could happen while we’re there.

Shawn: *gasps* Imagine how beautiful and exotic the women are in America!

Jamie: *annoyed* We are going to do a job, Shawn; not to pick up any women.

Kevin: Forget about that… I think this would be good for you to get out of Korea for a couple of months. Y’know, to get your mind off of things.

Jamie doesn’t answer back, but the stewardess begins to call people to board the plane. When the class of the three men is announced to aboard, they grab their things and walk towards the entrance of the plane.

Jamie: *sigh* Might as well make the most of this trip…

Present day…

It’s roughly 7pm in New York City; the JFK airport is scattered with different travelers going to different parts of the world, strolling their suitcases around the terminal while walking to their gates. There stands Jamie with his suitcases, waiting at the gate that will take him back home. He paces back and forth, looking outside of the gate where the plane is. There’s some light rain hitting the glass of the window. Jamie turns around and sees Shawn and Kevin sitting near their luggage. Jamie walks over to the guys and sits back down. He begins to bounce his leg in place.

Shawn: Hyung, are you okay?

Jamie: *short* I’m fine.

Shawn: You don’t sound like you’re fine–

Jamie: Ya, I said I’m okay!

Shawn doesn’t say anything else, but now Kevin’s attention is drawn to the conversation.

Kevin: Jaemin hyung’s probably not happy to go back to Korea…

Jamie: No, I wish I stayed in Korea the last time and just moved on with my life.

Kevin: You don’t mean that.

Jamie: *to Kevin* You know, for someone who doesn’t live with me or spends their every second with me, you think you know how I’m feeling and what I’m going through.

Kevin: No, you’re just so predictable these days.

Jamie: No, you’re just intrusive.

Jamie gets up from his seat to move to another one, away from Kevin.

Kevin: If you wanted to stay in Korea all this time, you would’ve stayed for Seohyun.

Shawn: *shocked* Kevin!

Jamie turns around and grabs Kevin by the collar, immediately lifting him from the seat. Shawn is shouting at Jamie, trying to keep the peace.

Jamie: I’m tired of you bringing up irrelevant things, Kevin.

Kevin: You know I’m right, hyung; you wouldn’t be so distraught that I did.

Shawn: Hyung, please! We’re going to get kicked out and we need to get on this flight back home!

Jamie lets go of Kevin and walks away from the seated gate. Kevin straightens himself out before walking towards Jamie.

Shawn: Ya, give him some time.

Kevin: That’s the thing, we don’t have much time left.

Kevin proceeds to walk towards Jamie.

Jamie sits in a cafe, where he proceeds to buy an Iced Americano. Kevin walks into the cafe and spots Jamie. Jamie sees Kevin standing at the table and scoffs.

Jamie: You have some nerve coming here after what just happened.

Kevin: I’ve had worse. *sincere* Hyung, you haven’t been the same since Grace told you what happened. I know you probably haven’t tried speaking to her either.

Jamie: What’s the point? She’s just another woman in my past.

Kevin: But she’s more than just that. You love her.

Jamie: Well, I was stupid for loving her.

Kevin: No, you still do. Hyung, remember when we first went to America for that case? The first time you met Grace? You were dreading coming to America because you thought you were making the wrong choice. Seohyun told you that it was either her or your job, and you chose your job. You loved her, but something still made you leave Korea at that time.

Jamie: Seohyun and I weren’t even dating when that happened.

Kevin: Yet you chose to leave in spite of potentially working things out with her. You had a choice to pick the case overseas.

Jamie: Well, I’m going back now. For good.

Kevin: Hyung, if you leave now, you will probably never get to see Grace again. You’re going to go back home and regret losing her. You already know how it felt to lose her for a year, and I know you don’t want to feel that way forever when you get back to Korea.

Jamie holds his head with his hands. He’s tired, frustrated, and confused. He runs his fingers through his hair and sighs.

Jamie: I feel like I already lost her.

Kevin: How? You’re still in America.

Jamie looks at Kevin, deep in his own thoughts.

Jamie: I can’t go back, Kevin. I can’t just leave.

Kevin smiles as Jamie gets up from his seat and power-walks to the gate. Kevin follows right behind him.

Back at the gate, Shawn spots Jamie and Kevin walking back. He gets up from his seat.

Shawn: Is everything okay?

Jamie starts to gather his luggage; Shawn is confused.

Shawn: Hyung, what are you doing? The flight isn’t for another hour.

Jamie: I’m not going.

Shawn: *shokced* What?!

Jamie: I can’t go, not yet.

Shawn: But we have to make this flight! It’s what our company paid for!

Kevin: Jaemin hyung has got something he needs to do.

Shawn looks at Kevin, and then looks at Jamie.

Jamie: I have to go to Grace.

Jamie rushes out the gate area with his luggage, in which both Shawn and Kevin cheer for Jamie in his adventure.

Back in the city, Jamie rushes into an apartment building, the one that grace lives in. He knows where he’s going, and he immediately takes the elevator up to Grace’s floor. When the doors open, he rushes out and runs towards Grace’s front door. He proceeds to knock on the door.

Jamie: Grace? Grace, are you in there?

He bangs on the door louder.

Jamie: Grace? Please open up, I… I need to talk to you.

There’s no answer. Jamie puts his ear to the door and notices that no sound is coming from inside the apartment as well. He tries to think where else she would be. He runs towards the elevator to keep looking.

Ari and Dean share a nice movie date sitting on their sofa under some blankets. Suddenly, the door begins to knock. The couple look at each other, clearly confused on who it could be. Dean gets up from the sofa to answer the door. When he does, he sees Jamie standing there, practically drenched in rain water. Jamie notices that it’s Dean, whom he’s never met before. He bows politely to greet him.

Jamie: Hi, I’m sorry for showing up unannounced, I-I was just wondering if Ari was here?

Dean sternly looks at Jamie, not amused that another man is here to see Ari.

Dean: Look man, it’s pretty late…

Jamie: I know, and I’m so sorry for doing this but, I really need to talk to Ari–

Ari: Jamie?

Ari notices Jamie when she walks towards the front door. Dean looks at Ari.

Ari: *looks at Dean* He knows Grace.

Dean’s face softens and nods.

Ari: What are you doing here?

Jamie: Sorry, I’l be on my way, but I tried to go to Grace’s apartment, but it seems like she wasn’t there and I just wanted to know if you knew where I could find her?

Ari doesn’t say anything at first, but Jamie continues to talk.

Jamie: I thought maybe she was staying with you or another friend, and I just really need to talk to her. I was suppose to go back to Korea tonight but, I couldn’t go without talking to her first so, is Grace here?

Ari’s face grows concern, and then sudden sadness. Jamie picks up on it.

Jamie: What? Where’s Grace? Did something happen to her?!

Ari tries to form her sentences correctly. She looks up at Jamie, and begins to speak softly.

Ari: Grace left New York. She’s not here anymore.

Jamie’s face drops down, and tears begin to form in his eyes from not blinking in a couple of seconds. He doesn’t know what to think at this point. He’s in a state of shock, regret, and for once; he doesn’t know what he’s going to do next.

-End of Season 1-

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