Black Sheep in Society.

Black Sheep in the Dark: A Scene.

The day turns into the night in Brooklyn and Micah and Rosie are walking the streets after hanging out at the music spot. Cars pass by and people are walking home for the night. Micah looks over at Rosie, who is taking in the atmosphere.

Rosie: This is a cool little neightborhood.

Micah: *smiles* Yeah, I spend most of my free time hanging out here *to Rosie* where do you usually hang out at?

Rosie: *hesitates* Oh, I’m more of a Manhattan type of person.

Micah: Really? I wouldn’t take you to be one of those girls that hangs out in the city. It’s just so expensive and, ehh.

Rosie: *teases* You have to have a certain taste to like being in the city.

Micah: *plays along* Is that right, Ms. “I’ve only been here for a couple of months”.

Rosie playfully nudges Micah as he laughs at his own jokes. Nothing is said between them for a moment, until Micah looks at Rosie, thinking about what he should say next.

Micah: Do you want me to drop you off at campus?

Rosie: *confused* Campus?

Micah: Yeah, don’t you live in the dorms?

A lightbulb turns on Rosie’s head, and she quickly nods her head.

Rosie: Oh yeah! Dorms. The college, yeah. But you don’t have to, I should be fine.

Micah: Are you sure? It’s really not a hassle for me to–

Rosie: *stern* I’m fine.

Micah drops the conversation right there and continues to walk down the street with Rosie. Nothing is said for a moment until Micah begins the conversation again.

Micah: Thanks for hanging out after class, by the way. You know you didn’t need to but–

Rosie: It’s nothing. Really.

Micah: *teasingly* I’m just saying that this deems us as friends now.

Rosie: *amused* Oh really?

Micah: Only the coolest, most chill people come to the lounge with me and that’s all you really need to be in order to be my friend.

Rosie laughs out loud; Micah doesn’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Rosie: I still don’t get why you’d want to be friends with someone like me? No one ever talks to me.

Micah: Because you’re cool, and other people are just afraid of… people like you.

Rosie raises her eyebrows.

Rosie: People like me?

Micah: Yeah. People who just go on their day doing their own thing, and people are afraid to approach people who don’t want to be bothered.

Rosie: But not you.

Micah: *confidently* I’m not afraid, and I’m glad I’m not because I didn’t realize how cool you were, Roe.

Rosie: We’re going back to the whole Roe thing, huh?

Micah: Only the coolest of my friends get a nickname.

Rosie rolls her eyes and shakes her head. She doesn’t protest to the nickname, which Micah smiles about. The two reach the train station, in which Rosie begins to head on downstairs. Micah is confused.

Micah: Wait, aren’t you going back to campus? Why are you getting on the train?

Rosie: Oh, uhm… my roommate has a guy over tonight, so I was just going to stay with a friend…

Micah: Oh, alright. I’m getting on the uptown side–

Rosie: Oh bummer! I’m getting on the downtown side!

Micah nods his head as Rosie smiles through the interaction.

Micah: Well, I hope you get to your friend’s house safe.

Rosie: Thanks… I’ll see you on campus.

Rosie runs down the stairs to catch the train that is coming into the station. Micah watches on, realizing Rosie went down the uptown side of the train as well.

Micah walks into his house and walks towards his room. His mother, Jennifer, is in the kitchen washing dishes.

Jennifer: Micah! Where were you tonight?

Micah: I was at the lounge with my friends; why?

Jennifer: Your girlfriend stopped by earlier and asked where you were. She said you guys had plans.

Micah: *confused* What? She told me she had some audition stuff to do today.

Jennifer: *shrugs* She came here looking for you.

Micah is confused and walks to his room. He drops his bag on the floor and looks at his phone, in which he sees missed calls and messages from Kalia.

Micah: Fuck my life…

A door is opened and the nightlife is heard from the outside. Someone walks into the room and closes the door behind them. The lights turn on and Rosie is seen standing in a torn-down apartment in the busiest part of Brooklyn. She drops her bag near the front door and walks straight to the twin-size bed in the corner of the very empty room. She looks up at the ceiling and then immediately looks at the nightstand next to her bed. She pulls out an envelope with money in it, noticing there’s not much in the envelope, to begin with. She reaches into the drawer a little more until she pulls out a cellphone. She leans back into bed and dials a number on the phone. Rosie smiles when she hears the line pick up.

Rosie: Hey, you busy tonight?

Rosie rolls on her stomach in bed, kicking her legs up.

Rosie: Yeah, I’ll be ready by 10.

Rosie hangs up the phone and places it back into the nightstand. She gets up from her bed; her smile fades away as she walks towards her dresser, looking for something to wear.

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