Black Sheep in Society.

Black Sheep’s Sibling Therapy Session: A Scene.

Micah bumps to the music in his headphones as he presses various buttons on a device connected to his computer; he is making music for the first time in awhile. It takes awhile for him to hear someone knocking on his door; in fact, the banging on this bedroom door gets him out of his zone, and back to his surroundings. He gets up from his seat and swings open his door, frustrated. His younger sister, Dylan, stands in the doorway.

Micah: Can I help you?

Dylan: Can we talk?

Micah sighs in annoyance.

Micah: Dyl, I’m in the middle of preparing for this gig–

Dylan: Please?

Micah looks at Dylan and sees that she’s being serious. Micah opens his door for his sister to walk in. She sits at the edge of Micah’s bed as he closes the door behind him.

Micah: What’s up?

Dylan: *sighs* It’s about Nathan.

Micah: *protective* What did that son of bitch do?

Dylan: No, no! He didn’t do anything—

Micah: Are you lying? Because if I found out that small dick boy did anything to you—

Dylan: *louder* Micah!

Micah stops talking. He looks at Dylan, who takes in a deep breath before saying anything.

Dylan: I feel like he cares about his music more than me.

Micah: Why do you think that?

Dylan grabs one of Micah’s pillows from his bed and wraps her arms around it, placing her head on top of it.

Dylan: He’s always doing band stuff, which is cool, but…

Micah: You wish he spent more time with you?

Dylan: Exactly! It’s like he doesn’t know what’s right in his face!

Micah looks visibly confused.

Micah: Wait, aren’t you guys dating?

Dylan doesn’t say anything, but she doesn’t need to say anything for Micah to assume.

Micah: I’m not gonna rip his throat out if you guys are.

Dylan: No, it’s not that. It’s… well, we aren’t.

Micah: *understands* Ahh, you’re trying to get his attention. *protective* For what? Fuck that guy!

Dylan: C’mon, Micah! Can you actually talk to me like a person I can come to?

Micah crosses his legs and folds his hands in his lap.

Micah: Sorry. I’ll listen. So, you’re not dating, but you want to?

Dylan: He acts like he likes me back when we’re in school, but then his band members pull him away to practice and stuff and he just follows along and—

Micah: Hold on, lemme stop you there. Has he had this band for mad long?

Dylan: He’s the one that started it.

Micah: *understands* Now I get it. Dyl, as much as you want me to say that he’s just shy or some shit around you, I—

Dylan: No. I want to know what would you do if you were me.

The request takes Micah off-guard and is confused once again.

Micah: What?

Dylan: You’re in a relationship with someone that puts their career first.

Micah scrunches his eyebrows; he’s annoyed his sister phrased it out like that.

Micah: Kalia doesn’t do that.

Dylan: The number of times she’s missed important things in your life can’t be counted on your fingers anymore, Micah.

Micah: That’s different. Kalia has a career. She does this as her job. Your little crush is just a wannabe musician.

Dylan: *mad* Like you?

Micah: *angry* I’m nothing like him; set that straight.

Micah gets up from his seat and walks towards the door to open it.

Dylan: Wait! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that. But I’m serious about Kalia. Every time Nate ditches me to do his music thing, I can’t help but think if you feel this way whenever she cancels or ditches on you.

Micah stands there; he doesn’t say anything back. He closes his bedroom door and walks back to the seat he was sitting in. He sits down.

Micah: Kalia and I are in a relationship. Technically, I signed up to be with someone of her status. You don’t have to deal with Nate’s shit if you don’t want to.

Dylan: But doesn’t it bother you when she just decides that her job is more important than you?

Micah: *stoic* No.

Dylan: It should, considering you’re dating her.

Micah: Like I said, I signed up to be with her, and it sucks to say this, but you’ll have to sign up for all of Nate’s shit if you want to date him. You have to talk to him about it.

Before Micah turns his chair around to face his desk, Dylan speaks.

Dylan: If you two weren’t dating though, would you stay trying to get her attention?

Micah doesn’t say anything. He ponders in thought and doesn’t answer Dylan back. He changes the subject.

Micah: Like I said, you gotta talk to him.

Dylan: But–

Micah: I really have to get this shit together before my gig on Saturday.

Dylan rolls her eyes and gets up from Micah’s bed. She begins to walk towards his bedroom door to leave. Micah feels bad.

Micah: *sighs* Dyl.

She turns around and looks at her brother.

Micah: You just have to do what feels right. If you like him, talk to him. He might not even know you like him or what to go out with him. Sometimes, you have to be the one to make the effort.

Dylan doesn’t say anything, so Micah goes back to preparing for his gig.

Dylan: Is Kalia going to your gig?

Micah: She is. She knows how important this is to me.

Dylan: *doubtful* Hopefully she’ll actually go.

Micah turns and faces Dylan one more time.

Micah: Nice talk. Now get out.

Dylan rolls her eyes and walks out of Micah’s room. He turns back towards his computer, trying to focus. It’s no use, his mind is too distracted to work on anything. He sighs in frustration, turning away from his music equipment.

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