Black Sheep in Society.

A Black Sheep Invite: A Scene.

Micah walks into the college library, looking around to see if there are any available seats left. He spots a table near the corner of the first floor in which he rushes towards. He grabs the seat from the table and sits down, seeing that a group of students were going to take the spot first. Micah laughs to himself as he takes out his lyrics notebook. He focuses hard on what he wants to write, but his phone is constantly vibrating in his bag.

He takes out his phone and sees that Kalia is messaging him back-to-back. He opts to call her back.

Micah: Babe?

Kalia: I didn’t mean to disturb you! I know you’re in class right now.

Micah: Nah, I’m in the library waiting for my last class at 2.

Kalia: Ugh, my days are all mixed up. What are you up to?

Micah: I’m writing up some lyrics for the gig I have this weekend.

Kalia: Ooo! Are you excited?

While Micah is on the phone, he looks out the window, which is facing a parking lot closest to the library. He notices a Porsche sports car, which is extremely rare to see in a public college parking lot. He looks at the person coming out of the car; to his surprise, it’s Prescott Jones, the heir millionaire.

Kalia: Babe? Hello?

Micah: Huh? What?

Kalia: I asked if you’re excited about your gig.

Micah: Oh! Yeah! I am, and I hope that my number one supporter is there cheering me on…

He continues to look out the window at the fancy car and celebrity. The passenger door opens and someone comes out; a girl. The girl walks towards Prescott and crosses her arms as he looks at the girl. Micah widens his eyes.

Micah: *to himself* Rosie?!

Kalia: *confused* What?

Micah: *snaps back to reality* I mean, “my baby”! You’re going to be there Saturday, right?

Kalia: I wouldn’t miss it for anything.

Micah isn’t paying attention to Kalia on the phone. He continues to look out the window where Rosie and Prescott are in the parking lot. Prescott goes back into the car as Rosie walks away from the car.

Micah: I’ll talk to you later, I got some work I gotta finish before my class. Love you.

Kalia: Love you too.

Micah hangs up the phone and focuses on the window. He doesn’t see Rosie there anymore. He looks back down at his notebook, trying to put together lyrics for this gig. He draws a blank; his mind wanders to Rosie and Prescott. Micah’s thoughts run in circles, trying to figure out what the hell he just saw. Moments later, someone slams their hand onto the table. Micah looks up to see Dani. Behind her is her boyfriend, Tanner.

Dani: Ew, what are you doing hanging out in the library?

Micah: I was trying to write this damn chorus for my gig…

Micah slams the notebook shut, which catches the couple off-guard.

Dani: You okay? That was pretty aggressive.

Micah: *dismissive* I’m fine, just– *sighs* I gotta get this done before class.

Micah gathers his things from the table.

Dani: Damn! We just got here.

Micah: Sorry guys, I- I really need to get this done. I see you guys after my class!

Micah rushes out of the library, leaving his two friends behind.

Micah rushes out of the library and goes to work in the performing arts building, prior to where his next class is held. He hits on the floor on the balcony, trying to concentrate on his work. It’s no use. He slams the notebook shut and places it on the floor.

Rosie: You’re okay?

Micah looks up and sees Rosie standing there. She proceeds to sit next to him on the ground.

Micah: Yeah, just can’t focus for this damn gig…

Rosie nods her head, understanding Micah.

Rosie: You’ll get something down soon, don’t worry.

Micah looks at Rosie and smiles. He puts his notebook back into his bag and takes in a deep sigh.

Micah: So, how has your day been so far?

Rosie: Same ole shit. Worked at the bookstore.

Micah nods his head, knowing that’s not the truth. He lets it go.

Micah: Are you doing anything this weekend?

Rosie: *confused* Not that I know of; why?

Micah: Wanna come to my gig? It’s cool if you can’t.

Rosie cocks an eyebrow at Micah.

Micah: What?

Rosie: Nothing, I’m just surprised you want me to be at this important gig of yours.

Micah: Only the coolest of people get invited to the gigs.

Rosie: Well I’m honored to be *air quotes* the coolest of cool.

Micah nudges Rosie on her arm as Rosie laughs. The class before theirs finally is let out, which makes Micah and Rosie get up from the floor and get ready for their last class of the day: Art History.

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