Twelve Letters of Lizmas: 2020

A letter to 2021.

Dear 2021,

There’s so much expectation for you to be a good year for the world because of how bad 2020 was. We think that you”ll bring normalcy back into our lives, that the pandemic would just be a thing of the past once January 1st hits, that you’ll help us make better memories than the ones in 2020, that everything will be better. Although we shouldn’t put that pressure on you, we are counting on you to give us good news, to give us some hope after a year of despair and heartbreak, to give us a reason to looks forward to what’s to come. Although we can’t assume things will change as soon as the new year starts, we can only hope that within the next 365 days, things will change, things will get better, memories will be made, and life will regain some of its normalcy again.

2021, I know you have so much riding on you to being a great year after such a shitty one, but personally I want to say that no matter what you have in store for me, I’m looking forward to another year of some new experiences. Although 2020 limited a lot of us and our plans for the future, I can honestly say that time was something I used this past year; because of the time I had to discover myself some more without any outside distraction, I was able to make friendships with people I thought I would never have and indulge in interests that I would’ve judged myself for continuously without these people in my life. I was able to get the courage from those same people in my life to put myself out there and download a dating app to meet even more new people/possibly a new partner. We done things in 2020 that I honestly believe that if this pandemic didn’t happen, this life of mine now wouldn’t had happened in the first place.

Despite the hardships this year and how much we had to readjust our lives to this “new norm”, we got through this year. We’re here, literally a week away from a new year and 2021, we are hoping you can bring some joy back into our lives.

For me, I hope to travel again to see my newfound friends and to just live my life as a normal adult in their late 20’s. I hope that I can have this surgery as safely as possible and start my new lifestyle off on a high-note. I hope that we bet to do things that we haven’t gotten the chance to do in a really long time, and I hope that personally we meet even more amazing people in 2021, particularly a great fucking partner, but hey – we’re not eager to jump into anything yet!

2021, I hope that we can count on you to at least bring us some joy and peace after this year of uncertainty and sadness. We are getting a new president in office in 2021 after living in a fucked America for the last four years, we are in the works of getting a vaccine for COVID-19, and honestly all of possibilities are endless.

2021, we are just hopeful that things will change, things will grow, and yeah fucked shit will happen, but we are hopeful to overcome those things so that they don’t completely take over our lives.

Treat us well, 2021.

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