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Something to Look Forward To: A Scene.

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The apartment is dark with only the lights from the city shining through the window. The front door suddenly opens and the light from the hallway shines through into the apartment. Two silhouettes are shown walking in; the smaller one putting the lights on into the apartment.

Grace turns around and waits for Jamie to walk in. When he does, he wraps his arms around Grace and looks down at her. He smiles.

Jamie: Did you enjoy your night out?

Grace: I always do when I’m with you.

Jamie smiles and leans in to kiss Grace. The kiss lasts longer than the ones they usually share. Without breaking their kiss, Jamie lifts up Grace into his arms; Grace wraps her arms around his neck. They break their kiss and stare intently in each other’s eyes.

Jamie: You’re just saying that.

Grace: Maybe, but it doesn’t take away from it being the truth.

Grace laughs and Jamie puts her down. She walks to the coat closet to put her coat on a hanger. Jamie does the same thing.

Jamie: The night is still young.

Grace: Yeah… I wish it didn’t have to come to an end though.

Jamie ponders in thought while Grace walks away from Jamie without looking at him. They both know what’s being spoken about.

Before Grace can go too far, Jamie calls out for Grace. She immediately turns around. She hates how quick she responded to him. Jamie wraps his arms around Grace and looks down at her. Se slowly lifts her head to look up at him.

Jamie: I know. Let’s make the most of the time we have left.

Jamie kisses Grace’s forehead and she instantly smiles. She takes his hand and guides him into her bedroom. He doesn’t protest, but his face instantly flushes red.

Once they are both in the bedroom, she lets go of his hand and instantly flops on the bed. Jamie chuckles to himself, sitting in the chair across from the bed, looking at Grace.

Grace: I have to find something to wear for this dumb party tomorrow, which I honestly wish I didn’t have to go.

Jamie: Hey, you deserve to have some fun after a stressful couple of months. You deserve to have something to look forward to.

“Yeah, without you” is what Grace wants to say, but she doesn’t. She just lays there looking at the ceiling knowing that this is the only position she can stay in to prevent the tears coming down from her face. Before she knows it, she feels gentle hands hold hers and lifts her up from the bed. She’s now eye-to-eye with Jamie, that looks at her with his sweet and soft eyes. He smiles before he speaks.

Jamie: Red. Wear something red.

Grace faintly smiles and looks at Jamie.

Grace: Last year, I was in my apartment by myself.

Jamie: You didn’t spend it with friends and family?

Grace: I was very pregnant with Willow this time last year. *laughs* I was a hormonal mess and pretty much told everyone to fuck off that day.

Jamie faintly smiles and listens.

Grace: *deep sighs* I don’t even remember if I stayed up to see the ball dropped. All I know is that I woke up the next morning with my back aching from sleeping on the sofa. *laughs*

Jamie: Well then you deserve this even more than I thought. Go and have fun.

Jamie kisses Grace’s cheek gently. Grace blinks slowly and runs her fingers through Jamie’s hair. All she wants to remember how Jamie feels in her hands, remember how he looks like being in her bedroom like this. Remember what her life was like when he was here.

Grace: *whispers* I’m going to miss you.

Jamie and Grace just look at each other.

Jamie: Me too.

Without thinking, Grace crashes Jamie’s face into hers and passionately kisses him. She pulls him close to her; she leans back into the bed as he crawls on top of her, without ever breaking their kiss. They start making out on Grace’s bed, the only time they break their kiss is when she takes off her top to reveal her chest. At first, it catches Jamie off-guard; he’s never noticed just how many freckles were on her body. He stares at her in awe. He leans down to gently kiss her collarbone and her chest before moving his way back up to her lips.

Grace moans into Jamie’s mouth which drives him crazy in the moment. In the slight moment he breaks their kiss once again, the moan echos throughout the room. Jamie looks down at Grace, officially panting and staring back up at him. He unbuttons his shirt one-by-one until there’s one left; Grace stands up and unbuttons it herself. She immediately runs her hands on his abs and wraps her hands around his figure. Her nails dig deep into his back and pulls him closer to him. She gently pushes him back towards the bed and climbs on top of him. Jamie instantly gets turned on by the new angle he’s now seeing Grace in. He grips her at the hips and he lets out a little yet audible gasp of pleasure. Grace pulls him up to kiss him, straddling him in the process. Grace reaches down to the button of Jamie’s pants and undoes it. Jamie instantly freezes.

Jamie: *grunts* Grace.

Grace: *stops* Hmm?

Jamie: Are you…?

Jamie stops and tries to gather his thoughts. He can’t help but want to spend the rest of the night remembering how Grace feels in his arms, remember how it felt like to be in her bedroom in this moment. Remember what his life was like with Grace in it.

His thought is broken when he hears Grace’s voice.

Grace: neoneun neomu aleumdawo.

Jamie doesn’t say anything. He sits there just looking at Grace, amazed just how much she’s picked up since meeting him all those months ago. Her voice is small when speaking it; such a contrast to her normal voice and her normal demeanor.

The silence makes Grace worried.

Grace: Did I say it wrong?

Jamie: *laughs* No, no. You said it perfectly. You are perfect.

He immediately picks up Grace in his arms and gently puts her on the bed. He climbs on top of her and the rest… is history.

Later that night…

A car is parked outside of an apartment building complex in the busiest part of the city. After turning off the engine, a sigh is heard in the drivers seat. The person looks down once they feel a hand on their thigh. They look up to the person in the passenger seat. Jamie smiles at Grace.

Jamie: Thank you for driving me home. I could’ve got a cab since it’s really late.

Grace: Nonsense. Besides…


Grace: I just want to spend as most time as I can with you.

Jamie leans in to kiss Grace. It’s a sad, gentle kiss.

Jamie: Get home quickly, Gracie. Let me know when you get home. I’ll be up anyway.

Grace: *sadly* Okay.

Before Jamie leaves the passenger’s seat of the car, he gives Grace the tightest hug. Grace takes in Jamie’s scent one final time; a scent she has grown fond of within these last couple of months. Her eyes begin to water, blinking enough times to try to fight them back. Once he lets her go, he stares at her. She smiles.

Grace: Go. I’ll talk to you later.

Jamie faintly smiles. He nods and gets out of the car. He turns around and waves at Grace. She waves back. Once he’s out of sight, Grace immediately breaks down in tears.

A knock on a door is heard. It continues for a moment until a door in an apartment opens and turns on the lamp in the living room area. A guy with brown curly hair and a clean shaved face is shown; he’s sleepily walks to the front door in his pajamas and hoodie and opens the door.

Grace stands there, face wet from tears and eyes red and puffy. The man instantly wakes up from his sleepish state.

Man: Grace?

Grace immediately throws herself on the man and cries into his hoodie. The man is completely thrown off, not knowing what Grace is doing at his doorstep at 3 in the morning in tears.

— To be Continued —

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