TNTH's Anniversary Blogging Celebration

Happy Birthday, TNTH! (and me!)

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Hey, guys – welcome back to TNTH!

A year ago, I wanted to ring in my 23rd birthday by doing something fresh, new, and special to kick off the year. For once, I really didn’t want my birthday to be all about me; in the last couple of years I’ve been pretty normal and chill about my birthday approaching. But last year, I felt different. I wanted to ring in the new year and birthday doing something that I was once afraid to do because I was afraid of being judged by people. But, ya girl put on her big girl pants and took the risk to put my writing and my thoughts out on the internet for people to read.

365 days later, I do not regret that decision.

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Despite 2017 being absolutely horrendous, creating TNTH was possibly one of the biggest highlights of the previous year. TNTH was created out of pure spontaneity. I wasn’t daily journaling anymore in my spare time and I had no creative outlet going for me at that time. I had just finished my first semester of grad school (which is crazy to think that I’m about to end my second one this year) and I was beginning to feel robotic and uninspired with my creative side. I created TNTH to take that step further in what I want to do in life. TNTH was merely just going to be a hobby of mine; it was something I would occasionally come back to and write whatever I wanted to write about. TNTH was originally supposed to help me get back my creative side while I was in grad school being “Liz, the grad student” while still being “Liz, the writer”. Who would’ve thought that TNTH would do that for me and so much more?

TNTH has provided me a platform to find and express myself in a world where everyone else is trying to do the same thing. TNTH has shown me the type of writing I want to do as a career. TNTH had helped me create a brand and name for myself in a community where I may just be a dot in a circle of millions, but I’m proud of what it is.

In the past year that TNTH has been around, I’ve gotten the chance to write about a variety of different things that I never would’ve thought of writing about. I created a platform where not only was I able to discuss things that matter the most to me, but I was able to discover parts of myself I wouldn’t have had discovered if I didn’t write out certain posts. Many series’ came and went throughout the year, yet two of the series I personally am thankful for having was A Voiceless Rant and Self-Appreciation Saturday. These two series taught me a lot about myself and how I want to help others discover these parts of themselves. Whether my readers are in their 20’s or 40’s, I hope to express my voice for those who may not have the privilege or platform to use their own. In the past year, I realize that was the reason why I even started writing in the first place.

So thank you all SO MUCH for the support you’ve given TNTH this past year. Thank you for clicking these posts every week to see what I have to say. I am just a 24-year-old woman in NYC trying to find herself in the gist of it all; I am merely just a dot on the mosaic painting we call life, yet TNTH supporters come back and read what have to say. It’s crazy to even think about, so thank you.

So as I personally celebrate my 24th birthday today, we celebrate TNTH’s 1st! Thank you for following this 9-day daily blogging celebration leading up to today’s special day for TNTH. Here’s to another year of music favorites, voiceless rants, self-appreciation Saturdays, and every topic Tuesday in between!

Thank you for the year-long support of TNTH.

-Liz. (:

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