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Happy 100th Posts of TNTH!

Hey guys, welcome back to TNTH!

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This is the official 100th post of TNTH! It hasn’t even been a year since TNTH first launched; it’s crazy how time (and posts) flies.

Without making this too cheesy, I just wanted to thank everyone who stops by to read anything that’s posted on this blog. You’re not obligated to do so, but I guess there’s something on this little blog site that you wanted to read, and I thank you for even taking an interest in it. I’ve learned a lot about myself in these 100 posts. Like anything in life, you have your ups and downs, and I know that TNTH has seen some days being on hiatus or there were posts that were just written just to fit the schedule. Whatever the case was, I always come back to TNTH. TNTH has opened a new world of writing for me that I want to pursue in the future; it showed me what kind of writing I wanted to do and how to do it.

In celebration of 100 posts on TNTH, here are some posts that I had fun writing and posting on TNTH:

  1. January 2017: Importance of Mental Health.
  2. February 2017: The “I love you” Story.
  3. February 2017: SAS: Being an Unapologetic Fat Girl. (2/4/17).
  4. February 2017: Hair Color & Care Guide!
  5. March 2017: SAS: Interracial Dating. (3/18/17)
  6. March 2017: Being a “White-Hispanic” in Today’s Society.
  7. April 2017: What Grad School Taught Me.
  8. April 2017: SAS: My Social-Anxiety Story. (4/22/17)
  9. April 2017: First Tattoo: Story + Meaning.
  10. April 2017: Thirteen Reasons Why.
  11. May 2017: Happy 25th Birthday, Obie!
  12. May 2017: Epilepsy through a 4th-Grader.
  13. July 2017: Travel Diary: Poughkeepsie, NY.
  14. July 2017: Scene: The Redemption of Life.
  15. August 2017: Stories I’ve Been Working On!
  16. August 2017: SAS: Why Can’t All Women Win? (8/26/17)
  17. September 2017: Ten 90’s Products that 90’s Babies Will Remember!
  18. September 2017: Suicide Prevention Month.


Here’s to another 100 posts on TNTH! 😀


-Liz. (:

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