Weekly Life Updates

September Birthday Wishes!

Hey guys, welcome back to TNTH!

I just wanted to wish Happy Birthday to some important people in my life; it just so happens that their birthdays all fall in like a three-day time span.


Anyway, Happy Birthday to my closest college friend, Tori! (She’s the other bitch in the picture and by bitch I mean dog.) Her birthday was on Thursday, and even though she’s considered a Virgo-Libra cusp (cusp meaning the day of the month where some horoscopes consider that day to be the prior zodiac sign, or the next one), she’s definitely a Virgo. Besides being an English Teacher in Pennsylvania, her true talents shine through in art. Tori showcases her art on her Instagram, as well as her YouTube page currently under construction under the same name, StrangeBird Illustration. I hope you guys show her some love on her platforms and tell her Liz sent you! 😉





Happy Birthday to my older sister, Megan! Her birthday is actually tomorrow, so here’s an early birthday post! Being a younger sister, my older sister didn’t like me a lot when we were younger. We have some pretty crazy stories about our childhood we always talk about like how she threw a full soda bottle at me while I was using the bathroom, but I guess I grew on her as the years passed. Megan is my best friend; she knows everything that goes on with me whether it’s good or bad, and I’ve come to really value her as we grow older. Being each other’s only sibling, we definitely look out for each other and speak about any issues that affect us both. It’s personally been a rough year for the both of us, but whenever we get together it’s just non-stop jokes and laughter. I love you Meg, have a great birthday!


Happy Birthday to my mother! My mother’s birthday is also tomorrow, so it’s pretty cool that both my sister and mother share the same birthday. You don’t hear that happening often! I mean, what can I say about this woman? She’s taught me almost everything I know and follow as a woman myself. She’s confident, outspoken, and strong, and I strive to be everything that she is because even if things are going on with her personally, she continues to be the unbelievable funny person she is. Thank you for being an amazing mother to me and Megan; continue being the 29-year-old woman you will forever be! ❤


Happy Birthday to all the September babies out there! Go and flaunt your birthday selves! Here’s my gift to you all:




-Liz. (:

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