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5-Minute Countdown Live-streams!


Exciting news!

On April 11th, April 13th, and April 15th,  I will be live-streaming on Instagram five minutes before a new blog post gets published on TNTH. Obviously, I’m trying out this new feature during my Spring Break to reach out to my audience a little bit more and to get more people on board with TNTH. If you miss a live-stream, do not worry; I will begin to let people know on Instagram stories when there’s a new post up from here on out. Personally, I find it a lot easier to tell you guys on Instagram via Stories than to post a picture about the post. (Of course if I’m busy to announce it on InstaStories, then a picture on the gram will be posted.)

If you are an active supporter of TNTH and don’t want to miss these live-streams, make sure you are following me on Instagram, which is on the homepage as well as this thingymabob hereNote: this isn’t a “follow4follow”, so please don’t ask me to follow back.

This week-long event is solely just a test to see if live-streaming brings people out to TNTH, so if it doesn’t give me the results that I’m looking for, I won’t be doing it anymore. If it’s better than I expected, then I will be live-streaming regularly before every published blog post during the summer time.

Again, thank you so much for the support of TNTH. I know I really can’t do much to the blog as of now because of grad school, but just know that I’m in the works of creating refreshing and new ideas for the blog. With that being said, DON’T BE AFRAID TO LEAVE SOME SUGGESTIONS IN MY SUGGESTION BOXI don’t bite, and I’m more than curious to see if there’s anything you will like me to discuss or do (maybe a Q&A, a certain tag, creative writing pieces – anything).

Anyway, I’m very excited to try this live-streaming thing out and see how it goes; I’ll see you guys there! (There meaning Instagram, obviously).

-Liz (:

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