Throwback Thursdays

About #TBT posts.

Hey guys. Sadly this day would come.

The throwback Thursday posts are going on a hiatus until I have the appropriate time needed to find pictures and write about these different events, and school isn’t allowing me to take that time needed to do so.

The other content on here is a lot more easier to write because they’re simply blog posts about different things on my mind and require little of my time to write and schedule because it honestly takes me about a hour to write 2 and a half weeks worth of posts to queue for you guys.

Instead of being a weekly thing, #TBT’s will most likely come biweekly, because #TBT’s every week is simply just not realistic. I wouldn’t have things to write about or discuss, and even now I’m coming to that situation going foreward with these posts.

As for now, last week’s #TBT post will most likely be the last one until possibly Spring Break, but if not, then definitely by the time my semester of school ends and I’ll have the time to queue these more thought out posts for TNTH.

Again, thank you to those who come back to read what I write every week. I know TNTH has been a little chaotic these last couple of weeks due to school and personal life stuff, but I am trying my hardest not to leave TNTH as a project that I never finished. More good content and creative posts are coming your way, especially once I get the time to put all my focus and energy on the blog.

I’ll see you all on Saturday for another “Self-Appreciation Saturday”. Bye!

-Liz (:

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