The "Something" Series

Something I Don’t Wanna Think About: A Monologue.

Why I'm Over the Club and Bar Scene

A glass is put in front of me and I quickly pick it up and take a sip. I look around the crowded bar & grill, paying no mind to the people who are screaming over a game and are hanging out with their friends. I honestly don’t even know how I got here; I guess I just needed to get out of my apartment and not stare at those four walls anymore.

A guy comes up to the bar area and orders a drink. I can tell he’s looking at me by the way his breath is hitting the back of my neck. I turned around as he smiled at me. Ugh. He reeked of alcohol.

“Hey, sweetheart,” the guy finally said. “I haven’t seen you here before. You’re new in town?” I couldn’t help but giggle; he was old enough to possibly be my fucking father.

“No, I’ve been here for years,” I responded. This guy made himself comfortable in the seat next to me.

“I would’ve remembered a pretty face like yours,” he slyly responded. I smiled and took a sip of my drink. Can’t lie, it’s been a long time since I had any attention like this.

“Well, you must not be looking hard enough,” I toyed. I suddenly felt this feeling in my stomach, and it wasn’t pleasant. This guy is looking at me like he knows he’s about to get lucky tonight. If I’m lucky enough, maybe I’ll just puke on his clothes. “Excuse me for a moment, I just have to freshen up,” I flirtatiously said.

He didn’t get lucky with me, that’s for damn sure.

I flushed the toilet once I was done and closed the lid. I looked at the mirror and tied my hair back. Is this how my life was suppose to pan out? Me, puking my brains out every 5 hours, alone, with my child that lives 2 hours away up north? Oh, and pregnant?

The night Ari came over was when I found out. She knew something was up; she didn’t even give me the privacy to pee on the damn stick. When I finally did, I wanted nothing more to just hide under a rock. How did I allow myself to get in this situation? How did an already failed mother manage to get herself pregnant? Even more so, by a man that lives across the fucking world? Jamie still doesn’t know, and I don’t know how to tell him or if I even should tell him. Again, ruining another man’s life.

I walk into the kitchen and grab a ginger ale from the fridge; my nights have been just me doing to the local bar to drink water for the night, then to come home and wonder when did my life get this fucked. Of course, running the dance academy has been harder these days. I wanted to dance to teach, not have to dictate steps to the dancers. I wanted to be on the floor with them, not in the bathroom puking every half an hour in my office bathroom.

The screen on my phone lights up on the kitchen counter; it reads “Jamie”. I haven’t spoken to Jamie since I found out. I’ve avoided almost all of his calls, to then text him and say I’m either busy, or with Willow, or too tired. I don’t know how long I’m going to play this game with him, but it fucking hurts.

It hurts because I love that man. In the year and a half I’ve known him, I’ve fell in love with him. I want nothing more to be the prefect girlfriend for him. I want nothing more for him to come home to me again after work and cuddle on the sofa watching reruns of his favorite American TV shows. I want nothing more to be in a normal relationship with him, but there’s nothing normal about me to make it a normal relationship.

The phone screen goes black until it lights up again; this time, it’s Ari. In annoyance, I picked it up.

“Don’t tell me, Jamie called you and now you’re calling me?” I answered.

“What?” Ari questioned. “Girl, are you still not talking to Jamie?” Fuck. Busted.

“I’m talking to him,” I attempted to lie. I heard Ari suck her teeth at the other end of the phone.

“Bitch, I don’t mean by text message. Have you answered his phone calls yet?” Ari asked. She always could see through my bullshit.

“Why should I?” I said.

“Uhm,” Ari loudly responded. “Maybe because you’re carrying his baby and he has the right to know!”

“And what is he gonna do about it, huh?” I argued back. It was the truth. What is Jamie going to do when I tell him? He’s back in Korea, and here I am in NYC.

“He still has the right to know, Grace, and you know it,” Ari said. I squeezed my eyes shut as she continued to talk. “You love Jamie, and you not answering his calls is just going to hurt you both in the end.”

“I got to go,” I abruptly said and hung up the phone. I held my head with my hands, stressed and unsure what I should do. He deserves to know, I would love for him to know, but this relationship thing we got going on is just not going to work.

Maybe I should break up with him.

I looked at the clock on the stove and saw that it was about 11pm. It’s 1pm in Korea, if I do it now, he’ll pick up. I placed my phone in one of the drawers of the kitchen counter and walked away. I just want to disappear.

The "Something" Series

Something’s Up With My Best Friend: A Scene.

Apartment Entrance & Lobby - JORG

The busy streets of New York City keeps the night going. Taxis and buses pass by the streets while people walk in and out of various stores and buildings.

One Taxi stops in front of an apartment building. The door opens and out walks a tall, skinny woman with a pea-coat and high-heeled boots. It’s Ari, Grace’s best friend. Once the taxi drives off, she takes out her phone and dials up a number. Moments later, she begins to talk.

Ari: Hey, I’m here, are you nearby?

Ari looks up and down the city block.

Ari: *annoyed* Boy if you don’t get here faster, I’m gonna go upstairs by myself and handle this shit out!

Ari hangs up the phone and looks at the building in front of her. She slowly walks towards the entrance of it.

A few moments later, a man with tied-up dreadlocks and a bomber jacket comes into the building. He looks around and spots Ari. Ari gets up from her seat and walks towards the man.

Ari: It took you long enough!

Emerson: Hey, traffic was crazy in Brooklyn!

The two start to bicker until they notice they are now being loud inside the lobby. They stop, look around and lower their voices.

Ari: Let’s just go upstairs so I can kill a bitch.

Ari walks towards the elevators as Emerson follows.

Emerson: So she hasn’t spoke to you in three days?

Ari: She won’t answer my calls, text me back, call me back; nothing. It’s like she doesn’t even exist and I’m not gonna let that shit slide.

Emerson: She hasn’t answered my calls or texts either.

Once they enter the elevator and press the floor number button, the doors close.

Ari: I get she’s all sad with Jamie going back to Korea, but she can’t just tune out the world because of that.

Emerson doesn’t say anything. The doors open and Ari walks ahead down the hall. Emerson follows her. Once they reach the door, Emerson insists he knock first.

Emerson: *knocks* Grace? *knocks harder* Grace? You there?

Ari: Where else would she be?

Emerson puts a finger to his mouth, gesturing for Ari to quiet down. Ari rolls her eyes and reaches for something under the welcome mat. Emerson is dumbfounded.

Emerson: How’d you–

Ari: Oh please, the amount of times this bitch got drunk and couldn’t find her keys; this was basically my idea.

Ari takes the key and opens the front door to Grace’s apartment. Both Ari and Emerson look into the apartment.

Ari: Grace! Get your ass out here!

Ari walks towards the bedroom.

Emerson: Ari!

He follows Ari as she swings the bedroom door open. While Emerson stand at the doorway, Ari walks towards the bed and pulls the blanket off of the bed.

Ari: Grace!

Grace takes her head off of the pillows and looks up.

Grace: Ari? Em? The fuck…?

Ari: Don’t change the subject! What the fuck, Grace?

Grace: *annoyed* How the hell did you guys even get in here?

Ari: I’m your best friend! I know where your spare key is!

Grace: That’s for emergencies only!

Ari: Bitch this is an emergency! I haven’t heard from you for days! Neither as Emerson!

Emerson doesn’t say anything, he just stands at the doorway, nervous.

Grace: Well I’m fine, so both of you can leave.

Grace grabs the blanket to try to cover herself back up, but Ari is not having it. They both fight for the blanket, and Emerson tries to break it up.

Emerson: Okay! Okay! That’s enough, stop!

Grace immediately stops, which causes Ari to fall to the ground with the blanket. Grace races out of bed and runs out of the room.

Emerson: Grace!

He sees her slamming the door to the bathroom. Ari gets up and tries to go after Grace, but Emerson blocks the doorway.

Emerson: She went to the bathroom! Relax, Ari!

Ari stops fighting until Emerson puts down his guard and Ari walks out of the room.

Emerson: Ari!

Ari: Let me handle this.

Ari calmly walks to the bathroom and knocks on it.

Ari: Grace, you can’t just hide in the bathroom all day.

Grace: *yells from inside the bathroom* Just leave! Please!

Ari: You must be dumb if you think I’m leaving without talking about this shit.

Grace: *yells* Just go!

Grace is heard coughing, followed by something falling into water. Ari looks at Emerson.

Emerson: *to Ari* I have to go and meet with Cami and her parents. Please keep me posted about Grace. Let me know how she’s doing.

Ari nods and Emerson leaves the apartment, loudly shutting the door shut. Ari doesn’t say anything or move. She instantly hears the bathroom door unlock. Ari quietly takes a deep breath and then walks into the bathroom.

Ari: Grace–

Grace screams, surprised to see Ari there.

Grace: I thought you left!

Ari: That was Emerson’s whipped ass…

Ari closes the bathroom door and looks towards the toilet bowl. She gags.

Grace: Goddamn, Grace! Did you throw up all of your meals from today?

Grace sighs and weakly flushes the toilet. Ari crosses her arms and looks down at Grace.

Ari: Is this what you’re doing now? Eating but still puking everything out?

Grace: *annoyed* What, are you here to see if I’m actually eating?

Ari: I can clearly see you are with all that shit you just puked up.

Grace: *defeated* Why are you here, Ari?

Ari: *annoyed* Because my best friend hasn’t spoken to me in three days.

Grace: Look, I’m sorry; I haven’t been feeling good and just wanted to be left alone.

Ari: And you couldn’t text me that? It would’ve saved me the cab fare coming here…

Nothing is said between them for a moment. Ari unfolds her arms and attempts to grab Grace by the hands to lift her up off of the bathroom floor.

Ari and Grace are sitting on he couch. Ari is drinking coffee while Grace is eating saltine crackers with ginger ale. Ari looks at Grace.

Ari: So how are you really holding up with everything happening?

Grace chews her saltine crackers and takes a sip from her bottle.

Grace: I’m alright. It hurts less when it happens a second time…

Ari: Hey. You know Jamie loves you.

Grace shrugs her shoulders and continues to eat her saltine crackers.

Grace: You know dipping these crackers in ranch dressing is everything?

Ari makes a disgusted face and continues to drink her coffee.

Ari: That doesn’t sound pleasing.

Grace: *shakes her head* Ranch dressing on top of pudding is even better.

Ari chokes on her coffee.

Ari: Bitch, are you high?

Grace rolls her eyes and continues to eat. When the crackers are finished, Grace gets up and gets something else from the pantry. Ari watches her.

Ari: You sure have been eating a lot more these days.

Grace: *sarcastically* Jeez, thanks bitch.

Ari: Listen, it’s better than you starving yourself and shit! I’m glad Jamie got your ass straightened out and got you eating again!

Grace: Yeah, well he keeps pestering me about eating even it being a 13 hour timezone difference and being across the damn world.

Grace closes the pantry and comes back with some dip and potato chips… and ranch dressing.

Ari: Mhm, so he doesn’t know you’re purging and then puking it out when you feel full?

Grace doesn’t say anything, but the silence speaks volumes for Ari.

Ari: You know if you don’t tell him, I will.

Grace: Ari, that’s not your business to tell.

Ari: Bitch please! You know Jamie and I only communicate is for the sole purpose of making sure you’re not falling off the wagon, which… I mean…

Grace: *annoyed* Look, I’m not making myself vomit. Maybe I’m just eating too much and my stomach can’t handle it.

Ari: I mean, who the hell can stand eating ice cream with ranch dressing? That’s some pregnant woman stomach shit.

Grace laughs and continues to eat her snacks. Ari quickly spits her coffee back in her cup and her eyes widen.

Ari: Girl, you’re not pregnant, right?!

Grace: *rolls her eyes* Bitch, you know that’s not a possibility.

Ari: Not the way you and Jamie used to fuck.

Grace’s widens her eyes in shock. She shakes her head in protest.

Grace: Ari, stop. I’m not pregnant. I know I’m not pregnant.

Ari: You took a test?

Grace: Why would I take a test?

Ari: So you don’t know for sure?

Grace: *annoyed* Ari.

Ari: Grace, take a damn test.

Grace: For what?

Ari: *stern* Grace.

Grace sucks her teeth and gets up from the couch. She walks to the bathroom.

Ari: *shocked* Bitch you got a test?!

Ari hops off from the sofa and runs towards the bathroom.

The "Something" Series

Something That Wasn’t Planned: A Scene.

Wallpaper Girl, Night, The City, Window, Bed, Sleep • Wallpaper For You HD  Wallpaper For Desktop & Mobile

The lights from the city skyscrapers illuminate into Grace and Jamie’s bedroom. Grace holds a bowl of popcorn in her lap while Jamie comes back to the bed in his pajamas, with snacks.

Grace: Do you think we have enough snacks?

Jamie: *looks around the bed* Is the three different types of chips not a good variety?

Grace laughs and grabs a handful of popcorn. Jamie smiles at the sight.

Jamie: How have you’ve been feeling? Are you okay?

Grace: If you’re asking me if I’m eating the way I’m supposed to be eating, then there’s nothing to worry about.

Jamie smiles and kisses Grace on the head.

Jamie: I’m glad to see you eating.

Grace shoves more snacks into her mouth as she looks at Jamie. He does the same.

Grace: I’m happy that we could do this. You know a fancy dinner isn’t my thing.

Jamie: I wish I could still take you out one last time.

Grace’s smiles faintly goes away. She looks out of the window; Jamie places his hand on her shoulder.

Jamie: Jagiya~

Grace quickly turns around towards Jamie. His name for her has become natural for her to hear Jamie call her by jagiya than her own name.

Jamie: I will take you out when I come visit.

Grace: Do you really think a long distance relationship is going to work?

Jamie was taken back by Grace’s response. He grabs Grace’s hand and rubs it with his thumb.

Jamie: We will make it work.

Grace has a hard time believing Jamie. She wants to believe that nothing will change when Jamie goes back to Korea, but she has gotten so used to coming home to Jamie, having dinner with Jamie, falling asleep next to Jamie; spending most of her days with Jamie. She hopes this is able to work, but she’s not confident.

Jamie: saranghae.

Grace faintly smiles and goes back to eating her snacks. Jamie does the same.

The bathroom door swings open and Grace is running towards the toilet. She quickly pukes into the toilet bowl and flushes once she’s done. She leans against the sink and looks into the mirror; she looks like absolute shit. She brushes her hair back and washes her face before leaving the bathroom. It’s 11pm in NYC, Grace’s apartment is emptier than it previously was. She takes a seat at her couch as her phone rings. Grace smiles at the number on her screen.

Grace: *picks up* Miss me already?

Jamie: *laughs* You know that’s not even a question. How are you feeling? Are you eating?

Grace: *rolls eyes* I’m fine. Are you calling just to check on me?

Jamie: Of course, I’m supposed to check on you.

Grace smiles and looks at the time.

Grace: Are you still traveling to your mother’s house?

Jamie: Yeah, I have about 2 more hours on the train before Mina picks me up.

Grace doesn’t say anything, she just sits there.

Jamie: Get some sleep, jagiya. It’s late in America.

Grace: I hope I can get some sleep…

Grace looks up to prevent tears to come down her face.

Jamie: Ya~

Grace: Yeah?

There’s a pause on the phone until Jamie speaks in a low tone.

Jamie: I love you. I will be back.

Grace doesn’t say anything, she wipes her eyes and shakes her up.

Grace: Okay.

Jamie: I’ll talk to you later.

Grace hangs up the phone and looks up at her ceiling. She takes in a deep breath and closes her eyes.

The "Something" Series

Something We’ll Figure Out: A Monologue.

How to research a New York apartment building before you move in - Curbed NY

No one else came to pick me up from the hospital today. It was Jamie, waiting for me in the waiting room, taking my things and putting it in the backseat as he opened the passenger’s side for me to get in. He didn’t say a word to me, and I didn’t say anything top him back. What was supposed to say after yesterday? Thank you for picking me up today after I basically told you to get lost just a couple of hours ago!

Driving back into the city at night on the bridge with the cold air hitting my face felt refreshing. I closed my eyes and saw the last year just flashed through my mind. Meeting Jamie, quitting the firm, going after my dance career, getting Jamie back, being Jamie’s girlfriend, and here we are. I opened my eyes and looked back at him as he drove. How did he handle me? Why put himself through the torture of being with Grace Ashmore? Why be linked up with someone that doesn’t have their life all put together? Why be with someone as damaged as me?

“Stop torturing yourself, jagiya,” Jamie finally said without looking away from the road.

“What?” I asked suddenly.

“Whatever you’re thinking about, it’s not true.” I cocked my eyebrows up and crossed my arms across my chest.

“So if I was thinking that you’re the sexiest man alive, that’s not in the slightest but true?” I teased. Jamie smirked to the question. I couldn’t help but be happy that I was still able to smile to my snarky remarks.

“I doubt that’s what has that perplexed look on your face,” he responded. I took a deep breath and looked out of the window. The drive seemed to be longer than expected; New York City traffic was always bad around this time of night. I was not gonna lie, going back to the city into my apartment was getting me sad. It meant that we would have to come back to reality and talk about the one thing I’ve been dreading since we left the hospital.

“Don’t take me home,” I blurted out. I didn’t see if Jamie looked at me, but his silence spoke volumes. Maybe he knew what I was dreading already, but he kept driving.

“Okay,” he simply said.

The rest of the drive was somewhat silent. The radio kept the air a little less tense, but it didn’t mean that our minds weren’t racing. Jamie looked tired; did he get any sleep last night? Has he eaten anything today? I was sad; I remember he used to have so much more color on his face. Fuck, he seemed so much happier.

The car stopped in a familiar place. His favorite place to think. I was glad to be close to the cafe; it felt like home without it being home in this exact moment. He got out of the car and walked around to open the door and take my hand. I put mine in his and he pulled me out of the car. We sat on the ground and looked out to the city and the Hudson River. It was truly something beautiful.

“Thank you,” I started to say. Jamie looked at me and placed his hand on my knee.

“I figured you needed some thinking time,” He said. I chuckled to myself; this man knows me too fucking well and it scares the living shit out of me. He brushed his hair back and continued to look out towards the city. I placed my head on his shoulder; the softness of his coat made me comfortable.

“Are you ready?” Jamie softly said. I knew what he meant. I faintly said yes and took my head off of his shoulder. I could tell he was nervous; he does this thing when he fixes the glasses on his face and licks his bottom lip, slightly biting on it. Could he tell I was also nervous?

“So… when did this start?” Jamie asked softly. I crossed my arms over my chest. That’s what I did when I get really nervous. I looked down at the grass.

“I’ve always had this issue with my body, especially when I was a dancer,” I briefly explained. He still looked so concerned and confused; I knew he had questions.

“I was worried sick about you, Grace. I didn’t know what the hell happened.” I could tell Jamie was trying to be as gentle as possible, but he was growing frustration at me for not just telling him about this in the first place.

“I would’ve known what to do,” I quietly said.

“Before or after you passed out in Emerson’s bathroom?” Jamie said snarky. I was pissed now, he simply wasn’t going to let this thing past me, and I mean– I don’t blame him– but I just wanted to get passed this conversation and spend our time more productively, like being on good terms with him before he just ups and leaves my fucking life.

“It wouldn’t be the first time,” I spat back. Jamie sighed and looked at me.

“Why didn’t you tell me you weren’t eating?”

“I needed to lose a couple of pounds.”

“For what?” Jamie raised his voice.

“My job, Jamie!” I responded even louder.

“Why the fuck would you need to lose weight for your job?” Jamie was angry, and I was getting angry for him not understanding that this was just not the conversation I wanted to had in this moment. I didn’t want to go home for this exact reason.

“The same reason you would leave Korea and attend to a case here in America; you just fucking have to!” I get up from the ground and stumble; Jamie quickly gets up and holds me so I don’t fall. Nothing is said, he just holds me.

I wrapped my arms around him and begin to start crying. I don’t know why I did, and I hate that I did, but I couldn’t help myself.

“Please don’t go back! Please!” I sobbed in his arms. I looked back up and with tears running down my face, I kissed him hard on the lips. He was tense; he didn’t know what was coming, but he suddenly wrapped his arms around me and kissed me back. And we were there for God knows how long.

It wasn’t long after until my bedroom door slammed open with me in Jamie’s arms. He placed me on my back on the bed and began to undress me. He looked at me in a way I don’t think any man has ever looked at me, but it felt good. It felt good to be seen for once; it felt good to think that someone took my flaws and fuck-ups and still wanted to be with me in this moment. I knew I loved him, and I wanted nothing but to let him know that in the way he touched my body tonight.

I remember the ecstasy of the night coming to an end when I realized the night was coming to an end. I looked over to Jamie, who then suddenly looked at me. He looked like he knew what was coming.

“When do you go back to Korea?” I finally asked. I dreaded the question all night. I know this wasn’t the right time to ask him this; us laying naked in my bed, but it was literally eating me up inside. I couldn’t wait to know the answer any longer. I needed to prepare myself for the heartbreak it will be.

“January 31st,” he simply answered. I didn’t say anything after that. I just laid there with his arm around me. I don’t know what this meant for us, but in this moment I was too exhausted to react.

I guess it’ll be something we’ll figure out.

The "Something" Series

Something Inevitable: A Monologue.

Hospital Waiting Room Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash

How am I in this hospital again in a matter of 6 months? My leg bounces in place as I sit in the hospital waiting room. I’ve never seen Grace so ill before; she’s definitely been a lot more sick this last month, but it’s never gotten to this before. I’m exhausted, still slightly tipsy from the drinks earlier, and numb. I can’t even think straight at this point.

I place my hands on my face as I lean forward; I just want to know if Grace is going to be okay. No one has come out to give me information on her. It has to be at least 2 in the morning at this point. I was so intently in thought, I just realize my phone was vibrating in my coat pocket.

I looked at the phone screen to see the call is coming from Kevin. I picked it up, trying not to appear as exhausted as i truly am.

yeoboseyo?” I answered. I could hear Shawn in the background, talking loudly before Kevin could say anything.

“Happy New Year, hyung!” Kevin greeted. I could faintly hear Shawn say the same thing in the background.

“Did you guys seriously wait for it to be the new year in America for this?” I teased.

“We thought it was midnight there not realizing we’re a little late…”

“About two hours late, but it’s the thought that counts.” I reassured.

“So, you and the lady celebrating? Are we interrupting?” Shawn says in the back.

“No, no…” I didn’t know what else to say. I could tell they felt some tension since they didn’t say anything else afterwards. It wasn’t until Kevin spoke softly in the phone.

Hyung, is everything alright?” Kevin finally said. I couldn’t not tell Kevin what was going on. I trusted him even if I was his senior. I took a deep breath and held the bridge of my nose before I spoke.

“My visa is expiring in three weeks,” I admitted.

“But you knew that already,” Kevin responded.

“I was trying to extend it,” I continued. “I got the call when I was at Grace’s friends place.”

“They didn’t extend it? But you work there?”

“I’m not active on a case and I have a feeling they didn’t put me on a case for that reason,” I explained. I can hear Kevin explaining the situation to Shawn. I shut my eyes closed. I need to tell someone.

“Also,” I continued. The line went silent. I sighed before I said anything else. “I’m at the hospital with Grace.”

“What?!” Both guys said through the phone. “Hyung, what the hell is going on?”

Ya,” I sternly reminded Kevin for respect. “Grace has been really sick the past couple of weeks. She was vomiting at the party we were at earlier tonight.”

“Maybe she just had too much to drink?” Kevin stated.

“She didn’t touch any of the drinks that were handed to her,” I corrected. I could hear the guys whispering something in Korean, something along the lines of having a suspicious thought about why Grace could’ve been that sick. I said it before they did.

“What if Grace is pregnant?” I shut my eyes as I said it out loud. I was scared to even think of the possibility. Here I am, leaving America in three weeks with the potential of my girlfriend being pregnant. I can’t leave her here alone if she’s pregnant.

I don’t hear Kevin or Shawn say anything until Shawn says something in the back.

“Are you going to marry her if she is, hyung?” he asked. I didn’t say anything back right away; in fact, I was taken back by the question. Marrying Grace? We just became a couple… would it be too soon? Would she want us to get married in order for me to stay? Will I just marry her for the wrong reasons? Will it be out of love?

Before I can say anything back, I see a nurse come out of the door calling my name.

“I got to go.” I said and quickly hung up the phone. I stood up from my seat as the nurse walked towards me.

“Mr. Kim?” the nurse asked. I nodded my head and she continued. “So Grace is resting and given some fluids, she should be okay to go home in the morning,” I took a deep breath in and quickly let it out. The nurse in front of me is flipping through some papers in her hands and begins to read what’s on the page. “She came in pretty dehydrated, which isn’t a surprise now knowing Grace’s condition.”

“Condition?” I asked. Aigoo, she’s pregnant.

“Grace’s vitals were beginning to shut down and her body temperature was below average. After a few tests, we concluded that she’s dehydrated and malnourished.” The nurse explained. I didn’t know what to say. Why didn’t I notice? Why wasn’t Grace eating? Why didn’t I see the damn signs earlier? I wanted nothing more than to see Grace.

“Is she awake? Can I see her?”

The nurse nodded at me and walked me through the hallway. I was nervous. I was confused. All I wanted to do was ask her why was she doing this to herself? Why didn’t she talk to me? I didn’t realize that we were already at her room. The nurse opens the door.

“Grace, you have a visitor.” The nurse said softly. I look into the room and see Grace laying on the bed. I entered the room slowly; I didn’t know how to approach Grace with the news. Did she even know what happened? I didn’t want to be the person that had to tell Grace what had happened, because if she knew that I knew, she would feel guilty. I know Grace Ashmore. She’s able to hide things from people until she can’t control it anymore; until something like tonight happens.

“I’ll leave you two alone and come back in a few to check on you, Ms. Ashmore.” The nurse walked out and closed the door behind her. Silence. I slowly walked over towards Grace’s bed and grabbed a chair. I got close to her and she didn’t move.

Jagiya,” I began. She still hasn’t looked in my direction. I took a deep breath before I would continue, but Grace finally spoke up.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered. She must know. I brushed my hair back away from my face and leaned forward towards the bed.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked, not realizing my tone was lower than intended.

“I don’t know,” she said. “I just didn’t want you to know.”

“Grace–” I interrupted, now annoyed. “This is something serious. This isn’t something you can keep to yourself. You scared the shit out of me tonight and all because you were starving yourself?”

“It’s not like that,” Grace spat back.

“What in the world made you think it was okay to just starve yourself, Grace?!” I couldn’t sugarcoat things anymore. I needed to understand.

“Why do you even care so much?!” Grace finally looked at me. She looked pale, skinny; not herself. I should’ve noticed sooner.

“Grace,” I said calmly. I tried to reach out for her hand, but she pulled it back.

“Just… go.” Grace demanded.

“What?” I scrunched my eyebrows, now more annoyed that Grace is doing this at a time like this.

“Just go, Jamie! I don’t need you caring about me! For what? For you to be here as I get better and for you to leave back to Korea soon?” Grace began to yell. I looked at the door, nervous someone would hear her. But she continued.

“I know you’re leaving, Jamie!” She spat at me. I didn’t know what to say.

“Grace, please calm down,” I said, defeated. “I’m not leaving anytime soon…”

“But you’re still leaving!” She yelled at me.

“You knew this though!” I yelled back. I was frustrated that Grace was destroying her body and didn’t want to tell me why she was doing so. She had never been this way in the year that I known her. What changed? What happened?

“You’re no different than everyone else who came and went.” Grace turned her body away from me. Before I can say anything, the nurse came back into the room. She first saw Grace upset and crying, then she looked at me in the chair.

“Grace needs some rest, Mr. Kim,” The nurse stated. I gathered my things and got up from the chair. I looked down at Grace before turning away towards the door. I walked passed the nurse, out to the hospital hallway.

“Mr. Kim,” The nurse called out for me. I turned around, surprised she called out for me in the first place.

“Grace is going to be okay. She’s just having a hard time processing things. She’s had a history of anorexia nervosa in the past; something triggering or stressful must’ve activated it.” The nurse explained. I took a deep breath; I had to let this out to someone; anyone.

“I was afraid she could’ve been pregnant. She’s been ill for almost a month, so–“

“That’s understandable. Are you two trying to have children?” The question took me back. I didn’t know if I ever wanted to have kids, but Grace and Little Bean made me see things differently.

“I wouldn’t have been upset if she was,” I said. I feel like that was the honest truth. All I wanted was for Grace and I to be your everyday couple; I wanted nothing more than to come home from work and see Grace and her pregnant belly greet me at the front door. I wanted nothing more to stay here and be with her and–

“Grace would have to gain some weight and take certain vitamins to be able to carry a child,” The nurse explained. “If children is what you both want, then you both have to make sure you work out any obstacles in your path.” The nurse walked away and down the hallway. She wasn’t wrong. Grace and I are far from ready to have a child; we’re barely on speaking terms as we speak.

And I also go back to Korea in three weeks.

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Something For The New Year: A Scene.

Times Square Ball drop: Everything you need to know about the Times Square  New Year's Eve Ball - CBS News

The music is playing loudly in a small apartment in Brooklyn. People are dancing and drinking; it seems as if everyone is having a good time. On one side of the apartment, Grace and Jamie sit on the sofa; Jamie’s arm is around Grace as Grace is leaning against his chest.

Jamie: Are you feeling okay?

Grace: *nods* Yeah. It honestly had to be something that I ate.

Jamie: Maybe. Just let me know if you’re feeling sick, we can always go home early.

Grace smiles as Cami and Emerson come over towards the couple.

Cami: Yo! We’re glad you came!

Grace: Of course, we wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Emerson: *to Jamie* Do you guys celebrate New Year’s like this?

Grace: *annoyed* Em.

Jamie: *laughs* Uhm, sort of. We eat tons of food and celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Emerson: Lunar New Year at your place!

Jamie: It’s a date.

The couples continue to socialize and mingle with the rest of the party. Everything is going as planned and everyone seems to be joining their night as it progresses. Grace is seen sitting down for most of the night, which Jamie takes note of. Nevertheless, he stays by her side for most of the night.

Cami occasionally comes over with drinks for the couple. Jamie has had the first few, but began to feel tipsy. Grace declined all of the drinks.

Grace: Are you okay now, Jamie?

Jamie: Jagiya, I’m fine. I just… can’t keep drinking yours on top of mine. Are you sure you don’t want a drink?

Grace: I’m sure. *sigh* Honestly, I’m not just feeling great. My stomach as been bothering me all night and I just feel like I’m not someone anyone wants to be around right now.

Jamie: That’s not true, jagiya.

Grace: It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m not dancing, drinking, or dancing whille drinking. I’m a total buzzkill.

Jamie: *laughs* It doesn’t matter. As long as I’m ringing in the new year with you.

Jamie kisses the top of Grace’s forehead and puts his arm around her, she leans her head on his chest.

A couple of minutes later, Jamie gets a phone call. He looks at the number on his screen and sits up. Grace looks forward at Jamie.

Grace: Everything okay?

Jamie: Yeah, I just– give me a minute.

Jamie gets up from the couch and walks over to the front door. Grace sits on the sofa, examining the room. The aroma of alcohol is making Grace feel even worse. She begins to panic, and gets up from the sofa and walks in the other direction, away from everyone.

Jamie walks out the front door and picks up the phone.

Jamie: Hello?

Caller: Hi, Mr. Kim, we’re calling you about the extension request of your visa… unfortunately we weren’t able to approve the request. Your expiration date of January 21st still remains.

Jamie listens on the phone; disappointment and sadness immediately is written on his face. He hangs up the phone, and slowly goes back into the apartment. Everyone is still enjoying their night together, like the world keeps going despite his just completely crumbling.

Emerson walks over to Jamie and grabs his attention.

Emerson: Hey, the ball is gonna drop in a minute!

Jamie looks around the apartment, looking for Grace.

Jamie: Have you seen Grace?

Emerson: Grace?

Jamie: Yeah, she’s not where she was–

Cami finds Emerson and grabs him when people gather in the living room in front of the TV, counting the seconds down to midnight.

Jamie: *shouts* Grace?!

Someone is heard puking in the toilet. The person lifts their face up from the bowl and pushes their red hair back away from their face. Grace leans back on the tub and looks up towards the ceiling.

Grace: *whispers* Please, please, please…

She hears the people in the other room beginning to count down: 10!

Grace takes out her phone and notices missed messages from Jamie, asking her where she went. She doesn’t answer.

9! 8! 7!

Grace’s head is back in the toilet bowl; she flushes it and slumps down towards the floor.

6! 5! 4!

A knock is heard from the door, followed by a voice.

Jamie: Grace? Grace, are you in there?

Grace looks up at the door.

Grace: Jamie?

The bathroom door opens and Jamie sees Grace on the door. He rushes into the bathroom to attend to Grace.

Jamie: Aigoo, Grace–

3! 2! 1! Happy New Year!

Grace pukes in the toilet again. She comes back up and wipes off blood from her mouth. Jamie is concerned for Grace.

Jamie: Jagiya, you’re bleeding.

Grace looks at her hand and begins to panic.

Grace: Fuck–

Jamie: You’re going to be okay. You’re going to be okay…

Jamie gets up and lifts Grace off from the floor. He pushes the door open; Jamie and Grace sneak out of the apartment without anyone noticing them.

The "Something" Series

Leaving Behind Something: A Scene.

Local governments shouldn't fund themselves with unfair court fines

“In the accounts that were stated in this courtroom, the jury has concluded that the defendant is guilty for all charges and will face maximum sentencing.”

Jamie releases a sigh of relief once the verdict was read in his favor. His client cries in her seat, happy she got the justice she needed. Jamie begins to wrap up all paperwork as the courtroom begins to empty out.

Walking out of the courtroom, a man in a suit is seen running towards Jamie, calling out his name. Jamie stops in his tracks and see if it’s Attorney Carson.

Attorney Carson: Good work in there, Mr. Kim. You’ve definitely left your impression on me, the firm, and Mr. Carter himself.

Jamie: Thank you.

Attorney Carson: On Monday morning, go straight to Mr. Carter’s office; he couldn’t talk to you due to another meeting, but he’s excited to talk to you when he can.

Jamie: Sure, I’ll be there.

Attorney Carson pounds him on the shoulder with his fist.

Attorney Carson: The team is going out for some dinners in a few; wanna come?

Jamie: *shakes his head* No thanks. I’ll be celebrating this win with my girlfriend.

Jamie politely excuses himself and walks away from the courthouse with his briefcase in his hand.

He opens the front door of the apartment and calls out for Grace. She doesn’t respond. He places his briefcase near the front door and walks in. He takes a glass from the cabinet and pours a glass of wine for himself. While sipping and scrolling his phone, he gets a call.

Jamie: Hello?

Caller: Hi, am I speaking to a Mr. Kim Jae Min?

Jamie scrunches his eyebrows in concern.

Jamie: Speaking; may I ask who’s calling?

Caller: This is the United States of America Embassy, we are calling regarding your Worker’s Visa…

Jamie sits through the call, listening to all the details needed from the embassy. Once he gets off the phone, his face drops, suddenly sad and overwhelmed.

A couple of hours later, Grace comes home. She opens the front door and drops her bag near the door. She instantly takes off her shoes and walks into the rest of the apartment.

Grace: Jamie?

The bedroom door slams open and out comes Jamie.

Jamie: Jagiyaaaa~

Grace: *confused* Jamie?

Jamie walks on over to Grace and wraps his arms around her.

Grace: What’s gotten into you?

Jamie: Your man won the case today!

Grace: That’s amazing! I’m so proud of you!

Grace kisses Jamie and pulls back after she does. She smells the alcohol on his lips.

Grace: You’ve been drinking?

Jamie: Of course! Y’know I hadda celebrate the win widda drink!

Jamie slurs his words and his face is incredibly red. Grace realizes that Jamie is drunk, in which she has never seen him get carried away like this.

Grace: Come on, Jamie; let’s get you some water and something to eat.

Jamie: Look at my lady taking care of me. You’re so sweet, jagiya.

Grace smiles as she directs him towards the couch. Jamie sits and leans back on it, looking up at Grace, smiling.

Jamie: Ya, you wanna know why i call you jagiya?

Grace gathers up a pillow and blanket and places it on the couch.

Grace: Why?

Jamie: Because you’re my sweetie. My honey. My baby. The love of my fucking life.

Jamie’s eyes began to drop, he’s clearly exhausted from the day.

Grace: Get some rest, Jamie.

Jamie: Will you love me even when I go back home?

Grace doesn’t say anything, she just looks at Jamie and gathers her thoughts. What is he saying? It hasn’t even been a year since he got his worker’s visa. She doesn’t want to get into this tonight; especially having Jamie at his current state of mind.

Grace: I course I would.

Jamie smiles and falls asleep quickly after. Grace stands there, questioning Jamie’s words; should she believe them? Were they just drunken, meaningless words? Were there some truth behind what he was saying? Is he already going back? She instantly felt sick to her stomach that night. She ran out of bed and puked inside the toilet bowl that night. It wouldn’t have been the first time this happened either.

The following morning, Grace wakes up tangled in her bed sheets. She slowly gets up and puts her robe on on this particular cold December morning.

She walks out of her bedroom to see Jamie sitting at the kitchen table; a glass in one hand and a large bottle of Pedialyte in the other. Jamie looks up at Grace and then back down.

Jamie: Mianhae, I’ll buy Little Bean some more when she comes over.

Grace faintly smiles and sits at the table. Jamie looks up at her.

Jamie: Did you get any sleep last night?

Grace: I wasn’t feeling too good. I was… tossing and turning all night.

Jamie: Both in and out of the bathroom last night, huh?

Grace looks at Jamie.

Jamie: I heard you in the bathroom a couple of times last night.

Grace leans back in her chair as Jamie pours another glass of the drink.

Grace: You’ve never gotten that drunk before.

Jamie: First win, the team wanted to go out for drinks. I got a little carried away. Took an Uber ride home.

Grace: As long as you’re feeling okay, that’s all that matters.

Grace folds her arms across her chest.

Grace: So, I’m your sweetie? Honey? Baby? The love of your life?

Jamie is visibly confused about the start of this new conversation. Grace smirks.

Grace: Your ja-gi-ya?

Jamie lowers his head and finally understands what Grace is talking about.

Jamie: I… I told you what that meant last night, huh?

Grace giggles and nods her head.

Grace: gwaenchanh-a oppa.

Grace gets up and heads on over to the kitchen to before some coffee for the morning. Jamie smiles at the response.

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A Whole Other Side of Something: A Scene.

Altech Electronics | Dark Sky Compliance

The two Korean women sit on the couch of Grace and Jamie’s apartment. Jamie comes out of the bedroom and closes it behind him. Grace stands behind the island watching Jamie get everyone situated.

Jamie: Bags are in the room, you both are more than welcome to get comfortable…

Mina: Thank you, sorry if we ruined your night out.

Jamie: Aniyo, I apologize for not being more prepared.

Mina smiles at Jamie and then at Grace. Grace anxiously stands behind the counter, watching the encounter.

Lia: May I use the restroom?

Jamie: Yeah, the bathroom is to your left.

Lia gets up from the sofa and walks towards the bathroom. Mina says something in Korean to her brother, in which he also responds in Korean. Grace turns around and starts to boil some hot water, bothered that the siblings are not talking in English anymore.

Suddenly, Lia comes back into the living room area, clearly confused.

Lia: Jaemin-ah, are we aunts?

Jamie: *surprised* Mwo? (What?)

Lia: There’s a baby room next to the bathroom.

Mina: Jaemin-ah, you had a baby and didn’t even tell your family?

Jamie: What?!

Grace finally steps up and speaks.

Grace: No, no; I have a daughter. That’s my daughter’s room.

Mina and Lia both exhale a sigh of relief. Grace is relieved that the tension in the room dies down. Grace comes over to the coffee table and places a kettle of water and teabags on a tray.

Lia: Thank you so much, Grace! You didn’t have to.

Grace: You’re our guests! I wish I had some type of pastry to have with the tea.

Mina: American snacks are known to be too sugary and sweet.

Jamie gives Mina the side-eyes as Grace nervously pours hot water into tea cups.

Lia: So, is it normal to be all dressed up at the airport to pick people up?

Grace: *laughs* No, no… we were at an event this evening.

Lia: The dress is really pretty, Grace.

Grace: *shyly* Thank you.

Mina gets up and walks to the bedroom and closes the door behind her. Grace looks at her while she does so.

Lia: She’s not a night person, don’t mind her.

Grace doesn’t say anything. Jamie walks to the room that Mina walked in. Grace watches.

In the room, Jamie closes the door behind him. Mina opens her suitcase.

Jamie: Ya…

Mina: Just because we’re in America, doesn’t mean you don’t respect me.

Jamie: Noona…

Mina: Is this what you came to live in America for? To be some American girl’s babysitter?

Jamie: *defensive* She has a name, noona, and quite frankly this is her apartment and her room you’re staying in for the time being.

Mina: Make it make sense, Jaemin-ah. How were you able to give up so much back home and be… here?

Jamie: Mina, you haven’t been here for more than an hour and you think you already have this idea on how my life is like here? Is that the only reason why you came here? To judge me?

Mina: I came to see my brother, since he so abruptly left home to come here.

Jamie: Be nice, noona. Grace is a good person.

Mina: You said the same thing about Seohyun.

Jamie: *angry* That was different, okay? Grace isn’t like that.

Mina: Hmm. Possibly worse? She is American…

Jamie rolls his eyes and stares at Mina. She’s not letting off about this topic.

Outside in the living room area, Lia and Grace silently sit on the sofa. Lia turns her head to start the conversation with Grace.

Lia: So have you lived in New York your whole life?

Grace: Most of it, not all of it.

Lia looks out of the window into the city lights.

Lia: It’s so beautiful. It definitely reminds me of Seoul; busy and full of lights.

Grace smiles. She takes a sip from her tea.

Lia: Are you and Jaemin a couple?

Grace nervously laughs.

Grace: We are. Jamie, uhh, Jaemin lives with me as well.

Lia: And you said you had a daughter, right?

Grace: Yeah! Her name is Willow.

Lia: Cute!

Grace smiles and the two women sit in the living room silent until Lia speaks again.

Lia: I’m sorry about my sister. She’s a hard person to adjust to things.

Grace: I see…

Lia: Do you have any siblings?

Grace: Uhm, no… it’s just me.

Lia: Lucky.

Grace laughs at the response.

Lia: Seriously though, Don’t read into Mina’s behavior.

Grace doesn’t say in return; she sits and ponders in thought until the door of the bedroom opens. Jamie looks okay; no signs of distress whatsoever. The two ladies in the living room look back at Jamie.

Jamie: Noona, the room is ready if you’ll like to rest for the night.

Lia gets up from the sofa.

Lia: Thank you for letting us stay here while we get our hotel situation sorted out.

Grace smiles and Lia walks into the room. She looks at Jamie, who is clearly exhausted.

Blankets and pillows are surrounded on the living room floor. Grace and Jamie lay in them together, staring up at the ceiling, clearly wide awake.

Grace: The last time I slept on the floor was at a sleepover when I was, like, 7.

Jamie: It’s pretty common for me to sleep on the floor whenever I visited my mom’s place. I told you that you could sleep on the sofa; I’m okay here on the floor.

Grace rolls her onto her stomach to face Jamie.

Grace: I can’t sleep if you’re not next to me though.

Jamie smiles the thought. He brings her closer to him.

Grace: I think your sister Mina hates me.

Jamie: Why’d you think that?

Grace: She just seemed very distant with me. I mean sure, we just met and all, but it seemed like sehe didn’t even want to be near me.

Jamie: *sigh* Mina is… traditional. She wasn’t on board with me coming here and leaving Korea. She has opinions, but she shouldn’t make you feel bad or anything of that sort.

Grace still looks worried.

Jamie: There’s nothing that you did wrong, Gracie.

Grace: I know, but those are your older sisters. I would want them to like me.

Jamie: Mina will come around.

The living room goes silent until Grace asks a question.

Grace: What were you guys talking about in the room?

Jamie: *dumbfounded* Nothing.

Grace: Jamie.

Jamie: We didn’t speak about anything important.

Grace: She hates me, doesn’t she?

Jamie doesn’t say anything, the silence makes Grace’s suspicions true.

Grace: Oh my god, your sister hates me!

Jamie: She doesn’t hate you! She’s just… an older sister.

Grace covers her face.

Grace: Your sister hates me, Jamie.

Jamie: Don’t say that! I’ll talk to her later this week. In the meantime, let’s just make the best of their time here.

Jamie kisses Grace on the forehead and puts his arm around her. Grace tries to sleep away the worry.

The "Something" Series

Something Angelic & Beautiful: A Scene.

Ballroom Backgrounds posted by Sarah Simpson

A piano plays softly in the background in the busy ballroom; people in suits and dresses surround the floor and mingle with one another. Grace and Jamie walk into the ballroom with Willow, they look around at the various amount of people.

Grace: Thank you for coming.

Jamie: Yeah.

Grace still feels bad about not telling him about this event sooner. They’ve tried to talk it out, but Jamie just seems to still be upset about the situation. Grace doesn’t push him.

A couple of people spot Grace and greet her. She tries to hide the sadness from her face and greet the people; Jamie does the same.

Jamie: I’ll take little bean to our table.

He kisses Grace on the forehead and takes Willow to the table. Grace looks at them, sullen, until the crowd of people distract her.

Jamie sits down at the table with Willow on his lap. He smiles at the excited toddler.

Jamie: You’re excited to see eomma perform?

Willow claps and squeals. He instantly cheese at her; he truly loves little bean.

His phone begins to vibrate in his pocket. He takes it out of his pocket and to his surprise, it’s Mina.

Jamie: yeoboseyo? (Hello?)

Jamie looks around the ballroom while his friend speaks to him in Korean on the phone.

Mina: Jaemin-ah, We’re landing in like 4 hours! You’re going to pick us up, right?

Jamie’s eyes widen, fuck. He totally forgot.

Jamie: You’re flying into what airport again?

Mina: Uhm… JFK I think? The international one.

Jamie squeezes his eyes shut, Willow gets fussy on his lap.

Jamie: Let me know when you and noona are an hour away.

They say their goodbyes and Jamie hang up the phone. She sees Grace walk over to the table with Emerson and Cami.

Cami: *with open arms* There’s our cutie pie!

Cami goes over to get Willow and hug her. Emerson greets Jamie at the table.

Grace: I have to go and get changed for the showcase, I’ll catch up with you guys a little later.

Before Grace goes, she gives Jamie a tight hug, which catches him off-guard.

Grace: *whispers* I love you. I’m sorry.

Grace lets go and before he can say anything back, She’s running to the back stage. Jamie sits back down at the table with Emerson and Cami.

Cami: You must be excited for Grace’s new adventure in life, huh?

Jamie: *smiles* Very. I’m happy she’s happy doing what she loves.

Emerson: I remember telling her way back that she was gonna dance again one day. She swore her dancing days were over but she was always way too in it to just quit.

Jamie: The pictures in her apartment… there’s a lot of her dancing.

Emerson: Dancing was her escape; I was shocked when she gave it up for good. I’m glad she’s going it again. She’s too talented to not be doing it, y’know?

Jamie is shock ed to hear that Grace really had a side of her that she didn’t want to show anyone. Was she trying to be something she was not? Was she trying to hide herself from who she really wanted to be? Moments later, an announcer takes the stage; it’s Grace’s aunt, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Good evening, everyone. I hope your night is going well, and thank you for coming out to support a new generation of the Castro Dance Academy.

The audience applauds. Jennifer continues when it dies down.

Jennifer: For the last 35 years, I passionately ran CDA from the little studio at my house that my wonderful husband put together when I first started to business, to it now being a studio space in the city that dozens of kids and teenagers come and dance at. My youngest sister, as well as world-renounced dance competitor, Mollie Sue Castro, was one of my very first students in the academy when I was starting out. Her passion and dedication to the craft has gotten her where she is at, and i hope that CDA prepares more future dancers to follow their paths and dreams in dance.

Jamie watches the stage and smiles.

Jennifer: With that being said, I am officially passing down the family business to a wonderful woman that also grew up around the world of dance. She won a partial scholarship for dance to Julliard and studied for years in the craft, technique, and exceeded levels of dance that I for one wish I had when I was her age. She is my beautiful niece, Grace Renee Ashmore.

The lights dim down and Grace walks out. She takes in a deep breath in, looking at all of the faces looking at her. She finds Jamie’s face in the crowd; he’s holding Willow in his lap and smiles at the stage. She instantly feels at ease and begins dancing.

She’s instantly taken back to when she was in NYC for the first time when she was 17. She was dancing the number her mother choreographed for her. She remembers how she felt being on that stage, twirling and jumping and dancing her heart out. She remembers seeing her dad watch her dance for the first time in a long time.

This time, her daughter and her love watch her dance for the first time.

The song stops and the audience applauds, even give her a standing ovation. Jamie stands and applauds with Willow in his arms. Grace smiles at them.

Later on in the night, Grace and Jamie are seen slow dancing on the ballroom floor. They both look happy together.

Jamie: You looked amazing on stage, Gracie.

Grace: Thank you. I’ve missed it. Again, I’m sorry for not telling you about this business. I was just afraid and stupid for being afraid…

Jamie: It’s okay, Grace. Just let me know what you’re up to next time, okay? I want to be your biggest cheerleader in what ever you do.

Grace: *smiles* That means a lot to me.

Jamie kisses Grace on the forehead when his phone buzzes in his pocket. He takes it out and looks at his screen.

Jamie: *nervous* So, I guess this would be the perfect time to tell you this…

Grace tilts her head to the side.

Jamie: … My sisters are landing at JFK in less than a hour.

Grace widens her eyes.

Grace: Jamie! Why did you wait to tell me last minute?!

Jamie: I didn’t want to ruin your night! Plus, they were scheduled to land way later than… well, an hour from now.

Grace looks around, thinking of a plan.

Grace: Alright, you grab our coats, I’m going to ask my parents if they could watch Willow.

The both run their separate ways to do what they have to do.

People pass through the busy airport; walking in and out of terminals, stopping to look through the gift shops; and eating at the food court within the area. Two Korean women are walking out of the gate, looking around to find the person they are meeting. They finally find the person and to their surprise, is wearing a suit while standing next to a girl in a ballgown. They wave at the two confused Korean women.

Misc., The "Something" Series

Something That You’re Hiding: A Scene.

150 Years Ago Brooklyn Renumbered All Its Streets. It Was a Disaster. - The  New York Times

Grace and Jamie walk down a Brooklyn street; Grace is carrying a gift bag while Jamie holds Willow in his arms. They walk up to a brownstone and knock on the door. Grace looks at Jamie, who is visibly nervous.

Grace: You’re gonna be fine, Jamie. They’ll love you.

Jamie: I hope so.

Willow squeals in Jamie’s arms. He looks down at her.

Jamie: Is that so? Okay, if little bean says I’ll be okay, then I’ll be okay!

Grace smiles and proceeds to knock on the door of the house. The door opens up and an older woman in her 60’s opens the door.

Jennifer: Hi! We’re glad that you can make it!

Grace: Hi, Aunt Pep. *towards Jamie* This is my boyfriend, Jamie. Jamie, this is my Aunt Jennifer.

Jamie: Nice to meet you, Jennifer.

Jennifer smiles and gestures the couple to come in. They walk upstairs to the living room area where they see Mollie and Weston.

Weston: Ahhh, happy birthday, Grace!

Grace: Happy birthday, daddy!

They both share a hug for a moment. Grace breaks up the hug and greets her mother. She takes a step back as Jamie puts Willow on the ground. She shyly hides behind his legs. It catches the attention of the family.

Grace: Uhm, there’s someone I would like for you guys to meet.

She grabs a hold of Jamie’s hand.

Grace: Dad; Mom, this is my boyfriend, Jamie.

Jamie: *holds out his arm* It’s nice to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Ashmore.

Mollie: Nice to meet you as well, Jamie.

Grace: Daddy, Jamie is actually a prosecutor; he works at the firm.

Weston gains interest in the new guy who is with his daughter. He nods his head in acceptance.

Grace: *whispers to Jamie* He’ll very much like the fact that you’re in the justice system.

Jamie nervously smiles at the family.

The night progresses and dinner is wrapping up. Weston wipes his mouth and begins a conversation.

Weston: So, son; Grace mentioned you’re in law.

Jamie: I am, sir. I’ve been a prosecutor for almost 4 years now.

Weston: Wow, that’s a long time. What firm were you working at?

Jamie: I was under a firm in South Korea before I transferred to a firm here.

The men chat it up as Mollie eats her food. Willow yells out and Jamie attends to her quickly.

Jamie: You’re okay, little bean? *wipes her hands* Look at you finishing all of your dinner like the big girl you are!

Grace smiles at the encounter, The parents and Grace’s aunt and uncle all watch the encounter.

Jennifer: She’s the absolute cutest, Grace.

Grace: Thank you.

Jennifer: *to Milo Sr* We need to have another baby around here.

Milo Sr: Absolutely not! Our baby care days are loooong over!

Jennifer: *to Grace and Jamie* Then you guys should totally have one and bring him or her over here all the time!

Grace widens her eyes as Jamie’s face instantly turns red.

Mollie: Ahh, Pep; let them be.

Mollie gathers up the dishes on the table; Jamie proceeds to get up and help.

Mollie walks into the kitchen and places the dishes in the dishwasher. Jamie walks into the kitchen after her with more dirty dishes.

Mollie: Oh, you didn’t have to do that.

Jamie: It’s okay. I always tend to help clean up after dinner.

Mollie: *intrigued* You just feel like it?

Jamie: It’s etiquette to help the women out before and after meals back in Korea.

Mollie is surprised. She loads the dishwasher with Jamie as he lifts the door up and starts the dishwasher. Mollie goes into the fridge to take out the birthday cake.

Mollie: So, how did you and Grace meet?

Jamie: We met at a cafe in the neighborhood of our two firms. I was here on a business trip and she was working on her case in the cafe.

Mollie: *smiles* That’s really cute. I know Grace was always in that damn cafe working on something when she was at the firm.

Jamie beings to prepare the coffee and is reminded about Grace’s departure from the firm. He’s not surprised that her mom would know about her not being a lawyer anymore, but he is surprised to see just how okay she is with it. She must’ve known longer than he known.

Jamie: It’s a great place to work on things like that.

Mollie: I can imagine. Do you guys still spend time at the cafe now that you’re here working on cases?

Jamie: We do. It’s like our second home.

Mollie: That’s sweet. I’m glad that Grace has a place to go to distress after a long day.

Jamie: Me too.

The kitchen goes quiet until Mollie remembers something.

Mollie: Oh! Before I forget to tell Grace, I’m assuming you’re coming with her but the showcase has moved to a different location. Everything’s the same, just different location.

Jamie doesn’t know what Mollie is talking about, but he doesn’t want to make it obvious that he doesn’t know.

Jamie: Oh… okay…. what’s the location?

Mollie: It’s in a venue in Midtown; much more space since more people are attending the showcase. You must be so excited for her.

Jamie: Very excited; refresh my memory please, what is the dress code?

Mollie: Formal attire, nothing too fancy.

Jamie still doesn’t know what Mollie is talking about. Clearly, him and Grace are not talking about something.

Mollie: Y’know, I was so worried for Grace for making such a career change like this. She’s such a good lawyer and she’s amazing at what she does, but I think with this new career she’ll be a lot more happier and willing to be more present.

Jamie: *plays along* I agree… so is the venue like a restaurant or something?

Mollie: No, it’s a ballroom like venue. Most dance showcases are presented in venues like that one, so it felt right to change the venue.

Jamie is shocked. He didn’t know that Grace was back in the dance business.

Jamie: I’m excited to see Grace dance.

Mollie: She’s a complete natural; she’s going to do amazingly at the showcase and honestly, I’m glad she wanted to take over the family business. Grace is going to be one of the best dance teachers to the next generation of dancers.

Jamie is annoyed that Grace never spoke to him about this. How could she hide such a major part of herself from him considering they’ve been dating for the last couple of months. He breaks out of thought when candles are lit on a birthday cake and Mollie is walking past the dining area. Jamie brings out the tray of coffee and cups.

The family begins to sing happy birthday to Weston and Grace since they share the same birthday. Jamie looks straight at Grace, completely upset at her. Grace notices it, but tries to not show her family that something is wrong. Candles are being blown out, and cheers are being said. Jamie doesn’t say anything.

Later on in the night, Grace and Jamie return home to their apartment. Jamie has a sleeping Willow in his arms. Grace puts her bag on the counter and turns to face Jamie.

Grace: Jamie?

Jamie: I’m going to put little bean to bed.

Jamie walks into Willow’s room to put her down to sleep. Grace walks to the door-frame of Willow’s room and stands there, watching Jamie put Willow down to sleep.

Jamie: Goodnight, little bean.

It makes Grace smile knowing that Jamie cares about Willow and is always here to help out with her whenever it’s needed. He turns around to walk out of the room in which Grace quickly leaves. Jamie walks out of the room. He sees Grace standing near the kitchen counter looking uneasy.

Grace: Jamie?

Jamie walks to the fridge to take out a bottle of water. He doesn’t answer Grace.

Grace: *annoyed* Jamie.

Jamie: Mwo? (What?)

Grace is taken back by Jamie’s response.

Grace: Are you okay?

Jamie: I’m fine, I’m just tired.

Jamie walks into the bedroom and Grace follows behind him.

Grace: You’ve been in a mood all night. Did something happen?

Jamie: Even if something did, which it didn’t, I don’t want to talk about it.

Grace is annoyed by Jamie and stands in front of the side of the bed that Jamie sleeps on.

Jamie: Grace.

Grace: What’s wrong?

Jamie: mwohaneungeoya? (What are you doing?)

Grace: Talk to to me.

Jamie: That’s the problem, Grace. You want me to talk but never want to talk to me.

Grace: *confused* What are you talking about?

Jamie: How are you making money now that you’re not a lawyer anymore?

Grace doesn’t answer right away. Jamie rolls his eyes.

Jamie: You might as well just tell me since I already know.

Grace looks at Jamie, still doesn’t any anything.

Grace: I’m taking over my aunt’s family business. Nothing major.

Jamie: Hmm, nothing major even thought there’s a whole event happening in regards to this reopening, huh?

Grace: Uhm…

Jamie: Grace, why wouldn’t you tell me this is what you were doing all this time?

Grace: I don’t know, it just never came up.

Jamie: I don’t know, maybe over dinner? A walk in the park? Relaxing in bed? Anywhere would’ve been fine, but instead I find out from another person other than you!

Grace: Look, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to hide it from you, I swear!

Jamie huffs and turns around to head out of the bedroom.

Grace: Wait, where are you going?

Jamie: I love you Grace, but you keeping important things from me is becoming a habit. How can we be a couple if I can’t trust you to tell me things?

Grace is on the verge of crying.

Grace: Jamie, please… I’m sorry, I-

The tears fall down from her face. Jamie looks at her. Grace whimpers the words “please don’t go”. Jamie doesn’t understand why Grace is so upset.

Jamie: Have a good night, Grace.

Jamie leaves the bedroom and Grace starts crying in her pillow. Jamie stands outside of the bedroom door and hears Grace crying. He doesn’t say anything, he just walks away from the door.

The next morning, Grace wakes up tangled up in her bed sheets. She’s first confused; her head is pounding. She looks at the empty space on the bed next to her. She slowly turns her head and gets up from the bed. She walks to her bedroom door and opens it. The living room is empty. She slowly walks into Willow’s room to check on her.

Once she opens the door to her room, she’s surprised at the sight. Willow is still asleep in her crib, and Jamie is sleeping on the floor beside the crib. He stayed here during the night. Grace slowly closes up the door and exits, allowing Willow and Jamie to get more rest.