The "Something" Series

Leaving Behind Something: A Scene.

Local governments shouldn't fund themselves with unfair court fines

“In the accounts that were stated in this courtroom, the jury has concluded that the defendant is guilty for all charges and will face maximum sentencing.”

Jamie releases a sigh of relief once the verdict was read in his favor. His client cries in her seat, happy she got the justice she needed. Jamie begins to wrap up all paperwork as the courtroom begins to empty out.

Walking out of the courtroom, a man in a suit is seen running towards Jamie, calling out his name. Jamie stops in his tracks and see if it’s Attorney Carson.

Attorney Carson: Good work in there, Mr. Kim. You’ve definitely left your impression on me, the firm, and Mr. Carter himself.

Jamie: Thank you.

Attorney Carson: On Monday morning, go straight to Mr. Carter’s office; he couldn’t talk to you due to another meeting, but he’s excited to talk to you when he can.

Jamie: Sure, I’ll be there.

Attorney Carson pounds him on the shoulder with his fist.

Attorney Carson: The team is going out for some dinners in a few; wanna come?

Jamie: *shakes his head* No thanks. I’ll be celebrating this win with my girlfriend.

Jamie politely excuses himself and walks away from the courthouse with his briefcase in his hand.

He opens the front door of the apartment and calls out for Grace. She doesn’t respond. He places his briefcase near the front door and walks in. He takes a glass from the cabinet and pours a glass of wine for himself. While sipping and scrolling his phone, he gets a call.

Jamie: Hello?

Caller: Hi, am I speaking to a Mr. Kim Jae Min?

Jamie scrunches his eyebrows in concern.

Jamie: Speaking; may I ask who’s calling?

Caller: This is the United States of America Embassy, we are calling regarding your Worker’s Visa…

Jamie sits through the call, listening to all the details needed from the embassy. Once he gets off the phone, his face drops, suddenly sad and overwhelmed.

A couple of hours later, Grace comes home. She opens the front door and drops her bag near the door. She instantly takes off her shoes and walks into the rest of the apartment.

Grace: Jamie?

The bedroom door slams open and out comes Jamie.

Jamie: Jagiyaaaa~

Grace: *confused* Jamie?

Jamie walks on over to Grace and wraps his arms around her.

Grace: What’s gotten into you?

Jamie: Your man won the case today!

Grace: That’s amazing! I’m so proud of you!

Grace kisses Jamie and pulls back after she does. She smells the alcohol on his lips.

Grace: You’ve been drinking?

Jamie: Of course! Y’know I hadda celebrate the win widda drink!

Jamie slurs his words and his face is incredibly red. Grace realizes that Jamie is drunk, in which she has never seen him get carried away like this.

Grace: Come on, Jamie; let’s get you some water and something to eat.

Jamie: Look at my lady taking care of me. You’re so sweet, jagiya.

Grace smiles as she directs him towards the couch. Jamie sits and leans back on it, looking up at Grace, smiling.

Jamie: Ya, you wanna know why i call you jagiya?

Grace gathers up a pillow and blanket and places it on the couch.

Grace: Why?

Jamie: Because you’re my sweetie. My honey. My baby. The love of my fucking life.

Jamie’s eyes began to drop, he’s clearly exhausted from the day.

Grace: Get some rest, Jamie.

Jamie: Will you love me even when I go back home?

Grace doesn’t say anything, she just looks at Jamie and gathers her thoughts. What is he saying? It hasn’t even been a year since he got his worker’s visa. She doesn’t want to get into this tonight; especially having Jamie at his current state of mind.

Grace: I course I would.

Jamie smiles and falls asleep quickly after. Grace stands there, questioning Jamie’s words; should she believe them? Were they just drunken, meaningless words? Were there some truth behind what he was saying? Is he already going back? She instantly felt sick to her stomach that night. She ran out of bed and puked inside the toilet bowl that night. It wouldn’t have been the first time this happened either.

The following morning, Grace wakes up tangled in her bed sheets. She slowly gets up and puts her robe on on this particular cold December morning.

She walks out of her bedroom to see Jamie sitting at the kitchen table; a glass in one hand and a large bottle of Pedialyte in the other. Jamie looks up at Grace and then back down.

Jamie: Mianhae, I’ll buy Little Bean some more when she comes over.

Grace faintly smiles and sits at the table. Jamie looks up at her.

Jamie: Did you get any sleep last night?

Grace: I wasn’t feeling too good. I was… tossing and turning all night.

Jamie: Both in and out of the bathroom last night, huh?

Grace looks at Jamie.

Jamie: I heard you in the bathroom a couple of times last night.

Grace leans back in her chair as Jamie pours another glass of the drink.

Grace: You’ve never gotten that drunk before.

Jamie: First win, the team wanted to go out for drinks. I got a little carried away. Took an Uber ride home.

Grace: As long as you’re feeling okay, that’s all that matters.

Grace folds her arms across her chest.

Grace: So, I’m your sweetie? Honey? Baby? The love of your life?

Jamie is visibly confused about the start of this new conversation. Grace smirks.

Grace: Your ja-gi-ya?

Jamie lowers his head and finally understands what Grace is talking about.

Jamie: I… I told you what that meant last night, huh?

Grace giggles and nods her head.

Grace: gwaenchanh-a oppa.

Grace gets up and heads on over to the kitchen to before some coffee for the morning. Jamie smiles at the response.

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