Misc., The "Something" Series

Something That You’re Hiding: A Scene.

150 Years Ago Brooklyn Renumbered All Its Streets. It Was a Disaster. - The  New York Times

Grace and Jamie walk down a Brooklyn street; Grace is carrying a gift bag while Jamie holds Willow in his arms. They walk up to a brownstone and knock on the door. Grace looks at Jamie, who is visibly nervous.

Grace: You’re gonna be fine, Jamie. They’ll love you.

Jamie: I hope so.

Willow squeals in Jamie’s arms. He looks down at her.

Jamie: Is that so? Okay, if little bean says I’ll be okay, then I’ll be okay!

Grace smiles and proceeds to knock on the door of the house. The door opens up and an older woman in her 60’s opens the door.

Jennifer: Hi! We’re glad that you can make it!

Grace: Hi, Aunt Pep. *towards Jamie* This is my boyfriend, Jamie. Jamie, this is my Aunt Jennifer.

Jamie: Nice to meet you, Jennifer.

Jennifer smiles and gestures the couple to come in. They walk upstairs to the living room area where they see Mollie and Weston.

Weston: Ahhh, happy birthday, Grace!

Grace: Happy birthday, daddy!

They both share a hug for a moment. Grace breaks up the hug and greets her mother. She takes a step back as Jamie puts Willow on the ground. She shyly hides behind his legs. It catches the attention of the family.

Grace: Uhm, there’s someone I would like for you guys to meet.

She grabs a hold of Jamie’s hand.

Grace: Dad; Mom, this is my boyfriend, Jamie.

Jamie: *holds out his arm* It’s nice to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Ashmore.

Mollie: Nice to meet you as well, Jamie.

Grace: Daddy, Jamie is actually a prosecutor; he works at the firm.

Weston gains interest in the new guy who is with his daughter. He nods his head in acceptance.

Grace: *whispers to Jamie* He’ll very much like the fact that you’re in the justice system.

Jamie nervously smiles at the family.

The night progresses and dinner is wrapping up. Weston wipes his mouth and begins a conversation.

Weston: So, son; Grace mentioned you’re in law.

Jamie: I am, sir. I’ve been a prosecutor for almost 4 years now.

Weston: Wow, that’s a long time. What firm were you working at?

Jamie: I was under a firm in South Korea before I transferred to a firm here.

The men chat it up as Mollie eats her food. Willow yells out and Jamie attends to her quickly.

Jamie: You’re okay, little bean? *wipes her hands* Look at you finishing all of your dinner like the big girl you are!

Grace smiles at the encounter, The parents and Grace’s aunt and uncle all watch the encounter.

Jennifer: She’s the absolute cutest, Grace.

Grace: Thank you.

Jennifer: *to Milo Sr* We need to have another baby around here.

Milo Sr: Absolutely not! Our baby care days are loooong over!

Jennifer: *to Grace and Jamie* Then you guys should totally have one and bring him or her over here all the time!

Grace widens her eyes as Jamie’s face instantly turns red.

Mollie: Ahh, Pep; let them be.

Mollie gathers up the dishes on the table; Jamie proceeds to get up and help.

Mollie walks into the kitchen and places the dishes in the dishwasher. Jamie walks into the kitchen after her with more dirty dishes.

Mollie: Oh, you didn’t have to do that.

Jamie: It’s okay. I always tend to help clean up after dinner.

Mollie: *intrigued* You just feel like it?

Jamie: It’s etiquette to help the women out before and after meals back in Korea.

Mollie is surprised. She loads the dishwasher with Jamie as he lifts the door up and starts the dishwasher. Mollie goes into the fridge to take out the birthday cake.

Mollie: So, how did you and Grace meet?

Jamie: We met at a cafe in the neighborhood of our two firms. I was here on a business trip and she was working on her case in the cafe.

Mollie: *smiles* That’s really cute. I know Grace was always in that damn cafe working on something when she was at the firm.

Jamie beings to prepare the coffee and is reminded about Grace’s departure from the firm. He’s not surprised that her mom would know about her not being a lawyer anymore, but he is surprised to see just how okay she is with it. She must’ve known longer than he known.

Jamie: It’s a great place to work on things like that.

Mollie: I can imagine. Do you guys still spend time at the cafe now that you’re here working on cases?

Jamie: We do. It’s like our second home.

Mollie: That’s sweet. I’m glad that Grace has a place to go to distress after a long day.

Jamie: Me too.

The kitchen goes quiet until Mollie remembers something.

Mollie: Oh! Before I forget to tell Grace, I’m assuming you’re coming with her but the showcase has moved to a different location. Everything’s the same, just different location.

Jamie doesn’t know what Mollie is talking about, but he doesn’t want to make it obvious that he doesn’t know.

Jamie: Oh… okay…. what’s the location?

Mollie: It’s in a venue in Midtown; much more space since more people are attending the showcase. You must be so excited for her.

Jamie: Very excited; refresh my memory please, what is the dress code?

Mollie: Formal attire, nothing too fancy.

Jamie still doesn’t know what Mollie is talking about. Clearly, him and Grace are not talking about something.

Mollie: Y’know, I was so worried for Grace for making such a career change like this. She’s such a good lawyer and she’s amazing at what she does, but I think with this new career she’ll be a lot more happier and willing to be more present.

Jamie: *plays along* I agree… so is the venue like a restaurant or something?

Mollie: No, it’s a ballroom like venue. Most dance showcases are presented in venues like that one, so it felt right to change the venue.

Jamie is shocked. He didn’t know that Grace was back in the dance business.

Jamie: I’m excited to see Grace dance.

Mollie: She’s a complete natural; she’s going to do amazingly at the showcase and honestly, I’m glad she wanted to take over the family business. Grace is going to be one of the best dance teachers to the next generation of dancers.

Jamie is annoyed that Grace never spoke to him about this. How could she hide such a major part of herself from him considering they’ve been dating for the last couple of months. He breaks out of thought when candles are lit on a birthday cake and Mollie is walking past the dining area. Jamie brings out the tray of coffee and cups.

The family begins to sing happy birthday to Weston and Grace since they share the same birthday. Jamie looks straight at Grace, completely upset at her. Grace notices it, but tries to not show her family that something is wrong. Candles are being blown out, and cheers are being said. Jamie doesn’t say anything.

Later on in the night, Grace and Jamie return home to their apartment. Jamie has a sleeping Willow in his arms. Grace puts her bag on the counter and turns to face Jamie.

Grace: Jamie?

Jamie: I’m going to put little bean to bed.

Jamie walks into Willow’s room to put her down to sleep. Grace walks to the door-frame of Willow’s room and stands there, watching Jamie put Willow down to sleep.

Jamie: Goodnight, little bean.

It makes Grace smile knowing that Jamie cares about Willow and is always here to help out with her whenever it’s needed. He turns around to walk out of the room in which Grace quickly leaves. Jamie walks out of the room. He sees Grace standing near the kitchen counter looking uneasy.

Grace: Jamie?

Jamie walks to the fridge to take out a bottle of water. He doesn’t answer Grace.

Grace: *annoyed* Jamie.

Jamie: Mwo? (What?)

Grace is taken back by Jamie’s response.

Grace: Are you okay?

Jamie: I’m fine, I’m just tired.

Jamie walks into the bedroom and Grace follows behind him.

Grace: You’ve been in a mood all night. Did something happen?

Jamie: Even if something did, which it didn’t, I don’t want to talk about it.

Grace is annoyed by Jamie and stands in front of the side of the bed that Jamie sleeps on.

Jamie: Grace.

Grace: What’s wrong?

Jamie: mwohaneungeoya? (What are you doing?)

Grace: Talk to to me.

Jamie: That’s the problem, Grace. You want me to talk but never want to talk to me.

Grace: *confused* What are you talking about?

Jamie: How are you making money now that you’re not a lawyer anymore?

Grace doesn’t answer right away. Jamie rolls his eyes.

Jamie: You might as well just tell me since I already know.

Grace looks at Jamie, still doesn’t any anything.

Grace: I’m taking over my aunt’s family business. Nothing major.

Jamie: Hmm, nothing major even thought there’s a whole event happening in regards to this reopening, huh?

Grace: Uhm…

Jamie: Grace, why wouldn’t you tell me this is what you were doing all this time?

Grace: I don’t know, it just never came up.

Jamie: I don’t know, maybe over dinner? A walk in the park? Relaxing in bed? Anywhere would’ve been fine, but instead I find out from another person other than you!

Grace: Look, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to hide it from you, I swear!

Jamie huffs and turns around to head out of the bedroom.

Grace: Wait, where are you going?

Jamie: I love you Grace, but you keeping important things from me is becoming a habit. How can we be a couple if I can’t trust you to tell me things?

Grace is on the verge of crying.

Grace: Jamie, please… I’m sorry, I-

The tears fall down from her face. Jamie looks at her. Grace whimpers the words “please don’t go”. Jamie doesn’t understand why Grace is so upset.

Jamie: Have a good night, Grace.

Jamie leaves the bedroom and Grace starts crying in her pillow. Jamie stands outside of the bedroom door and hears Grace crying. He doesn’t say anything, he just walks away from the door.

The next morning, Grace wakes up tangled up in her bed sheets. She’s first confused; her head is pounding. She looks at the empty space on the bed next to her. She slowly turns her head and gets up from the bed. She walks to her bedroom door and opens it. The living room is empty. She slowly walks into Willow’s room to check on her.

Once she opens the door to her room, she’s surprised at the sight. Willow is still asleep in her crib, and Jamie is sleeping on the floor beside the crib. He stayed here during the night. Grace slowly closes up the door and exits, allowing Willow and Jamie to get more rest.

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