The "Something" Series, Twelve Letters of Lizmas: 2021

Day 3: Something for the Heartbreak: A Scene.

Restaurant Front 90 Night - Picture of Khushi's Restaurant, Dunfermline -  Tripadvisor

The three men continue to walk up to Ari, who just put her cigarette out and placed her lighter in her purse. Jamie, being the man in the middle, gets his composure together and stops in front of Ari.

Ari: You must really like New York if you keep coming back here the way you do.

Jamie smiles the insult away.

Jamie: Just here for work. *towards the other men* These are my friends, Shawn and Kevin.

The two guys awkwardly bow in front of Ari.

Ari: Nice to meet you guys.

Jamie: Are you here tonight with your boyfriend?

Ari: *corrects* Fiancee.

Jamie: Congrats on the engagement.

Ari: Thanks.

Nothing else is said between the two until Jamie shifts and clears his throat.

Jamie: Well, we better get going. It was nice seeing you, Ari.

Ari doesn’t say anything. She just stands there as the en walk past her, continuing down the block. Ari quickly goes into the restaurant.

Ari walks in and goes back to sit at the bar with Grace. She looks at the counter where there is 3 empty glasses already next to Grace.

Ari: Goddamn, bitch! I’ve only been away for like 10 minutes!

Grace laughs harder than she should’ve at the comment. Ari knows Grace is drunk already.

Grace: What took you so long anyway, like I ‘ready hadda like, 3 drinks without ‘chu?

Ari loudly sighs and sits at the counter. The bartender comes to the ladies.

Grace: My man! Gimme a–

Ari covers Grace’s mouth.

Ari: Get her water, please.

She looks at Grace, who has a pouty face on. Ari rolls her eyes.

The three men walk into a restaurant; it’s mediocre for the city. Shawn and Kevin look around the place, not impressed with Jamie’s choice in venue.

Shawn: Hyung, we’ve been to better places in Korea than… this.

Jamie takes in a deep breath and walks towards a booth. Shawn and Kevin sit on one side of the booth, and Jamie sits on the other side on his own.

Kevin: I thought we were going to that place that we passed by?

Jamie doesn’t say anything, he just looks at the menu in front of him. Kevin waits for him to answer him.

Kevin: *annoyed* Hyung?

Jamie: *snappy* Mwo?

Kevin: Why are we here?

The waiter comes by with a notepad and pen in her hand. She looks at the three men, annoyed that the two sitting together don’t answer back quickly. Jamie chimes in and orders for the group. The waiter just walks away, without saying anything.

Shawn: It’s true what they say about Americans…

Jamie: *stern* Ya.

The guys stay quiet, until Kevin speaks up.

Kevin: Who was that lady?

Shawn: Yeah, she definitely didn’t look like–

Kevin: *nudges Shawn* Hyung!

Jamie looks at the two guys and takes a deep breath.

Jamie: Ari is Grace’s friend.

The guys nod their heads in understanding.

Shawn: But why couldn’t we just eat at that other place she was at?

Kevin: I mean, she was with her fiancee, no?

Jamie: She wasn’t in there with her partner. She was with Grace.

The guys don’t say anything. The drinks arrive to the table.

Jamie: She didn’t want to say, and it’s better if she didn’t.

Kevin: Did you and Grace really end things on a bad note like that?

Jamie doesn’t answer, he just chugs his drink down, telling the waiter to give him another one.

The lights go on in an apartment. Grace walks in, and kicks off her shoes. She tosses her purse on the floor and sways her way to the kitchen. Ari and Emerson walk into the apartment after her.

Ari: Thanks for driving her home, Em.

Emerson: Wouldn’t be the first time I did this.

They both look at Grace, who reaches in her cabinet for the biggest bag of chips she owns.

Emerson: At least she’s learning to keep her alcohol in.

Ari: Jeez, thanks for pointing out her alcoholic tendencies. *gathers her stuff* I have to make it home to Dean, let me know if she’s gonna be okay?

Emerson: Yeah.

Ari leaves the apartment. Emerson turns around and sees Grace slumped on her couch, hand deep into the chips bag. Emerson walks over to Grace and sits on the sofa chair next to her.

Grace: Sorry that Ari got you in the middle of this mess.

Emerson: We’re family; you know I’m always here to help out.

Grace doesn’t say anything.

Emerson: So… what got you wasted like this tonight?

Grace: *annoyed* Don’t do that. Not every time I get drunk is because my life is turmoil or some shit. *even louder* Can’t I just go out and get drinks with Ari without it meaning anything?!

Emerson: Ari was not merely as drunk as you are, Grace.

Grace rolls her eyes and tosses the bag of chips to the side.

Grace: Well, thank you for fucking up my night by making me think.

Emerson gets up from his seat.

Emerson: That’s why I’m here! Whatever got you all fucked up like this, I hope it gets better. You’ve been so–

Grace: *snappy* So what?

Emerson: … on edge lately. I’m just trying to help you get over whatever has you in this mood.

Grace: I hate the winter.

Emerson is confused about the random statement Grace said, so he chooses to ignore it.

Emerson: I have to get going. Cami would rip my dick off if I’m not home with this night’s pregnancy cravings.

Grace shuts her eyes.

Grace: See you later.

Emerson grabs his coat and walks out of the front door. Grace slumps down on the sofa, forcing herself to sleep.

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