A Blog Update!

Dear, guys – welcome back to Letters From Liz!

It’s been a hot minute since I did such a casual post like this, but I figured I write things in advance so I can let you guys know what’s to come for the blog!

Now, as most of you probably know, the blog has become a home for both The Teenage Tell-Tale and The Something Series for the past year. I’ve been really in love with being able to write for my writing universe and having them posted on a place where they can live and be read through other people’s perspectives! In my spare time, I’ve been a penpal writer to many people across the US (and some international penpal writers as well) and have shared my universes with a couple of them, which is truly exciting and makes me super happy!

While I have those two series scheduled for future posts in advance, I decided that with the holidays around the corner, it was only right to bring a tradition back to the blog…

The 12 Letters of Lizmas!

Get ready for 12 days of blogging, y’all!

For those who are new to the blog, 12 Letters of Lizmas is the official countdown to Christmas here on the blog! Starting on December 14th to Christmas Day, we publish a new blog post! Some posts reign tradition, like the year recap we reflect on Christmas Eve and reintroduce ourselves on the first day of Lizmas, plus more of our main characters and their stories will be told as well! Personally, I’ve been thinking about introducing a new series as well! They’ve been on the blog plenty of times before, so I figured I wanted to actually set a storyline/timeline for these two… I’m excited to show you guys who these two are!

For the time being, I’ll be going on a little hiatus until then to start prepping for the daily blogging!

Until the next one, and thank you for supporting the blog!

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