The "Something" Series

Get Yourself Out of Something: A Scene.

How Remote Work Will Save the Night Owl | by Clive Thompson | Index

The only lights on in the building are the ones in Grace’s office. She sits at her desk typing on her keyword occasionally and scanning papers onto a printer. Her hair is tied back in a bushy ponytail and her sweater is rolled up at the sleeves. The sound of the scanner continuously echos through the small office.

A door is heard opening towards the front of the studio. Grace stops to hear who could it be at this hour of the night. She quickly goes back to work when she heard the person calling out for her.

Ari: Grace! I know you’re in here; Emerson told me!

Grace: *to herself* Fucking Emerson…

Ari: Grace!

Ari walks into Grace’s office and sees Grace still working. She sighs, and places her purse on Grace’s desk.

Ari: You’re not about to overwork yourself doing shit like this.

Grace: It’s necessary work.

Ari: Not when it’s after your work hours.

Grace doesn’t listen, so Ari places her hand on Grace’s pile of paperwork.

Ari: Girl.

Grace: *annoyed* Why are you doing this?

Ari: Because love you and care about your well-being. Come on, let’s go do something, like a bar or some shit fun!

Grace: Why would we do that?

Ari rolls her eyes at Grace. She grabs her purse and then walks over to where Grace’s purse is. She grabs it off the hook behind the door.

Ari: You’re either going to leave this work for Monday morning, or you’re gonna have to stay all weekend here without your wallet and keys. Your choice.

Grace rolls her eyes and steps away from her desk. She grabs her coat from behind her chair and walks towards Ari. Ari smiles and hands Grace her bag.

Ari: Good. Now let’s go out for dinner and drinks.

Both women walk out of the office door.

The scene is particularly busy on on this Friday night. Ari and Grace get seated at the bar, and are handed menus to order.

Grace: You had to pick the busiest place in the city tonight?

Ari: Bitch, the food here is to die for. Dean and I came here a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been craving to come back here since.

Grace: And you couldn’t drag him along?

Ari: *deadpans* I’m just trying to hang out with my damn best friend, and it would be nice if my stubborn best friend would appreciate it.

Grace: *sighs* I’m sorry, Ari. I’ve just been… not so into things anymore. I’m not the same girl I was when I was younger.

Ari: A bitch turns 30 later this year and now you’re “a different person”. You need to get yourself out there or something.

Grace: Maybe I don’t want to though?

Grace’s phone vibrates and she checks the message in her hand. Ari loudly sighs in annoyance.

Ari: Max isn’t the direction I was hoping you’re going in.

Grace looks up at Ari; she’s clearly confused.

Grace: What do you mean?

Ari: Max is a great guy, but I just think that chapter in your life is over. *raises an eyebrow* You’re not thinking about getting back together with him, right?

Grace doesn’t say anything until she sees Ari about to say something.

Grace: *defensive* I’m not saying that it’s out of the picture, but like… we have Willow together. Maybe things happened this way for a reason…

Ari: Grace, I know Max is not the guy you want to be with. I mean, you literally lied to his face telling him that you had to come back into the city because he made you feel bad about Willow and the whole thing with her tantrum.

Grace shifts in her seat; she’s clearly uncomfortable with the conversation.

Ari: I’m just being honest, Grace. Don’t settle for Max because of your daughter. You were doing fine without him when–

Grace looks up at Ari. Ari stops mid-sentence. She drops it. The waiter comes and takes the women’s orders.

Grace: Can I have a jack and coke?

The waiter writes it down and leaves the two ladies. Ari raises an eyebrow and looks at Grace.

Ari: Okay btich, I see you.

Grace: Might as well get shitfaced and go home to watch reruns of American Cat.

Ari just looks away and reaches in her bag.

Ari: Well, I’m going outside to smoke a cigarette.

Grace: You should really quit that habit, girl.

Ari: I quit mine when you quit yours, workaholic.

Grace rolls her eyes as Ari laughs and gets up from her seat. She walks through the crowd of restaurant goers and out the front door.

Once she’s outside, she teaches a cigarette and lighter out and lights it up. She smokes and looks around in her environment. Something immediately catches her eye. Her eyes widen at the sight. She sees three men walking towards the restaurant. She immediately puts out her cigarette.

Ari: Jamie?

Jamie stops in his tracks, and his friends also stop with him. He nervously looks at Ari, and for once; Ari is nervous looking at Jamie.

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