The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Delinquent Area: A Scene.

The Principal: The Most Misunderstood Person in All of Education - The  Atlantic

Last Summer…

The sun is going down; Milo and Sophie sit at the edge of the pier, eating ice cream cones. Nothing is said between the two until Milo looks at Sophie, who hasn’t touched much of her cone since getting it.

Milo: Scout?

Sophie turns her head and looks at Milo.

Milo: Is everything alright?

Sophie takes a deep breath and stares out into the ocean.

Sophie: I’m not ready for the summer to end.

Milo: Tell me about it. To think that I gotta start getting up at 7 each morning for school is already getting me sad. *to Sophie* I thought you would love going back to school though; reading, math, projects; you seem to enjoy all of those things.

Sophie: I had a whole summer not being able to see, you know…

Milo doesn’t answer Sophie, so she sighs and lets it out.

Sophie: I’m not looking forward to seeing Simon with Laurie all of the time.

Milo nods his head, understanding where she’s coming from. He doesn’t say anything.

Sophie: It just hurts that he did what he did and then just forgot about my existence.

Milo: Well, he’s stupid for doing that. You’re a great person to be around and hang out with. You’re kind, funny, and a great friend, Scout. Don’t let him get to you.

Sophie doesn’t look like she’s been convinced.

Milo: Do you…?

Sophie looks at Milo as he asks the question.

Sophie: I can’t. He’s with Laurie. That would make me a horrible friend.

Milo: But it didn’t take much for your two friends to hook up with each other even after knowing how you felt?

Sophie shakes her head and shuts her eyes. Milo hates to see Sophie upset like this.

Milo: Scout, that doesn’t make you a bad friend. You and Simon were friends and for him to do that to you–

Sophie: *interrupts* We weren’t just friends, Milo. We were dating. He broke up with me and in two weeks he started to date Laurie. I feel like I was used; that two of my closest friends went behind my back and hurt me. He was more than just this guy I have a crush on; he was my best friend, and he broke my heart.

Milo: Then stop being friends with them. They did something shitty, and they hurt you and don’t deserve you as a friend.

Sophie: *defensive* It’s not that easy, Milo. You don’t know my friendship with Laurie or Simon to even tell me what to do. I don’t tell you how to manage your friendships, so don’t tell me how to.

Milo: *annoyed* You’re allowing them to just walk all over you! They are shitty friends that do not care about how you feel!

Sophies walks away from Milo, and off of the pier before he can get up and get her from leaving.

Sophie walks out of the staircase, upset that she’s been sent to the principal’s office. She turns around the corner and stops in her tracks when she sees another kid sitting outside of the main office. She slowly walks to the bench outside of the office.

When she sits down, the kid turns to look at her and chuckles to himself.

Milo: Of course.

Sophie: What is wrong with you?

Milo: *turns to Sophie* What’s wrong? What’s wrong?! Do you not fucking remember what happened at Prom?!

Sophie finally gets a good look at Milo, who has a busted lip and bruising on his face.

Sophie: What happened to you?

Milo: Don’t pretend you care.

Sophie: Milo, we are friends, and you are hurt and I just want to know what happ–

The main office door opens and out walks Simon, who visibly also has bruising on his face as well. He looks at the two sitting at the bench; he scoffs out loud as the security guard escorts him out of the office. Sophie watches Simon walk out and puts two-and-two together.

Sophie: Did Simon…?

Milo: *loud* Again, why do you care?

Sophie is at a loss for words, and her feelings are hurt.

Sophie: If Simon did that to you, I swear I’ll-

Milo: You’ll do what? Tell your boyfriend to stop?

Sophie: *confused* What are you talking about?

Milo: How are you going to tell me everything you went through with that fuck-boy and still go ahead and kiss him?

Sophie: He kissed me, Milo! What was I supposed to do?

Milo: Whatever, Sophie. You know, I thought you were different than the rest of them. Always stood by your word, and didn’t take anything from anyone. But Mollie was right about you guys. You guys all are the same.

A security guard opens the main office door and calls for Milo Kamalani. He grabs his book-bag and walks into the main office. Sophie looks away, and wipes the tears falling on her face.

The bell rings and Sophie leaves the main office to go back to her class. Students exit their classrooms and chatter in the hallway in between their classes. Sophie walks over to her locker and opens it to get her things for her next class. She’s by herself, with no friends, and her only friend that she cared about isn’t talking to her anymore. She wipes her eyes and puts her books back into her locker. She slams it shut and quickly walks down the hallway, towards the staircase when the side door to the outside would open. She thinks before walking out, but ultimately decides to walk out.

Back in the Kamalani household, Jennifer is icing Milo’s bruises and cuts on his face. He winces in pain, and Jennifer tries to tell him that she’s trying her best to keep the pain to a minimal.

Jennifer: You know, this really isn’t like you to get into these dumb fights with that boy. You gotta stop letting him get to you.

Milo doesn’t say anything. Jennifer stops doing what she’s doing and looks at him.

Jennifer: Milo.

Milo: *annoyed* What?

Jennifer places the ice pack on a towel and faces Milo once again.

Jennifer: Is this about Sophie?

Milo is in immediate shock. He tries to conceal the fact that Jennifer may have figured him out, but he just don’t want to get into it.

Milo: No?

Jennifer: Her mother called me earlier and asked me if she was with you after school. Apparently she didn’t go straight home from school.

Milo ponder the thought before he says anything.

Milo: No. She wasn’t with me.

Jennifer: This Simon guy, is he dating–

Milo gets off of the kitchen bar stool and heads towards his room.

Jennifer: Milo!

The door shuts behind him. Jennifer sighs as she cleans up the first aid-kit area from the counter.

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