The "Something" Series

Something I Haven’t Figured Out: A Scene.

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The sky is clear on this particular winter night in NYC. Light music is playing in the background, and the lights are low in the apartment. A man walks out of a room in formal attire; he walks to the mirror in the living room and slicks his hair in place. He takes a deep breath as he finalizes his look for the night. He heads on over and puts on an apron to check the dinner cooking in the oven; everything is going as planned. His phone rings on the kitchen counter; Jamie automatically answers.

Jamie: Hello?

Shawn: *teasing* Hyung, you answered the phone way too desperately.

Jame takes the phone away from his ear and rolls his eyes. After he stops hearing laughter on the other hand, he places the phone back to his ear.

Jamie: Can I help you with something?

Shawn: Just checking in! I’m guessing Sandra didn’t make it yet.

Jamie: No, she hasn’t.

Jamie checks the food once more while Shawn talks on the phone.

Shawn: Well, she’s not the type of woman that wouldn’t show up. She’ll be there.

Jamie: *while closing the oven door* Remind me again why I even agreed to go on this date?

Shawn: Because she was staring at you in the meeting and asked me about you. Plus, you just… need someone else…

The doorbell rings and Jamie immediately gets anxious.

Jamie: She’s here–

Shawn: Wait, I wanna hear–

Jamie: *annoyed* Are you kidding me? I–

The doorbell rings once more. Jamie hangs up on Shawn and places the phone back on the counter. He takes off his apron and walks to the front door. He opens the door and there stands a woman with long black hair wearing a pea-coat and a short dress with heels. Jamie observes the woman, but smiles when she looks at him.

Jamie: I’m glad you can make it.

Sandra: The pleasure is all mine.

Jamie gestures Sandra to walk into the apartment. She walks in and looks around.

Sandra: Nice place you have, Jamie. Like really nice. *turns around* How did you get it in such short notice?

Jamie tilts his head in confusion.

Jamie: The firm I work for provides their workers these places…

Sandra: *amazed* Wow, you must make some really good money then!

Jamie awkwardly laughs and walks towards Sandra. He takes out a hand for her as she takes off her coat. He looks down at Sandra, surprised she’s not cold in what she’s wearing. She walks over to the couch and sits down. She looks at Jamie and smiles. He puts Sandra’s coat on a hanger and into the closet next to the front door.

He walks over to the couch and sits in respectful distance from Sandra. Sandra looks and him and gets closer to him. Jamie’s face flashes red when she does.

Sandra: So, tell me more about yourself; what brings you to America?

Jamie: I’m here for work; I’m a lawyer.

Sandra: Are there not enough cases in your country? Why would they have you here?

Jamie: *slightly annoyed* I choose to be on cases within other countries.

Sandra: Is this your first time in New York?

Jamie: No. I’ve had a case here before.

Sandra: *flirty* I love a foreign man that appreciates American culture!

Jamie awkwardly smiles and gets up to check the food. When he does, Sandra turns around and watches him.

Sandra: Are we having some of your country’s food tonight?

Jamie: *awkwardly laughs* No… lasagna.

Sandra doesn’t say anything; she looks disappointed. Jamie doesn’t say anything, he just serves the food to Sandra and himself. He sits back down and observes Sandra slowly eating the dinner.

Jamie: So, what do you do for work?

Sandra: I work as an accountant on Wall Street.

Jamie: *raises eyebrows* Wow, that’s great.

Sandra: I guess.

Jamie drops the topic and begins to eat the food. Sandra still eats the food slowly. Jamie notices, and gets nervous.

Sandra: Is this your recipe?

Jamie: *nervously* A friend of mine lent me their recipe…

Sandra: It’s definitely… different.

Jamie’s face flashes red. He tries to desperately change the subject.

Jamie: So, how do you know Shawn?

Sandra: We briefly went on a couple of dates.

Jamie swallows his drink too hard and coughs loudly. He places his drink down on the table and wipes his mouth with his napkin.

Jamie: Oh, I didn’t know that.

Sandra: It was nothing to remember, we would just go to some restaurants here and there.

Jamie doesn’t say anything, he just places his napkin on the table. Before he says anything, Sandra speaks.

Sandra: You seem like a nice guy, Jamie, but I really don’t think we are compatible.

Jamie doesn’t respond, he just listens to what she has to say.

Sandra: It was nice meeting you, though.

Jamie gets up from his seat as Sandra gets up from the table. She gathers her stuff and heads out the front door without saying goodbye to Jamie. Once the front door closes, Jamie takes in a deep breath and pushes his hair back. He looks into his apartment and slowly walks back to the table to begin cleaning up.

Before picking up anything, he goes for his phone. As he opens up his phone to message Shawn, he stumbles upon his messages with Grace. He opens the messages and reads the last message sent from her.

Grace: Call me when you can. Thanks.

Jamie closes the messages on his phone and places his phone on the counter. He takes a deep breath and starts to clean the kitchen. Nothing but the sound of the busy city is heard in his apartment.

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