The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Talk in Town: A Scene.

Mall space in MMR -

Sophie sits in the sitting area of the mall with a bunch of other girls. She’s focused on her phone, continuously texting. The other girls talk to each other , waiting for Laurie to meet up with them. Moments later, Laurie, Simon, and a couple of his friends gather around the group of girls.

Laurie: I’m hungry, let’s go get food at the food court.

The girls get up from their seats, including Sophie. She follows the group of girls, while the guys walk behind them. Simon stares at Sophie, annoyed.

Laurie: *to her friends* I can’t believe prom is literally around the corner. I told my mom I wanted to wear the biggest dress, like the prom queen I’m destined to be.

Giselle: Oh-Em-Gee, you’re so going to win prom queen!

Laurie smiles and continues to walk to the food court.

Laurie: Simon and I are gonna look so good in our matching outfits; we will totally win the titles of the night!

Laurie turns around and sees Sophie, not paying attention.

Laurie: Sophie!

Sophie looks up from her phone now focused on Laurie.

Sophie: What?

Laurie: Are you just gonna be on your phone all day? You’re suppose to help me pick out prom dresses with the rest of us.

Sophie puts her phone in her pocket.

Sophie: Sorry, just checking some messages from my mom.

Laurie nods and proceeds to talk about prom with the girls. Sophie doesn’t engage.

At the tables at the food court, Laurie and the rest of the girls are seen chatting and eating food, while the guys sit at another table.

Laurie: Sorry about the food, Soph; I didn’t know you were allergic to milk.

Sophie: I mentioned it before, but it’s fine…

Sophie gets up from her seat and walks to the stores within the food court to buy something. She looks around until a familiar voice startles her.

Simon: Hey.

Sophie: *jumps* Bloody hell! *sighs* what do you want, Simon?

Simon: Just wanting a little chit-chat, if that’s okay.

Sophie: Wouldn’t your shadow be looking for you if you’re gone for too long?

Simon chuckles, amused by Sophie’s comeback.

Simon: She’s my girlfriend, Soph. She’s also your friend.

Sophie: Yeah.

Nothing is said afterwards until Simon gets closer to Sophie. Sophie notices, and immediately gets uncomfortable.

Sophie: What are you doing?

Simon: Speaking of friends, what’s up with you and that music geek? What’s his name; mild?

Sophie: *deadpans* Milo?

Simon: Yeah; whatever his name is. You didn’t tell me you were dating him.

Sophie is in shock. She doesn’t know where this started, but she’s pissed it has. She looks at Simon; he’s clearly not fond of the newfound information either.

Sophie: So what? That’s none of your concern.

Simon: *aggravated* Why wouldn’t you tell me? I thought we were friends.

Sophie: We aren’t friends! How many times do I have to bloody tell you that we are not friends!

Simon: Just because I’m Laurie’s boyfriend?

Sophie: *angry* It’s because you went for her after you were tired of me!

Simon: Look Soph, you’re always gonna be my friend, and as a friend I need to tell you to stop letting your feelings get in the way of a meaningful friendship!

Sophie doesn’t say anything, she just looks at Simon, still angry.

Simon: We were not dating when I started to date Laurie.

Sophie: Two weeks, Simon! It took you two weeks to date her when you were done with me! How was I suppose to feel knowing that the guy I liked, and cherished as a friend, would abandon me when a new girl comes by! I can’t ever trust you, Simon.

Simon: *yells* I didn’t do anything to you!

Sophie is taken back by Simon’s anger. She has never seen him as angry as she sees him now.

Simon: For fuck’s sake, what else do I need to do to let you know that I’m fucking sorry?

Laurie: *from afar* Babe?

Laurie walks towards Simon and Sophie.

Sophie: You know what you can do? Leave me the hell alone.

Before Laurie can get to the duo, Sophie walks off, and away from the food court area. Laurie watches on as she tries to give Simon a hug.

Laurie: Everything alright, babe?

Simon: *annoyed* I’m fine.

Simon walks away from Laurie, and walks in the opposite direction of where Sophie went. Laurie is upset at Simon’s reaction. She walks towards her friends at the table, who are looking to see what’s going on.

Laurie: I swear, Sophie is always pissing Simon off, and it’s not fair to me.

The other girls nod their head, agreeing with Laurie. Laurie sits in her spot at the table, surrounded by the girls who try to comfort her.

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