The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenager Rumor: A Scene.

25 hysterical notes kids were caught passing in school – SheKnows

Mollie doodles in her notebook during her social studies class. She’s bored, wishing this period would be over. She looks around the classroom at her classmates; some of them are actively listening and taking notes from the board, while overs are secretly on their phones, sleeping, or doodling in their notebooks, like her.

On the other side of the room, Milo is taking notes in his notebook and every now and then looking at Sophie, smiling. She would smile back at him, also taking notes in her notebook while listening to the teacher. I between note taking, they pass notes to each other to talk to one another.

The two teens don’t think anyone is watching them communicate in the class until someone sitting behind them, Ronnie, was watching to the two pass notes.

The bell shortly rings afterwards and the class packs up their things and goes to their next period, which is lunch.

Ronnie walks out of the classroom and sees Milo and Sophie walk down the hallway together, towards the music rooms. Ronnie turns around and heads towards the lunch room.

In the lunchroom, Mollie gets her food tray and walks to her usual table. She sees Ronnie sitting there with Davy, one of her athlete friends. Mollie sits across the able from them and greets them.

Mollie: Man, “Fries-day” is literally the best day of the week.

Ronnie: You don’t have to tell me twice!

The girls laugh and continue to eat their lunch.

Davy: So Veron, are you going to practice tomorrow?

Ronnie: Yeah, *to Mollie* We’re gonna do week 6 of the project tomorrow, right?

Mollie: Yeah, we just gotta figure out where we wanna go. I don’t just have 8 places around the neighborhood that mean a lot to me.

Ronnie: Honestly, there’s nothing exciting about the neighborhood in the first place.

Laurie, Simon, and the rest of Laurie’s friends pass by Mollie’s table. They don’t pay no mind to the backpacks on the floor next to Mollie and Ronnie, they just step over them and continue walking to the table. Mollie rolls their eyes.

Mollie: I am not looking forward to Laurie going to Waverly. Like, can she just go somewhere else?

Ronnie: Laurie is too self-centered to actually not go to a school where people pay attention to you.

Mollie: I heard Simon didn’t get in.

Ronnie laughs out loud.

Ronnie: I’m not surprised, there’s not a creative bone in that meathead’s body.

Mollie almost chokes on her chocolate milk laughing at Ronnie’s comment. She wipes her mouth and sees the group sit at their usual table, but Mollie notices something almost right away.

Mollie: I’m shocked to not see that girl Sophie being a minion with the others.

Ronnie turns around and looks at the table. She turns back and faces Mollie.

Ronnie: She’s probably with that guy she’s always with; your friend?

Mollie: *confused* My friend?

Ronnie: The music guy, has the twists in his hair?

Mollie: Milo?

Ronnie: There you go.

Mollie doesn’t say anything at first; she clearly tries to understand what’s going on.

Ronnie: They were being hella giggly in social studies. Like, they were passing notes to each other and everything. Also, after class, they both walked towards the music rooms together.

Mollie is dumbfounded at this information.

Mollie: I mean, i know they are partners for the project, but–

Ronnie: I don’t know, Mol. They looked really friendly with each other. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were secretly dating or something.

Mollie’s eyes widen at the thought. She doesn’t say anything else, the girls just eat the rest if their lunch.

During their gym period, Davy and a couple of other boys are playing basketball in the school yard. One of those boys is Simon. Once they finish a game off, the guys take a moment to drink some water and take a breather before they start a new game. One of the other guys comment Simon on his shooting skills, which Simon shrugs off as just “pure talent.”

The group of boys look at the girls who sit at the wall, braiding each other’s hair and talking. Laurie hangs out with her girl friends.

Davy: So how are you and Laurie going to stay together if you guys are going to different schools?

Simon: We’ll make it work, but if it doesn’t; it doesn’t.

Davy: You’re not worried she’ll find another guy?

Simon looks at Davy, Davy tries to not stare at Simon for too long.

Simon: *teasingly* If you’re tryna steal my girl, you’re gonna have to at least be more secret about it.

The boys laugh, even if Davy is uncomfortable at the response. The boys look at the other direction of the gym, where the other people are playing badminton and other sports. Sophie is one of them. SImon stares at her a little too long. Davy notices.

Davy: I think Sophie’s dating somoene.

Simon: What?

Davy: I heard that Sophie is secretly dating some kid in our class. Some music guy. The one that hangs out with Mollie’s friend?

Simon looks at Sophie, who is laughing and having fun playing on the other side. Simon is visibly angry at the sudden news.

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