The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage High-School Decisions: A Scene.

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Class is in session and this particular 8th grade class is reviewing some work for an upcoming test. Milo rests his head on his hand; he is clearly bored as he doodles in his notebook. Once the teacher stops talking, she faces the class and makes an announcement.

Teacher: Now that we were able to do some reviewing for your midterm, I wanted to end the class period handing these out.

She walks to her desk and picks up a pile of envelopes. Milo’s eyes widen.

Teacher: These came in earlier today and I know many of you are curious and anxiously waiting decisions for high-school…

The crowd uproars in chatter, they are all interested and anticipating the decisions.

Teacher: Now, I expect you guys to stay in your seats, and no yelling or screaming. I understand your excitement, but please keep it to yourself until your lunch period.

The teacher begins to hand out the envelopes to students. Milo stares at the teacher as she does; Mollie notices it and rolls her eyes.

The teacher is now at Milo’s desk; she shuffles through the envelopes.

Teacher: Milo Kamalani… *takes the envelope out of the pile* Here you go.

Milo takes the envelope and opens the envelope quickly. He unfolds the paper and reads what the paper says:

Waverly High-School of the Performing Arts - Vocal/Band Duo Major

Milo’s eyes widen in shock. He smiles and tries his hardest to keep his composure. He looks around to see everyone looking at their letters and see their reactions.

During the lunch period, Sophie walks to get her food from the lunch counter. She picks up a tray and walks towards her usual table.

She sits down and sees Laurie in a bad mood. Simon looks nervous trying to comfort her, but doesn’t say anything when Laurie begins to wipe off tears from her eyes.

Sophie: Hey, what’s going on?

Laurie: *annoyed* Yeah, Simon – tell her what’s going on?

Simon: I didn’t get into Waverly High.

Sophie doesn’t look as surprised, but plays along when Laurie starts crying.

Laurie: We were supposed to go to Waverly together, babe!

Simon: I know, but maybe they just didn’t want me to go there…

Sophie walks the interaction between the two. Her eyebrows rise up when she hears Laurie got accepted to Waverly.

Simon: Did you get accepted to Waverly, Soph?

Sophie: *coldly* I did.

Simon: *to Laurie* See, babe! Sophie’s gonna be there with you!

Laurie: *bratty* I don’t care about Sophie being there! I care about you being there!

Simon continues to try to calm down Laurie. Sophie’s appetite disappears, so she gets up and picks up her tray.

Simon: Where are you going?

Sophie: I’m going to go to one of the music rooms and do some work for this project…

She walks away from the table and throws her tray of good away. Before she can turn around and leave, Simon is right behind her.

Sophie: *startled* Bloody hell, Simon.

Simon: Please can you stay with Laurie? She’s driving me mad.

Sophie: I think as her boyfriend, that’s typically your job to stay with her when she’s sad.

She cross her amrs around her chest.

Sophie: From my memory of audition day, I don’t remember seeing you auditioning there.

Simon: I didn’t want to.

Sophie: So you lied to Laurie and told her you didn’t get in?

Simon: *annoyed* I didn’t want her to be mad at me. You know I never wanted to go to that school.

Sophie: I know.

Sophie walks away from Simon without saying anything else. She walks out of the lunchroom.

Sophie walks down the hallway of the music rooms, clearly looking for someone. She stops at one of the doors and sees Milo practicing something on his guitar. She smiles and knocks on the door. Milo looks up and sees Sophie standing by the window. Milo unlocks the door and lets Sophie in.

Milo: What brings you here, Scout?

Sophie: I didn’t feel like eating with Laurie and them today.

Sophie places her bookbag on the ground and sits in a chair across from Milo.

Sophie: Apparently, Laurie is sad because Simon didn’t make it into Waverly.

Milo: She’s going to Waverly?

Sophie nods her head and Milo sucks his teeth. Sophie raises an eyebrow as she looks at Milo.

Sophie: You made it into Waverly?

Milo doesn’t say anything; he just smiles. Sophie gasps and stands up from her seat, giving a hug to Milo.

Sophie: I’m so happy for you! I know how much work you put into that audition.

Milo: Thanks, Scout. I got in as a duo major; vocal and band.

Sophie: *eyes widen* That’s amazing… as long as you don’t take a spot on violins, we can still be friends…

Milo smirks; he knows what Sophie meant by that.

Milo: No violins, just percussion.

Sophie smiles and gets excited in her seat.

Sophie: I’m so happy that we’re going to Waverly!

Milo: *smiles* Me too.

After school, Milo is seen carrying his guitar case on his back with his books in his hands. He looks around, looking for somebody. When he sees the person he’s looking for, he waves his hand.

Milo: Mol!

Mollie stops and looks at Milo. She looks in the other direction and walks away with Ronnie. Milo takes in a deep breath and walks away from the school.

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